Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Changes to Australian Working Holiday Visa programme

Significant changes to Australia’s popular Working Holiday Maker Visa came into effect on 1 July 2006. The changes give holiday makers the opportunity to work and study for longer in Australia and the chance to extend their visa for another year by offering an increased selection of seasonal jobs in regional areas.

Working Holiday Maker (WHM) Visa applications are now subject to the following changes:

• increased work rights; the ability to work for any one employer for 6 months, rather than the 3 previously allowed
• increased stuffy rights; the ability to study for 4 months, rather the 3 previously allowed
• increased selection of seasonal jobs in regional areas; leading to a second working holiday visa of an additional 12 months

‘Although the primary group of applicants for this visa are young gap year students, university students and backpackers, in the last 12 months or so we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of young professionals taking career breaks,’ said Oonagh Baerveldt, spokesperson Australian Visa Bureau.

‘They are frustrated or feeling burnt out and want to take a year out. The WHM visa is a good solution because you don’t need to dip into your savings to travel – you work to travel.’

‘The ability to work in the same job for 6 months means travellers can choose to be transient or settled whereas before they were looking for a new job every 3 months,’ said Baerveldt. ‘This ‘new and improved visa’ is ideal for travellers who are looking for a careers change and want to spend some time studying and some time gaining practical experience.’

‘We’re expecting a considerable spike in the number of WHM visa applications we receive over the next two weeks. Since these changes were announced it’s been relatively quiet and we’ve even held back applications on request that they only be lodged on or after 1 July,’ said Baerveldt.

‘Anyone interested in taking a year or two out in Australia under the Working Holiday Maker visa program should visit our website and complete the WHM Online Assessment to make sure they meet all of the requirements,’ said Baerveldt.

Australian Working Holiday Maker Visas are available to passport holders from 11 different countries, including the United Kingdome and Ireland. Visa applicants must be between the ages of 18-30 (inclusive), have no dependent children and must be able to support themselves financially for the duration of their trip to Australia.

The Australian Government issued 93, 760 working holiday visas in 2003/4; of those 47, 321 were to UK and Irish nationals.

Jumat, 29 April 2011

Why Is The Atlantic Ocean So Desirable?

Well it might be wise to start this column off by stating that it comes with a bias. I love the Atlantic Ocean and I would not move away from it in a million years. My bias comes from the first 22 years of my life living on the beaches of Santa Barbara over on the west coast.

Not what you expected to hear I bet! Most people that grow up in California either stay there, right on the coast, or at least stay on the western side of the states where they can at least enjoy the mountains. I however have quite a different take, not an unpopular one either, especially after you are able to hear and to think about what you are able to hear and think about what you are about to read and ponder in the following paragraphs about the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean.

Growing up on the west coast was great don’t get me wrong but there were certainly things that tainted the beautiful serenity of the Pacific ocean for me that are not associated with the Atlantic ocean in my mind.

Number one thing would be the drugs. Basically in California if you weren’t a weirdo you were high on some chemical that made you forget about the high cost of living that you had to deal with and the constant threat of earthquakes ever lurking on the horizon of my anxiety. The mixture of these more than average stressors drove me to cocaine and heroin, which was everywhere you turned in sunny California and especially on the beaches. I’m sickened to think about the dragnet that this was for me and a lot of other folks who wasted their chance at a productive start on the shores of an ocean that was not the Atlantic Ocean.

The other main thing I love about the Atlantic Ocean is the relative lack of surfing, a sport I once loved but now detest. I lost my love to the jaws of a viscous Pacific Ocean shark as she was paddling out on a large wave day you see, and have renounced the sport that took so much from me. Its not that the east coast waters don’t have sharks its just that they are colder and less enjoyable to surf in (less waves.)

So overall it isn’t a love of the Atlantic Ocean for me so much as it is a hatred for the Pacific Ocean that haunts me with all of the deepest recesses of my life that I want to recover from and forget about. Maybe this way I will be able to fall asleep at night without valium.

Kamis, 28 April 2011

Choose The Perfect Accommodations

One of the best ways to make a great vacation quickly horrible is to choose the wrong accommodations for your trip. There is nothing quite as bad as spending a great day of vacation only to come back to a less-than-great place to stay for the night. Anytime you are away from home it is important to choose the best accommodations for your comfort and enjoyment. It doesn't matter if you are going on a three week trip to Europe of if you are going to a weekend wedding celebration, choosing accommodations should be on the top of your list no matter what.

One of the most important things to remember when you begin to search for accommodations is yourself. Knowing your interests, preferences, and the things that are most important to you in any place you stay is necessary in choosing the right accommodations. For example, you should know whether you prefer an all-inclusive type luxury hotel or a quiet cabin that is off the beaten path. Know the things that will make a trip amazing or horrible for you and then don't settle for accommodations that are different than what you want.

Your budget is another thing to consider when you're looking for great accommodations for any event. Sure, you might love to stay in the nicest five-star hotel a city offers, but if your budget calls for something a little more modest then it is best to agree with your budget. Keep in mind, however, that your budget should look different based on how important the event or trip is to you. Your honeymoon, for example, should be a higher priority than the accommodations for your next business trip or even for the wedding of a friend. Don't be afraid to alter your budget for accommodations from trip to trip, just don't expect for each getaway to be as nice as the rest.

Your personal taste and style can help you determine what is the best accommodations for you in any situation. Go for a place that offers the ammenities that you desire and that feels comfortable and relaxing to you. If having a jaccuzi tub is important to you, then look for accommodations that offer them at no extra charge.

The important thing in any travel situation is to stay somewhere that is restful, relaxing, and peaceful. So whatever it takes for you to be at peace, find accommodations that match your needs. You will enjoy any event, holiday or vacation more if you're stayin in a great place.

Rabu, 27 April 2011

Make Your Cruise Memorable

Taking a vacation cruise is a one-of-a-kind experience. Even people who take cruises often consider each one different, with new locales and destinations, different boats, and different activities and experiences on board. It's a great idea to preserve your memories of each trip in a special way so you can get the most out of your vacation by remembering it for years to come. There are a few small things you can do along the way to make this process simpler when you get back to dry land.

Don't be shy about taking pictures! Some people avoid doing this because they feel it makes them look too 'touristy.' But all of your fellow passengers are tourists, and it's the staff is certainly used to tourists. So if the kids get involved in a dance contest, or the chandelier in the dining room is fabulous, feel free to snap a picture. If you catch them at the right times, the crew in uniform is usually very open and willing to get into a picture with you. Ask nicely when they're not busy, and get a great shot of the captain or a crewmember in full regalia. Get cheesy if you want to; ask a fellow passenger to take a photo of you and your spouse waving by the side of the boat. My parents took a cruise when they were first married, and their favorite snapshot from the trip is one of my father pretending to throw my mother overboard. Well, whatever floats your boat, as they say. Make it campy, make it silly, make it romantic... just make it memorable.

Keep in mind that if you're planning on making a scrapbook or a memory box of your trip later, the secret is to save, save, save! Maybe your ticket stub doesn't look like much while you're on the boat, but years later you will love to see it. Your room reservation holds valuable details that might just remind you someday that you had a western window or a terrible cot that folded out of the wall. Ask the waiter for copies of menus or carbons of your check so you can remember what you had at that memorable first dinner on the water. Save your slips from the casino if you decide to give your luck a try- it might make you cringe to remember you lost $50 in bingo, but at least you'll remember it!

So enjoy your cruise. Make good memories, and preserve them. Steal the soap if you must; but there are better souvenirs to be had. You just have to look for them!

Selasa, 26 April 2011

Cheap Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance, a cheap one? Planning a ski trip or golfing holiday? Maybe you’re going to explore the world with nothing but a rucksack and a two-man tent on your back? Whatever break or holiday you’ve got planned, you’ll need travel insurance. Get cheap annual travel insurance for individual, couple and family holiday insurance at competitive prices.

Your benefits with online annual travel insurance!
• Automatically include winter sports cover for free
• No limits on the number of trips taken each year
• Choice of policies with trip duration limits of between 45 and 90 days

You can choose to insure a short trip or you insure your annual holiday on the whole, if you travel abroad more frequently. You can travel alone, as a single parent, a same sex couple, a family or a group. No matter what the mix, there are a wide range of travel insurance options and cheap holiday insurance specialists, you would expect nothing less.

Get benefited from the best priced travel insurance with excellent cover, provide by travel insurance specialists who take customer service as seriously as you do. With single trip travel insurance, insurers can protect you for anything up to a year away from home and with a maximum age of 79, and can insure most people’s holidays.

Breathe easy if you have pre- existing medical conditions too. You can still be insured under the same cover.

The activities that you can indulge in while you are on your trip:
• Winter Sporting breaks
• Annual travel cover
• Single Trip cover
• Business Trip
• Backpacking treks
• Over 65s travel insurance

Cheap Annual Travel Insurance covers an emergency cash transfer, if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, you can get an emergency fund (cash loss only up to £100). Up to £250 total valuables limit to replace your stolen or damaged items. Avail a long stay backpacker policy too.

With students and gap year customers embarking on a backpacking adventure holiday, online travel insurance can cover medical and emergency cover for single trip or long term covering up to 18 months in length.

Get instant quotes and travel insurance documentation online, experts at desk can help you get answers for your questions and help decide the right insurance cover you require. If you plan to take more than two trips per year it some times is cheaper to buy an annual holiday insurance policy than buy two separate single trip travel insurance available. The choice is yours, make a right decision.

Senin, 25 April 2011

Southampton Airport: a cheap gateway to the UK?

The rise of the internet seems to have brought many benefits, one of which has undoubtedly been the increasing flexibility that we now have at our disposal when booking holidays.

This is particularly true in the case of flights. Online flight price comparison websites ensure that we can shop around to seek out the best deal from a variety of agents and airlines.

People flying to and from the United Kingdom have possibly benefited more than most. There seem to be numerous budget airlines based in the UK, allowing easy access to Europe at cheap prices. The new budget airlines have also brought benefits for regional airports – the likes of Exeter, Bournemouth, Doncaster, Southampton and Norwich have been growing a great deal.

Let’s look at one of these specifically – Southampton Airport. This airport on the outskirts of the Southern coastal city was relatively small until recently, specialising in flights to the Channel Islands. The arrival of Flybe has meant that much has changed. There are now flights in and out of Southampton from beautiful cities like Geneva, Paris and Amsterdam. Not to mention the cheap flights available to popular holiday resorts.

Despite this growth, Southampton often seems to be overlooked as an arrival airport for travellers looking to get to the UK on a budget. This is particularly strange given the close proximity of Southampton Airport to London (it is, after all, barely an hour by train from the airport’s dedicated mainline railway station to London Waterloo, in the heart of the capital city).

This short journey time means that Southampton is barely further away from Central London than Stansted. You’ll also find that processing of your baggage at the airport tends to be much faster than that found at more major airports, since there are less incoming flights. Taking this into the equation, you may well find that your journey time could even be reduced.

So next time you’re looking to visit London (or maybe looking for a cheap flight out of the UK) don’t forget to look at the offers available at Southampton Airport. You may find that the prices will come as a pleasant surprise, while the journey into Central London is so straightforward that you’ll not lose any time on your holiday.

Minggu, 24 April 2011

Different Types of Timeshare

Timeshares are great way of enjoying the vacation while owning the piece of property with a standard of quality, through which personal expectations are satisfied year after year with the certainty of good facilities with comfortable accommodation made available to the person owning it. The concept of timeshare enables the person to experience a quality holiday among the company of fellow owners like him.

The timeshare concept is very simple. A person enjoys ownership by buying a week or weeks for a fixed number of years or for his lifetime in a luxury holiday resort or home. The owner only pays for his share for the upkeep and development of the property he owns. High quality of furnishing and amenities are made very affordable because the developmental cost is shared among all the owners.

Different types of timeshare ownerships:

Fixed timeshares: This kind of timeshare is only for a particular week or days of the year. The resort sells the particular unit of time says a week or weeks of the year to the person who is willing to buy it. The rest of the year, other owners in similar fashion utilize it.

Floating timeshare units: A floating timeshare too is only for a particular period of time fixed. But there is no specification of dates and that is the advantage of floating timeshares, say the owner is eligible to stay for a week of summer, it can be defined by the owner, which week of summer he would like to holiday.

Rotational timeshare units: This combines the benefits of both the fixed and the floating type of timeshares. The rotation of holiday stay can go either backwards or forward on the season and calendar, giving opportunity to all owners on a rotational basis.

Apart from the above three types of timeshares there are two more kinds of ownerships of timeshare properties, one being the deeded and the other right to use type of ownership. According to the deed property, the owner owns a bit of the real property, bought and sold under the by-laws of the community according to the owner’s wishes. The right to use kind, allows the person to have right on the property for a particular period of time for a fixed number of years, after which he does not have any rights on the unit or facilities or the time slot.

Due to the increase in popularity of timeshare concepts apart from the resorts and apartment style accommodations, it is possible to have a cruise ship timeshare, campground timeshare, yacht and even private jet kinds.

Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Norwich Union Travel Insurance Highlight Holiday Hazard Hotspots

At a time when many UK families are getting excited about their forthcoming holiday Norwich Union has compiled a list of destinations most likely to cause problems. The list is based upon Norwich Union's extensive claims database.

The report highlighted some old chestnuts but also revealed some less likely destinations. Mexico topped the list for claims following sun over-exposure, whilst the Caribbean also found the top spot for insect bites and stings.

The ugly face of crime raises its head in South Africa but both old British favorites, Spain and the Canaries are both highlighted as a risk for robbery and pick pocketing. Thailand was also mention for theft problems, but the report also advised unwary travelers should also be aware of tummy problems, traffic accidents and lost belongings.

Norwich Union were also quick to point out that most holidays go without hitch and the purpose of the report is not to worry tourists, merely to make them aware. Western Europe appeared to offer,in the main, the safest destinations, with Ireland pipping Belguim, Holland, Germany and France.

Norwich Union advise however that whilst the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers many potential problems it won't cover all costs and will not cover rescue or repatriation. An important point being that the biggest cause of problems when abroad is unforeseen medical emergencies.

When you consider the cost of your holiday a little extra expense in the form of adequate travel insurance cover would seem a prudent step. Although of course due diligence should also be practised.

Norwich Union offer the following tips for a hazard-free holiday;-

Lost/Misplaced belongings
Keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Do not leave them unattended and ensure you don’t check in your valuables while traveling, keep them with you, in a safe place.

Lock belongings in a safe when in a hotel.

Be aware of open windows and doors in your villa or hotel room – they attract opportunist thieves.

Robbery with violence
Be aware of your surroundings and look purposeful. Avoid looking lost, confused or distracted as this makes you an easier target for opportunist thieves.

Find out the emergency phone numbers used in the area you are visiting.

Tummy problems
Eat food that has been freshly prepared or thoroughly cooked, avoiding food that has been left standing for long periods.

Avoid ice in drinks in countries where you can’t drink the tap water (often it is not made from bottled water).

Be aware that salads may also have been washed in tap water.

Jumat, 22 April 2011

Superyacht marina phuket | Superyacht phuket | tgr | Yacht marina phuket

Jumeirah Private Island Phuket to be home to most exclusive super Yacht Marina and Yacht Club in Asia Pacific.

HONG KONG, 8th January 2008 - Jumeirah Private Island Phuket, one of Asia Pacific’s most exclusive developments is scheduled for completion in 2009 and set to offer levels of luxury, privacy and security as yet unseen in Asia Pacific. It will also be home to an elite mega yacht marina and the invitation-only Jumeirah Private Island Yacht Club.

Designed to top international specifications, the fully-inclusive marina is being built in a protected lagoon on the east coast of the island and will offer a range of top-notch facilities including 101 larger than standard berths (from 10-70 metres) capable of accommodating super yachts of up to 70m with 24-hour security, electronic surveillance and fully lit walkways.

Other features include a fuel dock with pump out facility, a 5-metre depth at the marina entrance to accommodate larger berths (3.5 metre depth for rest of basin), power pedestals, wireless internet, electric vehicle pick up and complete yacht maintenance and repair services.

The invitation-only Jumeirah Private Island Phuket Yacht Club will feature a state-of-the-art clubhouse with luxury accommodation, super yacht marina phuket, super yachts phuket, superyacht marina phuket, superyacht phuket, superyachts phuket, spa, gym and restaurants and will be host to regular regattas and exclusive Black Tie functions.

There is no tax on luxury yachts in Phuket and fuel, crew and dockage costs are up to 80 percent lower than those in Europe.

All property owners on Jumeirah Private Island Resort will enjoy full access to both the marina and yacht club.

Sales enquiries can be directed to Anthony Franklin, Partner & Marketing Director,

T. + 66 (0) 81968 5352/

More information can be found at

Kamis, 21 April 2011

Find The Perfect City Retreat

Is it possible to stay in the middle of a city and still have an oasis of calm to retreat to?

The aim of any boutique hotel is to provide guests with a welcoming, comfortable environment that reflects its design and location. In city centre hotels, that design and environment is influenced by many things and the hotel must decide which type of guests it is catering to.

Nightlife Boutique

There are many cities that are referred to as 24-hour cities. New York is famously known as “the city that never sleeps”, whilst Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Bangkok and many others enjoy a reputation for partying and good nights out. It’s unsurprising then that the number of hotels catering for those people who live life to the full is increasing. Creating a hip, funky hotel for this market is a good move. More often than not, the men and women that come to enjoy themselves in these cities are well-paid and happy to spend their money on good design, spacious rooms and flamboyant cuisine. Making your hotel part of your nightlife adds more to the experience and those boutiques that integrate popular bars or restaurants into their premises will attract large number of guests eager to stay where the action is. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a retreat in the usual sense, for these visitors it’s exactly what’s needed.

Pamper Boutique

You don’t have to run a huge spa hotel in acres of land in order to offer the sort of pampering that city visitors want. Business visitors and tourists alike enjoy the benefits of a small, exclusive hotel that offers a range of spa and beauty treatments. A massage, facial or body treatment helps to reduce stress and induce relaxation, and if that’s followed by a freshly-prepared meal, or a quiet chat in an informal lounge while the city rushes past you, then all the better.

Design Boutique

All boutique hotels are built around an essential and integral design. Some city hotels opt for a design which automatically turns to building into a cool, calm retreat, no matter where it is. The colour schemes, choice of furnishings, fittings and linens and attention to detail all contribute to an atmosphere that’s immediately welcoming and relaxing. These hotels really are designed to make you feel as though you’ve entered a different world.

Rabu, 20 April 2011

Hotel Style: From Chic To Chill

There’s no shortage of design themes when it comes to chic hotel style. How do owners and designers create their distinctive approach?


Colour, as anyone who’s ever decorated will know, is vital to the overall feel and atmosphere of a room. Hotels use colour to create space, warmth and light and to differentiate one area from another. Many mainstream hotels opt to keep their colours neutral, offsetting them with colours in curtain and bedding fabrics, but boutique hotels are more daring, using colour to define the hotel’s style as well as its ambience. Neutral colours are popular everywhere, with accents of brighter colours to lift the room, but many hotels choose darker, more opulent colours and bright modern colours to complement the overall theme of the building.

Texture and materials

Texture is important in design and it helps to reflect a boutique hotel’s personality. Whether it’s the warmth of wood or the sterility of stainless steel, the materials and textures used in a hotel help to define the type of hotel it’s trying to be. Minimalist hotels often use smooth textures and industrial materials, whilst those encouraging their guests to really relax will choose sumptuous fabrics and tactile furnishings. Leather, cotton, velvet in the furnishings and limestone, wood or marble on the floors all define a sense of design and luxury that turns an ordinary hotel into a special one.


Some boutique hotels are obviously themed whilst others are subtle, but a single design theme is usually carried throughout all aspects of the hotel in order to achieve a sense of individual personality and style. A deliberately obvious theme, such as music or literature, will manifest itself in the way the public spaces are designed and used – a music room, or a guest library – as well as in the room names and décor and the types of activities available to guests. A more subtle theme will be evidenced in carefully chosen accessories, complimentary welcome packages or services and dining areas.

The great thing about boutique hotels is that every one is different. Whilst there are common elements such as design and service that distinguish this type of hotel from the mainstream, what really makes a boutique hotel boutique should be evident as soon as you walk through the door.

Selasa, 19 April 2011

Safe web site booking of your discount travel package

Many claim that they serve the best discount offers in flight tickets and save rate hotels. With the growth in travel market and changing psychology of people who prefer to book online for their travel needs there is mushrooming of websites everyday.
Typically travel websites contain a search form and some details about the places and some banners. But many search forms doesn’t work or rather slow comparing to the fast world of Travel. Searching the world of database pertaining to hotels , flights or cruises needs the provider to store and process updated information. Search engine should be efficient enough to search, consolidate and display the required information of the browser.

Most often websites fail in doing so. For example in flight search, you may be happy to see a cheap price on display with one stop. If you falsely book without looking at the stop hours, you will end up wasting several hours for the second hop. Some hotel search engines first show you list price hotels and then save rate hotels in that order. But you may save lot of money with hot deal save rate hotels if booked online.

Next there is a question of whom to believe and who to rely on. Are they really following the guidelines of privacy and security?
Do they stick on to the commitments they made at the time of booking?
Is it backed by network of travel industry? These are some of the questions you should raise in your mind before committing yourself. Customer live support should be there at any time for you to verify. The website should be able to provide link for status verification of your reservation and for cancellations as well.

There is lot of developments in today’s technology. The customers can track the flights live position where it is now flying etc., Many sites provide this facility online for their clients. If you are buying in your currency which is different from what is followed in the website, check if the website follows the standard money exchange rates. Some times you may loose money heavily in exchange conversion rates.

Status tracking should always be possible from the website. Let it be flight or Hotel reservation the browsers should be able to track the status for upgrades, monitoring and cancellations using their reservation ID. Or else you will be kept in dark about the status.

This author of the article is Sam of

Senin, 18 April 2011

Tips For Keeping Your Money Safe While On Vacation

When it comes to spending money on vacation you have three main choices. Credit cards, cash, or traveler's checks.

Credit cards are the safest way to pay for your vacation. If they are stolen you have limited liability and they are easily replaced. The ability to dispute the charges with the credit card company give you protection against poor merchandise or service.

Many transactions such as hotel reservations and car rentals are impossible without a credit card. When traveling overseas you can usually get the best exchange rates using your plastic but beware. The credit card companies have been charging high fees for the privilege and usually don't tell you ahead of time.

The downside to credit cards is they can be unreliable, especially overseas. You can be in for a real hassle if your card is declined by the merchant or a foreign ATM machine. The chances of this happening are real and increase dramatically when traveling to second and third world countries.

When you use your credit card, don't let it out of your sight even if it means following your waiter to the register. Before you put the card back in your wallet make sure that it belongs to you.

Cash is the most reliable way to carry money but of course, it is the least safe. American cash is accepted everywhere and you can often haggle for better prices with cash.

But there are many dangers when carrying cash. The most obvious is that it makes you a target for thieves. Don't flash it around.

Hide your cash on your person but not in a waist money belt. Find or make a pocket on the inside of your clothing where it is difficult to get at. Then keep a small amount in a spare wallet for your walking around cash. You can keep one credit card in with the cash and it doesn't hurt to throw in some other expendable junk to make it look good. This is what you hand over if you are robbed.

Don't keep all your cash on your person. Hide some in your personal belongings. Be inventive about finding good hiding places. The hotel safe is a good place to stash a portion. If you spread it around then you won't be cleaned out in one shot.

Travelers checks are arguably the best way form of money for your vacation with. You can use them almost as readily as cash and they can be easily replaced.

The best way to handle your vacation money is with a combination of all three methods. )

Minggu, 17 April 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy, Rent a Villa

A family vacation to “The Happiest Place on Earth” is a rewarding experience you will never forget. With so much to see and do, it has become increasingly important to a lot of visitors that they plan accordingly and reserve comfortable and spacious accommodations. If you are traveling with children, the open spaces in a vacation home or villa will translate into added silence and downtime after a long day at the parks.

We’ve all been there before. As you’re trying to unwind in a cramped hotel room, the kids become restless of their boredom and begin to jump from double-bed to double-bed in order to work off their left-over energy. If you put enough people in a cramped space, stress levels can rise rather quickly. A single television in a small hotel room is an argument waiting to happen. Vacation homes and pool villas, by comparison, usually come furnished with televisions in each room. Today, it has become easier and cheaper for the average tourist to avoid situations like these.

Vacation homes and pool villas in the Orlando area average in the $700-$900/weekly price range. Most of these homes can sleep 6+ guests as opposed to the standard 4 in a hotel room. If you were to reserve a hotel room (or two) for 6-8 guests you may need to prepare to pay upwards of $1,500 for a week’s stay. When planning a family stay in Orlando for at least a week, there really is no other way to go.

A hotel complex may have one entertaining amenity if you are lucky: a community pool. If you and your family value privacy, most vacation homes come with a personal swimming pool in the property’s backyard. This way, parents can easily supervise their children from the comfort of home. Spark up the Bar-B-Q on the back porch and have dinner ready as the kids exit the pool for the day! Many villa communities also include tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts within walking distance.

A vacation home in the Disney World Resort vicinity truly offers the best of both worlds. The convenience of staying near Disney and the opportunity to explore everything else Orlando has to offer. You may choose to venture out a few miles and do a little shopping at the Premier Outlets just off of Interstate 4, eat out at one of the many find dining destinations in the Orlando metro area, or delve into Orlando’s buzzing downtown district. Either way you decide to plan your vacation, be sure to make renting a villa or vacation home a habit wherever you travel.

Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Traveller's Journal: Snowdonia National Park - Day 4

For the first time this week Llanberis awoke bathed in sunshine. The gorgeous weather had stirred more than most from their beds at the Royal Victoria Hotel. The breakfast room was buzzing with activity.

Despite my early start I still could not catch a seat in the conservatory and the magnificent views of the village. Once more I took my table with the four walls for company and tucked into some hearty cereals. I skipped the traditional English breakfast. Though nice, it can get a little tedious day after day.

After breakfast I decided to explore the hotel grounds. The hotel sits amongst 30 acres of woodland before backing into Padarn Country Park. Kitted and booted I made my way to the back of the car park and picked up the trail into the woods.

The earlier rain had made ground slippy underfoot; puddles of mud were everywhere making progress a little tricky. A narrow path led from the car park and climbed gently until sounds of the cars along the main road were all but inaudible.

The only noise was the songs of birds dancing in the trees and scurrying in the undergrowth searching for grubs. A rushing river could be heard faintly in the distance whilst the suns rays penetrated the branches overhead illuminating the foliage around me.

I soon came to a small fence which I scaled with ease. Once past the fence the land began to open up more. Dolbadarn Castle was now visible at the top of the hill. The castle ruins date back to the thirteenth century.

Most of the building has crumbled away over time. All that remains now is the castle keep and what's left of the old castle walls. But she remains a grand sight and I made my way up the winding path to the entrance of the keep.

The narrow spiral staircase was remarkably well preserved and I began the careful ascent to the top. The tight twisting steps felt uncomfortable to climb. You find yourself leaning forward and palming the steps at head height to help maintain your balance. I would imagine in wet weather it becoming treacherous underfoot.

You reach the top just grateful to still be in one piece, but what a magnificent view. Peering through the narrow slit opening the beauty of lake Lynn Padarn fills your view, bordered by the magnificent Snowdonia mountains. It makes it all worthwhile.

Jumat, 15 April 2011

Holidays With Boutique Style

If style and comfort matter to you, then book a boutique hotel the next time you go away from home.

Boutique hotels are designed to offer you a travel experience you won’t forget. Their interiors, fittings, facilities and services are carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the very best of everything during your stay. There are as many different styles as there are hotels, but what binds them all together in this class of accommodation is their design flair and attention to detail.

Destination boutique

No matter where you want to go, there will be a hotel with style and individuality that will turn your trip into an experience. Whether you’re heading to London or New York on business, or taking a romantic holiday to the Caribbean or Bali, choosing a boutique-style hotel can really make a difference. These hotels deliver:

• Style – whether its minimalist chic, classic contemporary or ethnically-inspired, the design and décor of hotels in this category really matters. Owners spend a lot of time researching themes and tracking down furniture, fabrics and accessories that give them the look they want, without compromising on comfort or quality. It’s this planning, creativity and style-conscious attitude that turns an everyday guesthouse into a chic establishment.

• Atmosphere – it’s really important that these hotels feel different as soon as you walk in. It may be to do with the way you’re greeted, or the location of the reception area. It may be the welcome tray or gift package that’s left in your room, or it could be the restaurant that’s packed with locals because it’s so good. Whatever it is that distinguishes the boutique hotel from the chain hotel is immediately apparent in its atmosphere.

• Service – whilst other hotels are busy telling you about how great their service is, these hotels are getting on and doing it. They only employ the best staff and ensure that they really do know how to anticipate guests’ needs and how to go that little bit further to ensure that guests feel at home. Whether its an honesty bar in the sleek lounge area, or last-minute theatre tickets, these hotels ensure that you are comfortable asking for help and that you receive the levels of service that sets boutique accommodation apart.

Kamis, 14 April 2011

Holidays With Boutique Style

If style and comfort matter to you, then book a boutique hotel the next time you go away from home.

Boutique hotels are designed to offer you a travel experience you won’t forget. Their interiors, fittings, facilities and services are carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the very best of everything during your stay. There are as many different styles as there are hotels, but what binds them all together in this class of accommodation is their design flair and attention to detail.

Destination boutique

No matter where you want to go, there will be a hotel with style and individuality that will turn your trip into an experience. Whether you’re heading to London or New York on business, or taking a romantic holiday to the Caribbean or Bali, choosing a boutique-style hotel can really make a difference. These hotels deliver:

• Style – whether its minimalist chic, classic contemporary or ethnically-inspired, the design and décor of hotels in this category really matters. Owners spend a lot of time researching themes and tracking down furniture, fabrics and accessories that give them the look they want, without compromising on comfort or quality. It’s this planning, creativity and style-conscious attitude that turns an everyday guesthouse into a chic establishment.

• Atmosphere – it’s really important that these hotels feel different as soon as you walk in. It may be to do with the way you’re greeted, or the location of the reception area. It may be the welcome tray or gift package that’s left in your room, or it could be the restaurant that’s packed with locals because it’s so good. Whatever it is that distinguishes the boutique hotel from the chain hotel is immediately apparent in its atmosphere.

• Service – whilst other hotels are busy telling you about how great their service is, these hotels are getting on and doing it. They only employ the best staff and ensure that they really do know how to anticipate guests’ needs and how to go that little bit further to ensure that guests feel at home. Whether its an honesty bar in the sleek lounge area, or last-minute theatre tickets, these hotels ensure that you are comfortable asking for help and that you receive the levels of service that sets boutique accommodation apart.

Rabu, 13 April 2011

How to Get the Most Exchange for your Timeshare Vacation Dollars

Do you know how to avoid a Timeshare Vacation Trap? Timeshares have become a very popular alternative for families wishing to spend quality time together during the various school holiday seasons, yet everyone has heard the horror stories of people getting trapped in a Timeshare dilemma.

You spend a lot of money to have fun with your family. No one wants to get stuck with a place they can not sell, and no longer wish to visit. To avoid this trap you first need to consider the reasons you want to buy a Timeshare.

Do you like to go to the same place every year? If you do then buying the exact week, in the exact apartment or lodge in your chosen resort is a fantastic idea. If going to the same place year after year sounds kind of boring, then perhaps you want to make use of an exchange company to visit different resorts and countries each and every year! There are over 5,000 resorts world wide to choose from. To most the concept of being able to explore different places around the world represents an ideal vacation alternative. Yet it’s not always possible to exchange the week that you own for the one that you want! Is there some way to better your odds?

The answer to this question is in fact yes, it is possible to better your odds. The key is in understanding how Timeshare exchanges work. The concept of the timeshare exchange is simple. You are swapping a weeks vacation in one place for a weeks vacation in another place. A like for like exchange. So how then do they measure to compare the value of one week to that of another week in a different place?

The answer is simple. It really comes down to supply versus demand. The most popular Timeshare units are the larger ones in the highest quality resorts. The most popular times to travel are during the busiest holiday seasons when schools are closed and universities are on break. To have the maximum trading power you would need to purchase the largest and highest quality Timeshare unit, for a week that falls in the busiest season that you can afford. You may not always get an equal trade on your unit, but you will most likely get a good quality unit during your requested time period.

Never consider a Timeshare as a "financial" investment. Do not be misled by salesmen's figures and projections. The timeshare is an investment in lifestyle. It’s a way of having a five star vacation without having to own your own five-star-resort.

Selasa, 12 April 2011

Tourism Is Back In Full Swing In Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is back, better than ever! Over a hundred Mexico resorts have reopened and the state tourism minister predicts Cancun will draw as many visitors in 2006 as it did two years ago. And the travel deals are great! If you haven’t been, now may be the best time to take a vacation to Cancun.

Since Hurricane Wilma hit in late October, the clean up has been moving fast. In fact, commercial and charter flights are back on regular schedules and many of the Cancun hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, golf courses and clubs have reopened. Even the ancient Mayan sites of Tulum and Coba are open and looking better than ever. In an effort to repair the beaches, engineers have been working around the clock building the equivalent of two American football fields of beach a day by collecting the displaced sand, from 22 miles off shore, onto two ships and re-depositing it back in it’s original location.

The hotels and shops in Cancun continue to deliver exceptional, very personalized and attentive service. Clearly, Cancun wants everyone to come on back!

Additional Notes about the Restoration

Beach Restoration Project Moving Forward: A $17 million beach restoration project, funded by the Mexican government, is currently underway. The project, which is expected to take about eight months to complete, will restore and augment beaches along the 7 1/2-mile stretch between Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.

It’s a Divers Paradise: Divers are enjoying less crowds, great conditions and personalized service now that those areas have re-opened. Helping Get the Word Out: Expedia is working closely with travel industry partners in Cancun to create more awareness about the region as well as setting up smart business practices for local merchants that will keep more money in the local communities.

New jobs: Cancun has added 10,000 new jobs since the Hurricane

Its time to go to Cancun

So, when you make travel plans this year, don’t forget about Mexico’s number one vacation destination. Cancun has received a real facelift with remodeled shopping centers, new hotels and restored beaches. The government, business owners and local people look forward your arrival.

Senin, 11 April 2011

Student Travel Insurance – for your safety!

Many student travellers overlook insurance, but it can be tremendously important, providing peace of mind for you and your family back home. Student Travel Insurance offers you a solace when you’ve planned to travel abroad. Most policies provide insurance cover for your baggage, medical expenses and cancellation, making sure you have the help you need when you need it most. When buying a policy, check with your insurer that it covers you for any extra activities you may participate in, such as bungee jumping, white water rafting.

When planning on travelling abroad in a gap year, cheap travel insurance is absolutely vital for peace of mind and safety. Take a look online to find student flights, bus, rail and travel insurance. Travelling abroad in a gap year is recommended by many colleges and universities as it offers great experience for students as well.

There are a number of excellent travelogue sites online, offering advice and suggestions from experienced travellers. Many blogs focus on specific areas and can offer fantastic insight into your chosen destination. Just ensure that you leave a planned itinerary at home. Your family and friends can have a check on your progress.

Planning to study abroad? You get covered for up to 2 years as long as the duration of your course. Additional cover is available for computers or valuable items. Get insured under a protective cover known as student travel insurance uk.

Be prepared for all uncertainties – with a good insurance cover!

Get an annual insurance cover for your multiple trips. You can travel up to a maximum of 42 days in one trip. Such insurance covers you for multi lingual medical assistance. Insurance experts provide students with low cost, discounted prices on airfare and other popular travel needs! Always apply with organisation which is well associated with a select group of high quality companies that offer specific services to meet your travel insurance needs.

Your travel insurance should cover basic medical and accident cover, baggage loss or delay, and trip cancellation.

Bear in mind that if you need to make a claim, most travel insurance companies require you to have purchased the insurance policy before you leave on your trip. If your student travel involves official study and work abroad or you are on Gap Year travels, you have a choice of long stay travel insurance products which are all individually designed to protect you

Minggu, 10 April 2011

Travel Industry Chooses Travelpro

Travelpro luggage is the choice of over 425,000 worldwide flight personnel and is consistently rated high by travel experts. Though the Travelpro line was originally designed for flight personnel, experts say it's should be the choice of all travelers alike. Travelpro luggage was the first brand to design rolling luggage, known as Rollaboard.

The Travelpro luggage line is excellent in quality and durability. Each line is rated highly by experts and stands on it own. Travelpro lugagge carries an array of luggage from its top rated rolling luggage collection to garment rolling bags, rolling carry-on bags, totes, duffels, and rolling business cases.

Here is a brief detail of the Travelpro Luggage top selling collection line:

• Platinum 4SE - Travelpro's premiere line of luggage

• Crew5 - Considered by luggage experts to be one of the best luggage values available

• FlightPro3 - The new line is now 25% lighter than the previous, yet still made with good quality, durable materials

• WalkAboutLite - This line features light weight and full frame construction

• Wall Street - Collection of business and computer cases

What Travel Experts Say About Travelpro

Top ratings from travel experts are a regular occurrence when it comes to Travelpro luggage. What do magazine reviews and consumers have to say about Travelpro luggage? The following are a few excerpts from current reviews:

Popular Magazines:

• Good Housekeeping - "Best of laptop computer cases" and "Case study: safest laptop bag". and "Best getaway gear" and "Top nod for large uprights"

• Consumer Digest - Second year in a row of "Top Rated" and "Best Buy"


• "I've had many rolling totes in the past, and this is by far the best I've had"

• "I really like my Travelpro luggage. I actually have three separate pieces right now and plan to add another piece in the near future. The bags are well built and hold up well to abuse handed out by some airlines"

• "Am in love with my Travelpro luggage; looks & feels sturdy; attractive & comfortable; holds a lot; plenty of compartments"

Whether going by air, sea, road, or rail, Travelpro's desire is to deliver products that will heighten your travel experience.

You to should purchase top rated Travelpro luggage today, where quality counts and low prices do too.

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

See The Unmatched Beauty Of The Great Lakes

Growing up in Michigan, I was lucky enough to experience one part of the Great Lakes. And let me assure you, they are great. As a photojournalist, I have had endless opportunities to travel the world and to see a variety of lakes as well as each of the major oceans. And let me tell you, you will be hard pressed to find water as beautiful as the Great Lakes.

If you are looking for a unique way to spend your summer vacation this year, then consider it no further. Make a trip up to the midwest and enjoy a week or two on or near one of the five Great Lakes. You can enjoy their view from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York or even Canada, so take your pick and create a Great Lakes vacation that is right for you.

An even better vacation idea might be to do a tour of each of the Great Lakes. This way you can see the best things that each lake has to offer and you can even enjoy a few of the country's finest states along the way. If you are looking to do a Great Lakes tour, then talk with a travel agent about tours that may already exist. Each summer there are a variety of companies that offer a ten day tour up to a one month tour of all or part of the Great Lakes. So see what best fits your schedule and your budget and then dive in. You will often find more reasonable deals when you plan you Great Lakes tour through an already established company.

If you are more of the adventurous type, however, then I'd suggest you create your own tour of the Great Lakes. Grab a great atlas and some travel guide books and then venture off to your latest journey and see what the Great Lakes are like in person. Grab a friend or a few friends and make it a summer adventure that you will never forget. Grab a journal and a good camera to document your trip around the Great Lakes. I'm telling you that there is beauty on the Great Lakes that is absolutely unknown by the majority of our nation's citizens.

If you have the privilege of living near the Great Lakes, then my advice to you is simple: don't take your location for granted. Realize what a privilege it is to live near some of the world's most beautiful water. Enjoy this summer on the lake. Make plans to visit the Great Lake nearest you as often as you possibly can.

Jumat, 08 April 2011

Make A Visit To Aruba

I love nothing more than sitting down with someone or a family of people and helping them to plan their next vacation. Why? Well, a few reasons I guess. First, I love to go on vacation. I have loved travel for as long as I can remember, so I love infecting other people with the travel bug. I also love helping people plan trips because I know that life is short and I believe that it was meant to be enjoyed. So I love helping people escape from it all and enjoy time somewhere nice. One of my favorite places to suggest for a visit is Aruba.

I often suggest Aruba because it is beautiful place to visit that is still somewhat undiscovered. I like that about a place. I rarely encourage people to visit a place that will be filled with nothing but tourists. You don't get a real taste of Mexico, for example, if you are on the beach with no one other than vacationers. So I encourage my clients to go for something a bit off the beaten path, like say Aruba.

Aruba is beautiful, there are none that would deny it. And beauty, I believe, is an essential part to any great vacation. Now of course people will have a wide variety of views on what exactly makes a thing beautiful, but I think most would agree that white sand beaches, clear blue skies and sunshine make any place great. So if you are looking for sun and beauty, look no further than to the island of Aruba.

Located in the Caribbean, Aruba has a wonderful mixture of things to do and beaches to relax on. You want the option of doing several different things on any vacation, so choosing something like Aruba that has options for busyness or relaxation is perfect no matter who you are or what kind of trip you want.

Talk to a travel agent about your desire to see Aruba. See what kind of package deals you can come up with and find out if any packages even include airfare. Be sure to share with your travel agent all about the things you hope to get from your trip so that she or he will be able to help you as much as possible. Let them fill you in on some of the lesser known things to experience in Aruba.

Grab your family or your closest friends and head off for some great time in Aruba. Once there, you will have the vacation of a lifetime. So get planning and then you can relax and enjoy all that Aruba has to offer.

Kamis, 07 April 2011

Holiday Insurance, rejuvenate tired souls!

Need a break from your monotonies? Tired of doing the same thing, at work place, do you feel bogged down? You definitely need a recreation, refreshment, a holiday!

If the traveler makes a yearly policy then all the trips that fall within the year will be taken care of with annual holiday insurance. The condition is that each trip shall be less than one month and should not be more than four months also. Such insurance will save you from any accident that may occur when you are on your trip. This insurance usually covers travellers from any kind of cancellation and/or deferred trips, medical emergencies, damage or loss of your asset and more such items.

Your holiday insurance comes in different packages:

• Annual
• Single Trip
• Backpacker
• Multiple holiday insurance

Clear your ambiguities before you apply for particular holiday insurance!

Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?
If you have any pre-existing medical condition or if there is pre-existing political, ecological, or social strife in the area you are visiting, your travel insurance may not cover them.

Am I covered for any sports injuries?
If it’s risky in case of high risk activity such as mountain climbing, bunjee jumping etc. You holiday insurance policy will not cover any injuries sustained while you are taking part in sports. However, special covers for such adventurous activities are available; you can make use of them.

What happens in case of baggage misplacement?
Your holiday travel insurance covers your baggage misplacement or loss too. Do not forget to recover your baggage on time. As soon as you find your baggage missing, report it immediately.

How long will I have to wait for reimbursement in the event of a cancellation?
It’s always good to know the timelines for refunds and other money matters.

What would the limit on health care coverage be?
Holiday travel insurance typically has a maximum amount of health care coverage. Know the financial limits of your policy. You might also want to ask about up-front costs or deductibles.

Buying the right Holiday Insurance is very important and it is worth taking the time to shop around for the right holiday insurance policy that suits your needs. It is not safe to assume that the cheapest holiday insurance is the worst as some of the more expensive holiday insurance policies on the market may not provide adequate cover. Take sufficient care while make your choice.

Rabu, 06 April 2011

Why You’ll Return To A Boutique Hotel

Any good hotel will attract return customers, but boutique hotels often have a higher return rate than others.

Once you’ve stayed in a boutique hotel, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. For the same money as you can spend on a city-centre chain hotel, you can stay in an individual place where the design is intrinsic to the experience and where the service ensures that your stay is comfortable and relaxed. If you choose a boutique hotel once, the chances are you’ll book again for your next trip because:

You feel more relaxed – a small, quality hotel is full of charm and the owners and designers work hard to create an intimate atmosphere that helps you to relax before you’ve even checked in. The reduced number of rooms means that you don’t have to fight for tables in the dining room or a comfortable chair in the lounge, and staff are always on hand to help with any queries or requests you might have.

Quality counts – chic hotels pay attention to detail and that means that everything is of the highest quality. From bed linen to breakfast ingredients, the quality of furniture, fittings, materials, fabrics and produce is all designed to give you a true taste or luxury at an affordable price.

It costs less than you think – although some of the high-end boutique hotels are expensive, you can probably afford to stay in the majority of boutique hotels around the world. Whether it’s for a city weekend, or two weeks by the beach, you’ll be surprised at how affordable a good boutique hotel can be.

It’s as individual as you are – national and international chain hotels make up most of the overnight hospitality market, but there are people who like individuality and want to express it through the places they choose to stay. By staying at a boutique hotel, you are experiencing an individuality of style, design and service, and because each one’s different, you never get the feeling of duplication that can happen in big hotels across the world.

They’re where you want to be – location is an important factor for a boutique hotel. Whether it’s in the middle of the city, on a private stretch of beach or nestled in acres of tropical gardens, this type of hotel offers a hard-to-beat location advantage.

Selasa, 05 April 2011

Maps to Travel With

Summer is just around the corner. For sure many people would spend their summer vacation visiting places and having an adventure. Traveling is a lot of fun especially if you are going to a new and exciting place. Nothing can beat the exciting feeling of seeing new things and meeting new people.

But just before you step off your front lawn make sure that you double check all your luggages and make sure to carry a map with you especially if you are going to a new place. Maps will help you go around the place easily. But did you know that early maps were considered religious icons? Yes, early world maps were created for religious purposes. And since they represented the worship of God most maps during the early years were not a useful tool for travel. However, as the world modernizes so are the uses of maps. Today, modern maps show the world in ways that allowed a reader to leave home and return.

Admit it, you have drawn and thrown dozens of maps away in your life – the sketch your friend drew in a table napkin to help you find the frat party; the map you used when you travel to Indonesia or the atlas that you have used in history class in high school. All these helped you find a location or make a spatial sense of the world.

Many museums today have collections of old and new maps. They see to it that they preserve the maps as they are an important part of a place’s history. Map experts spend their lives learning about maps. The knowledge that they get are based on hundreds of hours spent on carefully examining maps. This is why even a simple damage to a map that might not even be noticed by a regular reader can prove important to an expert.

But map printing is not as easy as you think. The location of buildings, houses, landmarks and the like should be exact and clear. Even the color of the map should be appropriate. Woodcut, engraving and lithography are the different techniques used in producing maps. Woodcut is a relief printing process. It is the oldest printing technique known. Early on this technique was used for printing designs on playing cards and religious prints. Engraving, on the other hand, is the oldest intaglio technique. This has been done to decorate metals for ages. And lithography uses the repelling properties of grease and water to print from polished slabs of very fine textured limestone.

So the next time you use or come across a map do not just look at it and throw it away after use. Remember without it you would have never found the frat party or have reached the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia and you would have never found your way home.

Senin, 04 April 2011

Stag Weekend in Budapest – the Thrill of Horse Racing

Budapest, with its perfect blend of eastern and western cultures, is the best locale for a stag weekend. Referred to as the “Paris of the East”, this stag weekend venue will provide you with all that you can ask for - beautiful landscapes and undulating hills on one side, and shops, restaurants, markets and exciting nightlife on the other. The Pilis Mountains provide an ideal location for all sorts of adventure sports and rally driving stag activities. If you feel fatigued after some hectic stag weekend activities, you can definitely visit one of the numerous outdoor thermal spas to relax yourself. Filled with bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and open-air dance clubs, Budapest is the best place for spending your stag weekend.

Stag Do in Budapest – Bet it up at the Traditional Tracks

From quad biking, paintball, horse racing, five a side football matches to thermal baths and bacchanalian spa, Budapest is filled with stag weekend activities. One of the most exciting stag weekend activities in Budapest is the thrill of Horse Racing at the traditional Hungarian racetracks. More attractive than the actual horse racing is the price at which you can buy a can of beer – this stag venue is the best place for extremely cheap beer and liquor.

This is one of those stag weekend activities where you get a chance to place your bet. Bet it up at the traditional racetracks of Hungary. Sit at the gallery and watch the fun as the horses perform carriage and gallop racing for you. Remember to keep your fingers crossed; you may even win the bet!

Don’t worry about your stomach; there is constant supply of food available to purchase on-site. Chillisauce makes sure that this stag weekend of yours turns up to be the best stag weekend you ever had. You will be provided with transportation, a proper guide and rounds of beers.

The Benefits of a Stag Do in Budapest

Chillisauce, after years of fine-tuning, live, eat and breathe stag dos thus making your stag weekend in Budapest a perfect one. The horse racing in Budapest is one of the best stag weekend activities; as it absorbs you completely in the game, and makes you feel one with the game. Apart from providing a steady supply of beer and entertainment, this stag weekend activity relieves your mind and cheers you up from the core of your heart.

Minggu, 03 April 2011

Wine Tours: La Dolce Vita

As you pour the first glass of your favorite Chianti or Chardonnay and settle into an intimate Friday evening, you wonder about the wine's origins. Look no further for the answer to your fleeting Friday night queries-Italy, land of romantics, heroic epics and passionately-written plays. In the countryside and cities where the Renaissance began it seems fitting to find a hedonistic exploration of the richest vineyards in the world to suit even the pickiest travelers. Best known for its world-renowned wines paired with decadent cuisine and intertwined with the rich culture of the people who produce it, it's not just another spot on the globe- it's a destination filled with memories to last a lifetime.

With La Dolce Vita the sky is the limit for destinations and experiences. They've thought of everything- from famous vineyards to elegant accommodations. The names are all familiar: Sicily, Tuscany, Venice, Verona-but these places are more than just a name on a fine bottle or a magical place in a Shakespearean play. With La Dolce Vita the countryside and cities become real as you taste "the good life" firsthand.

A relaxing walking tour of the Amalfi Coast in south Naples, home of outstanding wines from ancient Greek grapes, such as Aglianico, Greco di Tufo, and Fiano di Avellino, is just one amazing tour. Enjoy hillsides covered in lemon trees and umbrella pines, fresh seafood and the breathtaking sea that gave it life as Mt. Vesuvius rises behind you in majestic and ancient grace. If wheels and pedals are more to your liking you can coast through the countryside of Chianti Classico in Tuscany and see the dense forests and medieval castles that gave birth to wine of the same name. Enjoy authentic pasta fagioli prepared with handmade pasta and porcini mushrooms. A full glass of Chianti in your hand you watch the sun sets across the winding vineyards below you.

These tours are made for lovers and groups alike, as well as offering customized tours and additional single accommodations. Designed to dazzle the most inexperienced, as well as most elegant wine connoisseur, tours run May to November and are generally booked for five day and six nights stays.

Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance ensures sufficient protection!

Don’t stop your self from taking a break from your monotonous routine. Take a break, go on a holiday to your country side or a cruise. Online route uncovers all the best deals and cheap travel insurance for senior citizens. Speak to your online experts for your sound insurance cover.

Unlike many travel insurance policies, all medical conditions are considered by Worldwide Travel Plan. Pre-existing medical conditions do not preclude cover being available for the medical condition. A simple additional medical premium can often be paid to cover the condition, and the standard travel insurance policy conditions will be maintained for all other aspects of your trip. The stereotypical view that older holidaymakers have an increased risk of falling ill or having an accident whilst on holiday makes it difficult for the older traveller to find an affordable travel insurance deal.

Travel insurance for senior citizens covers you up to the age of 79 if you opt for annual cover – and any age for a single trip. Many people worry about getting the right cover the older they get – especially if they’re looking for annual travel insurance in the UK. Such travel insurance for UK customers protects against accidents, delays, cancellations and loss of baggage.

Senior citizens are one of the most likely groups to holiday abroad, but it is also this group that can have the most difficulty in getting an affordable deal on travel insurance. Online insurance companies specialise in providing cover for seniors above 65. cheapest travel insurance options available. There are now a range of providers that offer cheap travel insurance for the older holiday maker, however some customers still find themselves having to pay much higher premiums for the chance to go abroad due to the increased risks associated with their age group.

Flexible senior citizens’ travel insurance cover with affordable quotes for any person up to the age of 85 years. Just ensure that you are covered for International travel on both single and multi-trips. And if you’re adventurous and a sports lover, you can also be covered for any sporting activities. Such travel insurances are designed for mature and retired people in UK looking for good all round holiday cover at a competitive price. You can take out an extra insurance cover, for extreme sports such as winter sports, scuba diving or mountain climbing; don’t forget to mention this at the time of purchase.

Jumat, 01 April 2011

Museum of World Treasures in Kansas - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you are looking for an out of this world experience then you must visit the Museum of World Treasures in Kansas. Many tourists have just happened upon this gem of a museum and sung its praises to the point that it is a recommended vacation destination even if you aren't in the area! When you walk in you will be greeted by the skeleton of an albertosaurus and until you leave the museum you won't stop being amazed at all there is to see. One aspect kids love is the castle recreated with monsters and even a dungeon! Some of the other fun aspects include original documents and even pictures from American patriots, European royalty, war, presidents, and more. There are even ancient artifacts on display.

This is perhaps America's most interesting museum not to mention the most exciting. There are 10 dinosaurs on display that were alive once upon a time as well as two
royal mummies from Egypt. Other amazng displays include exhibits from many of the US wars including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, both World Wars, Vietnam,
Korea, and more. There are even exhibits on Hollywood Stars, the Wild West, musician and sports stars. And, if that is not enough to get your attention, there is also a
puppet theater, moon walk, and more for the kids. There is so much to do and see at this museum that every American should take the time to visit and see all that is on
display. It truly is impressive and very educational.

Kids under four years old get in free and adult tickets cost $8.95. Senior tickets are $7.95 and kids are $6.95. The museum is open from 10 am until 5 pm Monday through
Saturday and from noon to 5 pm on Sunday. This is an amazingly affordable place to visit especially when compared to all that it offers. If you are in Wichita, Kansas, or
anywhere nearby then you need to make the effort to visit the Museum of World Treasures. You won't regret it and it might be the most interesting and fun museum you
have ever visited. It will certainly be the most educational!

There is a website that has great information on USA Vacations and Unique Travel Spots Listed State By State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots, and can be found at this url:

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