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World travel and tourism is generating in excess of US$7 trillion a year.

World travel and tourism is generating in excess of US$7 trillion a year, and is expected to rise to over US$13 trillion over the coming decade according to the World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC) Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) research, sponsored by Accenture and prepared by Oxford Economics. The magnaminous size of the industry has resulted in a proliferation of booking engines and business opportunities to sell membership packages worth substantial discounts at hotel properties throughout the world.
While it is exciting for travelers to have all these options, it can also be a challenge to search through all available information to find out which ones are legitimate and actually work! That is why I am writing this article. To share with you an opportunity that has had a profound impact on my life and truly believe it will do the same for you.
GLOBAL RESORTS NETWORK ( ) is a marketing arm of a 20-year old company that is a market leader in the resort travel business. They offer a platinum luxury resort membership that provide you with unrestricted access to over 5,000 of the most luxurious hotel and resort destinations in the world. Large number of properties available through this membership can not be booked using other on-line travel sites, like Orbitz or Tracelocity, because access to them is limited to timeshare owners only.
By becoming a member of Global Resorts Network you will never have to pay more then $799 for one week’s stay at a four- to five-star resort and in many cases will pay as little as $299. It is not a misprint! $299 for a full week of resort living! Not just a tiny room in the hotel, but full-scale resort unit, with kitchen, bedrooms, living room and all the amenities of a 4-5 star resort! With no blackout dates or restricted weeks, you are in complete control. Whether you want to go to Hawaii or Cabo in peak season, Colorado in ski season, Arizona in golf season, or take a Disney Cruise in any season, our membership offers a service like no other.
As a member, you have access anytime to top resort destinations; including highly sought after timeshare resort properties, world famous Sheraton Resort properties, Marriott Resort Properties, and many other luxury resort destinations (enjoy discounts on all the major cruise lines as well).
One of the best member benefits is that there are no annual dues or exchange fees, no maintenance fees, no restricted weeks, and no blackout dates- giving you year-round access to the world's top resorts in peak season, completely eliminating any need for a timeshare purchase! The price of the Platinum Membership is only $2,995! Compare it to a timeshare cost ranging from $7,000 to $40,000 and it you will realize the what a great product it is. The matter of fact, the membership will pay for itself after only two or three vacations!
Since the membership is fully transferable, it will provide you, your children, and your children's children, a lifetime of vacation happiness and memories.
What makes Global Resorts Network even more appealing is that you can profit from this business opportunity by promoting it within your network of relationships. We offer one of the most aggressive compensation structures in the business and more importantly our FREE EBOOK ( ) will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can make enough money from this opportunity that you will never have to work a real job again!
In closing, Global Resorts Network can be a life-changing experience for anyone that chooses to get involved. You will get to visit places you have always dreamed of, meet amazing people, and most importantly achieve your goal of financial freedom. We have changed many lives for the better and would love to do the same for you!

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Timeshare Q&A: Understanding Types Of Timeshares Available

* What are the different types of timeshares available?

Timeshares are available in two basic types — 'fee simple' and 'certificate.' Fee simple is similar to the ownership of one's home, while certificate is similar to a lease like renting an apartment. Another term for a fee simple ownership is deeded timeshare property. Fee simple ownership is like owning your own home and you receive a deed to the timeshare. On the other hand, certificate ownership, also known as right-to-use, gives you the ability of owning a timeshare for a specific amount of time, much like renting an apartment, only much longer. There are also some different consumer choices.

Examples of these timeshares include:

• Fixed week
• Floating time
• Points
• Multi-location

The fixed week timeshare is the most familiar form and the oldest kind of timeshare. This works by purchasing one or more weeks to be used at the same time each year at your resort from which the weeks are numbered 1-52. Once you have purchased the number of weeks you will use the resort will guarantee that they will be waiting for you at that time.

A Floating Time timeshare works by buying your vacation time by the size of unit and season of the year, which is not designated as to the actual date or week of the year. This type of timeshare will give you the responsibility to contact your resort each year and confirm your arrival to the resort.

One of the advantages of this timeshare is offering you flexibility in your schedule; however, it is usually based on a first come-first served basis. This means that highly desirable weeks are often full during their season. Also, when exchanging you should first affix or reserve your time at your resort before the exchange companies will accept it for deposit.

Another type of timeshare is called "Points." This kind of timeshare is the newest form of timeshare and has become very popular. The way this works is you purchase a number of points or credits, which will enable you to travel in a specific season of the year. You can also use most credit or points-based resorts for a maximum number of weeks purchased to a minimum of one night. The only drawbacks for this are the accounting systems. They are sometimes confusing and are subject to availability similar to the floating time.

The Multi-Location timeshare enables you to have more flexibility to visit other timeshares in other locations as long as it is within the same timeshare organization, either far or near as long as it belongs within the group.

* Which is the most popular type of timeshare?

The most popular type of timeshare is the deeded ownership or fee simple but the points are also becoming more popular.

* What is a fixed week timeshare?

The fixed week timeshare is the most familiar form and the oldest kind of timeshare. This works by purchasing one or more weeks to be used at the same time each year at your resort from which the weeks are numbered 1-52. Once you have purchased the number of weeks you will use the resort will guarantee that your timeshare property will be waiting for you at that time.

* What is a timeshare fractional membership?

A timeshare fractional membership is a vacation real estate development owned by several members and operated for their enjoyment. This means that each member owns a fraction of the unit ranging from four to twelve owners per unit, a club residence as well as an interest in the club facilities and common areas.

* What is the difference between a timeshare Fee Simple Ownership, a Certificate Ownership and a Leasehold?

The differences can be seen in how you actually have rights and ownership to the property. Each system allows you to have the time period wherein you can use the property.

In a Fee Simple Ownership, your ownership of the property is forever. You will get a deed for your share. You purchase a number of weeks in which you can use the property.

A Certificate ownership gives you a certain time period wherein you own the property. This depicts a certain time frame wherein you are a timeshare owner of a property.

Leasehold timeshare is when a state does to allow a deeded ownership of a property. You have a lease on a certain property in a certain period of time wherein you timeshare that property.

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Old Buildings For New Boutiques

One of the characteristics that unites many boutique hotels is the buildings they occupy.

Whilst the majority of new chain hotels are often built from scratch, or simply updated from previous hotels, many boutiques choose to operate from historic or unusual premises. Often, the type of building the hotel is in informs the design, facilities and services. It’s the building and its location that often provides the draw for guests.

Private houses

Many boutiques have been created from private houses. In cities, it’s often the town house that undergoes renovation, with owners keeping key design features such as moulded ceilings and stained glass windows. Older houses have rooms with fantastic proportions, making them ideal hotel rooms and their central location is very attractive to holiday makers and business travellers alike. Rural homes, chalets or lake-side villas also give the guest a true feeling of home-from-home, whilst providing a luxurious retreat.

Listed buildings

Listed buildings in the UK and their equivalents around the world are popular choices with boutique hotel owners. This is because they have a wealth of original features and are often in perfect locations. Listed buildings also come with their own planning and refurbishment rules and regulations which mean that owners have to work within strict guidelines when it comes to design. This in turn leads to innovative problem solving, enhancing the appeal of the hotel.

Industrial buildings

These buildings often provide the greatest scope for design and therefore ooze individuality and charm. The great spaces mean that rooms can be large and contemporary, whilst the design reflects the previous use of the building. These buildings are often right in the middle of areas undergoing redevelopment and are perfect for creating a boutique hotel.

Religious buildings

Disused chapels, monasteries and convents are all buildings that can be brought to new life as boutique hotels. The simplicity of these buildings means that they are sympathetic to many design styles and their cool interiors, impressive stonemasonry and woodwork are the perfect canvass for a new design. Often in rural settings, these buildings provide an excellent opportunity for boutique hotel owners.

The change in the economical make-up of many countries means that older, beautiful buildings are increasingly being released by businesses, which are reducing workforces or moving to newer, cheaper premises. This leaves a wealth of stunning architecture that can be put to good use as small, independent hotels.

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Looking for Work in Spain

Am I allowed to work in Spain?

All EU citizens have the same right to live and work in Spain as a Spaniard and do not require a work permit.

I don’t speak Spanish, what are my chances of finding work?

This can be a big barrier and will narrow your opportunities. However, non-Spanish speakers will have more success in the areas where there is a high expat population. Amongst the British communities, there are always people who prefer to use British tradesmen such as plumbers and carpenters. This applies to any job in which complete understand and communication is necessary e.g. hairdressing and other services. Tourism, real estate, insurance and finance open further avenues.

Are my UK qualifications valid?

According to EU law, any trade or professional qualification that has been awarded in the EU will be recognised in Spain. To have your qualifications recognised, take your certificates and translations to the Ministry for Sport, Education and Culture in the field in which you wish to work to obtain ‘homologacion’. See the Spanish Embassy and the British Consulate in Madrid For medical and agricultural qualifications see

Can I claim unemployment benefit/job seeker’s allowance?

Yes, you do have rights to the same Job Seeker’s allowance as you would get in the UK. It is paid by the Spanish INEM (National Institute of Employment) for a maximum of three months. In order to qualify you must first register in the UK.

Will I have to pay tax?

Yes, if you are resident for more than 183 days in a calendar year. Spanish income tax tends to be lower than the rest of the EU. The tax rate is calculated after allowing for various deductions, including living expenses and social security payments. It starts at 10 per cent for the first four thousand Euros of taxable income, rising to 45 per cent on taxable income over forty five thousand Euros.

How do I pay tax?

It is automatically deducted by your employer. You need to make an annual tax declaration at your local tax office.

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New York Limos: Less Expensive Than You Think

If you live in New York City or have been there, you've seen the elegant limos, the luxury car service that is used by the fortunate few. While mere mortals use the subway or hail a cab, important people are chauffeured around in gleaming limos. They never have to wait, they never have to find a parking spot, and they never have to put up with the inconvenience of getting there. But are limos really only for the fortunate few? Do they cost a fortune? Do you need to be a member of some exclusive club?

The answer is no. New York limos are just another service available to New Yorkers and anyone who visits this great city. Limo companies specialize in providing elegant, reliable and safe transportation in a metropolitan area where it is often difficult to get around. So instead of a ratty taxicab, limo customers get to ride in the famous stretch limos, in late model luxury cars, in stretched SUVs, in specially equipped buses, or even in armored vehicles. And the price for this is less than most people think, especially in this day and age of ever-rising gas prices.

In this article I'll give you some ideas of what New York limo service costs. A lot of people use limos to get to and from airports. In general, riding to or from LaGuardia, JFK or Newark with a limo service will cost about $100 in a luxury vehicle like a Lincoln Town Card, a Mercedes Benz S-Class or a big BMW. Airport transportation in stretch limos or SUVs is between $175 and $225, but consider that such vehicles can accommodate between six and ten passengers, so a larger group can actually ride in style for no more than splitting up into several taxicabs. Add to that the convenience of being together and arriving together, and the advantage of limo service is obvious.

For those who simply want to sightsee in New York City or the Burroughs, hourly rates of NYC car service are usually between $70 and $130, with a minimum of two or three hours depending on the type of trip. Keep in mind that limos, unlike taxicabs, cannot just pick up the next ride once they drop off passengers. This means that hourly limo rates are based on garage-to-garage travel time, which seems fair enough. Also, like anywhere else in life these days, there are some additional fees and taxes. These include tolls, parking, gratuity, New York City tax and now fuel surcharges. But even with these, limos remain a relative bargain in many situations.

When it comes to travel and transportation, it's often a cost-benefit analysis. Having a client picked up in a limo instead of having them fend for themselves may well close a deal. Going to see a Mets or Yankees game in a New York limousine can make the game a special experience, and for a larger group, it's cost-effective and fun. All for a fee of around $120 in a luxury car or maybe $225 for a stretch limo with bar. Using limos is not only a pleasant, relaxing experience; it can also make financial sense.

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Museum Lover's Delight - Palais Le Louvre

The Louvre is one of the largest palaces in the world and, as a former residence of the kings of France, also being one of the most illustrious one in Paris. It epitomizes traditional French architecture since the Renaissance, and it houses a magnificent collection of ancient and Western art.

The vast Palais Le Louvre was constructed around 1200 as a fortress and rebuilt in the mid 16th century for use as a royal palace. It became a public in 1793. The museum presents the main part of its treasures to visitors, in the new Richelieu wing, Islamic art collections, oriental antiques, French sculptures, objects d'art, French paintings & paintings from the Northern school including Rubens.

The Louvre palace in Paris dates back to 1190 and houses the Louvre museum. Its name has been taken from the Latin word Lupara (kennels). During eight centuries, it has been constantly enlarged and blown up by French kings and emperors alike. President François Mitterrand added the final touch to it with his “Le Grand Louvre” project. The project from1981 to 1997 includes an extension and the complete reformation of the museum. The famous Pei glass pyramid marks the new entrance to the museum.

The Louvre is both a splendid and huge royal palace along the Seine River and one of the best art museums in the world. It hosts the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci one of the most famous paintings in the world. From the pyramid entrance, one can also have the way in to one of the best and largest shopping centers in Paris, a really nice underground shopping experience. The relaxing Tuileries garden near by the Louvre museum is one of the most beautiful parks in Paris.

In the late 1980s the Louvre embarked upon an insistent program of renovation and development. When the first plans by the Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei were disclosed in 1984, they incorporated a glass pyramid in the central courtyard that would serve as the museum’s main entrance. Despite having protests before its construction, since its opening in 1989 the pyramid has proven remarkably effective in accommodating the large numbers of visitors. It has even become a relatively beloved landmark of the city. To mark its 200th anniversary, in November 1993, the museum unveiled the Richelieu wing in the quarters that had been vacated by the Ministry of Finance in 1989. This expansion, which completed the museums occupancy of the palace complex, added 230,000 square feet (21,390 sq meters) to the existing 325,000 square feet (30,225 sq meters) of exhibition space, and allowed it to put an additional 12,000 works of art on display in 165 new rooms.

The Museum is divided into four divisions - Sully, Denon, Richelieu and Hall Napoleon. Sully shapes the four sides of the Cent Carree at the eastern end of the building. Denon stretches along the Seine to the south. Richelieu is the northern wing along rue de Rivoli. The split level public area under the glass pyramid is known as the Hall Napoleon. It has an exhibit on the history of the Louvre, a bookshop, a restaurant, a cafe and auditoriums for concerts, lectures and films. The attraction of the Carrousel du Louvre shopping centre, which runs underground from the pyramid to the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, is an inverted glass pyramid, also by Pei. All in all a good blend well worth a full day of one’s time.

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Mini-Travel Report-The United Kingdom

About the county

The United Kingdom, also known as England or Great Britain is the country which once ruled nearly the entire world. The glory might have been lost but the people are still proud of their country and heritage and the travel and tourisim industries are among the best in the world. The United Kingdom is an EU member and enjoys a fantastic economic climate. The country consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The country is full of scenic locales and energetic cities. The capital city of the UK is London.

A city beyond compare, the UK represents itself as an icon of diversity with people from all walks of life blended into its culture. It is also home to many architectural marvels such as Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and more modern fare such as Canary Wharf. While areas like York and Durham capture the bygone era of country life, Liverpool and Newcastle are modern industrial marvels. Don’t forget the scenic Lake District and Edinburg still attracts people from all over the world.

Population & Languages

The population is around 61 million and the official language is English. Other regional languages spoken are Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish.


The voltage is 230-240 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The type of plug used is rectangular blade.

Geographic Location

It is located in Western Europe and consists of islands including the northern one-sixth of Ireland. It is 22 miles from the French border and linked by the chunnel or channel tunnel. You will love rolling lowlands and low mountainous terrain.


It has a moderate climate but lots of rain with around half of the year being overcast. The lowest temperatures never go below -15 °C (5 °F) and in summer the average maximum is 34 °C (93.2 °F). It also gets snow in winter and early spring.

Local Customs

The handshake is customary when you are meeting somebody for the first time. When visiting someone’s house a small gift like flowers or chocolates is customary. Waiting until everyone is served before eating is also a key social etiquette. Tipping is usually 10-15% in hotels, restaurants and taxis. Smoking and non-smoking areas are clearly designated but like most industrialized countries there is a shift afoot to limit smoking in public areas.

Places to see

London – Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Whitehall Palace and the Tower of London

Scotland - The Bannockburn Heritage Centre and Ben Lawers Mountains

Wales - Aberdulais Falls, King Arthur's Labyrinth, Dolaucothi Gold Mines, Great Orme Mines, Portmeirion Village, Rhossili Visitor Centre, Taff Valley Activity Centre and TechinQuest

By Air – The domestic airlines is British Airways which also connects almost all major world destinations. Almost all airlines connect UK through London which is hub for all international flights between east to west and west to east. Heathrow and Gatwick are international airports of London.

By Sea – Since UK is surrounded by water from almost all sides it has many ports. There are many ferry services operating between the rest of Europe and the UK.

By Rail – Trains connect Ferries at Dover, Folkestone, Newhaven, Portsmouth and Weymouth, sailing for Belgium, France, Germany and Spain (you need to board at Victoria Station in London); and at Harwich, sailing for Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia (you need to board at Liverpool Street). Eurostar train connects London with Brussels and Paris through channel tunnel.

By Road – Vehicles can enter the UK through the channel tunnel. Cars and motorcycles, coaches, minibuses, caravans, campervans and other vehicles over 1.85m (6.07ft) can also use channel tunnel.

Shopping-Duty Free Items

1. Up to 3200 cigarettes
2. 400 cigarillos or 200 cigars
3. 1 liter spirit over 22% or 2 liter wine, 32 liter beer
4. Perfumes
5. Gifts up to £145

Prohibited Items

Narcotics, firearms, ammunition, weapons, most meat and dairy products, eggs, plants, endangered species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages that contain more than sixty per cent alcohol.


There aren’t many places in the world that rivals England, it has to be a must see if you are planning a trip to Europe.

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Japan & ESL Teaching Contracts - What You Need to Know Before You Sign

If you’ve spent any time at all browsing through forums on teaching English in Japan, you’ve probably run across more than a few horror stories. Topics range from working hours and conditions way in excess of what’s in the contract, to horrible living conditions and exorbitant rent. Some of this is avoidable if you take a careful look at your contract and ask the right questions before you take a teaching position. One of the most important part of the contract are the contact hours. We’ll look at this first.

Contact Hours – What They Are

Contact hours are actual hours spent teaching or being “in contact” with the student. The industry standard for full-time sponsored ESL instructors is 22-27 per week. They are not the same qualitatively as office hours. You can’t get up and get a glass of water, chat with a friend at the water cooler or check your e-mail during contact hours—though you can during regular office hours at most regular jobs.

The point is -- if you directly compare office hours and teaching contact hours, you’re comparing apples to oranges. 45 contact hours will grind you into the dirt in no time (in addition to being illegal) whereas 45 office hours won’t. Be careful when you look at ads. And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Another point to consider when you sign a teaching contract is contact hours and stated hours. Often schools will state 22-25 teaching hours in their contract but they don’t mention office hours. These are hours between classes where you perform services for your students. For example, chatting with students and evaluating and grading their work. If you’re grading reports in between classes instead of preparing them, it makes for a long day. So when you negotiate, make sure you get the “total time” that is involved in the job.

Teaching Contracts and Salaries

Ah yes…salaries. Expect to be paid 250,000 yen per month for a standard contract. This is the “minimum wage” for full-time sponsored ESL instructors. This is considered an entry-level salary for conversation teachers with little or no experience.
Other Perks

Look carefully at vacation days. Ask for a total of weeks off per year. Expect at least 2. Also make sure to ask if the time-off that is quoted to you is in addition to national holidays. Also be sure to ask which national holidays the school observers. Some schools that are generous with paid holidays will give you every one off, others won’t.

Let’s not forget health insurance. Most employers provide health insurance for free or at least subsidize it. If you’re getting stuck with the whole bill, make sure the deal is sweater in other areas like salary or vacation days.

Teaching Contracts and Accommodations

Living in a nasty apartment will make your stay in Japan… well…nasty. Schools that provide you with a working visa, generally take care of accommodations as well. It’s important to make sure you have a private apartment if you don’t want to share. Don’t assume you’ll have your own private place!

Your Rights as a Teacher

Many teachers are easily intimidated by contracts or believe them to be the final word. The reality is that any contract is subservient to established labor laws. Labor laws are the final word – not your contract.

It’s important to know your rights as a worker under Japanese labor laws. If you feel you’re being treated unfairly, you can contact General Union for representation (by joining the union) or contact the Labor Standards Office for help in your disputes.

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Holiday Rental in France: Blending Culture, History, and Modern Attractions

One area of France that offers a blend of culture, history, and modern attractions is the Provence region, which is located in south France along the Mediterranean Sea. The departments of Provence are Vaucluse, Var, Bouches-du-Rhone, and some areas of Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Provence offers a splendid area for a holiday rental in France due to its connection to the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhone River, and the country of Italy. Certain cities in Provence are situated by the French Riviera, making it a great place for a day France trip or an extended south France holiday.

Tourist Activities in Provence

Tourists can find plenty to do in almost any city of Provence. There's Nice, where one can tour museums such as the Musee d'Art d'Histoire Palais Massena, the Mark Chagall Museum, the Prehistoric Museum of Terra Amata, or the Matisse Museum. Visitors can also enjoy a stroll in Nice along the Promenade des Anglais while viewing the Mediterranean Sea, decorative hotels, and apartment buildings. In Marseille, there's the Vieux Port Marseille, which is an area of sidewalks that pass by fishing crafts, bars, restaurants, and more. Marseille also offers several museums including the Musee de la Faience and the Musee des Beaux-Arts.

Visitors can taste the wines of the city of Orange at Mas du Clos de l'Escarrat. The city of Cannes offers casinos, museums, and relaxing parks such as the Park Residences Champfleuri and the Villa Rothschild and Gardens. In Vence, there are the Vence Townscape, the Villeneuve Castle, and the Chapelle du Rosaire. The Old Town in Vence has an ancient former cathedral dating back to the 10th through 15th centuries, the Renaissance Gate, the Chapelle des Penitents-Blancs from the 15th century, and the Place du Peyra with a lovely fountain.

Travelers can easily find things to do in other Provence cities as well, such as Aix-en-Provence, Biot, Grasse, Vallauris, Frejus, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Saint-Tropez, and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Some enjoy taking a south France journey to many different towns in Provence all during one vacation.

Golf Holiday in France

South France holiday rental opportunities are available all over the region for golfers. There are many varieties of golf holiday packages for those who want to spend a week or two in the area or for those who only want to take a south France weekend holiday. Golfers also find French Riviera rentals helpful so they can take a golf cruise or drive to various courses in the area.

South France offers some of the most popular golf courses, many of which host well-known golf tournaments. Some of Provence's golf courses include Golf Club Barbaroux in Brignoles, Terre Blanche at Four Seasons in Tourettes, Biot in Vence, Golf Country Club de Nice, Claux Amic Golf Course in Grasse, Golf Club de Cannes-Mandelieu in Cannes, and many others.

If you're thinking of a visit, you can find great holiday rental package offers for Provence accommodations online. Whether it's to shop, golf, cruise the French Riviera, or just browse through area museums, the cities of Provence in south France offer activities for all!

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How and Where To Enjoy Gorilla Safari While On African Holiday

Gorillas are threatened primate species in the world with the remaining living in Africa and in countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Known to be the largest living primates on Earth, Gorillas are of three kinds; 1) Eastern Lowland Gorillas, which reside in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; 2) Western Lowland Gorillas which live only in West Africa and: 3) Mountain Gorillas, which are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Listed as one of the top 10 threatened / endangered species, there are only 655 species remaining. There are approximately 355 gorillas in the Volcano and Virunga Mountains of Rwanda and Congo and another separate group of 300 in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There are no Mountain Gorillas living outside of their native mountain forest home. Gorillas are protected by international law. Capturing or killing gorillas and other endangered species is illegal.

Unlike chimps, Gorillas live in groups / families without territorial boundaries but with family’s range from 2 to 15 square miles. The females decide who they are going to allow into their family. If a gorilla wants to join another group and the females do not want her in, they will scratch her in the face and keep her out. If a female wants to leave a group to find a male she likes better, but the other females like her very much, they will grab her by the legs and not allow her to leave.

Female gorillas weigh approximately 350 pounds and adult male gorillas can weigh approximately 700 pounds. Adult gorillas can be seven feet tall with an arm span of 8 feet.

Gorillas feed on 58 different types of plant species, including stems, roots, leaves, flowers, thistles, ferns, tree wood and bamboo shoots. Gallium vines, fruits and celery are their favorite foods. Gorillas have much larger teeth in the back of their mouth than humans do so that they can grind foliage, bark and bamboo.

Gorillas like human are curious, they can be bored, bold, annoyed, have pleasure, excited, afraid, can worry, show affection, be thoughtful and they can be hostile. Gorillas like to study people to see if they are friendly.

Gorillas communicate by stomach rumbling which means they are contented, a pig grunt of harsh staccato grunts used when disciplining or complaining. A roar or scream is given when a gorilla is threatened. A loud hoot or roar is given when silverbacks are interacting. This is done by chest beating and thrashing of trees. When gorillas are afraid they send out a powerful odor from their glands.

Having endured decades of civil war in Central and East Africa, gorillas are confronted by the devastating consequences of increased habitat loss, poaching for the bush meat trade and the spread of dangerous diseases like Ebola. “These animals are Threatened” therefore make a tour to these countries to have a look at the few remaining primate giants before they are lost. Spend some time with them, they are awe-inspiring.

Gorilla tracking the Activity.

On this day, in the morning you wake up to a breakfast and then transfer to the park headquarters for the briefing before you set off at 9:00 am through the tracks to search for the humble giants. You have to go with packed lunch as the time taken to before meeting the great apes is un predictable. However the time ranges between 2-9 hours depending on the movement of the giant primates (Gorillas). The activity is tiresome, it involves walking along steep hilly tracks however encountering these great relatives of man erases all the poor memories/ hardships you went through in trying to find them. They are awesome!

Safaris to see the gorillas of Africa can be arranged by Sydah Naigaga of Access Africa Safaris

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Vacation Home Rental Success

You love having a second home but the mortgage is putting a crater in your wallet. Many second home owners turn to renting their property as a vacation rental to help defray the costs of ownership. How do you price a vacation home rental without overcharging but making enough to cover your costs? Do your research.

Find out what other owners of, similar sized homes in the area are charging. You can ask a local real estate agent for a price range, scan local papers or go online. There are also vacation rental sites like These types of sites have advertisements from owners around the world and weekly rates for the properties are listed.

The time of year you rent out a property is important as well. If you want to rent out a ski lodge in Vermont, August is not going to be your “high time” of year, but January will. If you are going to rent the property in an “off” time of year you will not be able to charge as much as if you were renting the property in a peak time.

You also want to figure out what lengths you want to rent your property for. A Florida property in July near the beach will go for top dollar for a week. However, that same property in January you might only attract the snowbirds who want to rent at a lower price and rent it out on a monthly basis. You have to answer questions like, “do I want to mess around with weekend or nightly rentals” and “is it worth the hassle”.

Figure out how many weeks you need to rent your property in order to make a profit or at least pay the bills. Say you need to make $12000 a year in rental income. If, after looking at other rentals, a rate of maybe $1,000 a week seems reasonable than you know you need to rent the property out for at least 12 weeks a year. But you might have to rent for a few more weeks at a lower rate to make up for “off peak” times of the year or if you do not get someone to fill every vacant period.

Most important, do not forget to spend time in your own vacation home. Owning the property and not being able to enjoy it defeats the purpose of having that second home!

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Trip To Iqaluit In Nunavut, A Canadian Arctic City

In 2004, I completed two Inuit art buying trips to Iqaluit (formerly Frobisher Bay), the capital of Nunavut, Canada's newest territory. For both trips, I flew out of Ottawa on Canadian North airlines. The other airline that services Nunavut is First Air. Only the last half of the jets was allocated for passengers as the entire first half was for cargo. Being so remote, Canadian Arctic Inuit communities pretty well have to have everything shipped up there by plane or by boat during the summers since there are no roads connecting to the rest of Canada or even between each Nunavut community. The Arctic landscape from the air was desolate, hilly and barren. As the plane got closer to Iqaluit, the airport's small terminal building stood out with its bright yellow color. The airport itself is within walking distance to the rest of the town. There are taxis that charge a flat rate of $5 per trip anywhere in Iqaluit. Interestingly enough, these taxis also pick up and drop off other passengers along the way so shared rides with others are common here. There are several hotels in Iqaluit and rooms are generally clean, comfortable but quite basic. Accommodations and dining up north in Nunavut are both expensive. All food items with the exception of local Inuit fare must be flown up from the Canadian south. A carton of milk will cost about $10 in Iqaluit. Most Inuit locals cannot afford to buy overpriced fruits, vegetables and meat from the south. Many local families still rely on Inuit hunters who bring caribou, seal and whale to the table.

There is only one high rise building in Iqaluit and it is used mainly for local Nunavut government offices. All other buildings are low rise, including the hospital. The vast majority of the residential housing is similar to cabins that are raised off the ground because of the harsh Canadian Arctic winters. Many look a bit run down with junk and disposed items piled outside. With the fact that there are no lawns or trees possible this far north, the neighborhoods are certainly not the prettiest sights around. But one Inuit art carver told me that his government subsidized rent is only $36 per month. There are some small clusters of nice homes on the outskirts of town. Some houses have husky dogs tied up outside and many have snowmobiles. In fact, the roads, most of them unpaved, are shared by cars, trucks, snowmobiles, all terrain
vehicles and people. During the summers, Iqaluit can get quite dusty with all the vehicles turning up the dirt on the roads. As a result, Iqaluit did look a bit nicer during my first trip which was during the winter when the city was in white snow rather than brown dirt. There is new construction going on since with the creation of the Nunavut territory, Iqaluit is growing as more Inuit from other Arctic communities are migrating to the city.

One thing that was very noticeable in Iqaluit was the large numbers of children everywhere. Nunavut has a very young population with 56% under the age of 25. I saw many Inuit mothers wearing traditional Inuit parkas with large hoods in the back where their babies are carried. The Inuit youth is one of the Canadian Arctic's untapped resources and its future. They have access to satellite television and dress just like their counterparts in the south. However, at present only about 25% of high school students graduate so a big challenge for the Nunavut government is to encourage the Inuit kids to stay in school. During my second trip, there was darkness for only a few hours each day so it was very strange to be walking around town at 10 pm in the evening with daylight still present. Even at this hour, there were still quite a few young Inuit children playing outside. The locals, Inuit and non-Inuit alike were very friendly. I got the impression of a tight community perhaps because of the isolation of the Canadian Arctic. However, the local Inuit were also very open to visitors and willing to share a bit of their lives. During the daytime, I went up to a few Inuit art carvers who were working outside their houses. Each turned off their power saws when I approached them and seemed happy to talk to me. I met most of them later during the evenings when they showed me their finished works of Inuit art.

I had the opportunity to walk about 30 minutes to the outskirts of town past the airport one day. I climbed up a hilltop with a satellite dish facility overlooking an expansive valley. There was nobody else around and it was incredible how silent the area was. It was like a vacuum where I could hear only my own breathing. It was a very peaceful and even spiritual moment there. While sitting on this Arctic hilltop, I was suddenly startled at one point by a noise and it turned out to be the flapping wings of a large raven flying by. There are tours offered by local outfitters to see the northern wildlife and experience some of the Arctic tundra further out. I hope to take one of these tours on a future visit. A trip to Nunavut is not cheap since everything, including flights are so expensive. However, I will definitely return not only for more Inuit art, but also to experience more of the local Inuit culture and the Arctic land.

Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Victoria & Albert Museum

Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the Museum on 17th May 1899. The Victoria & Albert has a collection of more than 4 million objects. The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is the world's largest museum of the decorative arts and has 146 galleries, including national collections of sculpture, furniture, fashion and photographs. It also houses the National Art Library. The Victoria & Albert also manage the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, the Wellington Museum at Apsley House and the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden.

The Victoria & Albert is the world’s greatest museum of art and design. The Museum is renowned for the immense diversity of its collections, which embrace furniture, fashion, textiles, paintings, silver, glass, ceramics, jewellery, books, prints and photographs. Housed in magnificent Victorian buildings, these collections illustrate the artistic life of many different cultures, from European to South East Asian, American to Islamic, over hundreds of generations.

The museum has been housed in Aston Webb’s grand building since 1909. The building has a impressive facade and main entrance. As the museum grew new buildings were erected when needed. Many of these buildings were intended to be semi-permanent exhibition halls but all have survived and represent one of the finest groups of Victorian buildings in the country. The Victoria & Albert has around four million exhibits from all periods and areas of the world. The 145 of galleries cover ten acres and are spread over four floors.

The Art and Design galleries are arranged by themes and by place and date, for example the Materials & Techniques galleries are arranged by the type of material. The six-storey Henry Cole Wing holds the Victoria & Albert’s collection of paintings, drawings and prints. In 2001 the restored British Galleries reopened to the public. These cover British art and design from 1500 - 1900 and include James II’s wedding suit and the Great Bed of Ware. The Victoria & Albert, which held its first photographic exhibition in 1858, is also the home of the National Collection of Art of Photography. The Canon Photography Gallery has regularly changing displays.

The fifteen galleries of the Victoria & Albert Museum tell the story of British design from the Tudor period to the Victorian era and display the Victoria & Albert’s unrivalled collection of historic British furniture, textiles, dress, ceramics, glass, jewellery, silver, prints, paintings and sculpture. Every major name in the history of British design is represented, including Grinling Gibbons, Robert Adam, William Morris and Charles Rennie Mackintosh as well as workshops and manufacturers such as the Mortlake tapestry works, Spitalfields silks weaving workshops, Wedgwood, Doulton and Liberty.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, has started work on a new jewellery gallery that is planned to open in 2008. Jewels from 2000 sc to the present, drawn from a pool of five thousand, will include an ancient Egyptian hippopotamus, Elizabethan pendants, Marie Antoinette's bracelet clasps, jewels owned by Napoleon and Catherine the Great, as well as this nineteenth-century English bodice ornament, a diamond bouquet of roses, a carnation, a chrysanthemum and a fuchsia, set on springs so they tremble as the wearer moves.

The transformation of the British Galleries is the Victoria & Albert’s largest project for over half a century and with over 3000 exhibits on display in magnificent new surroundings, the result is a truly exceptional experience not to be missed.

Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

What Makes A Hotel “Boutique”?

The term “boutique hotel” has been widely used in recent years, but what does it mean and why should you stay in one?

There are lots of companies that claim to specialise in boutique hotels. For many, a boutique hotel is simply one that’s not part of a national or international chain and that distinguishes itself by its design, location or additional features. Many hotels aspire to be a boutique hotel without actually achieving it. Overall, there are four main elements to the true boutique hotel:


Large hotels can be cool, trendy and chic, but they can’t be boutique. Just as the word is used to describe small, design-led specialist shops, so it applies to hotels. Hotels that apply the term “boutique” to themselves or have it ascribed to them are usually small – certainly less than 50 rooms and in some cases with only one or two. Their size contributes to the atmosphere and service that characterises a hotel with a difference. Whilst size might count in terms of the number of rooms, it doesn’t follow that those rooms must also be small. In fact, a hotel than could easily accommodate 20 rooms might choose instead to create just ten, but make them spacious and luxurious, catering to the boutique market.


When the first boutique hotel was opened in New York in 1984, by hotel entrepreneurs Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, it was praised for its original design and quirky nature. Designed for those who really wanted to participate in their travel rather than passively take it all in, Morgans, and those that followed it, challenged the way we thought about hotels. Although Schrager would not now describe his hotels as boutique, the name has been applied to those hotel who followed in his footsteps as far as design is concerned. From clean and contemporary to themed rooms and classic elegance, a boutique hotel must have a clear design theme and attention to detail.


The hallmark of an excellent boutique hotel is its service. Whether the hotel chooses to assign a personal butler to each guest, or just hires and trains staff to anticipate your every need, the service at a boutique hotel is really what it should be at any hotel: ensuring that your stay goes without a hitch, that you can get transport, opera tickets or excellent meals when you want them and making you feel at home rather than feeling like you’re a nuisance.


Boutique hotels are scattered all over the world, from 24-hour cities like New York, London and Rio De Janeiro to island havens in the Indian or Pacific Oceans. What often sets them apart are the buildings that contain them. From former plantation houses to old textile mills, towers and palazzos, the type of building often forms the basis of the design and it is the blend of architecture, design and service that turns what could be just another hotel into a boutique one.

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Take A Phone Card

Before you head off to your first or next traveling adventure, make sure your list of things to bring is not missing anything important. Of course you have remembered to pack changes of clothing, a second pair of shoes, and some extra money, but have you thought to include a phone card as you begin your trip? Unless you have the privilege of carrying a cellular phone that works internationally, a phone card should be at the top of your list of things to get. Many people forget to take a phone card on their journey because they are so used to just flipping open their cellular phone anytime they need to make a call.

Having a phone card is necessary for people traveling to any part of the world. Whether you will visit the most developed cities in Europe or the most undeveloped cities in South Asia, taking a phone card is a precaution no one can afford not to do. Most places in the world have calling centers that allow people to make domestic and international calls, however many of these places charge you much higher prices to make international calls than a phone card does. You can never be sure when a calling center will require callers to supply their own phone card for calls.

Even though many people travel the world to get away from family, friends, and work responsibilities, no one can know when an emergency that requires instant communication with the people back home will be required. Carrying an international phone card is a simple and easy way to be prepared for any emergency situation that might arise on your trip.

Taking a phone card on your trip is easy enough that there should be no excuse not to. Purchasing a phone card is as easy as stopping into most grocery stores, gas stations or convenience stores. A phone card can be purchased in a moment and at a relatively inexpensive price. You can buy a phone card and still have plenty of money to use on your trip.

The best reason to get a phone card before your next trip is that there is no good reason not to. There are few things as simple and inexpensive to buy and there are even fewer things that will come in handy during an emergency than an international phone card. Stop making excuses and get a phone card for your next trip today.

Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

Static caravans and ownership.

October saw the final results from the annual static caravan ownership survey.

This annual survey targets feedback from new static caravan owners who have purchased a holiday home on a UK holiday parks, and is seen by many as the most comprehensive survey of its kind.

With the launch of many new ‘’luxury’’ specification caravans the average sales value of static caravan holiday homes continues to increase. New sited static caravan prices now range from £15,000 – to well over £100,000.

Many new owners have reported that Static Holiday Caravan ownership has brought many lifestyle benefits over the past year including;

‘’Encourages more breaks with friends and family’’
‘’Gets my husband away from the office’’
‘’No more packing – everything we need is kept in our caravan’’
‘’Friendship and community with other owners’’
‘’Children love caravans!!!!’’

The survey results also gives help and support to prospective new owners as they are able to learn from people with real life experience. Suggestions included;

‘’Find the best pitch’’
‘’Location, Location, Location’’
‘’Facilities on the park are crucial to owners’’
‘’Don’t buy more than one and a half hours from your home’’
‘’Why not buy with friends’’

As with previous years the main negative feedback came from owners who have sold their static caravan a short time after purchase and have been subject to heavy depreciation.

Other concerns included damage to van when subletting, high site fees and the inflexibility of some holiday park ownership contracts.

A spokesperson advised ‘’Many people enjoy huge lifestyle benefits from static caravan ownership whilst subletting to subsidise the cost of ownership. We urge prospective customer to complete as much research as possible prior to purchase to ensure they make the right long term decision. As with any capital purchase (such as a new car) if you make the wrong choice and wish to sell a short time after purchase, depreciation becomes a major factor’’.

Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Planning Your Own Educational Trip

If it’s just for school, for your kids or for the neighborhood kids, it’s nice to have a purposeful educational trip that will surely be enjoyed by the children as well as teach them. Of course there is the usual trip to the museum or the so-so factory, but educational travel doesn’t necessarily end with the destination, one should also consider the preparations as well as the child before you uproot them from their playgrounds.

Who should plan the Trip?

If the trip is an out of school activity, whether organized by you or the neighborhood parents, there should always be somebody or a group of people willing to dedicate a snippet of their time to organizing, everything, destination, transportation, food, lodgings (if any) as well as the children involved.

What to Bring

A pack list is also essential before a trip. Here are a few things that should be in your or your child’s bag when you go on an educational trip.

- Snacks –there should be lots of drinks and walk foods that you can eat even while walking.

- First aid kit – an accident can easily happen, a small trip or a scratch should be mended easily. A medicine pack can also be handy for parents who develop headaches, or for children with stomach upset.

- Extra clothes – children are very active, and sometimes even parents can be over-active, so it is necessary that both bring a set of clothes for those unexpected spills.

- Walkie talkie – If your child can handle it, a walkie-talkie or a cellular phone can be very useful if he gets lost.

- Name tag – Attach a name tag to his shirt or to his bag containing your contact number (without a name) so that whoever finds him can contact you.

- One of his favorite toys – A good thing to distract a child when he gets uneasy during travel would be one of his favorite toys.

- Wipes and tissue- For that easy cleanup whenever you need it.

When you get there

Fall in line, and make travel buddy’s of two or three; the one buddy should be responsible for the other so as to prevent anyone getting left behind. This is best done with kids who don’t normally play together so they can bond and get to know each other more.

On the trip home

Encourage sleeping; children after a long walk can get cranky when tired, so bring some milk with you so they can sleep through the trip home.

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Malaysia My Second Home


The Malaysia my Second Home program is open for all citizens of countries recognized by Malaysia. Since Malaysia is an example of a multi-cultural society: people of all race, religion, gender or age can apply. Applicants are allowed to bring along their spouse and children, as long as the childern are below 18 and are not married.


Applicants to the Malaysia my Second Home must have a valid health insurance from any insurance company in Malaysia.


Since April 2006 :
* applicants under 50 need a savings account or fixed deposit of US$75,000 or RM300,000 in a bank in Malaysia
* applicants over 50 need a savings account or fixed deposit of US$40,000 or RM150,000
they need to show evidence of a monthly income over US$2500 or RM10,000.

Applicants placing fixed deposits in a savings account can withdraw part of the money of the savings account after one year, but the money needs to be spend again inside Malaysia:
* to buy a car in Malaysia,
* to buy a house in Malaysia
* to buy shares in Malaysia.

Be aware: during your stay under the Malaysia My Second Home Visa, you are not allowed to work anywhere in Malaysia unless approved by the government.

As long as your Malaysia My Second Home Visa is valid, at least US$15,000 or RM60,000 has to be in your savings account.

Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

How to Travel to Tropical Places

How to Travel to Tropical Places
Traveling to commercial tropical areas is easy since they are populated by humans. However, traveling to rainforests is a bit more tougher and delicate.

Traveling to tropical countries: there are several countries that you can travel to with tropical beaches. You can either chose to travel to the South Americas or Southern Asia areas. Accommodation at these countries are fairly cheap. However, airfares tend to be pricier depending where you are coming from. It is best to look around online and at your agencies for the best deals and packages.

Traveling to The Amazon: The Amazon is located in the country of Ecuador (which is located in South America). There are six different regions where you can potential travel to depending on which areas are not restricted for tourists. The regions are: Sucumbios, Orellana, Napo, Pastaza, Morona, Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe. There are two cities in The Amazon: Tena and Coca. Busing to Tena is roughly around 6 hours. Usually the buses don't take any stops during the whole trip. The cost is around $7.
When traveling The Amazon, it is best to travel in groups for better safety. A tour guide with knowledge about the surrounding areas, plants and animals is also ideal.

There are also jungle lodges that you can stay in for a few days if you have the budget and time. These are based right inside the jungle! These packages usually include biking, canoe trips and fishing. The fees for these lodges are pretty decent, they range from $100USD to over $250USD per night, depending on the quality and packages that comes with the lodges. It's best to book these packages while you are in Ecuador because they are much cheaper than booking them indirectly in your country.

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Explore the incredible beauty of India on your India tour

Planning to spending your holiday and looking for a perfect destination? What about India? Mesmerizing, isn’t? Spend this time your holidays in India and be assured of a memorable holiday of your lifetime. There are a lot of options available in this country which makes your holidays memorable. Magnificent monuments, blazing deserts, adventurous spots, wildlife parks & sanctuaries, verdant landscapes, rich flora & fauna, rich culture and heritage, etc make this country one of the most popular travel destination in all over the world. There are a range of tourism options available in this country. The country of various diversities India never fails to enchant its visitors on account of its various tourism options.

One of the major factors of boom in India tourism is its cultural heritage which can be seen at its various monumental heritage attractions. One can visit Taj Mahal or Rajasthan monuments, Elephant cave, Ellora caves, Khajuraho temples, Konark temples, south Indian temples, etc. Visiting these architecturally beautiful structures are wonderful ways to know and see the cultural heritage of India. Some major historic monuments of India are Taj Mahal in Agra, Golden Temple in Amritsar, Khajuraho Temple Complex in Madhya Pradesh, Victoria Terminus in Mumbai, Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, Rajasthan’s forts & palaces, etc. During your India trip don’t miss to visit these heritage attractions.

Exploring the rural sides of India is also worth enjoying. It provides you a wonderful opportunity to know about rich culture and traditions of the country. You can know about the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the country talking with its generous and hospitable people. Beaches of India also are worth exploring. Exploring breathtaking beaches provide you pleasant and relaxing travel experience. Beaches also provide you opportunity to adventure and sports. You can enjoy boat riding, sea cruise, water funs, water rafting, etc. Some famous beaches of the country are Goa beaches, Kovalam beach in Kerala, Marina beach in Chennai, etc. During your tour to India don’t miss to enjoy and explore these breathtaking beaches.

The rich flora and fauna of India are also worth exploring. There are several wildlife parks and sanctuaries in this country. Exploring these parks and sanctuaries provide a wonderful opportunity to watch the sensational activities of wildlife attractions in their natural surroundings and also provide excellent ambience for nature tourism. Some well known wildlife parks and sanctuaries are Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Sariska national park, Ranthambhore Wildlife Park, Kaziranga national park, Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Corbett national park, Kanha national park, Pench national park, etc. Exploring these parks and sanctuaries provide wonderful and thrilling travel experience. Don’t miss to enjoy the rich flora and fauna during your India vacation.

Breathtaking hill stations also attract the attentions of tourists from all around the world to make their holidays in India. Some well-known hill stations of the country are Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Kullu – Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Munnar in Kerala, Nanital in Uttaranchal, Ooty and Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Mount Abu in Rajasthan, etc. These breathtaking hill stations are also very popular among honeymooners and nature lovers. Don’t miss to explore the breathtaking surrounding of these hill stations during your India travel. For better traveling in India, you can opt for India tour packages provide by various India tour operators or travel agents.

If you to want to enjoy the charm of tourism in India; welcome, visit India and explore the incredible beauty of the country.

Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Enjoy Life On The Atlantic Aboard A Miami Yacht Charter

When you charter a boat in Florida, you’re treating yourself to the ultimate in vacation experiences. Whether you choose a sailboat, yacht, motor boat or catamaran, there’s nothing like feeling the spray of the Atlantic on your face as you cruise around the eastern coastline, looking for just the right place to dock for a bit of fun.

If this sounds like your idea of the perfect vacation, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several establishments who are in the business of offering luxury yacht charters in and around the Miami, Florida area. After you’ve experienced one, you might just find yourself in the market for companies that offer luxury yacht sales, or sales of other types of water vessels.

Miami Yacht Charter Companies

• Water Fantaseas – Servicing the areas of Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura and Miami, this facility offers a variety of cruise options, including corporate charters, and an accommodation for special events. Among the many vessels that they offer, you’ll find luxury sport yachts, luxury motor yachts, party yachts, power boats, fishing boats, luxury mega yachts, luxury sailing vessels and catamarans. In addition to half and full day charters, they also provide term charters – all of which can be seen by visiting their website at This outstanding organization offers the best in top-quality sea-going excursions for those who want something more out of their next vacation.

• Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters – Found online at, this boat chartering company will put you in the lap of luxury when you book a vacation on one of their charters. Whether you’re interested in something for a corporate or social event, wedding or – perhaps – something a bit smaller, they have what it takes to outfit you with the latest in style at Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters. Among the amenities that their luxurious yachts include are three grand decks, the ability to accommodate up to 400 passengers, catamaran designed twin hulls, state-of-the-art interior and exterior design and lots more.

• Florida Yacht Charters and Sales – Serving Miami Beach, Key West and the Bahamas, the folks at this establishment offer charters and instruction, in addition to sales and service. For those who are interested in a more consistent yachting experience, they even provide the opportunity for boaters to join a fractional yacht sharing program, called “SailTime Miami”. Their full line of vessels, including yachts, sailboat, catamarans, trawlers, bareboats and motor yachts, offers a wide variety of crafts from which to choose, with amenities that will please even the most discerning of sailors. Visit their website at for more information.

• Carrousel Yacht Extraordinaire – Whether your intention is to host a holiday party, reunion, anniversary, wedding, graduation, birthday party, business dinner – or simply charter a yacht for your own personal get-away – Carrousel Yacht Extraordinaire can accommodate your needs in a grand style. Cruise the Florida coastline to Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Aventura, Miami and Miami Beach in one of the most luxurious chartered yachts of the day. Based in Miami, this chartering company offers a virtual tour of their top-of-the-line yachts by visiting their website at

By performing an online search, you’ll be able to find the right chartering service for you in virtually any waterside location around the world. Until you’ve experienced the luxury of a chartered yacht, you’re missing the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you want to get away on your own, or with family, friends, business associates or former classmates, there’s a vessel out there that’s right for you, and a company that will do its best to meet the needs of your ocean-going party.

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Dressage Competitions and Riding

Copyright 2006 Rob Daniels

At the lowest levels, dressage tests are very simple, with the emphasis on basic training. At its basic level, if you make your horse move forward, or stop, you have performed dressage movements.

The ancient Greeks were the first to practice dressage in preparation for war. Developed by the Greeks for cavalry officers, dressage evolved as a means of controlling the horse in battle. Dressage was well rooted in the military world of horsemanship, as the value of this training method was recognized by the cavalry. Later, dressage was used on the medieval battlefields of Europe and as a form of art and entertainment in the courts of Renaissance nobility. The marriage of the two most powerful families in Europe during the Baroque period secured the future of dressage. Prior to the French Revolution, dressage was expressed in ways that emphasized extreme collection and agility.

Dressage competitions evolved as early as 1806 to test the ability of cavalry officers.

Cavalry officers in the modern military also practiced dressage as recently as the 1940's. Consequently, because the Andalusian had always been a cavalry horse, he had always been a dressage horse.

Types of Dressage Horses: Although any breed is acceptable for dressage, thoroughbreds or warmbloods (any of the larger or European-descended horses) are preferable. While warmbloods have dominated the Dressage scene for several decades, riders are increasingly seeking a more rideable horse. Athletically and in temperament, the Morgan horse is also well suited to the rigors of Dressage. The Iberian's success in dressage was pretty much preordained by the history of the development of the breed. As a breed they have athleticism, superb dispositions, great heart and soundness - all attributes needed in dressage. However, Dressage is an egalitarian sport in which all breeds are given an opportunity to compete successfully.

Competition Dressage

Like figure skating's compulsory figures, dressage tests require movements and gaits to be performed in certain sequences. The object of dressage is the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse. Competitive dressage is designed to show the horse carrying out, on request, the natural movements that it performs without thinking while running loose. All the movements performed in dressage are natural to the horse. Both horsemanship and the basics of riding should be mastered before attempting a dressage competition. At the more advanced levels, horses and riders have usually begun to specialize in dressage competition as a separate discipline.

The standard arena is 20 m by 60 m, and is used for upper-level tests in both dressage and eventing. The small arena is 20 m by 40 m, and is used for the lower levels of dressage and three-day eventing dressage. The invisible letter X is always in the center of the dressage arena. The dressage tests are a prescribed series of movements that each horse must perform. Dressage patterns are performed one rider at a time. Judged subjectively, dressage relies on a body of dedicated judges positioned at designated points around the dressage arena. As in any dressage show, each rider receives an individual score. Each rider is given a copy of their test along with the judge's comments.

A goal of dressage is to restore this naturalness under a rider, and to create an alert, supple and responsive animal.

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Discover The Secrets To Finding A Rental In Honolulu

Honolulu is broken into four areas: Downtown, Manoa, Waikiki, and Waimanalo/Kaneohe.

Before proceeding to search for a rental in Honolulu, you should pick the areas that most appeal to you. You must also come up with a reachable budget. When you rent, you still must pay for your food, utilities, and personal expenses.

It is important to know how much you can afford to pay in rent and still have money left for your other bills.

The majority of rental in Honolulu managers require a full-credit check, a security deposit, first and last month's rent, personal and professional recommendations, and proof of employment.

You will be asked to sign a legally binding lease. Make sure you are clear on what utilities, if any, are included in the monthly rent. Water and heating are usually included. Electricity and phone bills are typically the renter's responsibility.

In Downtown, rental rates can be quite low per month for an unfurnished studio that houses a living space and bathroom. Located on the western side of Oahu, Downtown Honolulu is close to shopping, dining, business, and the major airport.

For several thousand dollars per month, you can rent a three-bedroom plantation-style bungalow that is located across from the beach.

For this area of rental in Honolulu, the average price is high but that is indicative of the location. The renter here gets a three-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage near the major shopping district.

Manoa is located on the southwestern edge of Oahu. Beaches in this area are pristine. A one-bedroom studio rental in Honolulu in the Manoa area starts is several hundred dollars per month.

A few thousand dollars a month will get the renter a two-bedroom apartment with ocean views. For a lower price the rental typically includes one-bedroom apartments that come fully furnished, minus the fabulous view.

Waikiki is located on the southern end of Oahu. This area is popular with surfers and beach lovers. A rental in Honolulu in the Waikiki area is also in the few thousand dollar range. Property in this area is extremely hard to come by.

If you are planning to obtain a rental in Honolulu in Waikiki, you must be extremely aggressive in pursuing any available property. An unfurnished one-bedroom apartment with one parking space is very desirable and therefore is in high demand.

Spending more per month will net you an unfurnished two-bedroom cottage in a gated community. Neither of these examples are waterfront. Waterfront property in Waikiki is extremely rare and very high priced.

Finally, when looking for a rental in Honolulu, Waimanalo/Kaneohe is another area to consider. On the eastern coast of Oahu, Waimanalo/Kaneohe properties are a popular choice. A three-bedroom, executive style home will rent for a few thousand dollars per month including utilities.

Leasing a rental in Honolulu can be a trying experience. Prices vary greatly, but if you go into your search with a firm budget in mind, you'll do fine!

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Deauville LaMagnifique

Les grands hôtels de Las Vegas, Macao et Monte Carlo font tout pour obtenir le privilège de les faire jouer. Ils sont la source assuré de gros profits car statistiquement, ils vont perdre. Les hôtels n'hésitent pas à mettre à leur disposition un avion privé pour les faire venir ainsi que leurs meilleures suites. Quant on est en mesure de perdre des centaines de milliers de dollars, tout le reste peut ètre offert. On peut dire en français "un flambeur".

Mais pour nous, simple debutant ou joueur non encore confirmes, je vous propose de decouvrir le casino a la francaise: DEAUVILLE.

Le Casino de Deauville est l’un des premiers casinos du groupe qui comprend entre autre les casinos Barrière de : Besançon, Ribeauvillé, le Palais Casino du Touquet, Carnac, Dinard, Enghien-les-Bains, l’unique de la région parisienne, Chamonix, Cannes, Sainte-Maxime, Biarritz et bien d’autres répartis entre la France, la Suisse, la Belgique et Malte.

Depuis 1990, le capital de l’empire est répartit entre Barrière-Desseigne, le Groupe Accor (34%) et Colony Capital (15%).
Le chiffre d’affaire du casino de Deauville s’élève à lui seul à :215,3 millions d’euros en 2004.

Découvrez à la fois le luxe et la sobriété du Casino Deauville!Son immense palais blanc vous ouvre ses portes sous ses prestigieux tapis moelleux et une architecture incomparable, pour mieux vous faire vibrer au son des
cliquetis rythmé des jackpots, les tables rutilantes, ses bars et ses restaurants toujours avenants…

Dans cette ambiance festive et chaleureuse, venez retrouvez au Casino Barrière de Deauville tous vos jeux favoris.
Casino Deauville c’est 325 machines à sous réparties en 3 salons, 6 tables de Boule, sans oublier ses Machines à Rouleaux et Vidéo Poker de 0,10 à 20 euros

Entrez dans la salle de la Boule. Vous y retrouverez 6 tables avec mise minimale de 2 euros.

Le Casino Barrière de Deauville porte l'héritage de la splendeur du passé. Dans ce décor somptueux, vous pouvez varier les plaisirs à chaque instant.

Vous y retrouverez les jeux à mise minimale d’un euro :
2 tables de Roulette Française (mise minimale de 5 euros),
1 table de la roulette Française (mise minimale de 10 euros),

4 tables de Roulette Anglaise,
10 tables Black Jack,
4 tables de Stud Poker,
1 table de Punto Banco,
1 table de Craps.

Mais Casino Deauville, c’est aussi ses spectacles tels le festival swing et ses loisirs tels le Golf.

Celui-ci, situé sur le Mont Canisy, à quelques minutes du centre de Deauville, offre une vue exceptionnelle à la fois sur la mer et toute la campagne environnante, dans une tranquillité absolue. Vous y retrouverez les parcours à 9 ou 18 trous. Des compétitions y sont aussi organisées.
Alors pourquoi attendre plus longtemps ! Rejoignez vite le Groupe Casino Lucien Barrière à Deauville ! Le seul Casino à vous offrir en plein cœur de la Normandie le plaisir des jeux mélés au plaisir du sport !

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Croisière Pour Lune de Miel

Les bateaux de croisière sont de plus en plus spacieux, afin de vous offrir le meilleur en matière de détente et relaxation et vous proposent de découvrir de plus en plus de destinations de rêves, de l'Alaska aux Caraïbes en passant par l'Europe.

Les croisières vous offrent un confort digne d'un cinq étoiles, son lot d'aventures, ainsi que l'opportunité de connaître de nouvelles personnes et de vous faire de nouveaux amis.

Mais pour la réussite de votre lune de miel, la croisière doit comprendre à son bord:
1) Du Champagne et des fraises dès votre montée à bord
2) Des canapés et autres attentions dans votre cabine un soir de votre choix
3) Une soirée "Lune de Miel" spécialement destinée à votre attention
4) Mettre à votre disposition des photographes

Pour cela, choisissez bien votre bateau. Celui-ci doit vous offrir les salles et le confort minimal suivant:

1) Des Restaurants devant vous fournir des repas de haute qualité,

2) Des Pubs, vous proposant les meilleures bières irlandaises ainsi que du champagne, doivent être disponible aux quatre coins du bateau et près des salles de SPA et solarium,

3) Au minimum un Centre de conférence,

4) Des activités sportives comme un Centre de Fitness, parours de golf, terrains de basket ball et volley ball, mur d'escalade, piste de jogging, patinoire, jeu de palets et bien d'autres encore;

5) Des activités sportives et éducatives pour les enfants telles le Club enfants pour les enfants de 3 à 17 ans comprenant une discothèque, des jeux vidéo et même un espace où leur est servi un repas;

6) Des Salons de beauté, un Complexe thermal complet incluant Sauna, Spa et Solarium;

7) Pour vos loisirs: Piscines, Jacuzzis, Casino pour pouvoir vous divertir dans une ambiance Las Vegas à l'aide de ses machines à sous, Discothèque, Salle de spectacles, Salle de cartes, Café internet, un théâtre.

8) Mais aussi des services du quotidiens tels: Galerie Marchande (avec bijouterie, magasin de souvenirs, de photos), Bibliothèque, Centre médical, Blanchisserie, et enfin une Chapelle nuptiale.

Les bateaux recommandés pour ce genre de séjour dépendent énormément de vos goûts et du choix de votre destination, à savoir si vous rechercher une évasion romantique au travers des forets tropicales et des plages ensoleillées ou culturelle pour visiter des monuments historiques et découvrir des mentalités étrangères. Pour cela, les listes ne seraient être complètes.

Les deux bateaux de croisières les plus connus sont les suivants:
1) Jewel of the Seas:
Mis en service en mai 2004, le Jewel of the Seas est caractérisés par l'allure innovante des super-yachts. Il possède un design avancé avec ses grandes surfaces vitrées dans les espaces publics et des ascenseurs de verre donnant sur l'océan.

2) Explorer of the Seas:
En route vers les Antilles. Ce paquebot est le plus grand au monde. Vous y trouverez plus d'activités et d'expériences que vous ne pouvez imaginer. Découvrez des aspects novateurs tels que le mur d'escalade vous permettant de vous élever au dessus de l'océan, la patinoire où vous pourrez déguster un chocolat chaud. Le soir, les boutiques, les cafés et autres animations du Royal Promenade s'ouvrent à vous. Cette esplanade, où il fait bon se promener, s'étale sur une longueur équivalente à deux terrains de football et fait 4 ponts de hauteur.

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Copper Canyon

Sierra Tarahumara, popularly known as Copper Canyon is situated in Mexico. The area is a favorite destination among those seeking an adventurous vacation. Copper Canyon is one of the six gorges in the area. Although the name suggests that the gorge might have some relevance to copper mining, this is not the case. The name is derived from the copper and green lichen covering the canyon.

Copper Canyon has two climatic zones. The region features an alpine climate at the top and a subtropical climate at the lower levels. Winters are cold with frequent snowstorms at the higher altitudes. Summers are dry and hot. The capital city, Chihuahua, is a high altitude desert where weather ranges from cold winters to hot summers. The region is unique because of the various ecosystems that exist within it.

Another unique feature of Copper Canyon is the presence of the Tarahumara Indian culture. These semi-nomadic people live in cave dwellings. Their livelihood chiefly depends on farming and cattle ranching. Apart from the native population, the local wildlife is also a major crowd puller. Several migratory and native birds, mammals and reptiles call Copper Canyon their home. The exquisite fauna in this near-pristine land is also worth checking out.

A traveler may choose to explore the area by hiking around the canyon or venturing into it. Detailed planning is required for those who wish to venture into the depths of the canyon. There are a number of travel companies that specialize in organizing tours to the region. Visitors can fly to Copper Canyon using a tourist visa, which is valid for 180 days. Travelers can also drive from anywhere in the United States and acquire a visa at the Mexican customs station at the border.

A holiday to the Copper Canyon promises to be an exciting mix of relaxation, culture, history, wildlife and hiking.

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Comment Resserer les Liens de L'Amitie

Lors de multiples discussions avec de nombreuses femmes combinant vie professionnelle et vie familiale, il est toujours apparu le regret de ne pas avoir assez de temps pour soi. L'abandon au fur et a mesure du temps de ses amies d'antan, il en est ressorti que ce qui motive une personne a jouer de plus en plus au casino et autres jeux d'argent est son rapport a la vie.
Pour ces dernieres, la vie elle meme est un jeu. Respirer est un jeu,sortir hors de chez soi est un jeu, bref, meme le quotidien est un jeu. mais le casino, quant a lui, nous offre des sensations uniques car les paris ne sont, contrairement aux mouvemet quotidiens,bases que sur le fruit du hasard. Le casino procure a l'homme une montee d'adrenaline hors norme. Le risque est donc plus fort.

Ainsi, de cette etude. il en est ressorti les resultats suivants:

Le temps des vacances:

Ces 10 dernieres annees, Las Vegas est devenue l'endroit populaire pour jouer en famille car a la mise en place de systeme de resort et d'attractions familiales.

Pour gagner et devenir riche :

De toutes personnes interviewees ces personnes sont les plus representatives du phenomene. Elles sont venues au casino avec l'espoir de devenir riches et de pouvoir changer le cours de leur destin.

Problèmes d'argent :

Rejoint l'idee precedente. Beaucoup semble croire qu'ils peuvent regler leurs problemes d'argent en jouant. Or, il y a aussi de forte chance, si madame chance n'est pas la, qu'elles engrangent d'avantages de pertes et de problemes si elles ne peuvent gerer leurs jeux et leurs mises.

Salle de Mariage:

Pour certains, se rendre au casino est l'endroit ideal pour celebrer son mariage. Un peu comme dans une eglise quoi. Et de preference a Las Vegas ou Salt Lake City. Leurs salles deviennent a la mode pour ce genre d'evenement en raison de leur prix rentable, l'originalite de leur hall d'accueil et l'espace de la salle pouvant accueillir grand nombre d'invites.

Leurs revenus.

Pour certains, le casino est comme un metier. Certains y passent toute leur journee pour pouvoir remporter une sorte de "salaire" plus ou moins eleve d'ici la fin du mois.

Pour trouver l'ame soeur:

Vous n'imagineriez pas le nombre de personnes celibataires se rendant en casino lors de parties de celibataires, uniquement dns l'espoir de trouver l'ame soeur et pourtant. Grand nombre de personnes interrogees y ont mentionne ce desir.

Pour fuir de chez soi :

La majorite des personnes interrogees ayant repondu pour sortir de chez soi sont essentiellement des gens de la gente masculine, tous maries depuis plus de 10 ans et peres de famille. Ces derniers se rendent generalement au casino en moyenne une fois par mois pendant quelques heures avant de rentrer.

Pour le plaisir :

Ces personnes auraient eu la bonne reponse. Toutefois, j'ai du mal a croire que cette categorie, qui devrait apparaitre en premiere place, ne se trouve au final qu'au bas de la liste. En effet, jouer au casino devrait etre avant tout une partie de plaisir. Integrer une ambiance hors pair d'un casino reel, avoir des boissons gratuites et ameliorer leur techniques de jeux, telles sont leurs principales preoccupations.

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Choosing a static caravan

When choosing a static caravan you will probably look for the holiday park which meets your requirements and then move onto the caravan. Selecting the right holiday park is vital to ensure a long term ownership.

Now for the caravan and looking for the right caravan to suit your needs. Most of the Parks will deal with majority of the manufacturers. If buying directly from the park you will probably deal with a salesperson instead of direct with the manufacturers. You can collect brochures direct from the manufacturers to research all the models and specifications which will not only ensure you choose the correct model but also help you to understand what to look for and choice of different models. To see the caravan you can visit them at key caravan exhibitions as most top manufacturers will display there, see events.

The static holiday caravan has been designed for holiday use instead of full time living. With its modern construction and use of high quality materials the static caravan should be built to British and European standard: BS EN 1647 but some luxury caravans are built to BS 3632 confirming to residential standards.

Normal static caravan can come in either one or two sections with width up to 22ft and 60ft long. If you have a one piece model this is a single unit and the two piece is known as a twin and usually assembled on site.

Decide on how many bedrooms you require as most caravans can be from 2 to 4 bedrooms but up to eight berths. Manufactures will normally have their own layout but will offer a number of ranges depending on your budget.

When it comes to size and specifications you should not only look at all of your own needs but if you are sub letting then there maybe other requirements. This decision should be looked at before purchase, maybe make a list of what you need and what is needed for sub letting.

Budget will normally make your decision also how often you use the caravan and again if you going to sublet. If you will be there for long periods of time then it may be worth spending a little extra to gain more living space or an extra bedroom but if only there for short periods and subletting you may opt for the standard size and specifications hopefully providing you with a better return.

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Cheap Hotels

Las Vegas. This city of neon lights, over-the top entertainment and non-stop thrills make the city one of the top holiday destinations in the world. The hotels in Vegas rival the top establishments in the world, offering the most amazing variety around. Yes, the city no doubt has some of the most gorgeous, ultra-luxurious suites and rooms in the world, but if you're on a budget, Las Vegas is equally accommodating. In fact, what many don't realize is that Las Vegas has some of the best rooms around at the lowest prices imaginable- and the hotels are all vying for your business badly. So next time you are in this City of Pleasures and are on a tight budget, think twice about booking the lousy motel on the outskirts of time and check out our super savers tips below:

Timing is everything. Avoid busiest times of the year: holidays, spring and summer vacations, and large vacations.

If you can, before you decide on a hotel, ask about pricing on "extras": extra beds, cribs, rollaways and extra occupants and about any extra charges for local phone calls, cable TV, and Internet connections.

Compare all factors before making your final decision.

Ask your hotel for free funbooks, which often include two for one dinners and shows and discounted drinks.

Ask for everyone about discounts, special offers, freebies, comps. These are available at most Las Vegas hotels and casinos, but you need to ask for them.

Join the MGM Mirage Players Club and or "The One Club" to accrue credits for comped food, beverages and rooms.

Buy your own water and drinks at outside discount stores. Bring along a small ice cooler to keep your water and drinks cold and a hot pot to brew coffee or tea. This could save you $10 or more a day in refrigerator rental fees.

Use the free monorail system that goes between the hotels and casinos and the free public bus system. Ask for a schedule at your hotel or casino.

If you rent a car, ask your hotel and the casinos about free parking. Most hotels and casino's offer free parking as a perk if you ask, because they want to give you a good reason to stay.

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Cautionary Advice for Bed and Breakfast Guests!

If you’re seeking distinctive lodging with personalized service, a bed and breakfast inn may be your best solution. There are some important considerations you need to be aware of, however. BEFORE you make your reservation, think about the following:

Do you have allergies?

Ask the innkeepers if they can provide specialized meals. If you are allergic to smoke, make sure that the inn is smoke-free. Pet allergies? Be certain that the bed and breakfast doesn’t allow pets.

Do you intend to travel with children?

Many inns do not allow children. Fine antiques, plush wallpaper, thick carpets, and original artwork may not be compatible with little fingers. Be aware of the inn’s policy regarding children.

Are you taking a pet with you?

The majority of bed and breakfasts are hesitant to allow pets. Even a teacup Yorkie or kitten can quickly do hundreds of dollars worth of damage to furniture, window treatments, wall coverings, and bedding. If the innkeepers will not allow pets, they may be able to recommend a nearby kennel or boarding facility.

Will you be arriving late?

Most small bed and breakfasts are home businesses managed by the innkeepers themselves. If the innkeepers are in bed by ten p.m. they might not be enthusiastic about guests arriving at midnight. If you plan on arriving at a specific time and are delayed, be courteous and call ahead. This means some forethought on your part. Ensure that the inn’s contact information is in a pocket, purse, wallet, or easily-reached piece of luggage.

Will you have a private bathroom?

Don’t wait until you arrive to discover that you will be sharing a bathroom with other guests. Private baths are becoming more common nowadays, including accommodations with ensuite baths; however, there are still many inns with rooms operating in 'shared-bath’ mode.

What kind of breakfast do they serve?

Breakfast menus can range from muffins, juice, and coffee to multi-entree gourmet breakfasts. Some inns (usually the larger ones) also offer additional meals - typically not included in the nightly rate.

What is the cancellation policy?

Last-minute cancellations can really hurt your wallet! Unlike hotels, bed and breakfasts have a limited number of rooms and almost always charge for cancellations. Normally, the sooner you cancel the better. If you wait until the week before your vacation to cancel, you might be required to pay for the entire stay. Travel insurance will often cover the fees. (Read the fine print of your policy to be sure.)

Ask the right questions, be prepared, and have a wonderful, relaxing stay!

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14 Lanzarote Beaches - San Bartholme

San Bartholme is the most central of the islands seven municipalities separating the two contrasting landscapes of the north and south of the island. There are relatively few beaches in this area, although we did have visited three on our many trips to the area.

The first beach is known as Guacimeta. This 1,050m stretch of beach of toasted sand and calm waters is quite exceptional as beaches go, except that it’s a bit too close to the airport for my liking. Parking was good and it can be accessed via guaguas (autobus). There are Shops, Bar/Restaurants, Public telephones and a pleasant promenade so it’s nevertheless a beach worth a visit.

The second beach is in a semi-developed area beside the airport and the Guacimeta beach and is known as Playa Honda. At 1,900m.long and 85m wide it is the biggest in this area and consists of medium grained golden sand and calm waters making it ideals for families and creating good conditions for windsurfing. It is about 5 minutes drive from the airport, so the noise from aircrafts will not spoil your fun and it’s easy to park.

We call it our ‘Last Day’ beach !

Do you have to be out of your accommodation early ?
Are you on a late afternoon or evening flight ?
Are you to do something with the children without them getting too worked up on the last day ?
Are you stressed at the thought of spending hours at the airport before you fly home ?

Then, trust me when I say, this beach and Playa Honda generally is a great place to visit en-route home.

Here are my views of it :

* The Beach is fantastic ;
* The whole area of Playa Honda is not directly aimed at us tourists, so you leave Lanzarote having experienced the canarian side of it ;
* There are a great selection of restaurants along the beach front serving traditional Spanish Tapas and the Spanish Omelette in “to die for”. There is other quality canarian food available as well as things for the children (if they the fussy type) ; and
* It has a range of other shops on hand to keep you well occupied (duty free goods, gifts etc).

Finally, we have La Concha, 250m Long and 10m wide, Fine golden sand, and calm waters.

La Concha beach is next to the development of the same name just on the outskirts of the capaital, Arrecife. Good parking again and accessible via guaguas (autobus) and a small promenade of shops and bar/restaurants.