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Memories Of Disneyland Paris

The harness forced me rigid in my seat. The pressure across my chest momentarily took my breath away. Fixed in position the only things I could move were my hands and feet. My heart raced at least twice its normal rate as we inched towards the starting point.

Anxiety began to swell inside me; I could feel my stomach turning. A deep fear within was urging me to escape and free myself from this unknown. As apprehension hit the zenith, loud rock music started blasting from two speakers concealed either side of the headrest.

White smoke normally reserved for nightclubs began to fill the arena. The only illumination was from disco lights perched above and beside the track, the only clue as to where you were heading.

As the mechanism took up the slack and prepared to slingshot us into next week, my backside began to twitch as I realised we had gone past the point of no return. The coaster was now primed and nothing was going to stop it.

Then it happened. Without warning we accelerated with such ferocity your cheeks were sucked through your skull. It was impossible to raise your head to see where you were going. Not that it made any difference, smoke was everywhere and visibility was zero.

It seemed to be over in seconds. It was the best ride I had ever been on. I wanted to go straight back on but there was the whole of Disneyland Paris to explore and time was money. But I would return to the Aerosmith rollercoaster.

Perhaps what surprised me most about Disneyland Resort Paris was how much there was for adults. I went with the expectation of a child oriented theme park with little time for grownups. But Disney Village is superb, full of bars and restaurants, shops and even a cinema. The only downside is the sheer volume of tourists. Even out of season you can expect to queue endlessly for food and drink.

The Cheyenne hotel is a throwback to the days of the American Wild West. Suitably decorated, it offered all the taste and flavour of cowboys and indians. The saloon bar feels altogether authentic; country and western singers provide the entertainment as you down another bottle of beer.

If you can avoid the likes of Goofy and Mickey Mouse, you may just be able to suspend reality long enough to believe yourself in the world of Wyatt Earp.

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Take A Romantic Break In A Boutique Hotel

When you’re looking for a romantic place to spend your honeymoon, wedding anniversary or just to have some time together, go for a boutique hotel.

What small, chic, designer hotels don’t know about creating a romantic atmosphere isn’t worth knowing. Making guests feel welcome and unique is a hallmark of all these hotels, and if you call to ask for something special, they’ll make sure that you get it.

Why go all the way to Venice for a romantic weekend just to stay in a regular hotel? If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth spending a little extra money to make the trip as special and memorable as possible; and that includes the room, the food and the service. Make this holiday something you will be talking about for years to come.


A honeymoon is a never-to-be-repeated holiday, so it makes sense to ensure that it’s as special as it can be. People often choose the country they want to go to before they decide where to stay, but it’s also worth taking a look at the boutique hotels available in collections like ours. You may find exactly the type of hotel you want, and that in turn could shape your destination choices. Look for boutique hotels that have large, luxurious rooms, with modern bathrooms and hotels that offer special packages, room upgrades or additional details such as beachfront access or complimentary spa treatments. Choose a hotel that’s really different to anywhere you’ve stayed before so that you can use it to create a unique honeymoon experience.

Anniversaries and romantic breaks

Celebrate a special occasion or just take advantage of an opportunity to spend some time together, and let a boutique hotel be your base for a romantic break. Whether you choose a hotel that offers relaxing spa treatments, or an urban hotel where you can experience the bright lights and fine dining of a major city, you can find a boutique hotel that will fulfil all your requirements. Try a cooking class in France, or a wine-tasting course in Italy. Explore Boston’s historic sights from a hotel in the most exclusive street in the city, or book into a child-free beach idyll in the Pacific. Turn a couple of days away into an unforgettable romantic break by selecting a boutique hotel.

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Stag Weekends in Cardiff – Powerturn Buggies

Cardiff, well known for the 1999 Rugby World Cup and the Millennium Stadium, is an ideal stag do venue. The sports crazy visitors have transformed Cardiff’s stag nights into a bundle of fun filled stag activities. You can either go to the city center that will fuel you up with its local brew, or you can visit the new Cardiff Quayside where you can treat yourself at trendy bars with its outdoor seating and panoramic view of the town. When you are on a stag weekend in Cardiff, you can engage yourself in a wide array of outdoor stag activities. You can try the quad biking, paintball, high rope courses, karting and clay pigeon shooting. If you are looking for something more adventurous, you can definitely go for gorge scrambling, abseiling, climbing and such similar fun stag dos.

Stag Do in Cardiff – Powerturns

One of the most thrilling stag dos in Cardiff is the powerturn buggy. The unique powerturn buggy gives you a fun motor sport experience. With its twin-engines and twin-seat, the powerturn buggies guarantee to give people from all walks of life an exciting time. You can go around for a trial course pulling a series of ‘wheelies’. The best part of this fun filled stag do is that you will feel as if you are both on land and in air at the same time – the front wheels are airborne!

Powerturn buggies in Cardiff, as a stag do, gives you the perfect opportunity to work in unison, as each driver has control of an engine. Only if you work together, you will be able to navigate your powerturn past all obstacles and win the race. This whole experience of riding a powerturn while you are enjoying a stag weekend in Cardiff lasts for 35 minutes. Since you work as a team, you will get at least 15 minutes of driving the powerturn yourself. The group comprises of 8 - 20 persons per session.

Benefits of Stag Dos in Cardiff

The best part of a stag weekend in Cardiff is that it is an excellent way to utilize your weekend to the fullest. Chillisauce ensures that your whole stag weekend in Cardiff turns out to be your best weekend ever. The whole purpose of a beautiful stag weekend is to ease your mind of all the worries of the week and to enliven you with a whole range of exciting stag dos.

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Stag Do in Manchester – Bavarian Bierkeller

The locals of Manchester rightly call their place the home of attitude, where music, clubs and fashion throng the nightlife activities. With its glittering nightlife, stylish bars, stag clubs, restaurants and attractive places like the Northern Quarter, Deansgate & Deansgate Locks, The Triangle and The Printworks, a stag weekend in Manchester is the best option for you if you want to utilize every minute of your stag weekend in fun filled stag dos. Considered as the pride of the Commonwealth, Manchester caters to all taste buds. From prawn sandwich, delicious kebabs to booze and cheese, Manchester has it all.

Stag Nights in Manchester – the Bavarian Bierkeller Night

With all kinds of stag dos ranging from greyhound racing, paintball, off road karting, quad biking to Bavarian bierkeller and comedy clubs, Manchester is the ideal stag venue to spend your stag weekend. If you are looking for some exciting stag nights and stag parties, then engage yourself in the Bavarian bierkeller night in Manchester. Get all your friends together for rounds of over-sized beers with its German Beer Hall experience. You will be able to all those things that you will think twice before doing it at your place. Yes, you can stand up on the table and dance while shouting at the top of your voice all the while! Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it?

A place with so much of fun can certainly have no dress code. You just dress up smartly in your casuals. This stag venue is open from 8pm – 1am. There will be £5 ‘behaviour’ bond which you will have to pay while you enter, and will be returned to you provided you don’t litter the place. This stag do provides you with a continuous supply of beer throughout the event. Delicious food is available at the kitchen, but it’s best to arrive early. You never know how long the queue will be!

Benefits of a stag Weekend in Manchester

If you are planning to spend a stag weekend in Manchester, then plan it with Chillisauce. It will organize your stag weekend properly and make sure that you have the time of your life. Filled with exciting stag activities and thrilling nightlife, Manchester is the number one stag venue for you to relax and enjoy your weekend.

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Conducta de Casinos

Una de las principales reglas de los casinos es que el cliente siempre tiene la razón. Sin embargo, el casino tiene sus propias reglas de comportamiento y etiqueta que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de jugar. Para ser mas profesional en los casinos y no llevarte malos momentos es importante que tengas estas reglas en cuenta.

Primero y principal, debes ser mayor de 21 años para entrar en el casino y jugar. Todos los casinos son estrictos con esa norma, así que si todavía eres menor de edad, debes esperar tu turno.

Segundo, los objetos electrónicos como teléfonos celulares, están bloqueados en el casino, así que recuerda dejarlos en casa a la hora del juego. Esto es debido a que pueden transferir información de un lado a otro, muy peligroso para los casinos. Tampoco la cámara digital o filmadora está autorizada, aunque esas son más flexibles.

A los fumadores: Asegurarse de que el casino al que vayan este permitido fumar. Aunque en la mayoría de los casinos permiten fumar, hay salas de no- fumadores o casinos de-no fumadores, una ley que empezó a popularizarse mas ahora. EN las salas de maquinas tragamonedas tampoco esta permitido fumar. Recuerda usar cenicero si fumas.

Es una costumbre darle propina al crupier luego de haber ganado una mano. Especialmente en los casinos de Estados Unidos. El monto es 1$ en general pero depende de lo que hayas ganado. En países como Inglaterra o Australia darles propina esta prohibido.

Recuerda aprender las reglas de los juegos antes de comenzar a jugar. No vaya a ser que los demás jugadores o el crupier te tengan que explicar en el momento del juego. Muestra sensación de respeto y seguridad en el casino, hay muchas guías y libros que te pueden ayudar a aumentar tu conocimiento. Observar juegos ajenos también ayuda.

Es importante no dar consejos o sugerencias a otros jugadores en el momento del juego. Aunque tengas buenas intenciones, no es aceptable para los demás jugadores que ayudes a uno y a otros no. Esto puede hacer a quejas y enojos en los jugadores, y eso es lo último que el casino quiere. Todos tienen la libertad de elegir sus jugadas y equivocarse o ganar correspondientemente. Esa es la gracia del casino.

Todas estas reglas son parte de los requisitos del casino, y esenciales para sentirte conectado a los juegos y al resto de las actividades del casino. Así, es muy probable que no te sientas perdido vagando por la sala sin saber a donde ir. Recuerda que nadie nació sabiendo y que la experiencia se gana con el tiempo.

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San Francisco

San Francisco, a city in western California is coextensive with San
Francisco County. Famous for its beautiful setting, San Francisco is
primarily located on the northern tip of a peninsula at the entrance
to San Francisco Bay. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the
west, the strait known as Golden Gate on the north, San Francisco
Bay on the east, and San Bruno Mountain on the south. Alcatraz,
Angel, Farallon, Treasure, and Yerba Buena islands are part of the


The population of San Francisco increased from 678,974 in 1980 to
723,959 in 1990; the population was 735,315 in 1996. According
to the 1990 census, whites constitute 53.6 percent of San
Francisco's population; Asians and Pacific Islanders, 29.1 percent;
blacks, 10.9 percent; and Native Americans, 0.5 percent.
Hispanics, who may be of any race, represent 13.3 percent of the
population. San Francisco is part of a major metropolitan region
that also includes Oakland and San Jose. The region's population
increased from 5,368,000 in 1980 to 6,253,000 in 1990, reaching
an estimated 6,940,000 in 2004.


San Francisco is a leading financial and international trade center
for the western United States. The downtown financial district
contains the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange; the headquarters of the
12th Federal Reserve District; and numerous banks and corporate
office buildings, including the home office of the Bank of America,
one of the largest banks in the world. Tourism is also important to
the city's economy. The San Francisco region is also home to many
companies developing computer software and hardware. Several
national apparel manufacturers also have headquarters in the city.


The main institutions of higher education in San Francisco are San
Francisco State University (1899), the University of San Francisco
(1855), Golden Gate University (1853), the University of California-
San Francisco (1864), the New College of California (1971), the
University of California Hastings College of Law (1878), the San
Francisco Art Institute (1871), the Academy of Art College (1929),
the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (1917), and a large
community college. San Francisco has many performing-arts
organizations. Among the best known are the San Francisco
Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Ballet, the San Francisco
Opera, and the American Conservatory Theater.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance at ease!

Single trip cover insures you for a single holiday or business trip abroad. Where risks are higher, for example for the over 65s, then many companies will not cover for an entire year. Single Trip Travel Insurance, covers you for any medical emergencies or others during your trip abroad.

Not only does it cover you against the financial impact of an unexpected cancellation and problems such as illness or an accident whilst you're away, but arranging single trip insurance needn't take long. And it needn't cost a lot either.

Such travel insurance provides an excellent level of insurance cover which is suitable for any typical holiday abroad. Features include:
• Any destination
• Ideal for typical holidays abroad
• Any length of trip up to one year

Single trip travel insurance uk covers:
Trip Delays
Flight cancellation
Lost/Stolen baggage, passports

You know that wherever you are travelling in the world, multi-lingual medical assistance is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day. You also have the reassurance of knowing that the range and levels of our travel insurance cover is among the most comprehensive available anywhere in the UK.

Comprehensive travel insurance package!

Full range of insurance cover and is our most popular product. Suitable for most types of holiday, it is competitively priced, whilst offering better cover than most other policies of this type. Whether it is for your family or just a single person, you have customised insurance policies for all.

Family travel insurance policies include an unlimited number of children under the age of 18, including step and foster children. In addition to this, those under 23 are classed as children on family policies if they are still in full-time education. Unmarried and same-sex couples are treated in exactly the same way as married couples, provided they have been living at the same residential address for the last 12 months.

Single Trip Travel Insurance – flexible to your needs! If you want your insurance to be favourable to you, it is important that you tell your insurance experts if you have any existing medical conditions. Detail out all those that is likely to influence us in the assessment or acceptance of this insurance. Failure to do so may mean that you have insufficient cover in the event of a claim. All of our policies are designed to be flexible and gives enough insurance cover when you are travelling abroad.

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Gap Year Travel Insurance help!

Taking a year out to go traveling? Make sure you have organised a travel insurance policy before you travel, the last thing you need is to spend all your hard saved money on unnecessary bills like medical expenses.

With no travel insurance such as a huge amount could mean having to re-mortgage or worse sell a house to cover the costs. Just a broken leg or some sickness abroad can cost a huge amount as medical expense. Roughly around £10,000 for a broken leg expense abroad. If you’re a traveller taking time out for a Gap Year or extended time abroad, either travelling or working or even visiting distant relatives, Gap Year Travel Insurance helps you.

If you are a young traveller, looking out for a long vacation gap travel is the apt one for you. You can cover around 80 sporting activities such as scuba diving, winter sports and bungee jumping, some at additional cost. Go skiing, bungee jumping or any other sports activity with gap year travel package. Get insured at the most favourable rate, insurance for gap year travelling helps you choose the best travel insurance.

Also consider how you'll keep in contact with family and friends back home; most countries have internet cafes and phone cards to help you. Or you may decide to take a laptop and use wireless internet points which are usually available in hostels and guesthouses.

Be aware that some insurers may not cover for certain countries so it's worth doing a quote first, to get an idea of countries you will be covered for. A policy covering personal belongings and medical expenses is the bare minimum you should take out; one which will reimburse you for any further cancelled flights or other modes of transport is also a good idea.

Few tips when you travel abroad carry copies of visas, passports and medical records in a different place to the originals. Send such copies to family and friends before you leave, and even email them to yourself. Carry contact numbers and addresses of the British Embassies of each country you visit, so that in case you need it on an emergency you have it handy.

Get special cover on your backpacker insurance, these specialist policies can offer incentives that regular policies can’t, including cover from three to eighteen months. Such backpacker travel insurance uk policies, also cover working overseas, which is usually necessary for an extended trip.

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Khon Kaen – the Gateway to Isaan

Khon Kaen is a good mix of old and new. You can get KFC and Pizza or you can eat noodles and rice from street vendors. Software and DVDs are available at the mall or you can shop at the open markets. Small guest houses, intermediate hotels and a 5-star accommodation are available.

Nightlife can be found – but don’t expect it be comparable to Pattaya or Bangkok. There are a few expat bars near the Sofitel Hotel and a few Thai clubs scattered throughout the city.

Transportation around the city is easy as the Baht Buses are color-coded. Baht buses are just pick-up truck with seats in the back and cost about 25 cents for a ride. The have set routes and maps are available that display the routes. You just need to figure out where you want to go and find the correct color and hop on.

Day time activities for me were shopping and sightseeing. I spent lots of time visiting some of the most beautiful temples in all of Asia. One in particular is located in the heart of the city; right along side the city’s lake (Buun Kaen Nakorn). The temple (Wat Nong Wang Muang) is 9 stories tall and each floor has a mini-museum with artifacts from ancient Thailand. Music classes were going on and one of the Buddhist monks gave us a blessing.

I visited other temples in and around Khon Kaen and one was about 1000 stairs to the top to see a beautiful, pure white Buddha called Pu Don Fai. It was a hike, but definitely worth the walk.

For lovers of Thai food, there is an abundance of restaurants throughout the city. Many of the restaurants are around Lake Buun with excellent Thai and Western food at very reasonable prices. A typical night out with 3 or 4 dishes, a couple of Singha beers and the total tab would be about $12. Delicious food in open air restaurants with a view of the lake or one of the rivers in the city made for some very relaxing evenings.

I spent one day fishing at a small lake. Bait, tackle and a comfortable chair cost all of 200 Baht (about 6 dollars) for the day. There was also a restaurant that served up some good food and cold beer. I didn’t catch any fish, but had a very relaxing day. I also went out to King Cobra village to see the snake show. A good show with no admission fee. Sat in the bleachers and watched the 1/2 hour show and gave 100 Baht when they passed the hat.

All in all, a very relaxing 3 1/2 week vacation and I look forward to my return trip next year.

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Paramount ’s Kings Island in Ohio - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

When you are thinking of vacation destinations think of Paramount Kings Island in Ohio, if you are interested in having lots of fun and excitement. There are some extreme
rides that will really give you some thrills and lots of roller coasters. Some thrill seekers will really love the new Firehawk extreme roller coaster as well as Son of Beast,
which is a wooden coaster, and then Drop Zone, which is the tallest Gyro Drop in the world.

Kids will really love Nickelodeon Universe where there are more than 18 attractions and rides for fun and excitement. This kid's area has won lots of awards and it has some of the best Nickelodeon games and attractions worldwide. There are even some great rides for families like water rafting or even flying! There is something for everyone at Kings Island. There are even live shows that are enjoyable for every member of the family. Dora the Explorer Live, island music, and even great ice skating are
some of the shows you will find. You will also love Boomerang Bay where you can enjoy the Aussie inspired water park. The water park is large and has plenty of things for the whole family. It is really great to Kings Island one day to enjoy the roller coasters and shows and the next day head to the water park.

Front gate admission prices are $44.95 for kids three and up and $29.95 for kids under three and adults over 62. Kids under two are free of charge. If you have a large
family the ticket prices can add up quickly, but there are ways to save. Buying your tickets online can save you up to $10 off each ticket and there are other ways to get
discounts as well. One thing is for sure and that is the entire family will love Paramount's Kings Island and it is a perfect vacation for the family no matter what age the kids
are. If you live in Ohio you probably already know about this wonderful amusement park and those who don't know should definitely plan to visit!

There is a website that has great information on USA Vacations and Unique Travel Spots Listed State By State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots, and can be found at this url:

By Robert W. Benjamin

Copyright © 2007

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

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Etiqueta de Poquer

Si eres un principiante en el juego, o mas bien un experto que se ha dedicado toda la vida a apuestas y partidos de Póquer, aprender las normas de conducta nunca esta de mas. Aquí te presentamos algunas reglas no tan estrictas pero importantes a la hora de demostrar tu estilo y profesionalismo.

En el Póquer:
1) No debes mirar ni intentar leer las cartas de los demás jugadores antes de que ellos mismos expongan las cartas en la mesa. No es considerado apropiado.

2) No debes revelar el contenido de tus cartas antes de terminar ese partido o mano. Si lo haces los demás jugadores sabrán si has mentido o como es tu situación. También podrán saber que otras cartas quedan en las manos de los demás jugadores.

3) No debes comenzar la jugada si todavía no llego tu turno. No lo hagas ni en broma, y si lo haces por error, pide disculpas a los demás jugadores ya que es un acto que no es aceptado en el poquer.

4) No debes amontonar las fichas del partido apiñadamente o desordenadamente. Probablemente va a molestar en la mesa a los demás jugadores, e interferir en el reparto de las cartas.

5) No debes ayudar a demás jugadores ni decir cosas que influyan sus a sus decisiones en el partido. Puede causar problemas entre todos los jugadores. Cada uno deberá tomar sus propias decisiones y equivocarse es parte del juego.

6) No debes usar el teléfono celular en el casino. Si estas en medio del partido y debes recibir una llamada urgente pide disculpas a los demás jugadores y retírate del partido hasta que termines de hablar.

7) No debes hacer trampa ni estafar. Pretender que tienes mejores cartas de las que tienes es parte del juego, pero la trapa y la estafa están prohibidos.

8) No debes maldecir o usar lenguaje obsceno en el partido de Póquer. Tampoco debes amenazar al repartidor del juego ni a cualquiera de los jugadores. Es importante mantener la calma a pesar de los resultados del juego.

9) Es importante respetar el partido sin quebrar, llorar, estropear las cartas a la mesa o a las fichas.

10) Finalmente, no traigas objetos electrónicos como cámara fotográfica o filmadora, radio, etc. Son artículos inapropiados para mantener el estado neutral en un partido de Póquer.

11) No debes fumar deliberadamente en medio del partido. En muchos casinos esta prohibido, y si juegas con amigos asegurate que no moleste a ninguno.

Todas estas normas, como mencione previamente, no están escritas en ningún reglamento del Póquer pero si son importantes de respetar y recordar a la hora que te propongas jugar. Disfruta tu juego y buena suerte!

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Travels Through St. Ives, England

A little old man stands at the edge of the harbour. He always stands when he works. In his left hand is a photograph, a commission to keep him busy for the next few days.

He holds his brush in his right hand, masterfully transforming the canvas in front of him into someone's dream painting, an image to take pride of place on their lounge wall.

Every other stab of the brush he stops and takes a step back, checking his judgement. Behind him lie several pieces of previous work, portraits of many a happy customer.

His face is weathered, years of exposure to the sea and wind. His greying hair straddles halfway down his back, bound in a ponytail. What a wonderful life he enjoys.

Across the harbour the fishermen of St Ives prepare for a day at sea. Hopes of a good catch make for jolly banter aboard the boats as the crews prepare the nets and rigging.

The stench of fish from previous catches continues to linger and drifts around the dock. Seaweed clings to the nets and adds to the aroma.

The clattering of gear on deck adds to the general din as I make my way past the old Sloop Inn and head towards the main shopping high street.

The narrow cobbled street starts with a slow incline. To the left lies an enticing little gift shop full of ocean souvenirs. The entrance leads you down a short but steep flight of steps, past a glut of hanging novelties.

Once at the bottom the shop opens out into an underground cavern of curiosities. Delicate little ornaments fill every nook and cranny.

The shelves ahead house a series of maps depicting geographical changes over the centuries throughout the regions of England.

The streets above are now bustling with life as locals and tourists work their way through the myriad of tight narrow streets like an army of busy ants.

Every few minutes the inconvenience of a passing motorist disturbs the balance of the high street.

The cobbled streets are so narrow you literally have to stand with your back to the wall to allow the passing vehicle. God help you if you have pushchairs and children.

But this minor gripe aside, St Ives is a town of rich character, a place to shop, soak up the sun and experience life in one of the quintessential fishing towns of Cornwall.

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Go Oriental - Travel To China

People touring all the important countries of the world; prioritize their travel to China. People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populated country, touching the 1.3 billion mark. With such a huge population and the large area, it is bound to be diverse and hence makes for a hot tourist destination..

Natural And Man-Made Wonders
China is a beautiful blend of natural beauty and man-made architecture. Nature here is bountiful with magnificent mountains of Guangxi Zhuang, deserts like Xinjiang and rivers as Yangtze. Man has erected splendid structures like ‘The Great Wall of China,’ beautiful bridges, structurally planned buildings and other monuments. This makes it one of the worlds most sought after tourist spot and the reason for people to travel to China.

Getting and Staying There
While planning to visit China, it would be wise, if you take a tour package for travel to China. However, be sure to do some research of your own, so that you can choose a suitable tour. While in China, you can go around by road, train or even by air. Accommodation is available to suit all budget and taste.

Places to Visit
Beijing, the capital of China is a must-see during your travel to China. Cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou are extremely beautiful. The most popular destinations in China are: The Great Wall of China, which is one of the seven wonders of the world; Tiananmen Square; the Forbidden City of China, the famous temples of Shibaozhai and Yangtze River, which is a very astounding natural marvel. Boat cruise on River Yangtze is breathtakingly beautiful as it takes you through various exquisite Chinese cities and places of historical importance.

People of China
People of China are very gentle, hardworking and thoughtful. Their main religion is Buddhism and Taoism. Most people speak Chinese and local people do not understand English very well. This can cause a little problem for the tourists. Other languages spoken here are Korean, Tibetan, and Mongolian etc.

China is rich in culture and has vast areas to explore. Your world-tour will never be complete, if you do not visit this oriental country.

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Pick A Hotel With Personality!

What does individuality mean in the hotel industry? As far as boutiques are concerned, it’s not just about being a little bit quirky; hanging modern art on the walls, sticking some designer chairs in the rooms or making all the fittings stainless steel. It’s about a design theme that runs through the hotel from start to finish and affects everything from the cushions on the sofas to the dessert menu in the restaurant.


Where does the inspiration for this individuality and personality come from? For some hoteliers, it comes from the location. It’s unsurprising that boutique beach hotels are clean and simple, bringing the colours and textures of the coast into the building and using architectural design to allow guests to feel at one with the sea; large windows, folding doors and seawater pools for example. In contrast, small hotels that are based in cities often reflect either the present-day energy or the historic past of their location. Through the use of rich colours or minimal materials, antique furniture, period art and a variety of textiles, designers can create a hotel that truly reflects its location.


Many hotels show influences from different cultures – and not always from the culture that’s readily associated with the hotel’s location. Therefore, New England simplicity or Asian colours and textures can show up in hotels in London or Sydney and work well, as long as the concept is properly thought through and sensitively carried out. Extending a cultural theme to rooms and cuisine often requires a lot of research, particularly when it comes to sourcing the right furniture and accessories, but if the end result is a truly individual hotel, then the preparation is worthwhile.


A true boutique hotel becomes an intrinsic part of the local community, and this is part of its individuality. Chain hotels are just places to stay; boutique hotels are places to be – whether it is locals using the restaurant or trendy city workers drinking in the bar; using the produce from the farm down the road or sharing spa facilities with a local retreat, boutique hotels make a real effort to integrate into their local community rather than being set apart from it.

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Como hacer que tu tiempo sin compania valga la pena

Cuando empecé a escribir este articulo, pensé en como pase el ultimo mes sin necesidad de un compañero y aun así, muy entretenida. Es importante clarificar que sea la razón que sea que te encuentras sola o solo, mejor así que mal acompañado! Y que no hay por que avergonzarse! Una vez teniendo eso claro ya llega mi lista de recomendaciones, entretenimientos para ti.

Datos útiles para ayudarte a conectarte con ti misma:

1) Si eres miembro de un DVD club cerca de tu casa, mejor. Sino, hazte miembro! Películas que valen la pena para una noche que buscas un poco de acción: The Man Inside (con Live Owen y Denzel Washington), Blood Diamonds (Con Leonardo Di Caprio), Babel (Con Brad Pitt) entre otras.

2) Si estas con amigas y quieren algo romántico, Prime (con Uma Thurman), In her Shoes (Cameron Dias), The Hollyday, (Cameron Dias, Kate Winslet).

3) Si buscas reirte con algo simple y un poco ridículo te recomiendo My Super Ex Girlfriend (Uma Thurman), Just Married, Monster in Law, y The Devil wears Prada.

4) Hablando de satisfacción culinaria, puedes averigua de buenos restaurantes delivery, en Sushi, Pizza, Pasta, Chino, Japonés, cualquiera sea que te guste mas. Si no estas en el humor de ordenar comida y disfrutas de cocinar es una buena opción!

5) Para descargar toda la mala energía o para refrescar tu mente reincorporarte en el deporte que mas disfrutes. Patinaje, Yoga, bicicleta, Gimnasio, etc. Te ayudara a sacar todas las preocupaciones y retomar energías. Si es un día soleado aprovecha una buena caminata o corrida con tu I-pod y relájate!

6) Si disfrutas leer, la literatura también es un buen método para ti. Autores como Pablo Cohelo, cuentos de Harry Potter, Gabriel García Marques, son mis preferidos para desconectarte de la realidad y pasar al mundo de lo imaginario.

7) Juegos en Linea son una gran opción si disfrutas juegos de azar o de mesa. Puedes jugar gratis o por dinero al Black Jack al Póquer mientras chateas con otros jugadores en línea.

8) La música es un acompañante esencial para muchas actividades. En el Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, y Soul mis recomendados son Ray Charles, Norah Jones, Maxwell, Jewel, Sting, Sade, Bilberto Gil y Tony Bennet.

Sin duda hay un sin fin de entretenimientos y cosas para disfruta de una noche o día sin compañero y aun así utilizar el tiempo de la mejor manera posible. Películas de acción, libros de fantasía deportes, música, buena comida, pueden ahora ser tus buenos amigos.

Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Evening Activities for a Stag Weekend in Bristol

Ah, Bristol! If any city deserves the name of Home of Comedy, it must be Bristol. Home to Jongleurs and Jesters, a pair of world-class comedy clubs, and birthplace of Lee Evans, Justin Lee Collins and laughing gas, Bristol offers some unique possibilities for stag weekend activities. A Bristol stag weekend can combine an afternoon of paintballing, quad biking or five a side with an evening of carousing and comedy at one of Bristol's rightfully famed comedy clubs.

The traditional stag night of strippers and lap dances has more recently been replaced with an entire weekend's worth of 'guy fun', often away from home so the scandalous naughty doings don't trickle back to those who might care. If you're planning a stag weekend for an upcoming wedding, a Bristol stag weekend offers many possibilities for memorable, unique stag activities. Among the many Bristol stag weekend activities that you might include are:

:: Quad Biking at a Bristol course
- An obstacle course run on quad bikes can kick off a stag weekend in Bristol with a bang. Get dirty, get the blood pumping and get the testosterone primed for a night on the town later.

:: Assault Course
- River rafting - upstream? A Bristol stag weekend favorite is an assault course that pits your team against the river - and other teams on a home-built raft made of articles bought in a 'ship's store'. It's another blood-raising activity that will prime the pumps for a hot night on the town later.

:: Bavarian Bierkellar
- Instead of a nightclub, take the Stag out for a beer-filled night at a mini-Munich Bierfest. With oversized steins of the best brews in the world, and lots of raucous fun, it's a Bristol stag weekend standard.

:: Comedy Club
- Bristol is the home of comedy - and the comedians that play the Bristol comedy clubs are past masters at pointing the finger at stags out celebrating their last nights of freedom. No Bristol stag weekend would be complete without a night of gut-busting howlers at a Bristol comedy club.

That's just a small handful of the activities that a Bristol stag weekend might include. You'll find more ideas at the Bristol Board of Tourism web site, or from a UK tour operator and event organiser.

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English In An Increasingly Italian World – Part One, The Introduction

As the article states, I am English but live in an increasingly Italian world. I work as a Translations Project Manager at Axis Translations dealing with the English Italian language combinations. I am trying to find and buy a house in Italy and I am even marrying an Italian girl.

As such I intend to write a series of articles on such subjects as;

>Italian Culture
>Italian Festivals
>Translation of Italian Hand Gestures
>Authentic Italian Recipes translated into English
>Translation of Italian colloquial phrases into English
>Translation of Italian insults into English
>Italian Culture
>Buying property in Italy
>Having a wedding in Italy
>Italian Language lessons for English speakers

I am quite an open person, so I intend to give some frank discussion of the things that I experience. I also intend to give you some translations some analysis from an English prospective and a few Italian lessons. As such, this will be a series of articles.

Right now you find me writing from Naples / Napoli in the south of Italy / Italia. It’s about 33 degrees and pretty humid. We are staying at the home of my fiancees parents as my fiancee has been having an operation.

So today I will tell you a little about Italian life – Italian neighbours when someone is sick. I hope you enjoy.

Once it became general knowledge (which took about 5 or 6 seconds) that my fiancee had entered hospital for an operation the neighbours are all asking if they can come to visit my fiancee in the hospital. They are sending flowers to the hospital, huge arrangements. They also want to know if they can take a shift at the bedside of my fiancee as it normal that someone will remain with the person at the hospital at all times.

While she is in the hospital I am staying at her parents house with her father. The neighbours are asking if we would come to them for meals or if they could bring us food. Many come to visit to ensure that we know that their thoughts are with us.

I am afraid I would not expect such a warm response from my English life. Perhaps thats why I am 'English in an increasingly Italian World'

Senin, 14 Maret 2011

The Vacation Market

In this day and age there are actually a wide range of vacation possibilities. Cruises, adventure vacations, specialty vacations, are all just a few of the many options that are available. The difficulty arises when you want to take a vacation with your whole family. One person going on a trip can often get a special deal. Even two people can travel and receive substantial discounts on packaged vacations. Families on the other hand have no such luck. It is assumed that families have children and that children are noisy.

Resorts often use children as an excuse to charge premium prices on the grounds that they need to have special services available to cater to the specific requirements of the children. Some resorts actually do go to great lengths and substantial costs to accommodate these young guests. They may have daycare facilities, children’s programs, perhaps even special menus to better serve those kids that are picky eaters (like me when I was 5).

These last few years have seen massive changes in the vacation market. There are new options available for families that wish to vacation together that do not require huge infusions of cash. It’s a new market and it represents a complete shift in the way we think about our vacation time.

The timeshares, all inclusive resorts, and villa rentals now have to compete with destination clubs, exchange programs, points programs, a wholesale vacation market, and what is now a hugely competitive cottage rental real-estate market. Did you know you can actually rent a cottage and get it as an “all inclusive” package? This was not possible 10 years ago but it is now.

The important thing about planning and having a family vacation is to be prepared and always keep in mind the following:

• What happens if you are hurt while on vacation? Is there liability coverage in the unlikely event that it is needed?
• Is your booking or rental guaranteed to be available?
• What happens if you are not happy with the place? Refunds?
• What are the hidden costs (groceries, boats, or things that are not covered in the basic rental agreement?

So long as you keep these simple questions in mind you should have a fun and happy vacation. Enjoy your vacation and spend the time with your family and your friends and make sure that you get your well deserved break from work. Enjoy!

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Worlds Most Popular Scuba Diving - Similan, Thailand

Worlds Most Popular Scuba Diving - Similan, Thailand

Similan, Thailand - Mu Koh Similan National Park has been rated first
by the U. S. publication Skin Diving of the top ten dive sites in the
world. The Similan Islands in the heart of the Andaman Sea are indeed
unparelled in their exotic beauty. If planning a visit, keep in mind that
anytime between December to April is recommended, with the best month
being March, because the monsoons are over and the water is clear.

Similan is really the Malaysian word for nine, as there are nine
islands in the Similan group: Kohh Bangu, Koh Similan, Hin Huwagralok, Koh
Payu, Koh Ha, Kohh Hok, Kohh Miang, Kohh Payan, Kohh Payang, and Kohh

Shark Ridge Rocks are pinnacle rocks near Kohh Payan or Kohh Sam
(Three). Here, several species of sharks like Silvertip, Leopard Shark, and
Reef White tip can be found.

Fantasy Rocks are another scuba-diving site consisting of several large
rocks totally covered with soft corals, sea fans, and many species of
fish. They are located to the west of Kohh Similan or Kohh Paed
(Eight), and are one of the more popular diving sites.The beach here is white
like powder. Snorkeling is possible from here. To the right is found
the towering 'Sailing Rock', a symbol of Kohh Similan which can be
climbed in order to take in a panoramic view of the bay.

Christmas Point Rocks are another scuba diving site, a complex of rocks
full of soft corals and sea fans found to the northwest of Kohh Ba-ngu
or Kohh Kao (Nine).

Kohh Bon is located between the Similan Islands and Kohh Tachai. There
is no beach and the underwater scenery here is not as beautiful as
elsewhere, but scuba divers may often find Manta Rays.

Kohh Tachai is located at the northernmost tip of the park. There is a
beautiful white beach on the island but no accommodation. The water is
suitable for scuba diving, and Whale Shark is often found here.

Visit Greeting Thailand for more information.


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I Always Look At License Plates

I am one of those people that always gets a little board when I drive. I love to be in the car, but I get a little ansy when I have nothing other than driving to do. Being in the car with friends or family is great because then we can share good conversation, but I don't always have people in the car with me. I recently took a long road trip across most of the country. It sounds crazy, but I actually drove from Virginia to Oregon and back for a project I was working on. I started looking at license plates to pass the time.

I agreed to do the long road trip for my job. My magazine editor was looking for a writer who would take two months away from the office and write a series of pieces about traveling across country in a car without maps and without a plan of where to stay or where to travel. I took the offer without thinking about my disdain for being in the car alone for hours on end. And let me assure you that this project required long hours alone. Within a hundred miles of leaving our office in Virginia I had begun searching for different license plates. I got out a notepad and began to record each of the different license plates I saw.

My goal became to see all the license plates of the fifty states and as many varieties of each state license plate in the two months of my road trip. I figured that in that amount of time on high ways and roads in so many states I'd have a really good chance of seeing all the license plates. I doubted that I'd come across Hawaii or Alaska, but I was hopeful about the other forty eight states.

You wouldn't believe how much of my energy was taken up during that road trip by searching for various license plates. It kept me awake during long stretches of road when I would usually be bored and distracted. I loved keeping track of the license plates and of how close I was getting to my goal. I told friends, family and co-workers about my main source of entertainment during the trip and I receive a variety of reactions from them. Some thought that looking for license plates was a great way to pass the time, others laughed at my goal and thought I should be doing more productive things during the two months on the road.

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

How to get fair deal while going for timeshare resale:

Timeshare bought through a resale cost very less than buying directly from the resort owner or developer, but then having a thorough knowledge about the purchase of timeshare resale will provide a good and a positive experience by avoiding scams.

Before buying a timeshare from a resale it is good to physically see the timeshare and its location. Even if it is resold timeshare it needs lot of money for making such a kind of investment. Never go by the resellers words as, they might sometime hype about the timeshare, its features and the location. Be sure they are actually true to your knowledge.

Buying a timeshare through a resale can be very appealing due to such lower prices offered, but then it would be smart enough to ask some of the crucial questions like the annual maintenance fees collected, property tax paid till date etc. The closing costs plus extras might some time over do the base price of the timeshare got through resales.

Many timeshares are affiliated along with an exchange company. If so, it is good to find out if the membership fees can also be transferred, to avoid any hassles to be faced in the future. If the timeshare is based on point system, try to find out if the points can be transferred too. If there is additional amount of bonuses earned along with the timeshare, try transferring it too.

Before purchasing the timeshare through re sale it is important to find out if it has to be partially remodeled. As some times the timeshares would not have been maintained at all. Paying a whooping price for such a worn out and old timeshare might not be a good idea at all.

If the timeshare is of a leased type of property, it is better to find out how much time is left out on the lease agreement, otherwise one might end up paying for a lease ended timeshare.

The important reason to be found out is that why the owner is selling his timeshare. This piece of information can be some times very crucial. The reason might be that the owner no longer needs it, or he might have faced a problem or inconvenience with the timeshare, which is resold. If the buyer is fully confident of purchasing it after satisfying that there is no problem, then it might really be a good investment. Otherwise the deal can be dropped.

Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Discover The Pasadena City College Flea Market And Swap Meet

On the first Sunday of every month, Pasadena City College hosts a flea market and swap meet, from 8:00am to 3:00pm. This flea market is located on the Pasadena City College campus, 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA. 91106, (626) 585-7906, on parking lots 1-4 along the south side. and the west side (Hill St.).

Over 450 vendors can be found there selling everything from high end antiques and collectibles to toys and tools to new, used and vintage clothing and used furniture. The prices are low, the lines are short and the vendors are friendly and helpful. There are also approximetly seventy (70) record vendors offering to sell and swap records, compact disks and memorabilia ranging from the big bands era to present day performers. Again the prices are quite reasonable and the vendors are friendly, helpfull and knowledgeable. They not only enjoy selling and swaping music items, they also enjoy talking about records and the music world. By the way, this is said to be one of the largest, if not the largest, record selling venues in Southern California.

According to Pasadena City College, admission to the flea market is free (this is one of the few flea markets around that still provides free admission) and parking, while sometimes difficult is also free, at the parking garage on Del Mar Blvd. or on the east side of campus at the Bonnie Avenue parking lot.

If you are looking for a flea market or swap meet that carries a good variety of merchandise, has very reasonable prices and is not overly crowded try the Pasadena City College Flea Market. Free admission and free parking makes this a good place for an outing. Even if you don't buy anything you will have a good time and it won't cost you anything.

After you finish with the flea market and swap meet, take a short drive up Colorado to Old Town Pasadena where you can dine at one of the numerous restaurants, have coffee, a capuchino or a lattee and a pastry at one of the bakeries, many with sidewalk patios, take in a movie, visit an art gallery, go dancing, take in a comedy act, shop at one of the many boutiques and stores or just go people watching.

Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have their hometown in Kansas City, Kansas. Many a fan has happily purchased one of the over 79,000 seats at Arrowhead Stadium to watch their favorite team play. Members of the AFC west, the Kansas City Chiefs were founded by Lamar Hunt. The current president of the NFL team is Carl Peterson, and the head coach is Herman Edwards. In their history as a team, the Kansas City Chiefs have been to the playoffs 14 times in their career, but have never made it to the Super Bowl. Yet they do have a lot to make their fans proud and a future ahead of them that has not been written yet. Fans in Kansas and around the country are not ready to give up hope for their favorite team, and wear their Kansas City Chiefs jerseys as proof of their commitment as fans.

Many fans were sad to see that Dick Vermeil has left the Kansas City Chiefs as coach. His five seasons as coach are over, and it was hard for him to say goodbye, yet he felt it was time to pursue other things in his life. It is now up to head coach, Herman Edwards to see what next year's season will be like. It will be interesting to see where he can take the Kansas City Chiefs. There are bound to be some changes both in the team roster and in the way the team is coached in the coming months. Fans will be watching closely and hoping that this year is the one that the Kansas City Chiefs will make it to the Super Bowl.

In addition to playing football, both the players and the Kansa City Chiefs organization put forth a lot of effort for charitable events and causes. For instance, this past season, the Kansas City Chiefs raised over fourteen million dollars for various charities. It is interesting to note that many of the players take their own time to support and help charities of their own choices, as well.

Of course, fans all over Kansas are anxious to display their support for their team, and proudly wear the red and white colors of the Kansas City Chiefs. The online Pro Shop even sells a Kansas City Chiefs cookbook that is said to contain some very good recipes for fans to try.

Kansas City Chief fans will be cheering them on all the way. Go Chiefs!

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How To Spot Air Fare Deals That Rock Your World

If you are looking for air fare deals for your next vacation, there are several quarters to look at, one of them is your local travel agency, but the best option might just be a few mouse click away. It is the phenomenon called the Internet, and right now it is swarming with many travel websites that offers incredible air fare deals, in addition to hotel and resort lodgings.

If you visit,,, and or sites of airlines that offer flights to your intended destination, you will find good air fare deals. Another way you can get a nice air fare deal to almost any destination is by checking, but a condition is attached to this; your travel plans has to be flexible.

Your travel plans can sometimes depend on getting a good air fare deal. This is always the case with holiday trips or those that are organized at short notice. If you are traveling on a short notice, you can get a reasonable air fare deal due to the fact not all flight seats are occupied, the only problem you might face is that if you are traveling with a companion, both of you might have to sit separately.

To prevent this scenario, it is always best to be flexible with your travel plans, so as to benefit from great air fare deals. So never restrict your plan to specific dates and time of the year. If your travel plan is flexible, you will be able to get better air fare deals and save money in the process.

When you are arranging a summer vacation or weekend treats for yourself or family, spring is the best period to start planning for it, because many cheap air fare deals abounds at this time of the year on the Internet. This will probably save you the hassle of driving all the way to your destination, thus your timing for this has to be spot on.

When you plan early you can benefit from the several vacation packages including lodgings and air fare deals that are available during this period when business is normally dull. There is no doubt about it, cheap air fare deals abound for almost any destination, if only you look hard enough.

Senin, 07 Maret 2011

The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you like country music then there is nowhere else in the world you can enjoy as much as Nashville, Tennessee and the Grand Ole Opry. The Grand Ole Opry is a mainstay of this city known as the “home of country music” and anytime you go you are guaranteed to see a mixture of current country music stars, legends, and new artists trying to break into the business.

The best way to get tickets to the Grand Ole Opry is to buy them on the website early. This means that you can get the best tickets that are up close to the action and you can really see all that is going on. If you wait until you are actually in Nashville to buy your tickets for the Grand Ole Opry you may find yourself out of luck or else in the very back. Anywhere you sit in the Grand Ole Opry is a great place, but the best view is up close!

Any time of year is a great time to visit the Grand Ole Opry, but if you visit during non traditional vacation times you are sure to have an easier time getting tickets not to mention you won’t need to deal with the crowds. The Grand Ole Opry is Nashville’s biggest attraction so everyone is trying to get tickets at the same time, which makes it a bit of a challenge sometimes if you wait until the last minute.

The Opry is open on Tuesday nights starting in March and continues on Friday and Saturday the rest of the year. The Opry starts at different times each night and there are two shows on Saturday.

Country music icons like Hank Williams Sr., Ernest Tubbs, and Pasty Cline sang at the Opry and today their legends carry on with new singers and stars. Today’s country music singers enjoy singing at the Opry as much their ancestors did and visitors really love the show and the entertainment!

But, the Grand Ole Opry isn’t just country music. It is also a mix of gospel, comedy, bluegrass, today’s hits and more. The Grand Ole Opry is located at the Grand Ole Opry House but was located for years in the Ryman Auditorium and before that in other locations in Nashville. The Grand Ole Opry has really been a success in Nashville and it is the best place to go if you are in Nashville !

There is a website that has great information on USA Vacations and Unique Travel Spots Listed State By State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots, and can be found at this url:

By Robert W. Benjamin

Copyright © 2007

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

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Terrorism via Plane, Train, Subway and Bus. Do you Feel Safe?

History and our perception of the world changed dramatically with the 9-11 attacks. Today's travel is fraught with fear, delays, and racial profiling as the authorities try to prevent a reoccurrence.

Most travel and transport facilities have added special safeguards meant to combat terrorism:

* Staff have received extra security training.

* Sophisticated scanning equipment has been installed.

* Regulations have been expanded regarding prohibited items in luggage.

The ultimate objective is your safety and security. Has it worked? Do you really feel safer?

Whether you answered 'yes' or 'no', you must comply with current regulations when you travel or commute.

Different countries and transportation carriers have varying requirements. You won't find a single master list. However, searching wisely on the internet will provide you with the information you need before you plan your next trip.

In the USA, try and search for 'restricted items' or 'prohibited items'.

In Canada, visit, performing the same searches.

For other countries and carriers, use your favorite search engine and try some of the following searches.

* Germany 'restricted items' air

* Mexico 'restricted items' air

* Europe 'restricted items' rail

* Greyhound 'restricted items'

and so forth. Notice that 'restricted items' should be enclosed in quotation marks to produce the best results. (Because of the way various websites display articles, quotation marks have not been used in this article.)

Your search efforts should produce appropriate websites in the first search results page of any major search engine.

A partial list of items you should avoid in carry-on luggage would include:

* Most metal knives

* Large metal scissors

* Fuel of any kind

* Lighters and lighter fluid

* Weapons and ammunition

* Anything that looks like a weapon

* Starting pistols

* Liquid bleach

* Aerosol products

* Spray paint

Some items that are not permitted in carry-on luggage are allowed in checked suitcases.

Do your research - make sure you have the required documents - and pack carefully.

Now lose the fear, find your confidence, and enjoy your next trip!

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Designer Luggage, Does It Make A Difference?

Buying designer luggage today can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. Traveling can be stressful as it is but not knowing which luggage set or designer luggage to choose can cause even more headache. You will need to spend some time shopping for luggage to get the best deal and find what really will be the best fit for you. You may want to look for some well made designer luggage so that you don't have to worry about whether your new pieces will hold up through the wear and tear of travel.

Designer luggage comes from many well known brands like Samsonite luggage, TravelPro luggage, Andiamo luggage, Boyt luggage, Delsey luggage, Eagle Creek luggage, French luggage and the list goes on. A good place to find information on designer luggage is at

You can find information about designer luggage like the wide range of colors available, the materials the luggage is made from and the selection of wheeled luggage, monogramming and other designer luxuries. Leather luggage can really last, yet can sometimes get heavy for frequent travelers. Nylon wears quite well and is lightweight but may not be quite a durable and nice looking especially for the cost of a designer luggage set.

Of course, while designer luggage is usually sturdier and more stylish, no one should shop for luggage strictly because it has a certain designer label. Take a close look at any luggage you are considering to be sure that it is the right size and style for you. If you are looking at a luggage set but don't have a use for all of the different pieces of a set buy individual pieces that you feel like you will use.

Most designer luggage comes with locks and this is especially important if you will be staying in hotels or while you are at the airport and traveling and your luggage may not be secure at all times. These locks may not keep a determined thief from breaking into your luggage but they will discourage people who seize the opportunity when it is there.

Finally, take care of your designer luggage and it will stay in good shape for years. By cleaning it after you take a trip you can have it for years making it a good investment to buy quality designer luggage.

Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Residents Of Seattle: Invest In Rainwear

Probably everyone that knows anything about Seattle has heard vast rumors about the city. You have probably heard that it is green and lush and filled with innovation. You have likely heard that Seattle residents are proud of their city and that they are a mostly liberal bunch who love to be out of doors as often as possible. If you drink coffee, then you know that Seattle is the coffee capital of the world. If you have heard all of these "facts" about Seattle than it is likely that you have also heard about the need to invest in rainwear before you get there.

I have heard from countless places about the large amount of rainfall that Seattle is blessed with each year. I can hardly have a conversation with someone about this city and not have the issue of rainfall come up. I find it quite comical, but I guess people all over the world have heard about Seattle and our rain. You see, I moved to Seattle about ten years ago. No one warned me about the high level of rainfall back then or that I should invest in rainwear for myself and anything I valued.

I have found that the rumors about Seattle's climate are accurate for the most part, yet overblown when you are living there. We do get a lot of rain, that is true, and while it is true that rainwear is really wise, our rainfall is not as hard or longlasting as I had imagined it would be. In fact, our rain "storms" are sometimes like mists and quite often like gentle rains that last only a little while.

I would suggest that you don't visit Seattle without rainwear, but not because you'll experience constant downpours consisting of buckets of rain. In fact, you'll probably enjoy the majority of your visit with pleasant weather that is interrupted by quick and gentle rains. So bring your rainwear but know that you won't have to wait long to outlast the weather.

Make plans to visit Seattle today. It is truly one of the best kept secrets of our country. I love living here and I am constantly discovering new things to do and new reasons to love my city. Bring your rainwear and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime. You might just want to move here too by the time your trip is done!

Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Ski Vacations - What To Pack

If you will be traveling for a ski vacation, it is often difficult to know what to pack. You may not even have a problem knowing what to pack, but instead have a problem figuring how to get everything that you need from your home to your destination. Skis do not easily fit into suitcases, and if you are flying, this presents a huge problem.

Start by knowing what is available at your destination. Is there a rental shop? How much are the rental fees for skis, boots, and poles. If it is reasonable, and you don't mind skiing with rented equipment, this is a viable option - and it makes packing and traveling much easier.

If you don't care for rented equipment, there is another option. Find out if there are any ski shops in the area. There usually are. Get prices on skis, poles, and boots, and then ask if they buy used equipment. If they don't, ask if there is anyone near by that does purchase used equipment. Call that place to get an estimate on how much you could get for barely used ski equipment. Figure the difference in the money you will spend on the ski equipment, and the money you will get for the used equipment when you are finished with it. If it isn't much more than what it would cost you to rent the equipment, go for it!

Ski suits, ski jackets, and sweaters can be very bulky, and hard to pack. These items will take up a lot of room in your suitcase, and leave less room for other clothing and essentials. If you are trying to pack for a two week ski vacation, it will be impossible to fit everything you need into one suitcase.

There is a way to solve this. Call the lodge or resort where you will be staying. Tell them that you need to ship a package, for yourself, to them, and that you need that package to be there when you arrive. Ask them if they will hold it for you at the desk. In most cases, they will. Next, get a box, put all of your ski suits, your ski jacket, and any other bulky items in the box, and ship it to yourself, in care of the lodge or resort. Shipping can be overnight, two day, or three day depending on how far it must travel. Depending on how much the box weighs, you will usually pay less than fifty dollars to ship a package in the continental United States....which is a lot less than you would pay an airline for extra baggage!

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Think Small With Your Next Vacation

If you're looking to get away from the rat race there is nowhere better than a small town. Small towns offer a slower pace, friendly people and a chance to just kick back and relax.

There are small towns all over North America. You don't need to look very far. Within a couple of hours of your home you can probably find a small town. This means no expensive or long and tiring trips. Hop in the car and drive to the nearest small town. Chances are you've been there before. Now you can stop and really explore.

Small towns offer a wide range of accommodations. This includes bed and breakfasts, hotels, and campgrounds. There's something for everyone. No matter your tastes you can find that perfect place to stay. A bed and breakfast is probably your best choice. Staying at a bed and breakfast gives you a chance to visit your hosts and to learn more about the area and the attractions it has to offer.

Once you settle in the next step is to find something to do. Everyone likes to do something different. If it's getting out and exploring or simply kicking back and reading a good book the choice is yours. If you take a little care in selecting your small town you will have endless hours of fun.

One of the most interesting small towns is Wells BC. It is close to Barkerville, and the Bowron Lakes. When you get tired of swimming and hiking go explore the history of an old gold rush town! If you're driving to Alaska it's on the way and spending a day or two there will be well worth it.

Small towns are easier on the pocket book. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a good time. Take in a movie, play or musical event. If you time things right there may even be a free event in a local park. All you have to do is show up! Spend a couple of hours relaxing on the grass listening to some great local music. Better yet, bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it. You'll be glad you did.

Small towns offer an affordable vacation without traveling hours or spending huge amounts of money. Often over looked, small towns are an an idea vacation spot full of fun, new experiences and adventure.

Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

It's no Sugar Shack

It's a tradition now at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. Executive Pastry Chef, Jean-François Houdré, aka "King of the Castle," is diligently working day and night perfecting his signature 12-feet rotating holiday Sugar Castle, to be unveiled in the Tower Lobby of The Westin St. Francis on Friday, November 23.

"The creation of the Sugar Castle is truly a labor of love," says Chef Houdré. "Each year, I begin working on it two months in advance, adding more special touches and details each time. This year's version promises to be the best yet!" The inspiration to create this one-of-a-kind, grandiose Sugar Castle came from Chef Houdré's trip to Europe with his family in 2005. While traveling around Bordeaux, the Houdré family visited many remarkable châteaux, particularly Mont Saint Michel and La Cité de Carcassonne, which is one of Europe's most complete examples of a fortified abbey.

As the Houdré family toured these extravagant castles, his son Henri, age ten, and his daughter, Claudia, age eight, were able to experience an earlier time when royalty once occupied these magnificent castles centuries ago. From that experience, the children were able to convince their father that he must build a sugar castle at The Westin St. Francis to rival the royal castles in France and display it for children to visit during the holiday season.
Resembling a French Chateau from Chef Houdre's hometown of Bordeaux, the 100% edible castle is made of pastillage (a combination of powdered sugar, egg whites and gelatin dough), gingerbread, sugar, molasses, flour and candy. Weighing over 1200 pounds, this magical castle features more than 20 grand circular towers, approximately 30 rooms, illuminated windows, and is surrounded by a quaint village and a running train.

The castle is entirely edible, and is comprised of: 70 pounds of gingerbread, 130 pounds of pastillage (Powder sugar egg white and gelatin dough), 40 pounds of pulled and bubble sugar, Royal icing made of 300 pounds of sugar and egg whites, 40 pounds of molasses, 60 pounds of flour and 100 pounds of assorted Christmas Candy. It takes approximately 360 hours to complete the holiday masterpiece.

Opened more than a century ago on March 21, 1904, The Westin St. Francis is the only hotel located on San Francisco's famous Union Square, The Westin St. Francis is just steps from The City's best shopping, dining, theatres and art galleries. For reservations and more information, visit