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All You Need to Know About Travel Humidors

Early models of travel humidors were patterned after air-tight cases in which the cigar aficionado placed cigars already maintained in a cellar humidor. This worked well except that when one opened the travel humidor, since the maintained humidity existed as a result of already moist cigars, each time the humidor was opened, humidity would escape and the ambient humidity of the room replaced the humidity that had been inside the travel humidor.

When humidors where first created by Zino Davidoff in the early 20th century, we were large cellar humidors which certainly made for restricted travel. One now had the ability to strive for the perfect cigar, but only from home. Most people would agree that the feasibility of travelling with a large room did not exist, and still does not, even today. A dilemma arose as to how to preserve a moist cigar while travelling.

Today humidors can be found that are battery-powered or can be plugged into any available AC outlet or a combination of both. While these types of humidors are more functional than ostentatious, we can be made of any materials in varying shapes and designs, suited to  the taste of even the most discriminating smoker.

Most travel humidors are made of very durable plastic, designed to withstand the rigors of being moved about and for its lightweight portability.

Travel humidors now meant that a society that is becoming increasingly more mobile as a result of the prevalence of automobiles and air is no longer demanded to choose between having a perfect cigar and being tied to home or having to leave behind one's favorite pastime to travel.

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All You Need To Know About Motor Home Rental

Copyright 2006 Karin Manning

Are you planning for an ultimate holiday getaway on wheels with your friends or family?  Whether you go for hiking, fly-fishing, or simply escaping from your stressful life in the city, traveling on a motor home is an experience worth taking.  It is wonderfully fun and exciting knowing that it gives you freedom to explore everything worth discovering on earth with no limits.

Now if you are serious with your holiday getaway plan, but you’ve never owned a motor home, then don’t just lose hope.  There’s a good solution for that – to consider a motor home rental.  Motorhome rental is on the increase.

Motor home rentals are available anywhere in the United States and the world these days.  A lot of motor home rentals companies are in fact out there to give you the right motor home to rent and drive.  You can even find these companies online as there are a lot of sites out there on the virtual world that offer services for finding your right choice.   Perhaps what it all takes is time and effort.

Considering a motor home rental, however, has never been so easy.  One main reason for this is the fact that thousands of options are available out there for you to choose from.  Another thing is that almost all of the rental companies offering motor home rental services are claiming to have the best service available, creating confusion on the part of the customers.  The good news is you can do something to avoid such confusion by determining first what you really want and desire.

So before you take a motor home rental to drive, make sure that the vehicle you are considering can answer all of your needs.  Think about the space requirement, the amenities and facilities included, or everything that it provides for a comfortable and safe traveling.  Also consider the number of people you are taking with you on the trip.  Note that there are a lot of motor home types available today and each of these types features a number of things that are unique from the other.   Each type even has its own space requirement.

Once you’ve determined your desire and everything related to your needs, try then to test drive the motor home rental you are considering.  Test driving is a good way of ensuring that the vehicle you are driving is in good condition, thus capable of taking you where you want to go safely and securely.

Then it’s time to check what it provides for your ultimate living on wheels.  See if it offers all the luxury of a comfortable home.  Check the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining and living area and all the amenities it gives.  Make sure that the motor home rental you are considering is capable of giving you the best RVing experience you’ve never imagined.

Finally, know your responsibilities as a renter.  Note that you are not the owner of the vehicle and you are just taking it for rent.  So take and drive the motor home with much care.  This is also needed as you are not the only one traveling on that vehicle.  You’ve got friends and families in there and you all want to get to your destination in one peace.

So next time you’re thinking about camping why not try a renting a motorhome instead of committing to a long term financial decision?  You’ll be glad you did.

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All inclusive travel planning

If you are really tight on the budget, booking an all-inclusive holiday package can save you  a big chunk of money. Because these all-inclusive package holiday companies have close ties with hotels & popular tourist spots in the country, they can get a better rate than you can! Hence, normally, the discounts & savings will be passed on to you - the all-inclusive holiday customers, tourists & visitors!

Ever tried to cram all your travel plans into one small budget & short schedule? If you have, you will know the true meaning of a frugal & haphazard holiday. Some people think that all-inclusive holiday packages leave very little space for them to have fun & there is no flexibility. But they're wrong.
You can save money with an all-inclusive holiday package

All-inclusive vacations are hassle-free

Planning a holiday can give you headaches! When you book an all-inclusive holiday package, you are actually giving yourself the chance to  enjoy the holiday without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details. Your accommodation, food, entertainment & travelling are all taken care of. The only thing that you & your relatives members have to worry about is how much fun you are going to have during the holiday. Some tourists & vacationers like to get an all-inclusive holiday package because there is lack of time. Some people have to contend with last minute plans. The all-inclusive holiday packages can be real life savers in this instance. Even honeymooners love all-inclusive packages because they don't require to have to worry about meals, entertainment, activities, transportation & accommodation when they should be focused on each other!

Mealtime fun with all-inclusive holiday packages

One of the most worrisome things for tourists is WHERE to eat. Because they're not familiar with the country & the booklets that they can get from airports are not very accurate (most of the time), meal times are worrying. When we are visiting another country, they require to try another delicacy, something old..and cheap. Who better to tell you where to find it than an all-inclusive holiday planner? they have all the ropes, hang on to them & enjoy the meal!

You can read all you require from the web or from books on the different cultures & religions in the country that you are visiting.and yet, whenever you are on an all-inclusive holiday package, the tourist guide will STILL tell you things that surprises you! & this is an important point because you don't really require to step on someone's toes when you are in THEIR country.

All-inclusive packages - tells you the cultural differences between races & religions

Besides all of that, with all-inclusive holiday packages, you don't have to worry about where to have fun because they plan everything for you. All-inclusive holiday packages are definitely worth it!

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All Inclusive Timeshare Resorts

How would you like to go on a timeshare vacation and leave your wallet behind? This is surely a recipe for disaster—unless you vacation at an all inclusive resort. These ever-popular timeshare resorts charge you one fee for everything from your room to your meals. You can vacation like the elite without ever having to worry about paying a check because there are none! Different packages include beverages and activities, so you can sip frosty drinks by the pool or play golf without ever seeing a bill.

There are several all inclusive timeshares waiting for you to enjoy in exotic places such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The beautiful Royal Sunset in exquisite Cancun, Mexico is an excellent choice for anyone interested in some wallet-free fun and sun. The Dominican Republic’s Talanquera Vacation Club in Juan Dolio is nearby the historic Santa Domingo and features crystal blue water and soft sand beaches. Both of these timeshare resorts are completely all-inclusive and have several packages with different levels of inclusion. If you would rather head to the hills instead of the beach, Austria’s LTH Resort at Alpine & Golfhotel Interstar. Set among the breathtaking Salzburg mountains, this all inclusive resort is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your passion is skiing, tennis, golf, mountain-biking, hiking, or climbing, this resort is an excellent destination. All inclusive timeshare resorts have different packages depending on the options in which you are most interested. Additionally, prices of the timeshare may vary depending on the season. When you decide to invest in an all inclusive timeshare, be sure to ask exactly what is covered. One timeshare resort may offer only one inclusion package and others may have different options for inclusions from which to choose .

There are all inclusive timeshare resorts located in many parts of the world, from Egypt to Brazil. Just as with traditional timeshares, knowing all the details before you purchase will save you a great deal of money and grief. If possible, you may wish to visit a property to become familiar with the area and the resort’s features. As is the case with all timeshares, you would still have the option to exchange your all inclusive timeshare which would allow you to vacation at new properties each time.

Although purchasing an all-inclusive timeshare may be more expensive upfront than a traditional resort timeshare, you may save money in the end. By taking an all inclusive vacation, you know exactly how much you are spending, whereas traditional vacations can quickly add up when meals, drinks, and activities are added to the bill. If you have ever returned home after a fabulous stay at a traditional timeshare only to be shocked by the pricey bill you racked up, then an all inclusive timeshare resort may be just the right option for you.

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Algarve Portugal, The South's Delight

Algarve or as it was baptized by the Arabs as Al Gharb meaning 'to the west', is the most southern province of the eleven that Portugal has been divided into. Its variety in terrain which starts at the small town of Odeceixe on the west coast, nicely tucked into the Espinhaco do Cao mountain range bordering the coast and the brave Atlantic Ocean to the west. Its shoreline runs down through Aljezur, symbolic in the Portuguese history thanks to its castle which is one of the seven that appear on the flag of Portugal. Still enjoying the different shades that the fertile valleys offer, you continue along the shoreline to Alfambra, a walled in city and well-known as a fishing village and tourist attraction. To the most western tip is the Cape of Saint Vicent and to the town of Sagres where Henry the Navegator first started his navigation school. At this point, you have come to the come into contact with the most attractive Algarve beaches. Long soft sandy stretches which enclose secret coves at the beginning where the outline of the coast is extremely flat around the towns of Lagos but after the city of Albufeira it turns into cliffs. Not leaving the hypnotizing view of the Atlantic, your car hire seems to know the route and continues on to Faro, the capital of this area after having taken this title away from the city of Silves in 1577. Here in Faro you have the main gateway into this southern region when arriving at this well-prepared international airport for your holiday stay. But there is still more beach towns like Tavira, a very historic medieval town and Castro Marim another city surrounded by a protective wall. From here, the journey northward following the Guadiana River, which is the natural border between Spain and Portugal.

Saved by its Ancestors

The Algarve region has seen all the cultures beginning with the Lusitanians, Celtics, Romans and Arabs who were forced out of Faro in 1249 by Sancho II. But thanks to the combination of all these people, especially the Arabs, the Algarve province ( ) now has a strong production of olive trees which produce rich olive oil, figs and almonds. It is said that the almond trees were a gift from a Moorish sultan who was in love with a Nordic princess. She dearly missed the snow covered ground in winter and what most resembled that were the almond trees in full bloom in the spring. From this, the Algarve makes a rich dessert from almonds, figs, eggs and sugar called 'morgados'. And thanks to the dry weather, pears, tomatoes, melons and grapes are among the delicious fruits available year round.

Algarve Wine, A Sweet Caress for Your Lips

Grapes in Portugal are synonymous to wine, and Algarve has quite a variety. The exportation of wine from this region started under the Muslim domain and reached its climax in the 14th and 15th centuries. Lagos, Portimao and Tavira are the principal wine producers.

+ The Algar Dry from Lagos is a dry wine, served very cold for appetizers. The dry and sweet moscatel wines are aged in oak barrels for at least seven years and have about 18% alcohol content.

+ Alfonso III is another dry wine from Lagos and also served very cold.

+ Cruz de Portugal is a smooth red wine which should be served at room temperature for dessert.

+ From Tavira you have Licoroso de Tavira which is very sweet and dark in colour, served at room temperature.

+ Medronho is a type of liquer very well known all over the Algarve region and usually found in the typical 'tascas' or taverns and served in glasses from Oporto.

Cute places to see around Portugal

Between Tavira and Castro Marim, one can easily manage a nice beach day in Monte Gordo and a leisurley stroll through the Natural Reserve Park to appreciate the marvellous view of pink flamengos and long-legged storks soaring in and out of sight. For golf lovers, near Albufeira and hidden among pine trees and the shore you will find Villamoura with its campestral fields for playing a relaxing game of golf. Wherever you go in this region, be it on the coast or deep in the forest area, there are all kinds of hotels with great facilities for your stay in Algarve or the capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

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Alaska’s Commercial Salmon Fishery

In Alaska, salmon come first. Alaska has a long and successful track record of managing and conserving its abundant salmon resources. Record salmon runs with a recent average annual catch of 165 million salmon is the proof of this successful approach.

Nearly 95% of all commercially caught salmon in the US are harvested in Alaska. Alaska is the top producer of wild, high-value salmon, producing nearly 80 percent of the world supply of king, sockeye, and coho. Alaska’s commercial salmon fishery is vital to the Alaskan economy and the Alaskan way of life.

Each year, the salmon industry provides thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars to the state’s economy. Commercial fishing is critical to communities and fishing
families throughout the state.

Alaska’s fishing industry leads the state in providing 47% of private sector jobs, and is second only to the oil industry in providing revenue to the state. In 2002, the exvessel value for combined fisheries totaled $955 million with $162 million from salmon.

Salmon fishing permits are issued to individuals, not corporations, through the “limited entry permit system”. The total number of available permits for each fishery is strictly limited. Fishermen may not own more than one salmon permit for the same gear type and area. This creates a fishery made up of many individuals and families.

Three main gear types catch Alaska salmon: trolling, gillnetting, and purse seining. All commercial salmon fishing boats are relatively small vessels; averaging 30 to 50 feet.

Trollers use long trolling poles to pull or troll 2 to 4 deep weighted lines through the water, each with 8 – 12 leaders attached. At the end of each leader there is a lure or baited hook. Boat size varies from small skiffs to vessels of 50 feet or more with most ranging between 25 to 40 feet.

Trollers primarily target king, coho, and pink salmon as they enter Alaskan waters on their way to the spawning grounds. Trollers catch a relatively low volume of high-quality fish. The fish they catch are bright and vigorous from fresh ocean waters. They are often
sold dressed, or filleted in the fresh or fresh frozen market.

Gillnetters set curtain-like nets in the water suspended from a float line at the surface and a weighted lead line along the submerged bottom edge. Nets vary in length from 900 to 1800 feet long. The net’s mesh openings are just large enough to allow an adult fish head to get through and become entangled at the gills.

There are two types of gillnets; driftnets that are free floating from boats, and setnets that have one end attached to the shoreline. Boat size is limited to 32 feet or less in Bristol Bay; otherwise, the average range is 30 to 40 feet. Gillnetters primarily harvest sockeye, chum and coho.

Purse Seiners use a large floating net, pulled and set in circle by a power skiff, to surround schooling salmon. The weighted “purse line” at bottom of the net is drawn closed to contain the fish. The net full of fish is then gathered to the boat through a highpowered hydraulic block.

Purse seiners are not allowed north of the Alaska Peninsula; boat size is limited to 58 feet. Purse Seiners harvest mainly pink salmon near the shoreline and close to fresh water spawning grounds where runs are highly concentrated.

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Airport Travel Tips: Reducing Waiting Times

Key Travel Tips Following these tips will help you reduce your wait time at the security checkpoint. Before you go to the Airport .Do not pack or bring Prohibited Items to the airport. .Place valuables such as jewelry, money & laptop computers in carry-on baggage only. .Tape your business card to the bottom of your laptop. .Avoid wearing clothing, jewelry & accessories that contain metal. Metal items may set off the alarm on the metal detector. .Avoid wearing shoes that contain metal or have thick soles or heels. lots of types of footwear will need additional screening even if the metal detector does not alarm. .Put all undeveloped film & cameras with film in your carry-on baggage. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film. .Declare firearms & ammunition to your airline & place them in your checked baggage. .If you wish to lock your baggage, use a TSA-recognized lock. .Do not bring lighters or prohibited matches to the airport. .Do not pack wrapped gifts & do not bring wrapped gifts to the checkpoint. Wrap on arrival or ship your gifts prior to your departure. TSA may have to unwrap packages for security reasons. While at the Airport Each adult traveler needs to keep obtainable his/her airline boarding pass & government-issued photo ID until exiting the security checkpoint. Due to different airport configurations, at lots of airports you will be required to display these documents over two times. .Place the following items IN your carry-on baggage or in a plastic bag prior to entering the screening checkpoint: oMobile phones oKeys oLoose modify oMoney clips oPDA's (personal data assistants) oLarge amounts of jewelry oMetal hair decorations oLarge belt buckles .Take your laptop & video cameras with cassettes OUT of their cases & place them in a bin provided at the checkpoint. .Take OFF all outer coats, suit coats, jackets & blazers.

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Airport Security Screening Know Before You Go

When traveling through the airport you see and hear many upset and angry people in the screening area.  It really does not have to be that difficult if you plan ahead and prepare your luggage appropriately.  The person who is angry is the one who came unprepared and packed prohibited items in his luggage.

Liquids and gels seem to be the latest cause for grumbling at the screening checkpoint.  The current regulations allow passengers to carry 3 ounce or smaller bottles of liquids and gels.  The bottles must be placed in a one-quart, clear, plastic zip bag.  One plastic bag per person is allowed, limiting the total you can carry.  When you get to the x-ray place the zip bag in the security bin for screening, this will speed up the process.  If you leave the liquids in your bag, your bag will be flagged and searched.

There are some exceptions to the liquids and gels rule.  Baby items such as food, formula, juice and breast milk are allowed in larger quantities.  They will allow "reasonable quantities", no true amount is given, just pack what you feel you will need for the flight.  Medications are also allowed and are subject to the "reasonable quantities" rule. Be sure to declare these items during screening to the make the process fast and painless.

Keeping other prohibited items out of your carry on will also make for a much more pleasant screening process.  Sharp objects such as knives, ice picks, razor blades swords and sabers are not allowed as a carry on.  These items are allowed in checked baggage, but should be packed appropriately or sheathed to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.  Sporting goods such as baseball bats, cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks and more are not allowed as carry ons.  No firearms can be carried on as well as self defense items, but they may be in checked baggage.  Tools greater than 7 inches in length are also prohibited.  Flammables and explosives are not permitted in carry on or checked baggage, with the exception of certain lighters, which may be carried on if they meet the current regulations.  Check the TSA website for a current list of prohibited items before you travel.

Knowing what to expect during the screening process will make the process smoother.  Pack your bags neatly and organized to allow the screener to see what is inside should a bag check be called.  Have ID and boarding pass in hand as you approach the checkpoint.  Coats and shoes must be removed and placed in a security bin for inspection.  Over-sized electronic items should also be placed in a separate bin for screening.  Do not wear bulky or baggie clothing to the airport and remember to remove all loose metal from your clothing and pockets.  If you are selected for further screening be patient and courteous, this will speed the process along.

Remember the most important thing is to be prepared and enjoy your trip.  Be sure to check the TSA website for the latest information on prohibited items and security information.

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Airport Limousine Advice

The most important factor to think about when renting an airport limo is to decide on how many passengers will need transportation. Airport transfers can be uncomfortable if the limo is crammed with the maximum amount of people and their luggage. For three passengers or less a sedan would be a good size, leaving enough room for luggage.

There are different types of sedans to choose from sometimes. The Lincoln Town Car is not the only sedan available. If you want to ride in style ask for the Mercedes to pick you up. Having a group of up to 5 passengers you might be able to get by in a small SUV with still enough room for the entire luggage. With a group of 5-7 passengers a 10 passenger stretch Lincoln would be the best bet. Remember to keep in mind even if a car is stretched, it is stretched for passenger capacity not stretched in its trunk. 8-10 passengers’ max would seat comfortable in a 14 passenger stretch Lincoln limousine without feeling too crammed inside with passengers’ luggage. Any amount of people over 10 an SUV would be a good size to leave comfort room for passengers and leave room for luggage as well. Keep in mind that if some passengers are children with no luggage then you may be able to add a person or more in the limousine. 

If there are any special requests please be sure to let the customer service agent know when booking a reservation. If any additional charges need to be made they will be discussed and added to the rate. All stretch limousines and SUV limousines come with a fully stocked wet bar available at no charge. If children/adolescents are to need transportation, please let the customer service agent know so that the driver takes the alcohol out of the limo. There will still be sodas and water provided in the limousines and SUV limos.

An airport limousines can range from $100 to $400 depending on the type of vehicle, destinations, and the day the transfer is needed. Saturday transfers will typically cost more due to the fact they are booked weeks or months in advanced. Airport transfers can be booked as soon as the same day needed provided there is enough time for the vehicle to get their.

Different airport have different procedures of limousines so make sure you ask where the limo will meet you. Typically being picked up at the airport is more expensive than being dropped off due to the airport fees. All tax gas, mileage, and airport fees are included in the transfer rate. If more time is needed or wanting to add a night out on the town please call customer service so they can give you the best possible rate. Also there is no charge added when an airport drop off is needed after the rental of any limousine.

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Airport Hotels – The Right Way To Start A Short Break Holiday

Unless you have the dubious pleasure of living right next door to an airport one of the biggest downsides of going on holiday is catching a flight at an ungodly hour of the day. While driving half asleep at 4.00 am, with a nagging doubt you have forgot something may be some holidaymaker’s idea of fun – for most it sounds like a bad way to start your holiday. However, help is at hand in the form of Airport Hotels, where you can spend a relaxed evening – and even afford an extra hour or two in bed before leaving.

Airport hotels may not enjoy the best of reputations. In many peoples mind they are ranked alongside train station pubs - filled with chain smoking business men in cheap suits. However, while there is certainly a convincing argument to avoid train station pubs (you have to pay to get in the toilet for starters), airport hotels are a long way from their cheap and not-so-cheerful roots. These days the savvy traveller can pick up a great value deal at some excellent hotel accommodation situated close to their airport of departure.

One hotel that certainly fits this bill is the 4-star Arora International Hotel near Gatwick ( Situated a mere 8 minutes from the airport, the hotel boasts a health club, with state of the art facilities including a gym, jacuzzi, steam room and solarium. The quality of service and dining is also high with two bars, a deli and brassiere restaurant for those wishing to sample the culinary delights of this award winning hotel. For those using the hotel before they catch a flight there is every convenience with an Avis car rental desk within the hotel and an adjoining train station going directly to Gatwick.

Another big advantage of staying at airport hotels is many let you use their car park facilities – at often very reasonable rates. The Cottons Hotel and Spa situated near Manchester International Airport offers some excellent deals on up to 15 days parking for guests of their hotel. The hotel itself is also 4-star and comes equipped with pool, colour therapy sauna, steam room, gym, tennis courts and spa. While you may also be confused over what a colour therapy sauna is, you have to agree it sounds enticing and certainly beats crawling through Manchester traffic to catch an early morning flight.

If you really want to banish your negative image of airport hotels once and for all then you needn’t look much further than the completely re-vitalised Sheraton Skyline near Heathrow ( Visually stunning the Al Dente Ristorante is the ultimate experience of fine dining cuisine where Marco Di Tullio's menus combine tradition, creativity and flavours based on perfect cooking techniques and obsessive research of the best market and imported products available in the UK. In the past airport hotels may have meant chicken in a basket – at the Skyline this type of dish is very much confined to memory.

As the world of airport hotels is such a competitive area there are always great deals to be had for those looking for accommodation pre or post flight. Websites such as airport hotel specialists or have an excellent selection of deals and are worth looking at before planning a stay near an airport.

Overall, airport hotels have changed significantly over the past ten years and are no longer the realm of the odourly challenged. However, it is still recommended that the world of train station pubs is avoided unless on the look out for recreational drugs – or at the very least have a 50p coin to get into the toilet.

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Airplane Seat Maps

Many people that fly for pleasure or for business purposes have to seat in an airplane for 2-3 hours or sometimes even more, depending on the trip that they make, and during the flight seating in an uncomfortable place in the airplane can be a really pain for them. This is happening very often due the lack of details that each airline is publishing about their airplanes or because people that fly don’t consult an aircraft seat map before they book a ticket.

Airplane seat maps can be really handy for frequent or even for occasionally fliers and help them to choose their seat in the airplane even before they buy their tickets. Knowing the place where you seat before going aboard is very good because on almost all seating charts you can find all the details of a specific seat from extra legroom to missing windows or any other details.

Seat maps published by airlines

Most of the airlines publish the seats configurations for their airplanes but the quality of those seat maps is some times questionable and some of the details and information about seats are confusable. Usually airlines don’t publish seat maps for all of their airplanes, they do it only for the major airplanes and for the ones flying on frequent routes.

Seat maps published by specialized websites

In additions to those published seat maps which can be found on airlines websites there are some other sites that publish aircraft seat maps for almost all the commercial airplanes that are flying these days. Seat maps that can be found on these sites usually have more details and on some websites you can found comments from other passengers with ups and downs about each particular airplane seat.

Reading and understanding a seat map it’s a very simple job but people should be carefully on the design of each seat map because is different from website to website or from airplane to airplane, so reading the legend will help understanding the seat arrangements and the meaning of each symbol from the seat map, in this way mistakes can be avoided and passengers can make the best decision for their flight.

Choosing your seat is important as choosing an airline or an airplane to fly with, some people prefer to fly only if they seat is near a window or some people like to fly in their own cabin and the requests and conditions of each passenger could go on. Consulting a seat map before going aboard can bring only benefits and can show to the passengers more details about the airplane comparing with the  details and information about each airplane or flight that airlines are publishing.

The bottom line is that airplane seat maps which can be found very easy on the web can help people choosing the best seat that will satisfy  the all demands for them. Finding the right seat with the help of aircraft seat maps can improve very much the flight conditions and things can be better when fliers read other people’s reviews of seats and airplanes because bad seats or bad flights can be avoided.

Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Airlines – Today's Reality , Yesterday's Dream

Only a wishful fantasy a hundred years ago, the modern airline can now boast being one of the largest corporate industries around the world. Spurred on by massive competition between the ‘big three’ jet manufacturers – Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing – the 20th century has given birth to this most technologically advanced industry.

However, these three corporate giants, located on the West Coast of the United States, have met with stiff competition from specialized companies in Europe, such as Airbus Industrie. Airline manufacturers in Brazil, Australia, Canada and other parts of Europe have also increased the standards that are expected of a modern airline.

Airlines surged ahead with massive expansion and vigorous growth after the World War II. Then came the world-wide recession during the early 1980s, forcing the airlines to engage in unique new patterns to woo new customers onto their flights and keep the old ones. Bankruptcies and mergers to avoid bankruptcy became common fears on the stock markets. This resulted in the aircraft manufacturers sinking fast and needing to make sharp reductions in production. The flying customer became like almighty God to the airlines – the savior from final dissolution.

Fare cutting battles delighted those who had become dependant on airlines for business transportation and allowed the once-a-year traveler to become a traveler during every major holiday. Frequent flyer clubs were almost giving away toasters in order to sign new customers on. The airlines began to join with telephone companies to offer an extra 1000 bonus miles for switching one’s telephone service.

One of the greatest boons presented for the travelers was being able to fly from a smaller community by a commuter airline. Small town airports sprang up around the globe: one no longer needed to drive hundreds of miles to Chicago or Denver or London to catch a plane. Keeping up with a changing society, the airlines replaced ‘stewardesses’ with both male and female ‘flight attendants.’

The challenge of massive air-control for the crowded skies requires that the various airlines work harmoniously in planning and developing airports. These airports have become works of art with fountains that reach three stories up surrounded by luscious, peaceful greenery to soothe the weary travelers. Luxurious lounges for frequent travelers who pay dues are available. Merry-go-rounds and child care can even be found.

Of course, inside the airliner itself is a world of conveniences to take the traveler’s minds off of the time spent in the air. Individual movie screens can be found for each person, along with a full schedule of channels to choose from. An array of radio and music choices are also there, along with whatever electronic hook-ups one might need for their lap-top computers or cell phones.

A hundred years ago the thought of flying from one continent to another in a ‘big bird’ was fantasy, and the current airline structure couldn’t even have been created in one’s wildest dream. It pays to dream big! And to follow your dreams!

Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

Airline Travel Lingo! Does The Language Need An Interpret

With airline travel increasing in record numbers, more people are experiencing the frustration of understanding the airlines industry language, & leaving them feeling that they need an interpreter for the travel information they are receiving from the airline industry! It seems that air companies think that every individual that flies should have to understand all that travel Jargon they place on their flight reservations, & maybe it's about time they figure out what they are talking about, because it's costing you funds & valuable time!

five times you learn all the airlines travel terms, you won't be dependent on your local travel agent anymore, & he/she won't be able to collect all the wonderful service fees from you for being your traveling interpreter.

The price of your travel flight is based on plenty of intricate components that the airlines reservations department implement, not to purposely confuse you, but to formulate their airfares & determine what they need to charge each passenger for all flights taken.

Now if you already know most of these airlines flight terms, then that is ok. However, there's plenty of people that are new to traveling, & are now beginning to use online air suppliers to capitalize on the great deals they offer. But when you're making that reservation, you need to understand why the flight you selected is so cheap, & what are the reasons for the low pricing.

Most of the airlines service terms you will come across will play a big factor on whether you pay an expensive price for you ticket, or getting the discounted travel deals you're looking for in the first place. I will explain the most common industry terms that plenty of people get confused about:

Misunderstanding in Airline Terms can cost you more currency!

Direct or Through Service: This can get a little confusing to plenty of individuals. The aircraft even though is en route directly to your location, it may be making some routine stops on the way, & all passengers must remain on the plane at that time. there's plenty of times when you print your ticket that it won't list the cities that it will be landing in, so it's always wise to investigate a little further, & see how long the stop is going to be in each individual city.

Nonstop versus Direct or Through Service: Don't get this five confused, because plenty of airline companies don't explain this properly. Nonstop means exactly that, & most travelers need these flights, so they book-up quickly. You fly from your origin & land at your desired location without any stops in between.

Connecting Flight: When you're on this type of service flight, now this is treated differently than the other services above. With this type of flight the plane travels from five city to another, however, the passengers must modify aircrafts at some point between the origin city & the location city.

online Connections: This is when you modify an aircraft but continue to fly with the same carrier. So if you're flying form los angeles to los angeles on American Airlines. If you make a stop for example in Denver, you will modify planes at that airport, but with the same American Airline carrier.

Interline Connection: This is when you as a passenger changes airplanes, but instead of boarding the same company plane you will be on a different airline. For this example, you're flying from Seattle, Washington en route to San Antonio, los angeles. If you were on a United flight, you will have a stop in a city in-between your origin & location, & let say you have to get on an American carrier to continue your journey. The main reason for this is that the particular airline company may not be flying into certain cities due to particular business reasons, so then they share with competing airline business companies.

Open Jaw: No it's not when you see the price of your ticket & your jaw drops. This trip is five in which you depart out of five city, & later return from another city. For example: you fly from San Diego, los angeles to los angeles City, & then return back home from the city of Boston back to San Diego. This can dramatically increase your airline ticket, so if you're looking to visit a family member in another city that you arrived in, & then depart out of another city where your families live, then carefully check & make sure you understand this term.

Consolidators: A consolidator can be your friend if you understand how they work. basically put, they purchase tickets from an airline at a rate less than the tariff, with the purpose of reselling the tickets to either you the public or travel agencies. They buy tickets in bulk from air carrier companies, & therefore offer substantial savings. If you happen to be wondering what a tariff is, it's basically set pricing, rules, & regulations all put in place by authorized organizations in the airline industry.

Lets talk types of Fares! If you're searching for fares online, you will come across a list of different terminologies for your ticket, & it will reflect on the price you end up paying. The airlines distinguish certain fare prices by the terms normal or restricted.

Normal Fares: A normal fare is first class, business class, & economy. These have no restrictions such as advanced reservation requirements or maximum stay stipulations. Such flights are valid for five year from the date of the first flight & can be extended if not used within that period.

Restricted Excursion & Discounted Fares: These have certain restrictions, & that is why they are cheaper to purchase. they are sold with a quantity of conditions attached, which most require advanced reservations, & there is normally a maximum & sometimes a maximum stay requirement. Travel dates are pre-determined, & any changes in most cases are subject to a penalty, or at times you cannot make any changes at all! Airlines limit the number of seats at these fares to encourage travelers to book early.

With an understanding how the air travel industry communicates, & how they determine a flight schedule & pricing, you will eventually be able to speak their language, prevent air lingo confusion, & obtain the best flight itinerary & price with this new knowledge!

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Aircraft Charter May Be Cheaper Than Regular

Though it may appear initially that private aircraft are a corporate luxury, they can actually save a business traveler money in some circumstances. Aircraft charters offer security, safety, flexibility and convenience.

First of all, to travel anywhere on short notice, be prepared to pay several times as much as you would if you had booked an economy ticket a few weeks ahead of time. Unfortunately, in today's fast moving business world, executives often do not have more than a few days notice of where they will be needed. So to be fair, when comparing the cost of a private or charter plane, the cost per traveler should be compared with the cost of a first-class ticket, not the standard economy fair.

In addition, work and meetings can take longer than expected to complete, so it can be difficult to plan the return trip at the time of ticket purchase. And one-way tickets, aside from being even more expensive, can lead to lengthy, aggressive security searches due to terrorist profiling by airport security. To be competitive, today's management team cannot be restricted by the inflexibility of airline schedules and ticket bookings.

Also, commercial flights may simply not be available at the time desired. With tight budgets, airplanes are overbooked, so even if the traveler is prepared to pay for a top-class ticket, the seats may already be all booked. With an aircraft charter you can set your own schedule, and aircraft charters can be changed or rescheduled on short notice.

With an aircraft charter your business schedule becomes the flight schedule. Charter flights allow the traveler to avoid the check-in an security lines, missed connections and the long drives to locations far away from the major airports. Also, factor in the overnight stays due to poor connections. This leads to hotel and restaurant expenses, as well as productive business time lost. Aircraft charters allow more sales calls, more time to manage your business and ultimately more leisure and family time.

With security searches, constant distraction and movement of valuable items such as laptops, cellphones and business papers, be prepared for theft and loss on commercial airline trips. Trips on charter aircraft are much more organized and relaxed, allowing the business traveler to manage equipment better. With a private jet charter the chances of losing luggage are almost non-existent.

It is possible to host a private meeting on board aircraft charter since the only passengers on the aircraft are the staff or invited guests. Computers and paperwork are much easier to handle without the logistical problems of cramped seats and poor power sources, not to mention the distractions caused by fellow passengers.

The film, entertainment and fashion industries have been using charter aircraft for years. Due to high costs of moving production teams between locations, charter aircraft are extremely cost effective. They offer the advantage of traveling from one point to another in a shorter period of time, without scrambling to reassemble at connection points, and safe transport of cameras and other expensive equipment.

Professional athletes have long used aircraft jet charter for their special needs. Their schedules are uncertain so an aircraft jet charter must always be available for early or delayed departures. Many amateur athletes have also been taking advantage of an aircraft jet charter when the need arises due to the same concerns and possible schedule conflicts. Also, bulky sports equipment sometimes causes problems on commercial flights so an aircraft jet charter would probably be required. Airlines are toughening the regulations for overweight luggage,and some types of sports equipment may be too large. Charter aircraft allow extra space for cargo, and staff are available to assist with loading and unloading.

Clubs, organizations and associations may find a private jet charter a more convenient and even cheaper way to travel. When dealing with a group, there is a great time saving together with the reduction of stress and frustration. A private jet charter facilitates the check-in process by avoiding long security lines and facilitating baggage check in. For a large group, a charter aircraft may be less expensive that individual tickets. Next time your group needs to travel together check out the costs of a private jet charter.

Aircraft charters are becoming known as the preferred option for an increasing number of business travelers. Seasoned charter travelers already know the value of an aircraft charter. Drive your car up to the charter aircraft lot and park within a few steps of the departure lounge, and enjoy a more streamlined and relaxed travel experience on your own charter aircraft for the same or, sometimes, even less cost.

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Air Travel Rules: Are They Different For Those With a Disability?

When planning to take a trip, by way of airplane, there are a number of different factors that you should consider. One of those factors includes whether or not you have a disability.  Even if you do not have a disability, you also need to be prepared if you are traveling with someone else who has one.  This preparation does not just include packing your bags for your trip, but it is also includes familiarizing yourself with air travel rules. Although most of the rules are the same, you will find that some rules differ for those who have a medical condition or a disability.

The first step in preparing for a trip with someone who is disabled, whether that person be yourself or another traveler, is to alert the airline.  When making your reservation, you may want to inform the airline staff of any disability or medical condition that you may have. Although this is not necessary, it may be a good idea, especially if you will be traveling with medical equipment.  Extra accommodations will need to be made for those who are traveling, past airport security checkpoints, with wheelchairs or mobility scooters.  Learning what you will need to do with these items, ahead of time, is a great way to make your travel plans run as smoothly as possible. 

It is also a good idea to famialrize yourself with the airport screening process.  All individuals will need to go through medical detectors. If you or someone who you know is traveling with medical equipment that will set off the alarms, it is likely that they will be pulled aside for additional screening. This screening should only take a few minutes, but it will be done by a trained professional who will show compassion when dealing with those with a disability. 

Unlike most other air travelers, who at this time are required to remove their shoes, those with a disability can leave their shoes on if they choose to do so.  However, it is important to note that you may be subject to additional screening.  To prevent this additional screening from occurring, you are advised to remove your shoes, if at all possible. In the event that you are unable to, it will not be a big ordeal. In fact, the additional screening often requires a quick swipe of a metal detector wand. 

In addition to those with a disability, most airports have made special arrangements and exceptions for those who have a medical condition, especially one that requires medication at a specific time.  You are allowed to keep your medication with you, in your carryon luggage, but you are advised to keep the dosages in small amounts.  Due to the current ban on liquids, you are advised to have the proper medical identification. This means that you should keep your medication in the original package, especially if your name is on it.  To be allowed through to the next checkpoint, your name will have to match the name of the prescription bottle. If it does not, there is a chance that you will have your medication confiscated. 

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind you or your traveling partners, who may have a medical condition or a disability, should easily be able to make it to your intended destination. In the event that you are unsure about a particular screening procedure or if you have any other questions, you are advised to contact the airline in which you will be flying on or the airport that you will be leaving from, before your arrive there. Planning ahead is the best way to make your next flight a memorable and hassle-free experience.

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Air Travel around the world and let your cares fall by the w

Air Travel and vacations, to get on a plane and go somewhere, can be five of life's most rewarding experiences. it is so exciting to contemplate an exotic or relaxing location, for no other reason than to  get away. Half the fun of air travel and vacations, or any trip for that matter, is the anticipation of waiting for the day of departure to arrive.

You know how it is; you are busy with your work and career, deadlines, meetings etc. five afternoon you look over at the calendar and realize that in only 6 weeks, a mere 42 days, you'll be taking off for 10 days of fun, sun and excitement. You get a lovely, warm feeling knowing that your air travel holiday is  around the corner. Sometimes  knowing that your going on a holiday is all it takes to brighten your day.

Because of the power of the web, it is now possible to find wonderful air travel bargains and vacations right from your own home. It doesn't matter if you are looking for cruises, cheap airline tickets or Las Vegas vacations, you'll find them all on the web.

Find the best air travel deals on the web for your next holiday.

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Air Travel: Is the Clothing You Wear Important

When it comes to air travel and clothing, we are all different. There are some travelers who are dressed in business suits, others in traditional jeans, and others who wear something as comfortable as possible, such as their pajamas or sweat pants. With the recent increase in airport security and the recent change in air travel rules, there are many individuals who wonder if the clothing they wear to the airport is important. If you are one of those individuals, you can rest assure because, in most cases, it is not.

It seems as if ever since airplanes became the popular way to travel, a focus has been placed on comfort. Regardless of whether or not you will be taking a long flight, you will want to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than wearing an itchy sweater or tight pair of pants up in the air. Unless you bring a chance of clothes with you and place them in your carryon bag, you are out of luck. That is why it is important that you think of what you will be wearing before you leave for the airport. Even if you are traveling for business, you should be able to change in to your business clothes as soon as you arrive at your destination, even in the airport bathrooms.

When it comes to comfort, as previously mentioned, many air travelers make the decision to wear sweat pants and a comfortable top. In addition to being comfortable, you will find, in most cases, that these types of clothes are the best for airport security, especially when entering airport screening checkpoints. This is because most sweat pants are not made with any metal items. Essentially, this means that you should be able to enter the security checkpoint and leave it quicker than most other travelers, such as the travelers who are decked out in accessories.

When it comes to clothing accessories, you will find that a number of different items set off airport metal detectors. That is why most airport security officers request that you remove all of your jewelry. Once your jewelry is removed, you will need to place it in a small bin, which will be scanned right along with your carryon luggage. Whether you have rings or a necklace, you are advised to remove them, if you can. For your convenience, you can leave your earrings on. If by chance, you earrings set the metal detectors off, you will likely be pulled a side and airport security should easily be able to tell whether or not your earring were what set off the alarms.

In addition to jewelry, you will find that your belt may even set off an airport’s metal detector. For that reason, a large number of airports have requested that you remove your belts before entering the metal detectors. Since a large number of travelers wear belts, this is done to help speed up the process of checking each and every passenger. If you do not enjoy removing some of your jewelry or removing your belt, it is advised that you leave those items at home.

Recently, a number of new air travel rules have been implemented. One of those rules requires that all passengers remove their shoes. Your shoes, once removed, will be scanned by an x-ray machine, right along with the rest of your carryon luggage. In recent years, only random passengers were asked to remove their shoes, but now everyone is. For that reason, you will to wear simple shoes that you can easily remove and put back on.

Another air travel rule, recently implemented, is the ban of liquids. This means that adults are no longer allowed to bring a drink onboard, even bottle water. It also means that you are prohibited from placing liquid beauty supplies in your carryon luggage. One concern, made by many women is the allowance of gel or water filled bras. Currently, you are allowed to wear these types of bras onboard an airplane. Honestly, unless you mention it to airport security, there is a good chance that they would never even know.

Since there are really no rules or restrictions on the clothing that you can wear while flying the great skies, you need to choose for yourself. Whether you want to be fashionable or comfortable, it is all up to you.

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Agent Tricks of the Travel Trade

I’ll be forthright: I’m not a homemaker. I feel more at ease constantly on the move, city after city, mountaintop to seaside surf, living out of my suitcase and fumbling through a foreign language phrase book, than I feel even comfy and cozy, napping on my couch on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps I’m a little crazy, but I find it thrilling sprinting to make a connecting flight (even if it’s the red eye); I believe it convenient when the airline informs me my luggage is a flight behind, leaving unencumbered to begin sightseeing immediately; and I think myself resourceful when I arrive at a booked hotel only to realize I forgot to make reservations but still haggle a room. Of course, while I don’t mind any of the perceived headaches of traveling, I do mind the high costs often associated with it. Traveling, for me, is primarily about escaping—whether it be work, commuting, obligations, sometimes even family and friends—but how is it an escape if I’m worried about how much I’m spending the entire trip?

I mention cost as something that would potentially worry me were it not for the fact that, in reality, it doesn’t worry me at all. At least not since I wised up, did the requisite research and taught myself the agent tricks of the travel trade. Travel agents’ tricks that is, because in addition to being a constant traveler and writer, I am also a licensed travel agent.  Not in the sense that I work for others, booking their hotels, finding their flights, or landing them a deal on an Alaskan cruise. Truth is, I only use my license for personal escapes (well, okay, occasionally for family and friends too, but only when their remarks regarding my debonair good lucks are particularly flattering).

If you’ve never heard of this travel industry loophole before, this may sound somewhat (or completely) preposterous. In fact, however, it is quite common among everyday people, both those who travel often or but once a year, both those whose work relates to travel to those whose work relates only to that which remains stationary. What I mean, plain and simple, is anyone—you, me, your second cousin Otto, or my next-door neighbor Irene—can get their travel agent’s license lickety-split, and immediately begin reaping the benefits.

First things first: when making travel arrangements for themselves, every agent knows not to book a single step of their journey through one of their own, i.e. other travel agents. Instead, they use travel consolidators.

Think about the difference those terms: agent and consolidator.

An agent, in any industry where they’re principal players, obviously gets something in return for the services they provide. In sports, agents represent athletes, working off the field to win their clients lucrative contracts and commercial cameos so the athlete can in turn, without financial distractions, concentrate and win on the field. For these services, agents win themselves a percentage of every deal they broker.  The same is true in showbiz, modeling, or corporations where headhunters wheel and deal multi-million dollar salaries and stock incentive plans for their CEO clients. Likewise, then, in the travel industry, agents receive discounts, courtesies and other special benefits, not from the customer for whom they book a hotel or flight, but from the vendor providing that service (i.e. the hotel chain or airline) who profits from the customer. As agents for airlines, etc., they drive customers toward vendors whom offer them the most in return.

A consolidator, on the other hand, does virtually the opposite. Rather than inflate the costs of travel by collecting fees, they combine, for the sake of efficiency, the expensive and unstable parts of travel into a cheaper, more solid whole. They work to maximize vendor’s numbers, ratios and the cost per head. Think about it in terms of magazine publishing: the real cost in printing an issue is not the number of copies made, but merely arranging and setting the plates that will allow the print run in the first place. Once that is set to go, the only added costs are that of extra paper and ink. The travel industry is the same, the more spaces that fill, the cheaper tickets or rooms become per person. As in any industry, consumers (i.e. travelers in this case) benefit from the sheer volume of numbers (i.e. all travelers, yourself included).

You, as a licensed travel agent would obtain special contact with these consolidators and the deals vendors must offer to maximize their costs per person. But while it’s all well and good to make arrangements through a consolidator as opposed to an agent, just because you acquire a license (available online in under an hour) doesn’t mean the consolidator will believe you’re as much a travel professional as they are. To avoid common mistakes that expose amateurs from pros, you must learn the proper lingo and travel codes. For that there are volumes of eBooks (with corresponding printed versions) that provide the requisite knowledge, which you can quickly study before contacting a consolidator and easily flip through if put on the spot. Get these references. Some of them are thick, but in reality you’ll spend less than a hundred dollars on everything you need to in turn potentially save thousands on the first trip you plan with your travel agent’s license in hand.

Furthermore, instead of turning to the discount fare finders like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity or Priceline that lay-travelers search, as a travel agent, you additionally gain access to the lesser known, but more lucrative sites travel consolidators utilize.

Together, the benefits will materialize almost immediately. Buy plane tickets the day before the flight’s scheduled to depart, but only pay what you would have had you purchased tickets two months in advance. Get a spacious cruise ship cabin beside the captain’s quarters for the price of an ocean-level closet. Find yourself lodging in the seaside, honeymoon suite for the price you might have paid for the basement hide-a-bed beside the ice machine.

Finally, the travel industry is a weird and wonderful creature, in this case, thankfully profit driven as much as other industries we often loathe. To those who present themselves as viable agents, promoting and thus earning money for the industry as a whole, it means endless perks. I get more special offers from airlines, cruise lines, and packaged tour companies than I know what to do with. For me, casinos, theme parks, and luxury resorts are not necessarily what I strive for, but if that is your cup of tea and your hocus pocus agenting appears legitimate, you’ll suddenly find yourself choosing between the best of many worlds: free weekends in the Napa Valley, first class seats to Tokyo, an all expense paid safari, a cruise down the Nile...

So what are you waiting for, get started! Find a comprehensive eBook or alternate guide that takes you through the process of becoming a travel agent, step-by-step. Don’t sit on this opportunity, but rather start traveling cheaply, today…

As for me, I’ve got a flight to catch…

Now, where did I put my passport?

Copyright 2006, Robert K. Blanc. All Rights Reserved. Reprint or reposting of this article permitted only in its entirety with the below resource box included and unchanged.

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African Safari Is Affordable For You

An African Safari is the vacation of a lifetime. Make sure you choose your tour company wisely as there is a lot of difference between tour operators. Looking for great value? Ask a travel agent to keep an eye out for African Safari special offers to find exclusive tours at unbeatable prices. Or if you have some extra time, surf the internet for a few weeks before booking so that you get a good idea of the tours being offered. Safaris, aside from the airfare, are not much more expensive than other guided tours unless you take the luxury option, and it's bound to be an unforgettable vacation.

Safaris to the Kruger Park, which is roughly the size of a small country, are always popular. This area of Africa has seen human habitation for roughly 40,000 years. Indigenous populations coexisted in balance with the local game, but after Europeans arrived and began to hunt for trophies, game populations declined drastically due to the uncontrolled slaughter despite hunting laws introduced to South Africa in 1858.

The area first became protected in 1989, just before the Boer War, after a campaign by Paul Kruger to establish the Sabi game reserve between the Sabi and Crocodile rivers. After the Boer War ended in 1902, the James Stevenson-Hamilton was appointed warden of the Sabi Game Reserve, and formal protection and rebuilding of game stocks was instituted. Stevenson-Hamilton became determined to protect the area permanently by making it a national park. After much lobbying, he succeeded. The national parks act was passed in 1926 and the Sabi and Singwitsi reserves (by then the Transvaal Game Reserve) became the Kruger National Park.

It took a few years before visitors discovered the park. In 1927, a total of 3 tourist vehicles ventured into the park, bringing in an income of 3 pounds. By 1930, there were 900 vehicles roaming on the 500 kilometres of new roads in the park, and staying in the huts and tents that could accommodate up to 700 people. Stevenson-Hamilton was an outdoorsman who disapproved of luxurious facilities, and he attempted to maintain a rustic atmosphere. However, when he left, accommodations were upgraded and the park became a reknowned destination for tourists from all around the world.

By 1955, visitors flocked to the park in numbers exceeded 10,000 a year, prompting extensive development of roads and tourist services along with the fencing of the park boundaries. During peak holiday season, such as Christmas, Easter and July, the park can be quite crowded. There is now a daily limit to number of visitors, so if you must travel in peak season, reserve well ahead of time.

Adjacent to the Kruger on its Western Boundary are a number of private game reserves, including the Sabi Sand, Timbavati and Manyeleti. Kruger Park Safaris offer a huge variety and density of wildlife, as well as a wide range of safari experiences. You'll never be able to see the whole park in just one tour. Safaris include everything from tented walking safaris and self-driving safaris to ultra-luxurious fly-in safaris. Kruger Park holds hundreds of lodges for different tastes and budgets.

The Kruger Park is a year-round destination, but there is a seasonal difference in climate. The dry season (winter) is usually between May and August, although rainfall starts declining in April and is still fairly low in September and October. This is the best season to see game, as permanent waterholes attract animals, the vegetation becomes thinned out, and trees have fewer leaves to obstruct the view. Winter has warm days and chilly nights. The average maximum temperatures is around 24 degrees in winter, and the average minimum is about 8 or 9 degrees, although it can drop as far as 5 degrees. It is important to bring along a warm jacket for early morning and evening game tours.

The wet season (summer), is from November to March. This is when the Kruger Park receives most of its rainfall, usually in dramatic afternoon thundershowers. The weather is hot and balmy, with Average maximum temperatures of about 30 degrees Celcius, with an average minimum of 20 degrees. The summer grass and foliage becomes lush and green, and while this makes for beautiful scenery, it can also make game viewing difficult. Also, animals no longer concentrate around waterholes because there are now widespread sources of water.

However, for birdwatchers, the wet season is the ideal time to visit the Kruger Park, as this is when the migrating birds arrive, and when all the local birds are at their most active. The Makuleke region of the park is renowned for its many species of birds, and visitors may see exotic specimens such as Scarlet Chested Sunbirds, Broadbilled Rollers, Redheaded Weavers, Wattle-eyed Flycatchers and owls, such as the Pels Fishing Owl, the Scops, Whitefaced, Pearl-Spotted and Giant Eagle Owls.

The wet season is also the best time to see baby animals, as most animals calve at the beginning of the rainy season to take advantage of the lush grazing grounds.

Luxury resorts in and around the Kruger Park are not cheap, but offer services such as massages, reflexology and room service for guests who like to remain within the bounds of civilization while still having an opportunity to take day tours and see game.

Overland Safaris in a tour group are the most economical way to see Kruger Park. These group tours are a great way to meet like-minded eco-tourists and enjoy a genuine outdoor experience. Both camping and hotel options are available.

The bush of the Kruger Park can also be experienced on hiking tours. These walks are conducted in parts of the region not accessible to vehicles, including the spectacular Lanner Gorge.

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Affects of the Tsunami on tourism

It was December 26,2004 a beautiful sunny day. There were vacationers all over the gorgeous Asian beaches not a worry in the world. Certainly no one was expecting the devastation that was about to unfold. A tsunami struck out of nowhere going down in history as the most devastating earthquake killing over two hundred thousand people. The coasts of South East Asia had been building popularity with Europeans when this occurred, understandably so tourism dwindled down after this, but not for long.
Some of the more popular vacation spots that were affected the most were Sri Lanka, South India, Thailand, and Indonesia. After the tsunami struck most locations started planning ideas or events to bring tourism back. They knew the travel industry would be affected and wanted to make sure it did not last long.

Sri Lanka one of the hardest hit places came up with an idea they called “Io Vado A Sri Lanka”. What they did was get a group together of more than two hundred and seventy people consisting of the Italian media, tour operators and retailers and they toured the island. They visited all their interesting sites on the island.

The idea was that the Italian media would share their experience on the island and would be encouraging people to come visit at the same time. When the tsunami struck South East Asia the tourism industry lost billions of dollars. Immediately after the tsunami the government was encouraging vacationers to stay away from the areas affected.

Fortunately the travel industry was not going to stand for this. They have been working hard since the Tsunami to regain their visitors. Shortly after the Tsunami the Association of Southeast Asian Nations intensified their marketing to gain tourists again. They began to encourage the government to help them assure travelers that this tsunami was an isolated event, something that just does not happen. There was one good thing that came out of this tragedy. With all the media coverage on the tsunami more people became aware of these ideal vacation destinations.

One other thing the travel industry has been doing and will continue doing is giving advisory updates. They are informing the necessary sources of the conditions and improvements of these destinations and encouraging people to visit. By giving updates this will help get tourism back to 100% on the beautiful coasts of South East Asia.

Fortunately for everyone tourists have begun to realize that a tsunami of this magnitude is rare, something that happens once maybe every hundred years and they are not letting it scare them away from enjoying a piece of paradise.

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Adventure Travel On Horseback

When you think of “adventure travel,” what crosses your mind?

• Hiking?
• White water rafting?
• Scuba diving?
• Something as sedentary as a cruise ship or land rover safari?

Those ideas lose their “adventure” status when you compare them to galloping on a horse in Africa with a zebra and wildebeest racing along side you, or quietly observing the elephant and giraffe.

How can a traveler visit the remote parts of the world’s most beautiful and interesting places while...

• Practicing a fascinating sport
• Avoiding polluting
• Keeping in harmony with history and nature
• Being free to explore exotic locations
• Making friends in remote places, and
• Sharing the experience with a willing animal?

Have you ever considered the tremendous advantages of adventure travel on horseback? A horse can take you to beautiful and remote places which are difficult to reach in any other way. At the same time, you can practice a challenging sport which has been a favorite of mankind for millennia.

Destinations like Africa, Asia, Europe and South America offer a wonderful variety of adventure tours on horseback. Though comparatively little known to Americans, the British and particularly the French have highly developed the riding tour concept in many parts of the world. In many locations in the United States rights-of-way for horses have been lost, but many still exist in other countries.

Horses and horseback riding are deeply woven into the culture and history of most cultures from Argentina to Ireland. This is how our ancestors traveled and for those with a sense of history there is no more appropriate way to go. If you arrive in a foreign place on horseback, you will most likely be enthusiastically greeted by locals with waves and smiles which greatly facilitate meaningful contacts. Those who arrive by bus, on foot or on a bicycle are usually ignored. Horses are a great introduction and ice breaker almost anywhere.

If you seek a wilderness adventure, then horses are the way to go unless you want to walk and carry your equipment. Riding tours can take you from inn to inn, castle to castle, palace to palace or from one comfortable camp to another. Costs are very reasonably compared to biking or bus trips.

Horseback riding adventures vary widely in the skill and experience required to handle them safely. Most of these tours move out at all paces and include some good gallops so that one can cover 15 to 35 miles in a day. Beginners need several days of instruction before attempting even an easy trip, but those who are reasonably fit, not too overweight and have open minds can catch on very quickly. A week of intensive riding with good instruction can easily prepare most people for the less demanding adventures.

One of the enormous advantages of travel on horseback is that you are sharing the adventure with a willing animal who is also interested in the sights and sounds and who loves a brisk gallop on a beach or open plain as much as you do. A day in the saddle is also great exercise and riding is an excellent way to keep fit while having fun. It is far more interesting and satisfying than sitting confined in a bus or land rover all day which really isn’t adventure travel at all. Another dividend is the keen appetite you develop after a day in the saddle for the delicious food you will be served.

On an African ride, a good horse can outdistance an irate Cape buffalo or elephant and keep you safe. Comfortable camps are set up for you each night, the food is excellent and the service superb. Or try a horseback tour visiting the castles of the Loire Valley and ride into the courtyards on your horse like a knight of old. You can gallop along forest tracks where the French aristocracy once chased the wild stag. There is a broad spectrum of possibilities available for horseback riding vacations.

If it appeals to you to travel in harmony with nature without using polluting, noisy machines or an unresponsive bicycle, then you should look into horseback riding tours.

Copyright 2005 Bayard Fox and Equitours, Ltd.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

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Adventure Travel - Close And Cheap

Adventure travel is becoming more popular all the time. It can be very expensive, though, and even a bit too dangerous for some of us. It doesn't have to either, though. Here are a few ideas for small adventures you can afford. They are followed by a definition of adventure that will help you add your own to the list.

Try treasure hunting. Rent or buy a metal detector and spend a relaxing but interesting weekend finding coins, jewelry and who-knows-what in the sand at the beach. No beach nearby? Look up the historical records for your town, to see where old picnic grounds were. Treasure hunters regularly find old coins at places like these.

Take climbing lessons. Whether this is on Mount Ranier in Washington, or Mount Washington in New Hampshire, it's sure to be an adventure. At least it will be more exciting than my trip up a local sledding hill with my ice-axe and crampons.

Travel form monastery to monastery. Make it a spiritual adventure or just relax. Most monasteries take in visitors, and usually have reasonably priced accommodations. The Buddhist ones in particular are most often in beautiful places.

Do a hot springs tour. This is for those who live in the west. Get a guide to hot springs or copy directions off the internet. Bring swimming suits (optional at some, for the more adventurous), towels and a cooler full of refreshments. Want more adventure? Seek out the ones that you have to hike into the wilderness to find.

<b>The Cheapest Adventure Travel</b>

Find and summit the highest peak in your state. This might be less-than-adventurous in some states, but it will at least be an excuse to get outside and get some good exercise. Be sure to bring your camera for the summit shot. You might try the highest point in the next state over for your next adventure trip.

Investigate and find the nearest hidden swimming holes. The best ones are ones that require a hike to get to. Watch for people heading down a trail with swimsuits and a cooler. Nobody hikes in swimsuit and drags a cooler into the woods, unless there is water involved.

Play Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Locate the nearest river that is large enough and has some public forest. Then build a raft from dead trees and float downstream for a day. We usually started by hiking upstream for an hour or more, so we could float back to the car.

A vagabond trip. Pack enough clothing and snacks for several days and just start driving, with no destination in mind. Who knows where you'll end up, and what you'll discover. Pack a tent or camp in your car to keep it really affordable.

That last one is a classic adventure trip in my book. Adventure is any activity you engage in that is new to you and doesn't have a predictable outcome. It doesn't need to be dangerous to be interesting and fun, and could even include a trip to the nearest large city for a weekend tour of the nightclubs. Of course, depending on the places you choose, this could be fairly dangerous adventure travel.

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Adventure Travel : The Most Exhilarating "Must Do" Trips

Ever since the man could walk, he traveled. At first, we traveled to escape harsh climate and find food, but as we evolved, we started traveling for fun. Thus appeared travel destinations and travel guides. As time passed, more and more people started traveling to various locations, for the landscape, traditions and thrills.

Here are a few travel locations that are sure to give you your thrills and kicks, somewhat like a top five, I guess, but don’t trust me - go check them out yourself out!

1. Himalaya

By far the greatest mountain range in the world, the Himalaya have captured the imagination of philosophers, mystics, mountaineers and empire builders from the earliest ancestors of contemporary Hindus and Buddhists to the present day. Mount Kailash, home of the greatest of the gods, and Meru, centre of the Hindu and Buddhist universe, rise from their surrounding ridges of the central Himalaya. From the high slopes to the foothills, people have carved out an often-meager existence in the harshest of environments with determination, subtlety and imagination enriched by powerful cultural identities. Tribal peoples living often at high altitudes have made their living from their tough environment through trade over the highest passes in the world, while farmers have developed agriculture on the man-made terraces of the warmer, lower-lying valleys and hills of the southern ranges. Although the mountain environment gives a common character to the whole region, each hamlet has its own identity. The villages of the arid high-altitude plateau of Ladakh could scarcely be more different from the homesteads of the monsoon forests of Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Kilimanjaro Climb

Just three degrees south of the Equator is the 5,895m (19,340ft) high, permanently snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. It offers one of the best opportunities in the world to climb a peak at high altitude without needing technical climbing ability. Any normally fit, healthy person prepared for some physical exertion and exercise should be able to complete the ascent to Uhuru Peak, which involves approximately 70 kilometers of walking in total, and no technical climbing.

3. Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, Chile

Near the fjord area of Tierra Del Fuego and the Beagle Channel one may visit the famous Torres Del Paine National Park on the southern edge of the Patagonia Ice Cap. The area is easy to get to from Punta Arenas with transportation of buses, taxis and minibuses. It is possibly the most famous national park in South America with 60,000 visitors last season. It is some 100 km north of Puerto Natales. A 2422 sq. km park was given the World Heritage status in 1978 by UNESCO.

It gets it's name from three wonderful and very prominent polished columns of pink granite, the Towers of Paine (Torres Del Paine).

Here you may go backpacking and trekking, or you can join programs to do the mountain climbing as well. Nandu and Guanaco (Ostrich and Alpaca like animals) are frequently seen in the park refuge. There is a broad diversity of fauna y flora. Backpackers should have experience with overnight trips in rough country; those who desire to make ascents should have mountaineering ice and snow climbing experience.

4. Amboseli Safari

Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya’s most popular parks because of the stunning view it displays of nearby Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. When you go on your Amboseli Safari, be sure to get the famous photograph of elephants with the unforgettable views of Kilimanjaro in the background!

Streams from Kilimanjaro surface in the centre of Amboseli, creating swamps that attract and support a rich diversity of wild animals and birdlife.

As Amboseli is easily accessible, it forms a popular part of many of our safari itineraries.

Amboseli is one of the smaller game parks in Kenya and the vegetation ensures that the animals are easy to spot. Lions can easily be found and can occasionally be watched stalking their prey.
Buffalo, zebra, giraffe, gazelle and other plains game are plentiful in the park and hippos live in the open waters and swamp channels. The elephants found here are surprisingly relaxed around safari vehicles; they were largely unaffected by ivory poaching and have some of the largest tusks.

Nothing beats the experience of adventure travel, so pack up your rucksack and give it a go!

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Adventure Snowboarding

Adventure Snowboarding
Ok, you have snowboard and will travel. Are you looking for an adventure destination that not everyone is flocking to? Do you want to be able to talk not just about the great runs but also the travel adventure you had in getting to slopes? Here are three adventure destinations for snowboarding.
Timberline Resort on Mt. Hood in Oregon is just one of them. It is one of the highest ski areas in the US and thanks to the altitude, you can snowboard on it year round. The upper reaches stay snowcapped year round and give year round <a href="">skiing</a> and snowboarding enjoyment. The runs are some of the best out there and it's no wonder that Timberline is a snowboarding adventure.
Tierra del Fuego is the ultimate adventure snowboarding destination. In the southern most inhabited area of the world, winters are cold and snowfall is heavy. The result is snowcapped mountains that reach all the way to sea. What better place to enjoy snowboarding. With several excellent ski areas, you're never far from the slopes. When you look south while snowboarding, you are looking unobstructed all the way to Antarctica. It really is the ultimate snowboard adventure destination.
Another adventure snowboarding destination is in South Africa. The only ski resort south of the Sahara desert is the Tiffendell Resort. With a 2000 foot run and snow for 3 months every year, it's the best place in Africa for snowboarding. Africa conjures up images of desert, jungles, and savannas. Imagine the stories you'll have from your adventure heading down the slopes in Africa.
I'm sure you can start thinking of other interesting adventure snowboarding destinations. Pack your backpack and your snowboard and start hitting the slopes in adventure destinations.

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Adventure Croatia Holidays - between the Alps and Adriatic Sea

<b>Magical adventures in Croatia</b> with hundreds of sparkling waterfalls and more than a thousand islands set amid the blue of the sea, green mountain rivers and streams, virgin canyons, wild karst and mellow plains.

Nestling between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in the south-eastern part of the European continent, <b>Croatia</b> jealously protects eight national parks, ten nature parks and a whole range of special reserves, including plant life, animals, geological formations, hydrological phenomena, all within a small but rich area that can be travelled by car from one end to another in a single day.

Many paths run between rivers, mountain peaks, tiny island ports and beaches, leading to Illyrian hill forts, to Roman ruins, to towns and cities that are themselves monuments, to ethno-entities of popular architecture.

Countless footpaths and trekking trails beckon you to venture into beauty and discover the magic of nature - in the mountains, river valleys and canyons, through karstic plains and dense forests, to rock-bound islands and lush green hills. Within this most diverse of reliefs walkers and hikers can reach even the most mysterious areas strewn between sea level and the highest peak on Dinara (1831 m): in nature parks, nature reserves, national parks and other areas with particular attractions from the aspect of adventure - in Slavonic and Baranja, Northern Croatia (Hrvatsko zagorje, Medimurje, Podravina), Gorski kotar, Istria, Dalmatia and Zagorje, on hundreds of isles and islands, and down the length of the Dinara range extending along the coastline. Then there are Ucka, Velebit, Mosor, Biokovo, Snijeznica in the far south - oil offering a wealth of challenges.

Sailing It is easy to capture favourable winds among such a number of islands as exist in Croatian territorial waters - whether blowing from the land or the sea. The strength of wind and waves is not unusually excessive, but should you have had enough just sail for the nearest sheltered bay. Fully equipped sailboats of various categories (with or without a skipper) can be hired from any one of the dozens of marinas situated up and down the coast and on the islands. Yachting clubs and marinas are numerous and well equipped. We are recommending sailing regio at Zadar, Sibenik und <b>Dubrovnik</b>.

Alpinists and freestyle climbers will find the right climbing environment in both the continental and littoral regions, with some climbing sites being located quite close to towns and popular Croatia holiday resorts (Zagreb, Ogulin, Rovinj, Paiin, Split, Ornls...]. Routes ranging from several meters long for beginners, to several hundred meters for specialists, are open to climbing enthusiasts on the rocks of Paklenica, Velebit, Ucka, in the Dinara range (including Dinara-Ornis), Mosor, Biokovo and others, and on the islands (Brac, Vis, Mljet). The best known climbing destinations in the continental parts of the country are on the mountains of Klek, Papuk, Kalnik, on Samarske stijene and Bijele stijene

Well, I think yell get a perfect <b>Croatia holidays</b>!

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Advantage of Renting a Condotel Suite in Cebu while on Vacation in the Philippines

Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences [LCRR] in Mactan, Cebu, a boutique Brand Name Condotel Investment of Pacific Concord Properties Inc, is now ready to accept guests in the Condo Hotel. Under the management of Lancaster Hotels, Land and Properties, Inc. [LHLPI], rental operations of LCRR were soft launched March 2007.

Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director of PLC Global an internet based sales and marketing company and lead marketing partners with Pacific Concord Properties, Inc., for the Lancaster Brand of Condotels in the Philippines, recently announced the company has acquired, by purchase, additional units in its Lancaster Cebu Condotel adding another 75M pesos to its project inventory and expansion program. This brings the number of properties held in the development to 75 suites with another 120 units to be added before year end for Condo Hotel rental operations.

Collingz said staying in a condominium hotel not only gives you the same flexibility as you would have in your own home but also you are usually fairly close to the attractions. Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences for example is located a few minutes from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, 15 mins to first class beach resorts and 20 mins from down town Cebu.

Some of the things that are included with your condominium at the Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences: Airconditioing, Kitchen is fully supplied, Laundry service, Swimming pool, Cable television in bedroom and living room said Collingz

The idea of being able to have four people in a Two bedroom suite is also an aspect that will go far. No more having to get two rooms for a family of four.

Wireless Internet access for your laptop is available in all rooms and maid service can be provided as well.

One of the other advantages that really should catch your attention is that you have the comforts of being able to cook, have someone else do the laundry and just relax said Collingz

You can choose from Studio or Two Bedroom suites at Lancaster Cebu. For the soft launch, LHLPI has prepared special promotional room rates aimed at budget travelers. Guests can check-in to any of the executive studio suites for as low as $35 a night or to any of the two-bedroom loft rooms at $65 a night plus 13% Government Tax whilst longer term discounted rates for monthly and yearly lease rentals are also available said Collingz.

If you are planning your vacation either as one family, or as a two family group then the cost per person of renting a condotel suite is quite small.

Some people will try to weigh the cost of a stay in a condominium against a couple of weeks in a low budget motel. There is really no comparison, especially when you look at the advantages and cost over the long run, including being able to cook instead of eating out every meal. Some motels and hotels actually work out to be more expensive, especially if you choose to stay in a suite.

Taking everything into consideration staying in a condominium while on vacation may be the best choice you have ever made.

Whilst some renovation works are still ongoing within the complex, unit rentals are now available to guests at 'Special Promo Rates'. Cebu City is the acknowledged gateway and Queen City of the South. Cebu is the most important trading and commercial hub outside of Metro Manila. Mactan Cebu International Airport assures the arrival of a steady stream of international flights from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kota Kinabalu, Seoul and Qatar. There are also chartered flights from Incheon, Taipei, Kansai, Nagoya and Kiaoshung that arrive on a weekly basis. Cebu is identified by Asiaweek and Conde Nast Traveller as one of Asia’s Best Cities

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Activities Available In Pigeon Forge TN

Planning an ultimate Vacation? If you’re tired of the traditional trips to the beach and looking for something new and exciting, there is nothing quite like a trip to Pigeon Forge. Experience the ultimate feel of relaxation with all the activities they can offer. This incredible getaway spot will leave you breathless and rejuvenated. All the adventure and excitement you can imagine is packed into one spot that is guaranteed to be the perfect getaway for your family.

Enjoy the different activities at Pigeon Forge like Five Rivers Adventures. This gives you an up close and breathtaking view of the spectacular scenery. If you are going out with your family, this is a perfect addition to your schedule. The kids will love it. This tour guided trip includes a picnic lunch. Keep in mind that this activity is seasonal and opens during the month of March up to the month of October only.

Another famous activity is Rafting in the Smokies. Enjoy the Rocky Top Outfitters with a fully stocked fly and tackle shop, featuring modern and high-quality spin and fly fishing equipments. The Rocky Top Outfitters have professional guides that you can hire during the season. Your kids will love the thrill of rafting across the river through a spray of white water, making your trip to Pigeon Forge a trip to remember.

After white-water rafting, you might be looking for a way to relax and enjoy yourself. Attending a show is the perfect way. The Louise Mandrell show consists of a one woman band that can perform multiple shows. She entertains you with everything with the use of fiddle drums to the base and dance routines that would even make an athlete gasp for breath.

Another show is the Comedy Barn. A family-friendly show, this is guaranteed to please children and adults alike. Even the youngest to the oldest can enjoy this kind of show. There is nothing quite like clean country comedy. This will be a night full of laughter that you’ll never forget.

You can visit the famous Tennessee Museum of Aviation which is located in the parkway of Pigeon Forge. This unforgettable experience can give delight the entire family, an attraction that is both educational and captivating. You can leisurely stroll through the premises, observing the impressive and extensive collection of aviation memorabilia. This part of Pigeon Forge gives honor to some known Tennesseans who have contributed a lot in the field of aerospace and aviation.

You won’t want to miss taking a trip to Dollywood, an amusement park that combines country music, great rides, and some tasty food. The kids will love the roller coasters, the music, and the fun.

There truly is no place quite like Pigeon Forge. It’s a vacation your family is sure to remember forever.

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Accommodation Travel Tips


Do a hotel research on the net looking not only for the cheapest rates but also considering the amenities and services provided, location, possible references from other people. Travel guidebooks can also be very helpful for choosing the hotel that suits you best. Be as much flexible with your trip schedule as possible. For example, business class hotels often have lower weekend rates.

As soon as you reserved the room(s) online, document all information about the hotel(s). The easiest way is to print out the whole page off your computer screen so you will have a clear statement that you can use as evidence in case of misplacing or incorrectly entering your information by a hotel clerk. Take a copy with you, make another one for your relatives so they will know when and where you are going to stay so they can contact you in emergency cases.


Learn the proper check-in and check-out times. Confirm the amenities and services the hotel provides. Ask for directions, a local map. Get a card with the hotel's name, address and phone number so you can show it to a taxi driver or a passer-by in the street if you get lost.

Some hotels may provide extra services that you may not know about unless you ask for it:

- laundry service,
- hair dryers,
- voltage converters/ adaptors,
- newspaper service,
- complementary meals,
- access to fax machine, copier, printer, computer, Internet connection,
- cable TV, rental movies, video games,
- portable beds, baby cribs,
- complementary shuttle service to airport,
- rental safe for your money, jewellery, documents,
- telephone access charges,
- fees for using mini-bar,
- guided tours, excursions.


Safety should be a priority for everybody and you have to take some precautions. We devoted a whole separate page to travel safety including hotel safety measures so we will skip this part here. When you go out for the day, leave your key at the reception desk. Confirm closing time. Some hotels do lock up at night and you're expected to keep the key if you stay out late.


Check out your room for left-behind items. If you need extra time for staying over the regular check-out time (usually it ranges from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m), make a request in advance or the hotel may charge you an additional night.

Review the hotel bill making sure that all charges are accurate.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!

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A World Gateway to Discriminating Vacation and Travel Experiences

More and more people are traveling, but vacations aren't getting any cheaper. Perhaps you've always wanted to take a trip to an exotic place but never felt you could afford it. After all, luxury resorts are usually far beyond the average family's price range, right? That's why so many people are using online services to book vacations at a bargain. The Internet has become a world gateway to discriminating vacation and travel experiences.

One popular method travelers are using to get huge discounts on their vacation packages is to join with a company that offers an ongoing membership for travel and hotel savings opportunities. The company usually has both experience in travel and direct contact with resorts around the world. You can take advantage of years of travel experience without ever leaving your home. It's like having your own travel agent on your personal computer!

Luxury Without the Expense

By creating a travel membership, you can expect to pay far less than normal rates for luxury resorts in places like Europe, Israel, Singapore, United States, and many other exotic destinations. Luxury resorts are typically four and five star resorts with beautiful decor, plenty of space, every amenity possible, and breathtaking scenery of the ocean, mountains, golf courses, and so forth.

The resorts have everything from fireplaces and fitness centers to pools and hot tubs. You can choose a destination according to the leisure activities you enjoy, such as golf, skiing, relaxing on the beach, family attractions, attending local events, and more.

You'll discover that, by using the expertise of a travel company, you can often secure a luxury resort for your holiday for less than a regular hotel!

Secure Vacation Packages for Hot Holidays

Another advantage of allowing an expert to find discount vacations for you is you can book in advance for hot holidays when rates are usually "through the roof." For instance, if you want to take a Caribbean cruise during Spring Break, you might be able to find a great deal. You can enjoy the cruise and tour the islands for only a fraction of the price.

Home Based Business in Travel

You can earn an extra income by introducing others to a luxury resort membership and savings. If you're interested in travel or always wanted to be a travel agent, you'll find this to be an exciting moneymaking opportunity. You can even recommend others via the Internet, and work at home. There are no limits!

Never spend your vacation in the same old place when you can enjoy a luxury vacation for the same price or less. Use the Web for research along with a company that is backed by years of travel experience to open your world gateway to discriminating travel and vacation experiences.