Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

More Boutique For Your Money

Individuality matters to hotels in the boutique sector. These small, chic hotels endeavour to ensure that you get the best possible experience during your stay.

Staying at a boutique hotel is about more than just staying in a quirky building or having an MP3 player in your room. A truly hip hotel looks at the complete experience a guest can have – from the products in the bathroom to the availability of room service – so that you really feel you’ve had value for money.

Many of these hotels include things in the price of your room that everyday hotels wouldn’t, and give you access to services that many hotels wouldn’t be able to. It’s these additional features and services that make boutique hotels excellent value for money, no matter how much you’re paying.

Technology – boutique hotels cater for business travellers as well as discerning holiday makers and so the latest technology is a must – unless your hotel is a true retreat. Therefore, expect to find WLAN and LAN systems, cable or satellite TV and music systems. In addition, some city hotels also make use of key-less entry systems and electronically controlled curtains or blinds.

Relaxation – many of the hotels in this sector offer spa and other relaxation areas. Some hotels include full Turkish Baths, ideal for winding down at the end of the day, whilst others incorporate their own signature spa products into their treatments. Gyms are also incorporated into some hotels, along with pools and Jacuzzi baths, to ensure that there’s no excuse for guests feeling stressed during their stay.

Food – the food is a vital part of the boutique mix. Although a few boutiques concentrate on design and don’t offer food other then breakfast, most have invested in stylish restaurant and casual dining areas to attract guests and locals, and then hired innovative chefs who use local produce to produce classic and contemporary dishes. With good styling, clever marketing and faultless cooking, boutique dining can put the hotel on the map and certainly encourages people to book into the hotel for short breaks, romantic weekends or full holidays.

Location – not many “high-street” hotels can boast the types of locations occupied by boutique hotels. From old industrial buildings to 18th century townhouses; elegant beach villas to European castles, boutique hotels are usually in stunning locations, or right in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the best shopping or the most popular tourist destinations.