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How to Enjoy the Holidays With Your Relatives

Here are five simple things that will make the next holiday party enjoyable for everyone.

1) Leave Home Without It

Unless you visit like-minded people, leave your private cause at home. Cover the tattoo, remove the nose ring, take out the tongue stud. Similarly, avoid editorials, lectures, and sermons. Remember: it's a holiday party. No one comes to be offended.

2) Make Them Special

Let others talk. Be impressed (or at least interested) with what they say. Ask questions to encourage telling more. Find something to praise. Give your complete attention while listening. Appreciation is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

3) Detach

Let others be themselves. Accept what people say, regardless how outrageous. Avoid correcting, criticizing, or complaining. Ignore bait that lures you into arguments. Avoid taking things personally. Just say, "Ah, how interesting," and move on.

4) Talk Friendly

Offer compliments. Be positive. Be gracious. Be mature. Find diplomatic ways to express your ideas. Avoid negative words, especially "not," because negative ideas trigger a defensive response. Be a source of solutions instead of complications.

5) Behave

Avoid trick questions ("What kind of idiot would do this?"). Avoid punitive stories that contain hidden insults. Avoid baiting people into arguments. Spend time with people who enjoy your ideas. Realize it is always a bad idea to start an argument.

Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Villas Turkey

It's a huge country littered with interesting artefacts and populated by some of the friendliest people on earth. Flowers seem to burst from every crevice, the sun shines endlessly, transport systems are efficient Scenery ranges from dull to mind-boggling, beaches are fair, prices are low and shopping is excellent, especially leatherware in Istanbul. Driving is suprisingly safe, apart from mad Istanbul taxi drivers and night driving.

Knocking at Europe’s door yet on the threshold of Asia, Turkey is truly a land of contrasts. Here you can scale the icy heights of remote Mount Ararat in search of Noah’s Ark, cross the historic Euphrates and Tigris rivers, follow in the footsteps of St Paul or simply relax on the golden Mediterranean sands of Patara beach.

Vibrant Istanbul, straddling the blue waters of the Bosphorus separating Europe from Asia, beckons with its skyline pierced by countless minarets, chaotic bazaars and a history redolent with harem intrigue and despotic Sultans. In Turkey, you can also cruise along more than 1000km (620 miles) of Mediterranean coastline, past secluded coves, rocky headlands and pretty fishing villages, or explore a hinterland rich in the wonderfully preserved remains of Graeco-Roman cities such as Ephesus.

Turkey Villas are abundent all along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts and many are luxurious, spacious and with pricate pools. The combination of a rental care and a beautiful Turkey Villas makes for a great Turkey Holiday.

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

How to spend less when you find your hotel in Rome

Before booking your hotel accommodation in Rome, you do not have to disregard the weather conditions and the months in which tourists are packed when visiting its monuments.

Rome has a nice weather and this makes the eternal city visitable year-round; however, spring and autumn is without doubt the best times to visit, with generally clear skies and mild temperatures (even if late autumn, November, can be rainy). July and August are humid and hot (many Romans desert the city in August so many businesses close at this time); from December to February there is briskly cold weather, although it's rarely grey and gloomy.

In Rome the toursit season starts generally from the first of April to October and again for the two weeks around Christhmas and new year's Eve.
August is a very nice month in Rome, because you can find the city empty and you can discover the treasures of the eternal city, like the vatican and the ancient roman ruins.

During the Holy Week (Easter) Catholics from around the world make pilgrimages to Rome's various basilicas and to hear the Pope give his blessing from the window of its apartment in sixty languages. On Good Friday there is the pope's procession of the Cross from the Colosseum to Capitoline Hill that is worldwide broadcasted: you do not need tickets to attend it.
Making a reservation at the hotels of Rome during easter period is really very hard and you can have the unpleasant surprise to change your hotel accommodation very often due to the overbooking system.

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Washington DC Group Travel Guide

Washington, DC was originally established by the Constitution of the United States in 1789. George Washington, the nation's first president and figure in which the city was named after, chose the land where the city would originate. The area adjoining the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers was chosen because it was already a bustling port for tobacco and wheat shippers. More importantly, it was an area that was centrally located between the North and the South.
Washington D.C. is an amazing reflection of the nation it represents. As the capital city of a country, which is the biggest "melting pot" in the world, it truly does offer visitors a glimpse of American culture and subcultures at their finest.

Leaders from all over the world convene in this city to discuss business and politics, as well as to socialize. As a result, you can find activities, restaurants, and attractions that not only provide insight and education to those who visit, but also offer a cultural experience unlike any other. Discover a variety of dining options that satisfies tastes across all palates. Where else can you sample Ethiopian cuisine, catch a Washington Nationals baseball game, and walk along the Potomac while the cherry blossoms are in bloom, all in one afternoon?

Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Taking a culture on its own terms

When travelling to distant and exotic locales, we are constantly confronted by different, exotic, and sometimes disturbing and challenging situations and experiences. These experiences are a big part of what makes travel such an adventure, and they are the catalyst for opening our minds and broadening our own personal horizons and perspectives. When situations arise that disturb us or make us uncomfortable, it is very important to force ourselves to suspend judgement based upon our own experience and culture. Often times, the culture, custom, and tradition of the countries we visit is in direct contrast to our own, and we must experience and learn about our host cultures to get positive experiences while travelling. Everyone has come across the "ugly American" that complains about everything and insists that he can't find a good hamburger anywhere! Well, why go to India, a country of a majority of Hindu faithful that view a cow as sacred and never consider eating beef? This is an extreme example, but by observing closely the way we handle ourselves in different travel situations we can begin to identify traits in ourselves that are leaning towards our ugly american and weed these traits out. Perhaps our travels will be more rewarding and diverse if we allow ourselves the time and patience to really learn why people are acting and reacting the way they are, and begin to take a culture on its own terms.

Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Clean Air in Scotland??

Clean air in Scotland?? As if you were in any doubt about this! You associate Scotland with fresh air, beautiful countryside and friendly people. However, if you are planning a trip to Scotland in 2006, it is quite possible that you will be affected by some new legislation.

The Scottish Parliament passed a law which will affect tourists to Scotland from 26th March 2006. "Smoking will no longer be allowed in the majority of enclosed public places, including workplaces."

There are very few exemptions to the smoking ban which will affect most public premises, offices, factories and work vehicles. According to the Scottish Executive, it is not enough to ventilate public areas and filter the air; there is a good body of evidence which shows that ventilating the rooms only takes away the smell of the smoke and makes the air appear cleaner. The toxic carcinogens remain in the atmosphere and cause a public health hazard.

The new Law will be enforced by Environmental Health Officers - and there will be a fixed penalty fine of £50 for smoking in no-smoking premises. The person in charge of an establishment who allows colleagues and visitors to smoke could be fined £200.

As a non-smoker, this delights me - particularly as I have watched aunts and uncles succumb to smoking-related diseases.

You can find more information about this at the web site.

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Worldwide Travel Insurance

Planning for a trip world wide? Looking out for an insurance to protect your travel and make your experience a memorable one? The cheapest rate in a policy will hold no meaning if it doesn’t properly cover your overseas travel needs. Choose a company that does not cut on the insurance cover but on the cost of insurance. They should provide you with round the clock emergency assistance as well as cover you for activities and sports you are interested in. Get started with your skiing, snowboarding or bungee jumping, experience the best vacation ever. Do not forget to get an insurance cover of worldwide travel insurance.

Seek provisions for extending your overseas stay. Online option makes it convenient to you if you decide to extend your overseas stay, the holiday insurance should be chosen to protect your holiday. After all every one hopes that we won't need the insurance but it is always best to have it. When you are in a foreign country and something goes wrong whether it is a stolen wallet or lost passport you really do not want to go alone. This is precisely why one opts for worldwide travel insurance for all overseas travel.

Medical cover: you can be covered for any medical assistance or hospitalization charges. While you are on a world tour then the mounting medical bills might cost you the earth and leave you penniless.

Concerns about your personal baggage, protect it from any kind of stealth or damage to your personal belongings. You, as a globe trotter could possibly be having such worries and may be on the lookout of a way out of this. It could be the fear of theft of cash and other ensuing problems.

You plan your trip and relax let your travel insurance agent do the rest. You are going to be really relieved to have the insurance guy deal with things and see you have the funds etc to carry on with your trip and not have it ruined by some unforeseen problem. Your policy should be flexible enough as well as accommodate for any value that you might add during your holidays while making purchases. Independent insurance companies offer the cheapest source of obtaining cheap worldwide holiday insurance that provide for senior travelers, winter sports and globe trekkers low cost insurance.

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Stag Weekends in Bournemouth – Off Road Karting

When it comes to stag weekends, your mind travels to a place that is filled with scenic beauty and thrilling activities. Stag nights and stag parties in Bournemouth is the ideal option to spend your leisure time while you are on a stag weekend. Bournemouth is reputed for its beauty and is called the blue-rinse paradise. Ideal for a stag weekend, Bournemouth is filled with numerous belting nightclubs and fashionable bars, all located within walking distance of each other. Stag weekends in Bournemouth provides you with some of the best stag events and beach activities ranging from zap cats and power boating, karting, quad biking to greyhound racing and clay pigeon shooting.

Stag Do - Rage Buggies in Bournemouth

Off road Karting in Bournemouth is the ultimate thrilling stag event as you ride a 620cc-unrestricted engine with a lightweight chassis capable of picking up a speed of 50 mph within just 6 seconds. It definitely sounds a challenging stag event. Get prepared for some more surprising information. This 620cc powerful engine is like an automatic car with no gears, where you will have to drive using one foot only. This mechanism leaves your mind free to concentrate on finding the racing line around the specially built course that’s filled with adventurous twists and turns comprising slaloms, chicanes and hairpins. Apart from giving you a fun filled stag weekend, off road karting in Bournemouth also teaches you how to fishtail the forceful kart around the corners and along the extensive curves.

You will be given loads of practice laps to get a feel of the kart. There will be two karts on the track at a time to give you a clear track ahead. Now that you have gained sufficient training in this stag event, you will be able to do a flat out and flying timed lap with a fantastic start and a perfect finish.

The Fun of Off Road Karting

Stag weekends are the best ways of relieving your mind and enjoying your day to the fullest. The stag do off road karting in Bournemouth provides you with all the fun and adventure you are looking for. Chillisauce makes sure that your trip to Bournemouth turns out to be the best stag weekend you ever had, leaving behind a sense of satisfaction, and making you look forward to similar such fun filled stag weekends in Bournemouth.

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The Travelling Itch

I have a passion for travel that has never been fulfilled. My childhood years were spent fantasizing about exotic cultures and faraway places: visiting the pyramids of Egypt, flying over the Nazca lines in the southern Peruvian desert, wandering mysterious cobbled streets in the rustic towns of Italy…these fantasies were always in my mind and formed the background for my college studies in Anthropology. Someday, I thought, I will see the world…

One child, one mortgage, two car payments and several revolving credit balances later I have yet to see more of our planet than the western half of the continental US (with a few forays into the wilds of Vancouver, British Columbia). Though the shores of the west coast are indisputably beautiful and my move to Idaho has introduced me to a different landscape of rugged yet pristine terrain, my thirst to roam remains unquenched. So when I recently landed on an opportunity that enabled me to indulge my travel yen - for life - with a membership offering steeply discounted trips around the globe, I seized it. This is what I found:

The Coastal Travel membership is good for a lifetime with just one purchase and a small annual renewal fee. There are two options to join: Domestic and International. I chose the International option, which includes all of the discounts and packages offered in the Domestic package as well. Included in the membership are a vast variety of discounted trips offering complimentary lodging to destinations from the islands of Barbados to those of Greece, and from Paris, France to Bangkok, Thailand. Also offered are 20 discount cards for dining, entertainment, roadside assistance, complimentary long distance calls, golf, camping and a long list of hotels and resorts, including domestic and international condominium rentals at greatly reduced prices. As a bonus, I found 5 complimentary cruises included in my purchase.

Though my first two scheduled trips are within the States (the discounts also apply exceptionally well to my normal business travel), I will finally see the Eastern half of my country for the first time and will be visiting Boston, Massachusetts and Orlando Florida for less than 1/3 the cost I would pay without my membership. But after my return, I will be planning my first trip overseas.

I am having a hard time deciding between Tahiti and Australia…

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Your Own Adventure - On The Trail Of The Da Vinci Code

With some clever planning before hand, you can get to do more things the only thing you'll be concerned with is if you have enough time to squeeze everything into your mini adventure.

Top 10 European city destinations (in no particular order)
: Amsterdam
: Rome
: Prague
: Paris
: Barcelona
: Venice
: Budapest
: Florence
: Madrid
: Vienna
Source: Thomas Cook.

Don't Just Observe – Participate In Life
Think about it, when your friends come back from their escapade, what do they tell you? They tell you about all the activities they got up to, and they have the countless pictures to prove it. But, if your budget is holding you back, this could mean you won't have much to tell friends back home. You won't get to do all the things you'd like to do during your holiday. Friends will think 'You've travelled all that way and for what?'

Making Your Money Stretch
With the average spending money of £200 for a weekend away, costs can run up fast. has the solution to this problem. They provide visitors access to impressive value-for-money tours, city passes and a magnitude of special deals available for over 400 cities worldwide.

: City passes – which not only cut the cost of local public transport, but also offers reduced or even free entrance to a number of places you may already have on your list of things to see and do
: A day at the races and other sports events
: Theatre tickets
: Theme parks (this one is particularly cost effective for families)
: Wine tasting and cooking events
: Cultural/Historical tours
: Dining out
: Cruises
: Nature tours
: Museums
: Designer shopping spree excursions and so much more...

This way you can find out, before you even set off for the airport, what there is to see and do in your chosen holiday location and have the ability to pre-book events and services. Here's just a small number of mini adventures you could get up to on your next holiday

: Da Vinci Code walking tour
: Canopy adventure
: Dive with the sharks
: Private Safari
: Horseback riding
: Luminous Lagoon
: Romantic dinner cruise
: SoHo and NoLita shopping tour

A Different World
You can be as adventurous or as relaxing as you want. Remember, you are in control. Try something you've never done before. With so much to experience it would be a shame to miss it all. Now, with the majority of your trip organised and prepaid you can truly rest back and enjoy.

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Old Friends and Familiar Haunts

We hadn't seen them for several years; Heather and Sarge were the first to phone and say they were here in the UK and hoped to see us before returning home. Then, out of the blue, Sandy phoned me to say that some friends had turned up at the shop and were waiting to see me. .... the strange thing was that I had flat-shared with Naval when he was a student; then when I sold the flat and moved away, he flatted with Heather. So for the first time in many years, we were all in Scotland at the same time.

Despite my best efforts, we didn't manage to have a grand reunion; Heather and Sarge had made alternative arrangements for last week. However, Sandy and I met up with Naval and his family in Inveraray - where we "Chewed the Cud" and shocked one another with various tales of derring do. By the way, in case you haven't tried it, you really must visit the George Hotel in Inveraray and have a meal there. It's tremendous value for money and the food is brilliant.

We had a quick walk round the town after lunch and decided to go to the Wild Life Park. Unfortunately this business has closed and we were a bit too late to find anything else which was child-friendly in the area. So Naval invited us to have a coffee at their holiday villa at Arden. We drove back towards Helensburgh and Naval led us into the Gardeners' Cottages at Arden. It's like stepping into a secret world. The Gardeners' Cottages are all in a row; several are available for holiday lets; the owners live in one so are always on hand to give advice or sort out any problems (can't imagine there are any.)

The cottage was beautiful; two bedrooms, an immaculate bathroom and a very nice living-room. Apparently, when Naval and family arrived, there were lovely red roses in the rooms, fruit had been left, there was milk, bread, tea, coffee in the kitchen - and the cottage was lovely and warm for them. Naval showed us round the garden - which had been an old walled garden; in September it was past its best, but still looked great. There's also a small putting green to entertain the visitors. A path leads from the cottages down to a small, private beach on the edge of Loch Lomond.

It's impossible to see the cottages from the main road, so the feeling of seclusion is fantastic - although there are other houses in the vicinity. If we didn't live just eight miles away, it would be a lovely place to have a holiday.

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Fire risk rising in the Lake District

Continued extreme temperatures and drought have put the Lake District in serious danger of countryside fires. In the wake of record breaking temperatures a warning has gone out not to light fires in the countryside or abandon portable barbecues – walkers are being asked to take extra care and all tourists are asked be extra vigilant to allow a fast response to any fires.

The unusually hot dry summer we are having across the UK has left several areas very dry. The Lake District is no exception and has been baking hot resulting in vast areas of parched land.

Although there have been no serious fires for around three years, the Lake District National Park Authority is calling for vigilance in cutting down risks to tinderbox dry grass and bracken – walkers are seen as one of the key lines of defence as at this time of year there are lots of walkers and they can give an early alert to danger.

“We’ve had a prolonged dry spell and it only needs a spark from a fire or barbecue to ignite one of these dried out areas and the ramifications could be very serious,” said ranger Graham Standring.

“Portable barbecues are a particular nightmare as they remain hot for a long time and people leave them behind. They not only burn the ground but in these weather conditions pose very real fire risks.”

Ranger manager Sara Clarke said the hot weather was bringing out hordes of people from dawn to dusk and many were having picnics and barbecues.

“It’s great that so many are enjoying this Mediterranean weather, but we would just ask that portable barbecues are placed on stones, rather than directly on the ground,” said Sara. “Please don’t leave them unattended and clear them away once cooled.”

“Hopefully it’s too hot for fires, but if people are tempted I would ask them to consider very carefully the huge risks they would be posing to the countryside. Fires can start so very easily in these conditions and spread rapidly.”

If proper care is taken there should be no problems but it only takes one mistake and a huge area of land, fauna and flora can be severely damaged and take many years to recover.

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

et Football Fsont ils Bon Ménage

En effet, Casino sponsorisait le FC Toulouse et PartyGaming le FNCA de Nantes! Oui mais voila, c'était sans compter sur la Ligue Professionnelle de Football.

Dimanche dernier, sur les maillots du FC Toulouse, on retrouvait bien les couleurs du casino mais les signes ???.com. Qu'est ce donc ???.com me direz-vous. Il s'agit tout simplement de son sponsor Casino


Alors que les joueurs ont pour obligation de porter les couleurs et le nom du casino, la Ligue professionnelle a, quant à elle, décidée d'exclure les casinos de la publicité et du sponsoring. D'où l'omission. Or, tout le monde l'aura compris le sigle ??? faisait bien référence au casino sponsor de l'équipe.

La Ligue explique son refus. Du fait de l'arrestation de certains géants de casinos en ligne depuis le mois de septembre, dont le derneir en date de Bwin arreté en France, la ligue se voit le droit d'interdire la publicité, le sponsoring pour les paris en ligne.

Samedi, une autre équipe, la FC Monaco a rencontré le même problème que le FC Toulouse lors de son match face au Mans. Un représentant de l'équipe explique que, sans cette alternative, le coup d'envoi du match n'aurait pu être donné.

On se souvient encore des paroles de Jean-Luc Gripond, vice-président du club nantais, "le FCNA a décidé de s'associer à un nouveau sponsor disposant: "premièrement une dimension internationale, et notre football a besoin de partenaires de cette dimension, deuxièmement un lien avec les nouvelles technologies, ce qui représente pour nous le futur".

Qu'en est il aujourd'hui?

Un enquête a été menée ( voir notre article Bonnes Nouvelles pour les Casinos en Ligne).
Les paris sont monopole d'état en France et on pourrait penser que l'arrestation des cadres de BWin s'est opérée au bénéfice de la Française des jeux. Aussi, peu de temps après, la Commission européenne a décidé de s'intéresser de plus près à la question du monopole d'État pour les paris et les jeux. La volonté de la commission est clairement affichée, soit les États membres les considèrent néfastes pour leurs ressortissants et interdisent totalement les jeux en ligne, soit ils les autorisent et permettent aux sociétés comme d'offrir leurs services sur le marché.

Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Try A Boutique Ski Hotel

Cheaper flights and a wider range of European ski resorts has created a market for boutique hotels in skiing areas.

Whilst many people still enjoy staying in chalets or apartments when they ski, many people are opting for a little extra individuality and luxury, and where better to get that than a boutique hotel? Small enough to maintain the intimacy of a chalet, but with services that let you truly enjoy your break, boutique ski hotels are becoming more popular by the year.

Dedicated ski hotels have to offer slightly difference facilities for skiing clientele. Aside from needing a perfect location, they also have to be able to store skis, boots and other equipment safely and provide the sort of food and drink that would be expected by a seasoned skier. Comfort and quality are important too, as is access to local après-ski scene, and boutique hotel owners in these resorts are making sure that their guests want for nothing. Blessed with fantastic views, great cuisine and with all your needs anticipated by the attentive staff, these are the sorts of hotels that turn your annual ski trip into a holiday to remember.

A boutique ski hotel offers you the best of both worlds – a chic hotel experience with the convenience and service of a top quality hotel. No more finding out your hotel is miles from the slopes, or fighting to get on the bus in the morning, and no more wondering if your chalet’s evening meal is going to be up to scratch. Instead, concentrate on having fun on the slopes in the knowledge that you will come back to an intimate, tastefully furnished, discreetly serviced hotel that will look after your every need.

In France, for example, Concept One Chalet is the perfect blend of design and service, set in the heart of Chamonix and with just five rooms. Austria has the Schloss Prielau, a medieval castle in Zell am See where glacial skiing is available in the winter. Take a look at both of these boutique hotels the next time you’re planning a skiing holiday and make it an unforgettable one.

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

The Lighthouse Hotel, Llandudno, United Kingdom

Providing panoramic views across the Irish Sea, the Lighthouse hotel is a wonderful maritime relic offering accommodation of a rather unusual nature.

Built in 1862, the Lighthouse warned the passing ships of the dangers of the North Wales coastline, offering safe passage for many a brave seaman.

These days the Lighthouse is more interested in its guests than the passing sailors, converted during its lifetime from a great beacon into a guesthouse.

The hotel resides on the rugged North Wales coast in the seaside resort of Llandudno. The nearest airport is Manchester International approximately 1.5 hours drive from the west.

Sat perilously atop the limestone cliffs, the Lighthouse towers over the Irish Sea some 100 meters, its fortress-like construction standing sentinel over the rushing waters deep below.

The hotel boasts three guestrooms, each commanding magnificent views. To the north rests the Isle of Man, and to the south sits Puffin Island.

With the beacon removed, the glass panelled lamp room is now a dramatic lounge for its guests, with striking panoramic views across the ocean.

The room is decorated early twentieth-century; its beautiful wooden chairs adorned with red upholstery and matching cushions, a wonderful throwback to the days when the building was more concerned with the safety of passing vessels.

By the window rests a small telescope, available to all who wish to seek the more modern frigates of today.

But the room really comes into its own of an evening. On a clear day the sunsets can be awe-inspiring, a romantic prelude to evening dinner.

A short walk will take you into the town of Llandudno. Popular with the British tourists, Llandudno is the quintessential seaside resort of the UK.

The ever popular amusement arcades keep the youngsters occupied while the adults can spend in the busy shopping streets.

Away from the tourist spots are some lovely walks atop the rugged cliffs. Inspiration maybe for a certain Lewis Carroll who wrote part of his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ around these here parts.

Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Collect A Bowl Or Two

In the past few years I have had the privilege of traveling to over thirty countries for my work. Many people tell me that I have a dream job, and I'd have to agree. When I was a little kid, no one told me that there were jobs available that you got to travel the world and write about the things you saw and experienced for other people to read. If they had told me, I would have known my career goal all along. I would have been the only elementary school kid who knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a traveling journalist. A highlight of my travels has been collecting a bowl or two at each place I've visited.

I've always loved bowls and pottery. I guess it started because my father was a professional potter and so he was always at the wheel throwing pots and bowls and other things. I loved coming home from school and spending hours just watching my father work on his wheel. I like every kind of pottery he made, but nothing could excite me as much as a great bowl.

So when I began traveling it was only natural that I would collect a bowl or two in each place I saw. I wanted to collect bowls because I knew they were something that I liked and that I could put to good use every day. I hate getting souveniers that I cannot put to good use. When I landed in England, the first country I visited, I was amazed by how many bowls there were to choose from. I knew it was going to be harder than I thought to narrow things down to no more than two bowls per country.

I now have nearly sixty bowls from all around the world. I have bowls from every continent. Some were made in front of me by a local potter, others I bought from large warehouses that sold bowls at discount. I have two large shelves in my home where bowl after bowl sits waiting for use. I am constantly rotating the bowls I use for cereal and salads and other things.

If you are about to venture out into the world for traveling, I suggest that you pick a great souvenier idea ahead of time. For me, purchasing a bowl or two has done the trick. See if it might work for you too.

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Selling Timeshares: Useful Tips

Retaining the ownership of a timeshare property can become impractical sometimes. The reasons for selling the time shares might vary greatly. A person after enjoying the time share resort for a number of years could have got bored of it, or the financial position of the owner could have changed, or the life style is no longer suitable for enjoying the timeshare he owns etc. Whatever might be the reason, it is just like a piece of real estate and selling needs good planning. There is lot of legitimate agencies which will assist the owner to sell his timeshare in a very professional manner.

Selling a timeshare can be very difficult as lots of factors are involved in the sale. When selling a timeshare the owner has to sell not only the particular time of the year but also the location of the time share resort. Some buyer might be only interested in the location but not the period of the year and vice versa.

Pricing the property rightly is the key to sales:

If the owner of the property likes to sell the timeshare the fast and the easy way, he has to price it right. To price it right it is good to analyze the features and amenities available to the owner, whether it is fixed or floating or rotating type of timeshare, the number of rooms available, if it is freehold or leasehold kind of ownership, fees collected in the form of maintenance and annual fees, location of the unit say if it is overlooking the beach or near the mountain side etc. By emphasizing the features, it can be sold at a reasonably higher price. Normally time shares are sold for 20 – 70 % less than the original value. Professional advice will be very helpful in getting a competitive price as well as it can be made very legal.

If selling of the time share is not feasible, the next option to get returns out of it is to rent it. Also the owner has to be wary of paying the up-front fees in case of hiring a broker for selling timeshares. If hired on a commission only basis, it avoids the risk of paying money for the services not received. A reputed broker will be able to advice on the current trends of the time share and will ensure that both the owner and himself get the best out of the deal.

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Travel trip to Mysore at discount travel

I had an opputunity to vist India at attractive discount travel package by a website. Mysore Palace or the Maharajah's Palace located in the heart of the city at Mirza Road, is the most attractive monument in Mysore. One of the largest palaces in the country, also known as Amba Vilas, was the residence of the Wodeyar Mahararaja's of the Mysore state. The original palace built of wood, got burnt down in 1897 and was rebuilt for the twenty fourth Wodeyar Raja in 1912.
The three storeyed building, 245 feet in length and 156 in breadth has a series of square towers with arches covered by domes. There is wide open space in the front and the open courtyard in the centre is covered by a gold-plated dome about 145 feet from the ground.
The entry to the palace is through the 'Gombe Thotti' or the Doll's Pavilion, a gallery of Indian and European sculpture and ceremonial objects. Halfway along is the elephant gate, which is the main entrance to the centre of the palace. The gate is decorated with floriated designs, and bears the Mysore royal symbol of a double headed eagle. Inside there is an enclosed courtyard. To the north of the gate are dolls, dating from the earlier nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a ceremonial wooden elephant howdah (carriage kept on top of the elephants to carry royalty) decorated with 84 kilogram of 24 carat gold and other souvenirs.
To the south, the magnificent 'Kalyana Mantapa' or the marriage pavilion has a centre octagonal gabled ceiling, covered by multi coloured stained glass with peacock motifs arranged in geometrical patterns and beautiful chandeliers from Chechoslavakia. Tall, slender cast iron pillars wrought at Glasgow, Scotland are arranged in groups of three at the corners of the central octagon. The floor is laid with glittering glazed tiles imported from England in artistic geometrical patterns and the walls which lead to the Mandapa are lined with oil paintings depicting Dusshera celebrations of the bygone royal era. It was a worderful trip at budget travel with cheap airline tickets from

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Pack your luggage & have fun on Honeymoon!!!

A honeymoon is a orthodox trip taken by newlywed couples to celebrate their marriage. Homemoon is an occassinon to know your better half. In current scenrio a newlyed couple wants to spend their personal time on those places where they found calm and peace. But again the destination to enjoy homeymoon is completely depends on couples where they want to spent their time because some people like cool,hilly,romentic palaces on the other hand some love to spend their time on sunny and warm beaches on some good ilands like hawai.

Planning your honeymoon is a big deal, and it is a part of wedding planning that can actually bring forth your true character. Honeymoons can be adventurous, exotic, or peaceful and quiet, all depending on what type of honeymoon you and your better half have been dreaming of.

Timings are very important when arranging a honeymoon. Some people choose to leave for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding ceremony, while others wait for a more suitable time months afterwards. Taking advice from travel agent is very helpful to book your honeymoon location. If you reserve your hotel in advance it will help you to save some dollars. It is also very good if you decide in advance what kind of hotel you want the most important thing to consider before reserving a room is budget, mid-price, chain, luxury, three-four-or-five-star, where, and what type of location. Once you have full knowledge of the hotel you want to stay in, start researching (questing) online travel agent sites to find prices for reservations. Then write down all the info you got from the site.

If you want to go to the honeymoon then you must plan in advance because in different places different hotels provide different discounts and offers for honeymoon couples. Even many airlines provide discount to honeymooners.

Finding a honeymoon package is very simple. You can search the net or you can ask some travel agents to advice you. On the net you will watch some travel sites which are always displaying and promoting special honeymoon packages and couples can benefit from these packages

By starting the decision-making process early on, a couple can find the honeymoon destination that is perfect for them.

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Cost Cutting Ideas For Your Wedding

Don’t leave your shopping to the last minute. The more time you have to shop around, the more you can negotiate. It’s difficult to find bargains under pressure, so leave plenty of time to work with wedding vendors. Never hire the first vendor you meet. You should always make your decision based on several vendors.

Avoid a Saturday wedding. Saturday is the busiest wedding day of the week, and the most expensive. If you can try to have a Sunday or Friday wedding.

When you pay your bills use a credit card with a reward program. You have 30-days to pay the bill, in addition, you might earn enough miles to cover your flight to your honeymoon destination.

Avoid the busy summer wedding season. You might be able to get better deals during the fall and winter months.

You might be able to wear your mother’s or your grand mother’s wedding dress. In addition to saving a bundle, but you also might make you mother very happy. Buy a sample wedding dress or rent your wedding gown.

Hire businesses you know to get a great deal. If you have a friend who is a musician, a photographer, a caterer, try to work out a deal with them.

If you want to save a lot of money, hire a non-wedding photographer. Almost any good photographer should be able to do a good job photographing your wedding.

Buy your wedding accessories from non-wedding professionals. Many of your wedding accessories might be available at non-wedding vendors. Shop online. You can more effectively comparison shop online than trying to visit your local bridal shops.

Work with a wedding reception venue that allows you to provide your own alcoholic beverages. In addition to the obvious savings, you can return the unopened bottles to the store.

Work with an airline to get a group discount on the plane tickets for your wedding guests. Your wedding guests will appreciate the savings, and you might save on your plane ticket to your honeymoon destination.

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Timeshare: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need to buy timeshares?

The timeshare units are more comfortable and luxurious than any hotel providing an array of services to its customers. It serves both as a holiday vacation package and also as a real estate asset. It provides a right to enjoy ownership of the timeshare resort at a specific period of time. It provides quality accommodation to frequent travelers.

On what factors does the cost of timeshares rely on?

The factors which determine the cost of timeshares rely on the location of the timeshare unit, the season it is used and the size of the accommodation purchased. Apart from the purchase price, timeshare owners share all the developmental costs, maintenance costs, and management fees and to upkeep certain amenities like the swimming pool, tennis court etc.

What are crucial criteria to be thought of when buying a timeshare unit?

The price, location, flexibility of usage, lifestyle of the people who have purchased it and recreational facilities available in it are all very important. Apart from the above one needs to be very sure about the maintenance fees, ownership rights he is entitled to, the way the timeshare is managed etc. It is good to buy a timeshare through a reputed, licensed real estate broker.

Is there any difference between timeshare and vacation ownership?

Actually, there is no difference between them. The fundamental of vacation ownership is the same as the timeshares, but with lot of variants.

What are advantages of owning timeshare units?

Timeshares enable the person to spend his vacation at a swanky resort located at popular destinations at just a fraction of the money of what it would cost him if he were to buy it on his own. It can not only be used by the person owning it, but also can be rented out or gifted to his friends or relatives.

Whether the owner of the timeshare will be able to sell it anytime he wants to?

Although it is not impossible to sell it, selling the timeshare can be a little bit tricky as the availability is much more than the demand actually. If the timeshare is priced competitively and advertised well, a good price can be got out of the sale.

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When Only The Best Boutique Hotels Will Do

There are times when you want to splash out and immerse yourself in luxury. Boutique hotels are the ideal places for understated opulence.

Whilst many boutique hotels fall easily into the “affordable” bracket, there are several whose sole purpose is to provide a discreet, private oasis, where your every need is met and you want for nothing. These hotels may cost more than you’re used to spending, but by the end of your stay, you’ll be working out how long it will be before you can afford to come back.

What is it about these chic hotels that makes them so desirable?


The essence of hotels at the top end of the boutique market is in the thought, planning and detail that goes into their preparation and day-to-day management. Hotels like these aren’t built overnight; they are the result of months and even years of planning, design and travel, sourcing the right materials, the right furniture and the right accessories. Discovering the elements that make up a true boutique retreat takes time, and guests benefit from the result. At a luxury boutique hotel you might find:

• Personal 24-hour butler service
• Fine dining
• Private swimming pools
• Individual villas
• Private spa facilities
• Private beach access

The thought put into these hotels is evident in the design and architecture of the hotel, the quality of the furnishings and fabrics and the attentiveness of the staff.


The location of these hotels is all-important. Guests want privacy and peace and so these hotels are often set in acres of their own land, or on strips of private beach. Tranquillity and calm are the hallmarks of luxury retreats, so you will find your own personal serenity in locations like:

• Kenya
• Bali
• The Maldives
• Fiji
• Barbados

From private islands to olive groves as far as the eye can see, these luxury retreats allow you to relax completely, exploring when you want to and doing nothing at all if that’s how you feel.

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What's To Know Before Taking An African Safari

In Swahili, the word safari means journey and is mainly aimed at hunting and exploring. Nowadays, however, the word safari is generally associated with adventure and the discovery of habitats and wildlife of the African land. And many people have experienced how truly remarkable an experience an African Safari can be in recent years.

An African safari can be undertaken in various ways, by driving throughout the African wildland or through fly-in safaris.

There are four basic types of safari through Africa:

-permanent tented safaris
-mobile safaris
-lodge safaris
-theme-based safaris, such as canoing, elephant-back, horseback or honeymoon safaris

An African safari through Southern and Eastern Africa usually takes between 10 and twenty days.

There are a few things you should do to make sure your African safari is not only exciting, but also safe. While you are planning an African safari tour, it is highly recommended to choose a well-trained an experienced safari guide, or a local tour operator who is very familiar with local conditions and etiquette. You should also make sure all the essential things for the safari are included in the package, such as accommodation, meals, ground transportation, excursion, guide or driver service and transfers.

Some of the most popular African safari destinations are Okavango Delta, Cape Town and Winelands, Kruger Park and Sabi-Sands, Chobe Park, Namib Desert, Victoria Falls, Etosha Park, Mount Kenya, Bazaruto Archipelago, Ngorongoro Crate, Forest Gorilla Treks and Kilimanjaro Mountains. African weather conditions are generally good throughout the whole year, but autumn and winter are the best seasons for safaris.

You can undertake an African safari in various ways, such as on horseback or on the back of an elephant; walking, flying, ballooning or driving through the African land. Either way you choose to do it, you will get a truly memorable experience. Once again though, it is essential to choose a tour operator with a lot of experience, strong knowledge of the local language and great contacts in Africa.

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The Acropolis in Athens - a symbol in Greece

The Acropolis in Athens is the most symbolic area in Greece. Although in ancient Greece most major cities used to have their own acropolis, this spot is known as the centre of Athens and contains the most iconic and famous ancient constructions in the entire country. This way, the Acropolis is the most visited destination in not only Athens, but in the entire Greece as well, being a major attraction for tourists from around the world who approach this region in order to meet these constructions.

The Acropolis hill, also known as the Sacred Rock, contains several ancient symbolic constructions such as per example, the Parthenon, the Temple of Nike, and the Erechtheion. These spots, built within the years 450 and 330 BC have gone through several different historical moments and meeting them is without any doubt as meeting the past in the present.

The Parthenon, in The Acropolis, is the most symbolic construction from Ancient Greece. The Parthenon was built between the years 446 and 432 BC in honor to the Goddess of Athens Athena Parthenos. This construction was built almost entirely with Pentelic marble and shows 8 columns at its two shorter sides and 17 columns at its longer ones, containing a statue of Athena in its central area.

The Temple of Athena Nike, another major construction in The Acropolis, was built around the year 420 BC. This construction shows four columns at its shorter sides and walls in the larger sides. This construction's walls contains depictures of gods' conferences and battles at each side. The Erechtelion, is another major construction in The Acropolis. This construction was originally divided in two main sections which were dedicated to the Goddess Athena and the God Poseidon.

Another major spot located in The Acropolis in Athena is The Propylaea. The Propylaea was built between the years 436 and 431 BC following a design of the architect Mnesikles. This construction was built with the purpose of being the main entrance to The Acropolis and contains rows of columns and decorated walls. It is interesting to know that, due to its paintings, this construction is often known as the Pinakotheke.

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Cheap Family Vacation Packages - Finding Good Ones Online

Finding cheap family vacation packages has never been easier with the information and speed of the internet. Family vacations can become expensive and even more so the larger the size of the family.

To search for cheap family vacation packages appropriate for you and your family, you can find results faster if you already know answers to questions like these:

1. What kind of trip do you want? Have you decided what city or destination you want? Will you travel to a single destination or will there be more than one city involved in your vacation? Do you wish to have a family theme park vacation or a specific activities-related vacation such as hiking, skiing or wind-surfing?

2. What type of cheap family vacation package do you want?

a. Flights, car and hotel
b. Flights and hotel only
c. Hotel and car only

3. Where will you be departing from and when will you leave?

4. How long will your vacation stay be?

5. How many adults, children and/or seniors will be traveling?

With answers to the above questions, you will be able to quickly begin serious online searching for the best cheap family vacation packages available.

Another type of the cheap family vacation packages becoming more and more popular are the "Road Trip" family vacations. You enter your zip code and number of hours maximum you want to drive by car, then search for popular destinations within your specified number of driving hours and the vacation packages that are available.

From mountains and beaches to national and state parks, theme parks and destination cities - there are so many possibilities available with internet search capability. Years ago, it took a lot of effort and time to search and compare vacation packages. Not any more!

Don't let finding a great vacation package price be the problem that keeps you from having that deserved vacation with your family.

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Whats so special about Samsonite luggage and what makes it different?

The Samsonite Name

The Samsonite luggage brand was launched back in 1941. It's name was derived from the biblical name of Samson, who was known for his great strength. Samsonite luggage was also known for the first brand to use leather-like material, which made their suitcases have an attractive stylish appeal, yet at a reasonable cost.

The Samsonite name is still known today for its style, quality and durability. Samsonsite is constantly on top of new innovations and designs. Samsonite luggage produces an array of sizes; including hard-side and soft-side suitcases, carry-on bags, garment bags, duffles/backpacks, business cases and even children's luggage.

Today it's still one of the world's largest and most recognized designers, manufactures and distributors of luggage and travel-related products.

The Samsonite Difference

Samsonite luggage is consistently rated highly among travel experts. Reviews offer that Samsonite luggage offers more durability, flexibility in packing, large selection of various styles and sized luggage. The reviews also state you'll find a variety of colors, along with different materials and extra compartments and pockets.

Here is just a few words that consumers used describing Samsonite luggage:

• "roomy enough for everything, but not heavy"

• "exceptional build quality"

• "great price and great value"

• "tough and functional design"

• "reasonable cost and packs like a dream"

• "very sturdy and fits well in the overhead"

• "well balanced design and stylish"

• "the luggage perfect for traveling"

Today you can find inexpensive luggage lines in local discount stores, but in reviews done, the luggage simply didn't hold up. In some cases the wheels fell off, handles broke and the material began to unravel.

So when choosing your luggage needs, remember cheaper is not always better. It's always good to research and read consumer reviews before purchasing any luggage. When you do, you'll find that the Samsonite luggage name stands for quality and dependability.

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Copper Canyon Spring Break

Spring break has always been a welcome change for many, given the holiday mood it generates. The season has an uncanny ability to elevate ones spirit. Spring is a exciting vacation period to many. One can understand this pattern as spring brings an array of colors, activities and irresistible travel offers.

Amongst the clutter of options available, one destination that could make a vacation special is a Copper Canyon in Mexico. The Copper Canyon is a network of six separate canyons, each spectacular on its own and offering a broad array of vacation activities.

Though the recommended period to visit is during the fall, one may not be able to get bookings easily during that period. Since the Copper Canyon is at an elevation of 8,000 feet, extreme climates are common, but spring is a wonderful period with crisp cool air in the morning and adequate sunshine for daytime activities.

One must take into consideration that the Copper Canyon area experiences two distinct climates, separated into two zones. The alpine zone extends into the highlands, which has mild temperatures between April-October and rain showers in July-September. The area faces much colder weather between November-March, including snowfall. There is also a sub-tropical climate in the canyons’ bottoms making it very hot and humid during May-July. Thus, if one decides to take a Copper Canyon Spring Break, the vacation promises to be just perfect, with fewer extremes in the weather. And the scenic landscape is spectacular during the spring

One activity that is exhilarating during spring break is the complete joy of a round trip train tour. Spring is a perfect time to allow for viewing all aspects of the canyon. Due to pleasant weather conditions during the spring break, a visitor may opt for horse riding, trekking or following a trail. This will allow the tourist to get a glimpse of the enormous and magnificent flora of the region. More adventurous hikers may have an opportunity to sight the semi-nomadic tribes who reside within the canyons.

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The Easy Way To Cheap Holiday Travel

Are people always telling you about the great travel deals they’ve got? Do they come back after two weeks on the beach enthusing about how little money they spent? Having trouble working out how they get hold of fantastic last-minute deals?

It’s not as difficult to find cheap discount holiday travel as you might think. A little bit of planning and research is usually all it takes.

Go online!

Although you can find good deals in high street agencies and travel publications, online travel agencies are usually the best way to find great holiday prices. Operating an online travel site incurs much lower overheads than running a shop or placing adverts in newspapers and those cost savings can be passed on to customers. The benefits of searching for discount travel online can include:

• Easy comparison – it’s easier to compare prices between online sites than high street agencies.

• Better prices – online travel agencies can usually offer much lower prices.

• Straightforward booking – nearly all internet travel agencies take bookings online so you can book your holiday without any fuss.

• Ticket-less bookings – low-cost airlines reduce costs in a variety of ways, including making check-in easier. This means that in most cases you won’t get a ticket if you book online, so you only need your confirmation number and some photo ID to board

There are lots of online discount holiday travel websites to choose from, and it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad, but if you make sure that the site you’re using complies with the following criteria, you should be on safe ground:

• Registered with a recognised professional association
• Independent
• Display registered office address and non-internet contact details
• Offer a secure payment system

By spending a little time looking for a good deal, it is possible to join the thousands of people that are benefiting from cheap holiday travel.

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Top 10 Reasons To Vacation At A Nudist Resort This Summer

Sound far fetched? Not really! Nude recreation is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. It is a booming niche market with over $400 million in annual revenues. In a recent Roper poll, 25% of Americans have gone skinny dipping.

Historically, Americans had to travel to Europe or the Caribbean to find upscale nudist resorts and hotels. However, in the last 10 years, nude recreation in America has taken off. Now, the finest nudist and clothing optional resorts in the world are found in the United States. The meccas for nude sunbathing are Palm Springs, California and Florida. Palm Springs by far is the most popular as they have 350 days of sunshine per year, beautiful, warm weather, and no mosquitos (a big plus when you aren't wearing any clothes). Palm Springs has world championship golf, casinos, shopping, theater, art galleries, museums, Joshua Tree National Park, hiking, and a host of other fun activities. Or, you just relax by the pool all day long sipping cool drinks, wonder why it took you so many years to work up the courage to consider vacationing at a clothing optional resort and get a great all over sun tan.

If you are tired of the same old boring vacations that you have been taking at chain hotels, now is the time to try something different and fun. Go ahead and call a clothing optional resort. The only thing you have to lose is your tan lines.

The top ten reasons are:

10) No funny tan lines
9) No need to take a vitamin D supplement
8) No Laundry when you return from vacation
7) Waves don't knock off swim suit top
6) The natural look takes on a whole new meaning
5) No luggage to check at airport
4) No shoes, no shirt, no problem
3) No sand in swimsuit
2) Everyday is really casual Friday
1) Clothing optional resorts are just plain fun!

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Lagos, Portugal – Casa Rosa and Joe’s Garage

If you’re a budget traveler or backpacking Europe, Lagos is a cheap slice of paradise. Casa Rosa is the place for general sustenance, while Joe’s Garage is a place to let go.

Casa Rosa

Casa Rosa claims to be the haven for backpackers in Lagos. The more you travel, the more you know such claims are rarely true. With Casa Rosa, however, I can confirm the claim is true. This hole in the wall served heaping mounds of the food of the day for really cheap prices. It was packed with backpackers, which made it a good place to meet people and exchange war stories.

I haven’t been to Portugal for four years, so I have to attach a caveat to recommending Casa Rosa. When I first visited Casa Rosa in the 1990’s, it was owned by a couple of Brits, who were apparently trying to sell it. I dropped in twice in subsequent years and they were still there and still trying to sell it. Whether this ever occurred, I can’t really say so keep in mind there may be a new owner or the place may not exist at all.

Joe’s Garage

In every town or city, there is one “underground” night spot you just have to visit. Of course, you first have to find out about it and then figure out where it is. People “in the know” typically heavily guard this information. For years, Joe’s Garage has been such a place in Lagos.

The recommend attire for Joe’s Garage is a bathing suit, t-shirt and flip flops. The place appears to have no ventilation whatsoever and is insanely hot. Turning a negative into a positive, the owners have a strong water policy. Water shoots out of the ceiling, mouths of statutes on the wall and water guns expertly aimed by bartenders. If you were glasses, just leave them at home.

Joe’s is open from around ten in the evening until the hour you stagger out. It is located on Rua Primiero de Mayo, but don’t bother writing that down. The place has so little signage that you could be standing in front and completely miss it. The best way to find it is to follow the late night crowd as they begin filing out of the bars around midnight.

Lagos is an ideal spot for budget travelers. The town is has beaches, nightlife and is cheap. Enjoy!

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Finding A Good Hotel Cheap - 6 Essential Tips

Do you really want a cheap hotel? Dirty carpets, smelly bathrooms, no hot water and greasy food. Unlikely.

You are really looking for a good hotel, cheap.

Why pay more than you have to for your hotel? If you search for a particular hotel on any search engine you will find wide a range of prices for the same room. You do not want a cheap hotel so much as a good hotel for the minimum cost, so YOU are the one paying the lowest rate in the hotel.

1. Choose a hotel based on recommendations.

Personal recommendations are not always possible, but look for booking sites that have a customer comments page. The reports are well worth checking out. They are usually short and people only bother if they have had a particularly good stay or if they have unfavorable comments to make. Comments like - Bathroom had smell of urine in the carpet, tell you far more than a glossy brochure or website ever could.

2. Use the Internet

The Internet allows you to compare prices, facilities and meal packages far more easily than was ever possible before.

3. Be flexible in dates

If you are flexible in dates, hotels or room facilities you can indeed drive a deal. Avoid Weekend travel, stay midweek, and at all costs, avoid school holiday periods.

4. Be flexible in location

If you are prepared to stay in less popular cities or on the outskirts rather than the city center you will get a better deal.

5.Check the Airline and Car rental company sites

The airline or rental company get a kickback (commission) from the hotels yet their deals can still be some of the best around.

6. Look out for last minute deals

If you can do so, and all you are looking for is a break away, then check out the Internet for last minute deals. These offer outstanding value.

Remember - It is not a cheap hotel you are looking for so much as a good hotel, cheap.