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13 Lanzarote Beaches - Tinajo

Tinajo is located in the central north part of Lanzarote and considered by many to have the best surfing conditions in Europe.

Elements of the coastline have become synonymous with the term “The Hawaii of Europe”.

The first of two beaches takes us to La Santa, in a village by the same name and developed around a natural lagoon that borders a little peninsula. This relatively quiet area is dominated by the internationally famous hotel and sports complex, known as Club La Santa, a ‘winter’ training ground for international sports stars.

If you are into active sports or simply want to maintain your fitness regime whilst on holiday or if you want to pamper yourself whilst your partner ‘does his own thing’, then this is the place to go. Club La Santa offers just about everything you could want in terms of active sports and everything you’d find in the very best gyms or fitness centres ‘at home’.

Another article I’ve written “31 Lanzarote Sports – Club La Santa” provides detailed information that might help you decide whether this is the place to stay, so I will only briefly cover it in this article.

Activities include Tennis (10 courts), Squash (5 Courts), Badminton (6 Courts), Beach Volleyball (2 courts), Indoor & Outdoor Basketball courts, Golf (Mini Golf and short game training), 5-a-side football, Full sized Football, Aerobics, Leisure Pool, Olympic size Swimming Pool, Children’s Swimming Pool, Boxing, Weight Lifting and a fully equipped fitness centre with 6 Rowing Machines.

There are lots of beach/water sports on a beach measuring 910m long and consisting of fine white sand.

If you are an experienced diver and want to go on a snorkel safari, an ‘intermediate’ or simply a beginner keen to learn then checkout the diving centre programme (by the leisure pool) as it caters for all three levels. Equally, if you are into surfing then you’ve come to surfers paradise as this areas has some of the best surfing waves in Europe.

If you’re more into the pampering side of a sports centre at home, then why not consider the Hydrotherapy bath/ Jacuzzi, Cold Dip and Shower, Steam bath/ Saunas, Hydro-massage bath with essential oils, in private room (additional payment required), Hydro-jet massage, in private room (additional payment required), Manual treatments (additional/ seperate payment required), Physiotherapy, Massage (Sports-, Relax-, Lymphatic Drainage-, Shiatsu Massage and Foot Reflexology).

After a hectic day, there is a range of entertainment on hand from Karaoke to guest appearances from semi-professional artists. As you’d expect, there is excellent parking on site, although it can be accessed just as easily by guaguas (autobus) and most equipment can be hired on the day at the club.
Our second beach in this area is the neighbouring beach known as Tenaza (it is actually 2km. away from Tenaza itself), located in a rural area and measuring 90m long by 6m wide and consisting of sand mixed with fine grained black gravel. There is a parking available locally.

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12 Lanzarote Beaches - Tias

Tias, another of the islands seven municipalities, includes the islands main holiday resort of Puerto Del Carmen and boasts a succession of beaches, along its 6km of southern coastline, separated only by short rocky elements. In this article, we review seven of the best beaches in this area of the island.

Our first of three man-made (and thus ‘family-friendly’) beaches in the Peurto del Carmen area is known as the Playa Grande. This is the most central beach and has a magnificent promenade of bars and restaurants running along its kilometre of golden sand (100m wide). The placid waters is this part of the island make it ideal for windsurfing. If you don’t want to use the bars and restaurants, it won’t be long before a ‘beach seller’ offers you drinks, ices or fresh fruit. One of the most popular beaches on the island, it has lifeguards, showers, changing areas, washrooms, rentals for beds/parasols, boats and water sports equipment. You can get to it by guaguas (autobus) but you’ve been warned parking is very limited in this lively part of the island.

Our second beach is known as Barrilla (also in the Puerto Del Carmen area), measuring 90m long and 22m wide. It consists of fine golden sand and offers good parking, a scuba diving centre, has a lifeguard present, has first aid on site and is accessible by guaguas (autobus).

Our third beach is a small cove known as Fariones (also in the Puerto Del Carmen area besides a hotel of the same name), measuring 60 m by 5m and consisting of fine toasted sand and calm waters. It is accessible by guaguas (autobus).

Our fourth beach at Playa de Los Pocillos, is located at the more exclusive end of Puerto Del Carmen. The beach has fine golden sand and forms part of the development known by same name. It is more than a kilometre long (1,23 m) and 150 m. wide. High tide leaves pools of sea water on its flat surface. It is quieter than the main beaches, but there is a still a good choice of quality bars and restaurants on hand. When the wind picks up this beach is popular with windsurfers. Windy on occasions, but with calm waters, it is very popular and offers good wind surfing conditions, it has rentals beds/parasols, good parking facilities, signage, boardwalk, a commercial zone, showers, litter bins, has good access for wheelchairs and has first aid and washrooms on hand. You can get to it by guaguas (autobus).

Our fifth beach at Playa de Matagorda, part of the development by the same name has a windy beach measuring 850m and 40m wide, consisting of fine golden sand and calm waters, which make it a popular resort for windsurfing, particularly those of limited capability or beginners. Due to its proximity to the airport and the occasionsl noise from aircraft taking off and landing, it is not as crowded as the other beaches in this area, but it is nevertheless worth a visit. This beach has rentals for beds/parasols and a variety of water sports on hand. You can get to it by guaguas (autobus).
Our sixth beach is at Lima and measures 900m long and 50m wide, consisting of fine toasted sand (mix of fine golden sand and small picon, the small lava stones), this is a windy beach with calm waters, again ideal for first time windsurfers. This is located alongside the Matagorda development and can be reached by guaguas (autobus).

Finally, our seventh beach is a small cove at Peña Grande and measures 40m long by 5m wide, consisting of fine white sand (and the odd pebble). Despite it’s small size, it is nevertheless a windy beach with calm waters and offers full services including lifeguards, showers, first aid, bars/restaurants, showers, parking and telephones. It also has a small promenade and can be reached by guaguas (autobus).

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11 Lanzarote Beaches - Yaiza

In this particular article (I have written others about beaches in other areas of the island), I will cover beaches in Yaiza, one of the seven municipalities of Lanzarote.

This part of Lanzarote is occupied, principally, by the town of Playa Blanca (once a sleepy fishing village), but in the midst of a major transformation. Playa Blanca extends from the western Pechiguera Point (Where our villa is located in La Goleta, Faro Park) to Coloradas Beach in the east, with the Coloradas Beach effectively becoming the first of the Papagayo coves, which is where I want to start this ‘journey’.
You will have noticed that there is a fair amount of development going on across the broader Playa Blanca area. Visitors will be pleased to hear that building is prohibited beyond this point, so Papagayo Beach will remain completely as nature created it.

Punta de Papagayo, to give it its full name, is located at the most southerly tip of the island and is actually a collection of small beaches (Playa Mujeres, Playa del Pozo, Playa de Papagayo, Playa de La Cera, Puerto Muelas and Caleta del Congrio), with golden sands of between 100m and 400m in length and separated by high cliffs. Access is not as you might expect and given the beaches are remote and not near the main centre, few services are available, so please go prepared (We’d advise taking a cool box packed full of food and drink as you won't find anywhere to buy a drink or something to eat on these beaches).

Follow the signs to Papagayo from the main LZ-2 Roundabout with the CEPSA garage and you will end up on a bumpy dirt track road (no tarmac and hire companies generally ask that you only venture here in a 4 wheel drive, but this is generally ignored, so you won’t be alone if you choose to ignore this advice). You’ll need to pay a small Toll (2 Euros), before you get the beach top (park by the one and only cafeteria in this area). You need to walk down the sand bank to the beach (and buggies are simply no go, so leave them in the car).

This unspoilt, undeveloped area is surrounded by stunning picture card landscapes, with volcanic ash cliffs, crystal clear waters and fine white & golden sands and is made up of several small bays and coves (if it is beginning to sounds like heaven, it almost is). This is not one of the best beaches on Lanzarote, it is the best beach on the island and one of the best in Europe. Note, that as you move further away from the immediate cove, nude bathing is allowed (so be prepared !).

As you head back towards Playa Blanca, I will take you on a whistle stop tour of ‘the other beaches’. As nice as there are, they do not warrant as much space in this article as Papagayo. First we have Playa de Las Coloradas, a quiet gravel beach 410 m long, far from developed areas and no public services. Next we find the picturesque beach of Playa Blanca, parallel to the restaurant-lined promenade in the village and 40 m of fine golden sand with placid waters. After we pass the harbour (where you can take a daily ferry to Fuerteventura), you will find Playa Flamingo (200 m. of fine white sand, next to Playa Blanca, ideal for scuba diving), Playa Dorada (a sheltered beach of fine white sand, 30m long), both close to all the services that the town has to offer. Here you can rent sports equipment & hammocks.Next we have La Mulata, 80 m. of fine golden sand mixed with gravel (located between Playa Blanca and the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse), La Campana, 140 m. of fine golden sand (close to the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse), Montaña Roja, 260 m. of fine golden sand (near the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse), and finally we end with El Golfo, 150 m. of picturesque black (yes black) sand !

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11 Reason why you should not park at directly at the airport

Travel means taking parking decisions. There are many options you could park at the airport lot or at car parking facilities situated near the airport. Airport parking means searching, often moving from one full lot to another, or commuting to the terminal by a shuttle from the other end of the airport, and paying a parking fee that may be more than the cost of your air ticket. The experience could make you want to tear your hair out.

Parking at the airport would mean:

1. Starting out early to reach the airport at least an hour before reporting time as many a time a parking spot many not be immediately available and you may have to drive around quite a bit before finding a place.

2. Carrying luggage from the car to the airport itself or to the shuttle service.

3. Budgeting for settling the short term or long term parking costs. Airport parking can prove to be more expensive than you thought. At many airports the rates for parking vary from day to day and during peak season. Often you may need to pay as much as $ 150 for parking for five days. Economy parking is hardly ever available and you may have no choice except the more expensive lots.

4. Finding all lots full and having to make a dash for private parking facilities at the last moment. This could delay getting to your gate in time.

5. During holidays, rush hours, and travel seasons there could be a great jam or arriving and departing cars all making a bee line for the gate house or token counter. The chaos is compounded by long queues at every gate and at the security and this could mean a 400 yard or more dash to the gate carrying your mound of luggage.

6. Security measures instituted with little or no notice can spoil even the best made plans. A rule like no parking within a distance of 300 m could mean that you will have to park a great distance away. And due to alerts there can be random security checks of all entering vehicles leading to considerable delays. The traffic will not just slow down to a crawl but many of the closely located short-term spaces will be shut down.

7. Due to repairs and construction work often unanticipated detours need to be made while trying to access airport lots.

8. The car park may be located at a great distance from your terminal and if you are not in the know, you may choose to park diagonally opposite to the terminal.

9. Valet parking is not a free service; one will have to pay to have the car parked to save you valuable time.

10. Many trolleys only function on feeding in a coin. Even if the coin is refunded later it just means remembering to take along a coin of the right domination.

11. The large volume of passengers at any given time at busy airports just means that the transfer buses are not just overcrowded but slow and uncomfortable with people and their luggage jostling for space.

Why board a plane angry, tired, and frustrated. As a modern traveler there are many conveniences you can opt for. Parking at off-airport lots, is organized and hassle free. Even if the lots are some distance away the conveniences are such that it would be a time and money saving decision.

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10 Tips when traveling by car with Children

With the rising costs of airfares and the increasing time it takes to get through security at the airports; more and more families are deciding to travel by car for their vacation. Most of us with young children are returning to the days we grew up in where we traveled most places by car with our parents.

We started asking other friends for how they make the trip go easier and how they beat the "Are we there yets?", here's ten tips to help your car vacation go a lot easier:

1. Decide do your kids do better in the early morning or evening hours for traveling? Which ever it is plan your travel to match, for this us our kids don't travel well in the morning they do much better if we leave after 2:00pm and travel into the evening.

2. Stock your car with favorite pre-bagged snacks for everyone, even parents, a cooler with lots of water and favorite drinks, colored pencils, crayons, a few coloring books, sticker books, travel games, and a travel journal for older kids.

3. Take along Gameboys & games, personal CD/cassette players (even for little kids), and you can get books on tape from the library.

4. Do consider a portable DVD player, this makes 5 or 6 hour a day seem like 2 hours. It also cuts a lot of the unnecessary stops as the kids are involved in the movie playing.

5. To avoid the difficulty of hauling in a suitcase for every person into a hotel for the 1 night stops. Pack a 3 day bag into which each person contributes 3 days worth of clothes. This way you take one suitcase of clothes in every three days.

6. Do pack a lightweight table cloth for outdoor lunch stops along the way.

7. Be sure to take the digital camera you'll create lifetime memories.

8. Do get postcards from every major destination along the way.

9. All kids are different but in general don't drive as far as the adults can go in one day, try to keep car travel to a 6 to 8 hour range of time.

10. Don't fill the inside of the car to the brim causing less space for the kids, instead consider a car topper for safe keeping of your belongings.

Have a great family vacation.

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10 Tips For Planning Your European Trip

Europe is the most popular destination for tourists. There are several important things to keep in mind before calling your travel agent and booking your next vacation:

1. Your Budget: Set your budget. This includes transportation cost and souvenir/s. If your budget is smaller, you should visit Eastern Europe, looking for packaged tours, or, if you're flexible, book a "last-minute" trip, which can often save you 30% or more. Check out the current exchange rate between your currency and that of the country you'll be visiting, to have a better idea of what your vacation is going to actually cost you. Whenever possible, travel during an off-peak season to save even more.

2. Time of year: You may not want to spend many days indoors, because the weather can be cold and rainy. You may miss a wonderful trip just because you have not checked with your travel agent or weather forecast first. This is what I recommend you if you're not sure of weather patterns, check with your travel agent who can advise you on rainy seasons or other weather-related issues for traveling to a specific spot.

3. Political Climate: While most countries that rely on tourism make every effort to ensure the safety of tourists, these days it's always a good idea to keep up on the current political climate of the country you're planning to visit, especially if there have been problems in the past.

4. Your waking time: If you usually wake up late in the morning, then a guided tour is probably not for you. Most guided tours start early in the morning, and you're on the go until evening. You may visit several cities in a country or countries within a specified amount of time, and you're required to stay with the group.

However, if you don't like traveling alone, you enjoy the companionship of others and getting to see as much as possible in the time you've got, a guided tour or cruise may be just the thing for you.

5. Your dream and personal desire: This vacation is something special and you save the whole year for. So if you have always wanted to visit somewhere or do something special -- why wait? Include it in your next vacation plans.

6. Plan your day: Take a little time to think about what you like doing before planning your trip. Do you prefer the water, or the mountains? Lying on the beach, or rock-climbing? Adrenaline rushes or visiting an art museum?

Once you know what you want to do, figure out what you'll have time to do. Many times, in an effort to get the "most bang for our buck" we tend to over plan the vacation, and end up needing a vacation from the vacation when we get home! Prioritize your list, and be willing to save some activities or attractions for another trip.

7. Use the resources that are available to make your trip special and save money: Today's travelers have numerous options when planning their vacation. You can use the Internet to find out more about the cities or countries you want to visit, check out prices, even book your flight or hotel room. Here is a useful website you can visit If you're visiting a place for the first time, check with a travel agent, talk to someone who's "been there, done that" on an Internet Forum, or contact local chambers or commerce or travel councils to get more information about where to go, what to see and what to do.

8. Pack lightly: Do not bring items that you will not use and unnecessary because the word “Just In Case”. When planning your trip, look at your wardrobe and pack as lightly as you can. Take only what you'll really need, and remember that if you forget or end up needing something, chances are you can get it once you reach your destination.

9. Get organized: You can use trip-planning software, or your own favorite organizing system to organize and plan your trip. Don't forget things like making sure your passport and picture ID are up-to-date, finding out if travel insurance is something you need, and how and where to exchange your money. The more organized you are in the beginning, the better vacation you'll have.

10. Have fun!: Get organized, have a plan before going anywhere. That way, once you're on your way, you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself. But remember, there are very few "perfect" vacations, so if something does go wrong, try to relax and "go with the flow" as much as possible.

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10 Time-Tested Tips for Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can be torture.

New sights and sounds can be overwhelming to a young child and vacation excitement can quickly turn into temper tantrums if you're not prepared.

Here are 10 parent-practiced tips to help make traveling with toddlers fun.

1. Choose a family-friendly destination. Skip the crowded tourist destinations and opt instead for a locale that is accustomed to having kids around.

2. Safety first! Always make sure your child's car seat is properly secured. Also, use a removable window shade to help block the sun.

3. Pack entertainment. "Best bets for entertaining your child in the car and hotel room include favorite books, games and toys," says Nancy Wolpert of Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. For all-inclusive entertainment, she recommends two new DVDs that feature a collection of kids' favorite TV shows. "The Nick Picks and Nick Jr. Favorites DVDs will keep them entertained for hours," Wolpert promises.

4. Plan rest stops. If you're driving, break up the monotony by stopping every couple of hours (or more frequently if necessary). Kids need to stretch out after being cooped up in a car for a while. Consider bringing along a ball to kick or throw around during these breaks.

5. Be flexible. Set realistic expectations and let your child soak up the experience at his or her own pace. You might want to limit your activities to one a day. Otherwise, you could wind up with an over-stimulated toddler.

6. Bring water and plenty of snacks. Fruit, granola bars, mini juice cartons and small boxes of cereal make for great, healthy snacks.

7. Bring a beloved item. A blankie or cuddly toy will help your toddler feel safe and secure. Be sure to have a replacement on hand, too. It will save you some heartache should the original get lost.

8. Start and end your day early. Kids are at their best in the morning, so plan accordingly.

9. Stick to your routine. Eating, napping and playing at the same time each day may be all your child needs to feel comfortable in a new environment.

10. Take lots of pictures. They're only young once, so enjoy every moment! - NU

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10 Things To Do While In Ireland

Ireland has become a secret hide-a-way for vacationers in the past 20 years, and there is plenty to do while in Ireland. In the early 1990’s, Ireland took an economic turn upwards, and the country began to establish itself with economic success. Since then immigration has increased from the European countries, Russia, and even Australia and the U.S. The well-hidden secret of the wealth that Ireland has to offer has begun to slip out.

Today, vacationers and those who just want a quick get-a way for a weekend or so, are coming to Ireland to experience the old town charm mixed with what the thriving metropolis has to offer. There is something to do for everyone between the ages of 1 and 101, and there’s always more to come back to.

Dublin, with almost 500,000 people, is the capital of Ireland.

Belfast, again close to 500,00 is the capital of Northern Ireland. Both of these huge cities began as shipping ports, through the Irish Sea, way back around 488AD, so they are filled with the charm and character of an old town, while being able to offer you all the comforts of a bustling city.

There are many cultural villages strewn throughout the country that offer experience, culture and very wonderful foods!

Museums, theaters, and sporting events

Plenty of shopping are available as well. And, it is some of the best that you will do anywhere.

With the mass transit system you and your family can easily reach any destination, or tour the town. The system itself is a thing to see and experience.

Restaurants and outdoor pubs spring up everywhere so you can always stop into one of these friendly taverns and get refreshment. Children are welcome almost everywhere and casual attire is accepted.

Of course, if you want to go out to a fine restaurant for dinner, and then go dancing till dawn, there is plenty of nightlife for you as well.

Ireland has the most beautiful beaches of anywhere, and Galway County on Galway Bay is a great place to enjoy some of the surf. Since Ireland is an island, there are a lot of sandy shores to see, but remember that the summer season is only from June to August, and then a light jacket might be necessary as you walk the shoreline. The waves, sun and the sand are enticing though, and the kids will just love to just go and have fun! So be certain to make at least one of your days in Ireland a beach day!

Then at the end of the day, what could be better than a fresh seafood dinner prepared specially for you, in any one of the many oceanside restaurants that line the coastal towns. You could drive from Dublin to Galway City in a matter of a couple of hours, and with the Atlantic ocean on the west side of Ireland, and the Irish Sea bordering the east side, you had better believe that the best in North Atlantic seafood is available for you!

The variety and charm of Ireland makes it the best get-a-way for your whole family, or just for two. Come and enjoy!

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10 Lanzarote Beaches - General

Lanzarote offers a wide variety of beaches including white and black sand, placid and ruffled waters and these are, as you would expect distributed along the entire coast of the island.

Further articles posted by me discuss in more detail the best beaches in each of the seven municipalities (articles 11 to 17) and these form part of a much wider portfolio of information I'm providing to help holiday makers.

So, where is the best beach then ?

As my ‘home-from-home’ is in the south of the island in Playa Blanca in the municipality of Yaiza, I am somewhat biased as to where the best beach is and for me it is without doubt, Papagayo. Judging by the research I’ve done on the Internet, I am not alone in this opinion, so no matter where you are staying, I would suggest that you should not miss this one out.

Punta de Papagayo (to give it its full name), is located at the southernmost tip of Lanzarote. With a surrounding landscape of volcanic ash, crystal clear water and fine white sand, this stretch of the coast , with several small bays and coves is quite simply stunning. Access is gained by first driving across a dirt track road (quite bumpy), then paying a toll (it’s that good, they charge you a small entrance fee), and then walking down the sand banks to the beach as there is no man-made path.

BEFORE you walk down the banks, remember to get anything you need from the one and only cafeteria in this area, as you won’t want to keep trudging up and down, trust me, I’ve done it. The difficulty in getting to the beach is worth it. If you decide to walk along the beach to look at other bays, please bear in mind the fact that some visitors bathe nude at this location as it is permitted. You should not encounter this in the bay by the cafeteria.

If you research this beach on the Internet more widely, you will read statements like ‘wild at times’ and ‘waves can be a little strong at times’, so your instinct will, quite rightly tell you to keep an eye on the children.

I want to devote the rest of this introductory article to a day on Papagayo in the Spring of 2005.
On this particular trip, my wife decided to stay at the top of the cliff by the cafeteria, as we were not planning to stay long. I took my two sons down to the immediate bay as the children were pestering me to let them play in the sand and have a dip in the water (as children do). I did what most parents do on holiday - I gave in to their demands for a peaceful life.

My eldest son (who was 11 at the time) decided he’d like to be a little braver than the younger one, who was 6 years old and who stayed in the ‘ankles only’ region of the sea with me. He wandered out to a point that each wave broke about the chest to neck area and if he jumped up as the wave broke to avoid getting a mouthful of salt water.

All children do this and I’m sure by now, you know what’s coming…. well he didn’t !

I could see a rather large wave behind him out at sea and began to shout towards him to come back in a bit. He never understood my gesticulations towards him, so I moved towards him (instructing the younger one to go back up the beach immediately and ‘stay put’). For once, the younger one did as he was told and as I got closer he heard me and moved towards me. I got to within 5 metres of him before the wave crashed 15 feet above his head !

For what seemed an eternity at the time, I completely lost sight of him. He resurfaced, spluttering, and a good 30 metres away from me, which should give you an appreciation of the waves power. My son waited to see my reaction before bursting out laughing (I think he thought I would be angry with him, as if !). He was covered from head to foot in sand, had drank a pint or more of salt water and despite his brave face, he was clearly shook up and to this day we still recall that wave at Papagayo, but he had learnt his lesson and he lives to swallow salt water another day.

It is worth pointing out that both of my children are very good swimmers, having attended swimming lessons from an early age. Their ‘reward’ for this, is to be given more freedom when on holiday, particularly in the swimming pools, providing we can still see them. I did not for one moment (you know I really mean that I did) think that he would not come back up, but please take my experience into account if you go to Papagayo as the warning ‘strong waves at times’ is often dismissed by the occasional visitor.

But don’t let this put you off, as this is truly a fantastic location and we still go back on most visits to the island.

I will to bring this article to a close with an important Safety Message - Swimming & playing in the sea is great fun, but be aware of the dangers and act responsibly and look out for Flag warnings.
To this end, you should :

1. Swim parallel to the shore ;
2. Swim within your depth (it can often be difficult to swim back to the Beach as currents can be strong) ;
3. Never swim immediately after eating ;
4. Never swim alone or at night ;
5. Be aware of local conditions (currents etc), seek advice if in doubt and beware of boats and jet skis if they are in the vicinity and please do not swim in areas allocated for their use ;
6. Remember that a Red Flag means “Dangerous Conditions, do not enter the water” ;
7. Remember that a Yellow Flag means “Dangerous Conditions, exercise caution” ; and
8. Remember that a Green Flag means its “Safe for swimming”.

Oh… and in case you’re wondering, it was a Green Flag at the time of the incident with my son and it was altered to Yellow by the time we got back to the top of the cliff.

Were we unlucky ? No we were lucky !

Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

9 Tips for Selling Your Boat Fast

Without doubt, the world of boating is a huge, engaging and interesting one. One of the most interesting features is how to sell your boat fast and gain maximum financial benefits.

Now if you are really interested in selling your ‘water craft’ and need some proven ideas to guide you, then I have good news for you. I advice that you approach boat selling with cautions to avoid being cheated.

For the remaining part of this article, let me showcase couple tips to sell your boat fast, starting from today.

Tip #1
Get smart knowledge of the best time to sell your boat: Does this sound weird to you? Having smart knowledge of the right seasons before selling your boat will boost your bottom line. As an example, most boat buyers hardly open their wallet for boat during or middle of winter season.

Avoid selling at very cold seasons unless you want to sell at a low price. On the other hand, you can get the best price for your boat just when the boating season begins. This is a smart marketing move because lots of people are always looking to buy a boat then. Apart from the fact you will likely sell your boat for good price, you will avoid a lot of the marketing cost that you would spend during the winter months.

Tip #2
What is the market willing to pay? The next point is to find the best possible price an average buyer is willing to pay for your boat. How can you accomplish this?

Firstly, research the boat’s worth, by getting advice and appraisals from a competent boat sales professional.

But if you don’t want to pay a professional, then check with the marine blue book value. Simply change the price predicated on the accessories plus depreciation for your boat. If you add any new accessories or some resurfacing such as carpeting, make sure to compute that and all of the boating accessories that you are going to provide with the boat.

Tip #3
Study your competitors. Always remember you’re not alone in the game. There are many competitors, just as some boat buyers may opt for buying a new boat instead of buying yours.

Therefore, you must set a very competitive price based on features that potential buyers may really desires. For example, if you find out that many similar boats (both old and new models) lack certain features such as radio, GPS, fish finders, you may add them to your own boat and let the potential buyers know this.

Tip #4
Use smart advertising techniques. Displaying a mere small add in an obscure corner of a daily newspaper may not get you many good inquiries, if any at all. Most boaters now use the Internet to search for their preferred boats. As a result, to win the game, advertise your boat by displaying both the profile and photographs of different angles of the interiors and exteriors.

Make sure your pictures are good-looking quality pictures, studies have proven that a profile with professional pictures command more attention and help to sell a boat faster online.

Tip #5
Get a boat broker. Not everyone can stand the rigor of showing boats to potential customers and answering their questions. Why don’t you contact a broker to do the ‘dirty job’ for you? The difference is 10% or 15% commission the broker will earn – but he will get the job done very fast and without any hassles to you.

However, insist to know the methods that the broker will use to advertise your boat. The best medium is to use the Internet so as to attract a large percentage of buyers as fast as humanly possible.

Tip #6
Be patient. Judging by normal standards, you may have to wait for three to six months to sell your boat. So if you want to advertise it yourself, start early and display on sites where listing are allowed for several months. However, with some luck, you will sell your boat sooner.

Tip #7
Boaters love clean boats. Apart from adding new features, make sure you clean your boat very well. Using soapy water and a handful dab, start cleaning from the exterior to the interiors. Clean off every mold, mildew and rusty stain. Everything must be thoroughly cleaned and replaced back properly after they’re completely dried up. I strongly urge you do this before you add new features and advertise you boat for sale.

Make sure the storage is cleaned and organized and get rid of any odor from the interior. This should be accomplished at the time of cleaning the boat. However, many people miss out on this vital aspect. Apart from cleaning and replacing rusty and leaking clamps and hoses, ensure the stove, cushions and refrigerators are all in working order. Also, remove every item from the storage lockers to avoid giving buyers the wrong impression that your boat storage is inadequate.

Tip #8
Do not be rigid on pricing. It’s good to sell at the best price, but let your customers’ interest be uppermost. Put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself this question, “If I’m buying this boat, what special deals will easily sway my interests to buy this boat rather than other boats that are similar?”

Tip #9
Consider doing a survey. Having considered every tip that will help you sell your boat fast, nevertheless, it’ll be futile to get loads of potential buyers coming to check your boat, their minds ready to issue you a check – but they stopped because something ‘bad’ was discovered: The buyer discovered your boat not in the best working condition!

Most times this is beyond the competence of the boat owner. So to avoid disappointment, do a survey to determine the working condition of your boat before listing. Survey cost in the region of $10 per linear foot, which means that a 20ft will cost $200.

If the survey returns a clean bill of health, you can even use it to dangle a sweet carrot before buyers to get better price.

Happy Selling!

Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

8 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean you have to stay home all the time. If you plan ahead and take a little care, it is easy and fun to travel with your dog.

Here are some tips to make the trip easier on both you and your pet:

1. Get your dog used to riding in the car by taking him on short trips. Go to fun places like the dog park, the fast food drive through (where you can feed him bits of meat from your burger), or to visit friends. You want him to think that trips in the car are fun. You don’t want your dog to think that all car trips end up at the vet’s office.

2. If your dog tends to get carsick, don’t feed him the morning of the trip. Having your dog travel with an empty stomach will help to prevent any car sickness.

3. Bring plenty of water and a water dish along. You will need to give your dog periodic drinks of water when you stop for a rest. It will be easier to get your dog to drink if it is familiar water from home. Water in different places often smells or tastes differently, and your dog may not want to drink it.

4. Be sure to pack your dog’s food, treats, favorite bed, toys, and leash.

5. If your dog uses a crate, bring that along too. If you don’t have a large vehicle, you can buy crates that fold up. When you get to your destination, you can put your dog in his crate while you go somewhere that you can’t bring him along.

6. How should your dog travel in the car? Some dogs like to sit or lay on the seat, so bring a blanket to protect the upholstery. Other dogs may need to be kept in a crate in the car. Be sure the crate can’t slide around and scare the dog while you’re driving. You can also purchase dog seat belts to keep your dog safe while sitting in the car.

7. Make a stop every few hours to walk your dog and give him some water. Some dogs are frightened by the noisy trucks driving by, so try to walk in a quiet area. Be a good citizen and bring plastic bags along to pick up the mess.

8. If your dog is anxious about staying in a hotel or strange house at your destination, he might not eat or drink. You don’t want him to get dehydrated, so be sure to get him to drink, at least. You can mix chicken broth or gravy into the dog’s water. That will usually get him to lap it right up. You can mix chicken broth or gravy into the food too.

The first trip will be the hardest, because your dog will not realize that you are coming back. With the first trip behind you, if you have taken the time to make sure it is pleasant for your dog, future traveling with your dog should be a breeze.

Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

7 Tips For Travel Trips

We love taking trips, whether it’s a short road trip, or a longer trip by air to some distant exotic place. But all too often we fail to plan for our trip and the result is frustration and annoyance.

1. For road trips, get the right maps and plan your route thoroughly. Everything won’t go exactly to plan, but at least you’ll have much fewer nasty surprises.

2. Never, ever make a joke about bombs or terrorists near security at an airport. Many people have jokingly mentioned they have a small bomb in their case as their luggage is being inspected. Later at the police station they deeply regretted their stupidity.

3. Be immediately suspicious in airports, railway or bus stations when someone bumps into you. It may be a pickpocket. Also be aware if something is spilled on you, or a spot on your clothing is pointed out to you. These things are designed to distract your attention from what is really going on: the theft of your valuables.

4. While cruises make planning easy with their all in charges, there is likely to be many extra items that you should budget for. These include, taxes, surcharges and fees, tipping, drinks, some shore excursions, shopping purchases, etc.

5. The most obvious thing to check on before setting off on a foreign trip is the state of the local weather where you are going. You don’t want to arrive in a tee shirt if it’s snowing, or in a fur coat if it’s in the 90s.

6. When travelling with children bring along recent photos of each one. If a child gets lost, the photo will prove invaluable in helping to locate the child again.

7. A trip to a theme park will suffer from a lack of careful planning. Some parks are so big that planning is essential. Get a list of all the rides and a map of the park, as well as opening and closing times, before setting off.

Senin, 19 Juli 2010

7 Tips For Successful Travel

We all travel a lot more now than our ancestors did. We travel all over the world and only think of the jet lag, and not the vast distances we cover. Our world has become smaller and more reachable. And this is a good thing. It helps us to understand different cultures, different people with different ways of living and working. But there are a few essentials you should always check before setting off.

1. It may seem obvious, but many people don’t bother to find out the most basic things about the country they will travel to. You should do this to avoid surprise or disappointment.

2. Check on the kind of weather you will find where you are going. If you live in Florida and travel to northern Greenland, you will be in for a shock unless you know that much colder weather is normal there.

3. Be sure that the medical and general insurance coverage you have (you do have, don’t you?) is adequate for your destination.

4. Do you have all the paperwork and documentation required for your trip? If not, get it!

5. Are there any diseases you will need immunization against where you are going? Check and find out before getting exposed.

6. If you plan on driving in the place you intend to travel to, check that you have an acceptable licence. You may need an international driving licence, for example. And are you familiar with the local driving laws where you are going? If not, become familiar, fast.

7. Finally, the most obvious one of all: is your passport up to date? And if not, do you have enough time to renew it before you set off? You’d be surprised, amazed even, at how many people get this one wrong.

Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

7 Killer Ways To Beat Jet Lag

When you’re headed out on a vacation or business trip the last thing you need is to feel tired or run down. But with these seven tips to beat jet lag, you’re sure to stay alert and ready for your entire trip.

Keep it the same

When you’re not traveling for long, you can usually avoid jet lag by sticking to your normal routine. Keep your watch set to your ‘home’ time and just do what you’d normally do at home—eating, sleeping, exercise, etc.

Your body won’t even notice the time chance when you do this, and it will readjust without any problems on the way back.

Sleep like a baby

When you’re traveling out of your normal time zone, you’ll want to try to keep to normal bedtimes. And while you might have troubles at first, try to get the same number of hours of sleep per night. This will help your body fall into a new rhythm for the time when you’re away.

Even if you can’t fall asleep right away, try to get into bed and close your eyes until you fall asleep. Eventually your body will pick up the clue and you’ll get all the sleep that you need.

Fill yourself up

Many times jet lag can be made worse by becoming dehydrated on your trip or while you’re headed there on the plane. To combat this you’ll want to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of fluids as you travel—water and juices especially.

Alcohol can dehydrate the body so it should be avoided if you can. And if you’re expected to drink at a business function, just follow each glass with a chaser of water.

Find the rhythm

When you’re headed into areas where the time will change significantly, you want to set your watch when you get there and start following the local hours. You’ll want to eat when you are supposed to eat, sleep when it’s dark, etc.

By changing the routine that you’re used to directly into the new hours, you can help to offset jet lag before it even starts. Follow your new daylight and darkness hours to adjust your circadian rhythms.

When you arrive

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to do some form of exercise when you arrive at your destination. This can be as simple as a walk or a few calisthenics in your hotel room. Do a few jumping jacks to get your heart pumping or start touring the town.

When your body gets exercise, it can ‘bank’ the extra energy and help you adapt to changing light conditions.

If you just can’t sleep

When all else fails, you can try a sleeping pill to re-teach your body when to sleep. Normally this isn’t recommended, but when you’re on an extended trip or you have to switch time zones frequently, a sleeping pill can help to give you some rest in order to be alert during the day.

Natural cues

And if the sleeping pill doesn’t appeal to you, you can try aromatherapy.

Find a good travel kits that includes oils that you can smell for energy as well as soothing oils for relaxation, like lavender.

With all of these tips, jet lag will no longer follow you on your next trip.

Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

16 Lanzarote Beaches - Teguise

16 Lanzarote Beaches - Teguise

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Lanzarote Beach Reviews

Villa Rentals, Quality Villas, Luxury Villas, Private Pools, Villas with Pools, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, Faro Park

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Teguise is one of the largest and most popular of Lanzarotes seven municipalities. It includes Famara (in the north) and Costa Teguise, (in the south).

If your mathematical formula for fun on the beach is “Water=Waves”, then you should be heading for the northern coastline that takes in Famara (and neighbouring La Santa – See article “13 Lanzarote beaches – Tinajo”).
Our first of six beaches being reviewed in this area is known as Famara, measuring 6 kilometres long by 100 m (the biggest beach in Lanzarote). Fine golden sand, a constant wind and ever present strong swells against a backdrop of mountains makes this worth visiting, but the strong currents in this area can be a problem, so keep small children well within your reach.

The surf in this part of the island is world famous (so it’s hardly surprising that Famara is often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe). Large waves crash into the beach, and roll up the fine white sand towards the beach road, making it a surfers paradise. Behind the road you’ll find a large area of sand dunes, a perfect sheltered base from which to view proceedings.

The village nearby has a few restaurants and cafe bars where you can enjoy a quiet drink – but it’s all very laid back and has a UK/Sunday feel about the whole place.

Close to the village of La Caleta, it can be reached by guaguas (autobus).
Our second beach takes us to a semi-developed area known as Ensenada de la Calleta, 400m long by 12 m wide and fine white sand. This beach is located alongside Arrecife and the port area of Mármoles. This beach is much visited, for its calm waters despite the wind that blows constantly. You can reach this beach by guaguas (autobus) and there are several services available including hammocks/parasols, restaurants/bars, parking and showers.

Our third beach is known as Las Cucharas and is in the main holiday resort of Costa Teguise. This sheltered beach is 640m long consisting of fine sand and placid waters., surrounded by big hotels and apartments where architecture and landscape have been harmoniously integrated. The beach is nevertheless ideal for windsurfing and offers a full range of services from hammocks/parasols to bars/restaurants along its promenade to telephones, parking, good wheelchair access, bus stop and rental of a wide range of sports equipment.

Our fourth beach, another Costa Teguise favourite, is known as Los Charcos. At 250 m long and 30m wide and consisting of fine white sand, clear water and cooling winds, it’s hardly surprising. This beach is is on the coastline alongside Puerto del Carmen (covered in another article of mine entitled “12 Lanzarote Beaches – Tias”). The tranquillity of the sea in this area is due to the breakwater which shelters it from the strong waves and currents. There is a docking area and seaside boardwalk, together with services including hammocks/parasols, parking, quaquas (autobus).

Our fifth beach is known as Bastián, 375m long, 15m wide, consisting of fine white sand mixed with gravel and clear water. This beach is situated in a semi-developed zone of Costa Teguise and offers a complete range of services that include hammocks/parasols, parking, guaguas (autobus) and finally, our sixth beach is El Jablillo, 350m.long, 20m wide, fine white sand mixed with gravel with quiet waters in a relatively windy area. Services include telephones, parking, guaguas (autobus) and a range of bars & restaurants.

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

5 Common Techniques For Getting Luxury Discount Travel

The majority of people are not financially well off, but would like to be. Sometimes you can temporarily live like the “rich and famous” and enjoy the excitement of luxury travel.

So, as the saying goes, if you have champagne taste on a beer budget, let’s get going.
We’ll explore a few techniques on how you can enjoy luxury travel on a budget.

A laid out plan will be the most important aspect of obtaining luxury deals and accommodations without spending any more money than a lower rated resort. Travel in style with the following strategies.

Technique #1. Find Affinity And Loyalty Programs.

Capitalize on the flexibility and leverage you have in the competitive travel industry. Many companies want your business and offer lots of incentives to compete for your travel funds and to keep you as a customer.

For example, if you provide a service, you typically look out for your best customers and give extra perks to keep them coming back. These companies reward travelers who remain loyal to them with unadvertised specials and extras. This is the general idea behind frequent traveler programs and such.

Technique #2. Select The Right Travel Specialists To Work With.

As you’re researching destinations and comparing pricing online, note that all online travel companies aren’t equal. Lots of agencies have preferred status with suppliers who can in turn pass on these deals to you.

Again, this is just like we talked about earlier, only this time, the companies and suppliers are getting the great deals to pass on to you.

Technique #3. Turn Problems Into Opportunities.

Choose a few top-notch companies that you would like to use over and over again so that you can obtain loyalty bonuses and discounts. If they make an error, take advantage of the situation in a professional manner, but don’t take advantage of the situation.

These companies desire to maintain consistent levels of quality and rely on their customers to provide constructive feedback and satisfaction/dissatisfaction. If a representative is not willing to work with you, ask around to find someone who will.

Technique #4. Just Ask.

One of the easiest and simplest techniques you can do is to just ask. All they can say is no. Sometimes a special occasion may be enough to get you an unexpected surprise. Simply do it and don’t be afraid to ask.

You can simply ask for an upgraded vehicle, accommodation, or airline seat. It doesn’t hurt and you’re no worse off than you were before you asked. In other words, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Technique #5. Timing Is Everything.

Keep this in mind that travel is at it’s most expensive during holidays and other peak times of the year. However, if the time of year to travel is important to you, such as a special event you’ll be attending, traveling during major holidays or school vacations, and if you desire to get luxury travel for the best value you want, try to book as far in advance as possible.

Don’t forget the power of the internet. It can be one of your most effective tools in researching destinations, while getting luxury travel at bargain prices.

Have fun and happy travels!

California Is Sunshine And Fun

Sunshine and fun is what California in USA is all about. This Pacific Ocean bathed state was one of the last to be incorporated into the union, but soon became one of the first on the list for travel and holiday entertainment. It shone bright with so many stars when Hollywood opened its gates. And talking about gates, was known for its innovative methods in construction when it built the Golden Gate Bridge. And it was Walt Disney's choice when he decided to build the happiest place on earth, creating Disneyland. It is easy to travel up and down the whhhole Califonia coastline with a fantastic car rental from any of the airport locations, visiting museums, natural parks and other theme parks, making your California dream come true.

Los Angeles Radiates with Excitement

Los Angeles, LA or as some call it ' The City of Angels' is saturated with all kinds of entertainment. What firstly calls the visitors attention is anything that has to do with Hollywood and its stars. The first stop is usually Hollywood Boulevard to the Walk of fame where you can see whose hand and footprints have a likeness to yours while visiting the Kodak Theatre, famous for the Oscar celebrations. And if your are lucky, you might share a fitting room with someone famous as you go shopping on Rodeo Drive in the Beverly Hills neighbourhood, at Santa Monica Square or on Hollywood Drive. From Muholland Drive you can click away at the famous 'Hollywood' sign which is a symbol known to everyone all over the world. All this excitement and its has not even cost you a penny!

Not too far outside of LA, in Anaheim, you can find the 'Happiest Place on Earth' which everyone knows is Disneyland. I went there thinking that I would be trailing around after my children while they lived the dream of their lives, but I can assure you that I was more thrilled and enthused than my kids. I relived childhood adventures that I thought had long passed with my buddies Mickey and Minnie and shared new ones with my family. The price of $86 for adults and $76 for kids over 9 years of age with transport from our hotel was well worth it. I have been told that Disney world is better, but only seeing is believing. Many friends of mine have even opted for buying apartments in the Los Angeles area so that when they spend their holidays there, they do not have to worry about lodgings. One dream spot is in the Palisades, a small town residential area not far from Sunset Boulevard and only a stone's throw from the impressive three mile run cliffs that stop the Pacific from entering.

Crossing California to San Francisco

But if you really want to get a good grip on California, then let's go down to the Pacific Ocean and over to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. One thing is to stand at a distance and admire its greatness but the best is to be part of it. There are bike ride tours over the bridge which first take you along the Bay Trail past various interesting points and then over the 1.7 mile long bridge. But San Francisco woud not be complete without a visit to the Island of Alcatraz and its piercing prison and museum filled with tingling history. Everything about California makes you tingle!

Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

4 Star Hotels

Everyone wants to go on a nice, relaxing, and quiet vacation every once in a while, but not everyone has the kind of money that can buy a 5-star hotel stay for the weekend. In that once every few years chance that you have saved just enough for a lush weekend trip, you have the choice to go all out on a first rate hotel and have little left for going around town, or to pick a more reasonably priced 4 star hotel and still have a good budget for seeing the best that the hotel’s surroundings has to offer.

No matter what popular tourist destination you go to, there are 4-star hotels that are more than capable of competing with the first class hotels in the same town. Despite the difference in ratings, it is possible that the only disparity that counts between 4-star hotels and their 5-star counterparts is the price range, especially if you’re one customer who is only slightly particular about the kind and range of services offered in the hotel you choose to stay in. Some 4-star hotels even offer a wider range of amenities than some 5-star hotels at a lower price. Also, some 4 star hotels are considered the best in a certain region, as a 4-star rating is the highest for the hotel grading body ruling that area.

However, notice that the prices also differ according to the hotels’ respective distances from the center of the city or town; the prices reduce as the location moves farther from the center. The factor of how much of the city center you want to see should therefore play a role in planning your luxurious weekend getaway. After all, what you save in accommodations could easily turn into expenses when you need to spend more on transportation between the hotel and tourist spots you intend to visit.

Four-star hotels are also suitable for business travel, as business centers and conference halls are available in most. The business traveler can also benefit from the luxurious service a 4-star hotel offers, as the hotel can easily cater to a mix of business and pleasure. Some can even be a source of inspiration and tranquility, particularly those with extra provisions for privacy, such as soundproofed rooms, and wellness facilities, such as room massage service and a Zen garden.

Here’s a list of 4 star hotels that may be worth spending a weekend in someday: the Sofitel Paris Porte de Sevres, which also offers wireless Internet access in some rooms, 3 restaurants catering to different tastes, and the option to stay on one of its eight non-smoking floors; the Hotel Forum in Rome, with a roof-garden restaurant overlooking the Venice Square and the Colosseum; and the Elite Hotel Praha in Prague, which is located in a quiet, yet scenic part of town, and features a day bar with a small leisure garden and a grill club that showcases the best of French, Argentinian and Spanish cuisines.

California Information

The “Golden State” of California has long been one of the most famous settlement spots in the United States. After the gold rush of 1848, countless people from all over the world came rushing to this geographically diverse land in search of opportunity and prosperity, seldom went away disappointed.

With almost 100 million acres of land, California is the third largest state in the U.S., next only to Alaska and Texas. It is nestled along the Pacific Ocean with a coastline of 1,264 miles stretching from the Oregon border in the north to the Mexican border in the south. It is one of the most culturally diverse states in the country, with its citizens having varied ethnic backgrounds like Native American, African American, Hispanic, European, and Asian. California climate is also one of the most diverse in the whole United States. With four different climate zones, one could always find a region in California suitable for their taste.

Although mountains and deserts dominate the state’s landscape, real estate lands is not hard to come by. In fact, one could even find an upscale resort community within the Colorado Desert – Palm Springs. It has become famous for its warm winter sunshine and its star-studded population. Other upscale communities can be found in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and the coastal strip between Los Angeles and San Diego. Low to medium scale real estate, on the other hand, could be found on the outlying communities and upland areas.

For business and employment considerations, one could always find opportunities a few hours drive away from their home. Employment and business opportunities in the state are among the highest in the nation due to its continually booming industries.

Tourism remains as California’s leading industry. Some of the well-known tourist destinations within the state are Disneyland, Hollywood, Golden Gate Bridge, and Sea World. There are many more similarly famous theme parks, national parks, and landmarks all throughout the state.

Foreign trade has also been a major industry. Among the leaders in this industry is the City of Los Angeles, whose ports have continually been one of the most busiest in the country for decades. In 1994, the city overtook New York as the country’s premier gateway for foreign trade.

Sports fans would never be disappointed as the state hosts a number of professional teams in different sports. Among the famous California professional sports teams are: the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Clippers (NBA), Sacramento Kings (NBA), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), San Diego Padres (MLB), San Francisco Giants (MLB), Los Angeles Angels (MLB), Oakland Athletics (MLB), San Francisco 49ers (NFL), San Diego Chargers (NFL), Oakland Raiders (NFL), Anaheim Mighty Ducks (NHL), and the Los Angeles Kings (NHL).

National Security matters is not an issue in the State of California. Seized by the United States Marines at the height of the Mexican-American war (1846 – 1848), San Diego Bay houses the largest concentration of military personnel in any city in the United States.

With its natural beauty, coupled with teeming opportunities, living in the state of California promises a future worth spending in.

Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Calicut at a Glance

Once the capital of the powerful Zamorins and a prominent trade and commerce center, Kozhikode was the most important region of Malabar in the bygone days. The mysterious shore of Malabar was known as a land of tradition and hospitality. Driven by the south west monsoon winds, the Chinese and the Arabs came to this shore for trade. From 13th century. Kozhikode attained a position of pre-eminence in the trade of pepper and other spices. As Kozhikode offered full freedom and security, the Arab and the Chinese merchants preferred it to all other ports. Then came Vasco-da-gama in 1498 and the foreign aggressions.

Calicut is the anglicized form of Kalikut, the Arabic for the Malayalam Kozhikode. It is also called the Cock Fort. The term also means Koyil (palace) Kodu (fortified) From time immemorial, the city attracted travelers, with its charming physical features and prosperity. At present the city is emerging as a tourist center.

The district has a coastal length about 80 kms. It is situated on the south west coast of India. It is situated between North latitudes 11°08' and 11°50' and East longitudes 75° 30' and 76° 08'. It lies in the idyllic setting of Wayanad hills on the east. The total area of the district comes to 2344 sq kms. The population the district as per 2001 census is 28,78.498 males 13,98,674 and females 14,79,824. Density of population per sq. kms is 1228.

The history of Kozhikode as an administrative unit begins from January 1957. When the states of the Indian Union were re-organized on linguistic basis on 1st November 1956, the erst-while Malabar district was separated from Madras state (Tamilnadu) and added to the new unilingual state of Kerala. As it was very big it has been divided into three districts. The Kozhikode district thus came into existence on 1st January 1957, originally consisting of five talukes, viz, Vadakara, Koyilandy, Kozhikode Ernad and Tirur. with the formation Malappuram district on 1st June 1969 and Wayanad district on 1st November 1980, Kozhikode district now consists one revenue division, three talukes, twelve blocks, 77 Panchayaths and 117 Villages. Kozhikode district has two Parliamentary constituencies Vadakara and Kozhikode and twelve assembly constituencies.

The Kozhikode city, known as the second Mecca of football lovers (first being Kolkatta) has a floodlight stadium constructed by the Municipal corporation. Near to this, stands an indoor stadium of the District sports Council.

Kozhikode City continues to be a centre of flourishing domestic and international trade. It is the marketing center for commodities like pepper, coconut, coffee, rubber, lemongrass oil etc. produced in Kozhikode Wayanad, Malappuram and Kannur.

The district has an intermediate port at Kozhikode (including Beypore) and minor port at Vadakara. Traffic is mainly dealt at Beypore.

Places of Interest

Kozhikode beach : Two sea piers almost 125 years old extending well inside the sea are a specialty of Kozhikode beach. Pazhassi Raja Museum, Art Gallery and VK Krishnamenon Museum : Situated adjacently at East hill. Krishna Menon Museum has a wing displaying his personal belongings and souvenirs. Art Gallery exhibits an excellent collection of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma and Raja Raja Varma.

Mananchira : Associated with the Zamorins is Kottaparamba where stood their ancient palace. Mananchira was the bathing tank of the members of the Zamorins' household. The adjacent maidan has been converted into an arcadia with beautiful trees and plants, artificial hill, shrubs sculpture and a musical fountain.

SM Street : Sweet Meat Street is the busiest shopping center and is perhaps the oldest street in Calicut. It derives its name from the times when the street was lined with sweet meat stalls. Old Bakery shops here are known for the famous Kozhikoddan Halwa and Banana chips.

Kallai : This was once the second largest timber trading centre in Asia. A steel bridge built by British is still intact here.

Beypore : (9.65 kms south of Kozhikode) It is situated at the mouth of Chaliyar river. Tipu Sultan named the town "Sultan Pattanam" Beypore is famous for its boat building yard where mammoth country crafts known as Urus are being built. There are two man made extensions to the sea to facilitate easy access for fishing boats.

Kappad : (16 kms from Kozhikode) This is the historic beach where Vasco da Gamma, landed on the 27th May 1948, with 170 men in three vessels. an ancient temple, which is believed to be 800 yards old, on a hillock, facing the deep sea is an added attraction.

Planetarium : Situated near Jaffar Khan Colony at Mavoor road, unveils the mysteries of universe. Regional Science centre is also situated in the same campus

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3 stars hotel in Rome

Rome is a reality. For Rome, more than for most cities, this always has been the central dilemma of city life:how to maintain its priceless heritage while improving the lot of its cheerfully inhabitants. Certainly the 2000 year Jubilee inspired efforts of recent years and have made a difference. Transport has been boosted, new museums have been opened and old ones renovated, and the long awaited Auditorium has opened to universal praise. The city hasn't re-found the heady days of la dolce vita, but it's looking good and it's feeling better than it has for a long time.
Pride also informs much of the typical Roman character: romans are first and foremost Roman and only then italian.

In a country of unparalleled beauty, both natural and architectural, Rome remains the jewel in the crown. In no other city you can see so much in such a short space of time and yet merely scratch the surface. About 10 feet below ground level exists another world, with traces of other settlements deep still. In Rome every period has left a mark. In fact from the time when it was a caput mundi ( center of the world ), through the development of Christianity to the present day ( a period of more than 2.500 years ), Rome has become an unsurpassed anthropological and archaeological archive of Western culture. And it's enough to wander the streets to see this.

The art of Michelangelo, the sculptures of Bernini, the palaces and the cobbled streets, the perfectly formed piazzas, Rome is all this. Nothing is hidden, it's all there waiting for you much as it has been for hundreds of years.
Rome is yet the capital of the world:it's a city of palaces and temples, more glorious than those which any city contains. And it's also a duty of the Rome hotel owners to keep efficient this immense heritage.

Cairngorms Celebrates National Parks Week

Organisations throughout the Cairngorms National Park joining forces this week to celebrate National Parks Week 2006. A series of events took place throughout the Park with something to suit all ages and abilities.

National Parks Week is being marked at National Parks the length and breadth of Great Britain and this year's theme is 'Stretch your legs, stretch your mind'. One of the Cairngorms National Park's highlights this year was Journey for the Wild 2006. The John Muir Trust; - the country's leading wild land conservation organisation - is behind the Journey for the Wild, which consists of four routes totaling about 2,500 miles. Participants walk, run, cycle, paddle kayaks and canoes, and sail yachts to complete the journey, traveling light and with the least possible impact on the environment through some of Britain's wildest places and most spectacular scenery. Their aim is to pass on a message baton across 70 legs of the journey and four different routes. The eastern route baton entered the Park on the 24 July near Dinnet.

Staff from the Cairngorms National Park Authority also took part in their own Journey for the Wild to celebrate National Parks Week by walking the four tops - Cairngorm, Ben Macdui, Cairn Toul, and Braeriach - on Thursday 27 July.

National Parks Week is for everyone however and a whole range of events took place for all abilities and ages. Event ranged from easy guided walks like the one at the Invercauld Estate, near Braemar to the Anagach Woodland Festival, Grantown-on-Spey where the Anagach Woods Trust hosted an afternoon of games and activities including archery, pole lathe turning and demonstrations of chainsaw carving from British champion, Pete Bowsher.

For the more experienced there were more challenging events aswell including a High Top Walk organized by the National Trust for Scotland. This challenging walk took in the 'Blue Hill of Derry'.

Other activities included walks around the grounds of Balmoral Castle, a wild woods mystery hunt and a Landover safari. The event has been heralded as a huge success which has showcased the national parks vast variety of uses and activities.

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3 Star Hotels

Finding a hotel that suits your budget comes easy when you take into consideration the activities that you will be busy with, or what you want to achieve during your stay. If being extremely pampered and totally worry-free comes last on your list, then you’re welcome to try a 3-star hotel. This is not to say that 3-star hotels do not offer any degree of comfort or luxury; it just seems impractical to be paying for lavish amenities when you won’t have the chance to take advantage of them.

If you’re a business traveler, who intends to be primarily engaged in, well, business matters, and not that concerned with having a fun and relaxing time, then a 3-star hotel with provisions and facilities that are useful for conferences and business correspondence would be a good recommendation. Furthermore, the affordable price is more attractive if you intend to keep the business expenses low. Also, an in-house restaurant, bar or lounge eliminates the need to go elsewhere for lunch or dinner meetings, and thus saves you time that you can spend preparing for presentations instead.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the tourist spectrum, a weekend traveler who has a planned itinerary can find good value in a 3-star hotel that is within minutes of a popular tourist destination, such as Paris or Amsterdam. Just because you’re visiting a top tourist spot doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on accommodations. For instance, three star hotels like the Hotel Windsor Opera in Paris (only over a kilometer away from the city center) even offers services such as a business center facility, room service, and a fitness center, with rates that are at least about fifty percent lower than the best hotels located in the heart of the city.

While 3-star hotels may be expected to offer more than basic accommodations, it may be best to assess them and make a choice according to your expectations and needs. For instance, you may deem access to a fitness center more important than room service, or prefer Internet access and a business center to availability of a swimming pool. Whatever you prefer, be reassured that you can consult with an online guide and make sure to ask the right questions that will ultimately lead to a pleasant 3-star hotel experience.

Here are other 3-star hotels that may be of interest: the Hotel Sylter Hof in Berlin, which prides itself as a good location for business functions, and is immediately accessible to the city’s major airports; the Hotel Diplomatic in Rome, which is within close range of the Spanish Steps and the Vatican, and boasts of a fitness center, a swimming pool, and impeccable service; the Kensington Close Hotel and Healthy Spa in London, which offers an indoor swimming pool, beauty treatments, a health and fitness club, and three restaurants; and the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is a family oriented hotel that offers live circus act performances and boasts of the Grand Slam Canyon theme park.

Cabin Rentals Smoky Mountains - Top 3 Cabin Rental Destinations

Cabin rentals Smoky Mountains can be found in either Tennessee or North Carolina. For cabin rentals Smoky Mountains, the busiest months are the summer months as visitors enjoy the cooler mountain air and all that the Smokies area has to offer. Since it's located within a day's drive of half of the USA population, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the #1 visited park in the United States.

If you're searching for cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains area, here are the three most popular destinations:

Gatlinburg, Tennessee - Gatlinburg has been a favorite of visitors for decades, adding more attractions every year. Located at the Tennessee entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you'll find that Gatlinburg has hundreds of cabin rentals Smoky Mountains for you to choose from. With only about 3,800 permanent residents, Gatlinburg can accomodate up to 35,000 visitors a night for all of its lodging types. Cabin rentals in Gatlinburg exist that are within walking distance of the Gatlinburg attractions, or you can choose a mountain view secluded cabin if you prefer.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - Pigeon Forge is located less than 10 miles from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park entrance. Pigeon Forge has more than 40 attractions on the main thoroughfare in town, including Dollywood and Dollywood Splash Country. Even though Pigeon Forge only has a few thousand permanent residents, nearly 10,000 visitors a night can find lodging. Again, you can find dozens of cabin rentals Smoky Mountains in and around Pigeon Forge.

Cherokee, North Carolina - Cherokee is the original home area of what's now called the Eastern Tribe. You can find great Cherokee cabin rentals Smoky Mountains to stay in while vacationing in this popular destination. Cherokee is about 3 miles from the North Carolina entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can enjoy many cultural and family attractions in Cherokee such as the Cherokee Heritage Museum, the Oconaluftee Indian Village and the Indian arts gallery. Another famous attraction is the outdoor drama 'Unto These Hills' which portrays events in the lives of the Cherokees during the early 1800's leading up to their forced relocation to Oklahoma and the infamous 'Trail of Tears'.

Besides all the attractions in these three popular towns, there's a host of outdoor fun activities in the Smoky Mountains area such as whitewater rafting, canoeing, tubing, kayaking, hiking, walking, mountaineering, ropeclimbing, getting around with ATV's, bicycling through the mountains, fishing, hunting, horseshoes and much more.

With all the fun you know you'll have during the day, why not add to your pleasure by spending your nights in one of the cabin rentals Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Cherokee? Cabin rentals Smoky Mountains are based on the number of guests that can be accommodated or number of bedrooms that are available. For example, cabin rentals are listed as 'sleeps 8', 'for 2 couples' and so on.

It's easy to check out all the fun rental cabins that you can choose from. Compared to staying in a hotel room, it's no wonder many choose to enjoy the privacy, conveniences and extra space while on vacation by staying in cabin rentals Smoky Mountains. Whether you’re visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the first time or you visit often, check out the variety to be found in cabin rentals for your next vacation stay.

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01 What can lanzarote offer you on your next holiday ?

Where is Lanzarote ? -

It is located on the eastern side of the Canary Islands and is a mere 13 miles wide and 40 miles long, so you can travel to each and every part of the island and spend the whole day not having to worry about lengthy journeys to and from excursions and one of the most appealing aspects is the climate as it offers warm temperatures and scarce rains all year around, turning it into a great place for those who wish to spend time at the beach and enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible.

Whether you are in to Land, Sea or Air sports there is plenty of everything here :

Cycling, Go-Karting, Golf, Horse-riding, Jeep Safari, Quad-Bike Safari, Rancho Texas & The Tropical Park

Boat Cruises, Catamaran, Fishing, Submarine or perhaps you just want to go to an aquapark.

Flight Tours, Hand-Gliding & Parasailing

If you prefer the more cultural aspects of a location, then you have to come to 'heaven'. This side of Lanzarote is best summed by the mere mention of one mans name - Cesar Manrique, a man whose influence can be seen all over the island at places like Castillo de San Jose, Ceuva de los Verdes, Fundacion Manrique, Jameous Del Aqua, Jardin De Cactus, Mirador Del Rio, Museo Campesino and the fantasic Timanfaya ("Fire Mountain") and in future articles I will write about each of these.

Lanzarote is the only place in the world where you have your lunch in a cafeteria that is built on top of an active volcano, where the heat to cook your food comes from the volcano itself ?
- See my article 21 on Timafaya

and where else can you go deep into a cavern in the middle of nowhere and find a huge ampitheatre used for live concerts, aplace that doubles as a nightclub two evening a week ?
- See my article 22 on the Northern Attractions

If you want a great beach, then again Lanzarote has one to compare with the very best.
- See my article 11 on Yaiza Beaches and Punta de Papagayo

Buying Flights Online

One of the greatest things to happen to the world of travel in recent years is the advent of low cost airlines. Not only do they offer flight travel that is cheaper than any previous airlines by far, but they also offer some other great innovations in booking and paying for flights. Part of the growth in popularity of these airlines is that they are so easy to work with online.

Unlike conventional airlines that use ticket agents and travel agents and require you to buy your tickets in person, the low cost airlines made everything available through a simple and comprehensive website that everyone could understand and use. The method of selling air tickets became so popular that these airlines are teaching the more traditional airlines how to act and are leading the way in innovation in the sale and marketing of these flights.

All it requires to buy them is a credit card or debit card. You go to the website, select your details, that is your destination airport and your departing airport, and tell them what dates you wish to travel. Immediately you are quoted prices for all the flights on that day. If you can be flexible about your travel dates, they will also show you the prices for alternative dates and let you book those flights, which may be far cheaper. The system is so open and transparent that it is a major refreshment for those people that are used to dealing with traditional ticket agents.

The convenience doesn’t end there either. You can also add travel insurance to your flight and you have full coverage for the entire trip. They already know where you are going and how long you will be there so it is the perfect place to see travel insurance.

If you need accommodation, most low cost airline websites will quote you various hotel prices while your buying your flights and will tell you how much it would cost to stay in the city you are arriving at. It is very convenient. You can even arrange for car rental at the same time. You can pick up and drop off at the airport and all the details are already in the system so they can give you customised and accurate offers that will match your needs.

More and more customers are discovering the convenience of booking all of their travel arrangements at the one website, and all you need to do it is a credit or debit card, and a little imagination.

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0 to 60 in 4.5 Seconds

Any one who has ever gotten on a race bike and felt the acceleration knows that such temptation is just to great. Once you give it some throttle you want to take it thru the gears. Yet, if you do choose to take it thru all the gears and redline the sixth or last gear you find yourself often over 135 miles per hour even on a 600 CC race bike. On the 750’s and 1000 plus CC race bikes you are well over 160 miles per hour at redline. Those of us who dare know that you must really pay attention when you are going at such speeds while sitting out in the open, namely you need to hang on.

Why do we sell these motorcycles to teenagers if we know that there is no possible way and no current teenager alive who owns one who has not sped on it? It is safe to say that such a statement is correct. Perhaps we ought to have speed limits within reason; for instance if you have taken a super bike class and have shown you can handle the raw power and speed; then you should be allowed to open it up all the way when no one else is around to get hurt. Montana use to have such a law on their roads, unlimited speed limit as long as you were not endangering others, this seems to be a good rule. Germany has the autobahn, yet we are denied the pursuit of happiness because some lawmaker who has no balls is afraid we might get hurt and it might go into the newspaper and make a few weak voters sob? No one has the right to deny those capable and willing to push the envelope a little our pursuit of happiness as such rules are in complete contrary to what it means to live in a free country.

Just because there are Jerry Springer guest stars out there still wearing their free T-shirts for being on the show and a few Jeff Foxworthy “here’s your sign” recipients is no reason to make laws to protect the weakest link of humanity from their destiny and happiness. The need for speed is an innate characteristic of mankind and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For those who cannot perform, they can win the Darwin Award, but we should not make laws to protect the stupidest human and deny the crème of the crop their destiny. Think about it.

Buying Cheap Humidors

There are numerous vendors who offer humidors at low prices. Many retail stores have departments that sell humidors of many kinds. Typically though retail stores will offer limited styles of smaller desktop and travel humidors. There are also stores that specialize in humidors and cigars that offer upgraded models of humidors and may even offer specials on cabinet humidors.

However, the prices one may pay at a specialty store will likely be more than what one will find on the Internet for comparable items. The Internet is a great place for researching and purchasing humidors of all styles, brands, and models. There is no limit to what one can find except for where imagination ends.

A quick search of the internet using humidor sale returned hundreds of companies offering low prices on humidors of all kinds from small travel humidors to large cabinet humidors even to humidors designed for jewelry. A search for discount humidors also returned hundreds of companies in the same way that a search for wholesale humidors returned many possibilities.

With access to so many companies selling cheap humidors, the most difficult part to purchasing a humidor today, especially with internet stores, is being able to narrow down one’s search and to settle on one particular style of humidor with many costing much less than $100.

In an internet search, one can find a very beautiful rosewood cabinet humidor with a Spanish cedar interior that measures 15" x 9 3/4" x 6 3/8" and will hold up to 120 cigars for a mere $79.99, plus shipping and tax costs. This item typically retails for $199.00. Another deal on the internet was for a cabinet humidor that holds up to 3000 cigars and only costs $599.00. And these are only two examples of such great deals one can find for Cheap Humidors on the internet.

The internet now affords the cigar aficionado the opportunity to research and purchase cheap humidors, offered either through a sale, discount or wholesale offering, from the comfort of their home.

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"No! We're Not There Yet!"- Surviving the Family Road Trip

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, travel is increasing every year and it is predicted that even more people will be on the road this year. Traveling with the family can be a great way to spend quality time together but it can also be stressful. Increase your chances of a fun, stress-free and safe vacation by following these simple tips:

• Beat boredom with child's play. "Are we there yet?" What is it about these words that go straight to a parent's spine? Keep kids entertained with some great car games that make getting where you're going half the fun. Magnetic board games, portable video games and classics such as the license plate game, "I Spy" and the alphabet game will keep energetic kids in good spirits and actively engaged no matter how long the journey.

• Stop smart. When stopping at rest stops, make sure it's just your kids getting back in the car and not the bacteria and germs they pick up in the bathroom. Bring products that keep your family healthy, such as hand sanitizer and Lysol Disinfectant Spray, to kill rest stop germs that can be transferred from the rest room to the surfaces in your car. To prepare for those inevitable spills and "oops" moments, keep paper towels or wet wipes handy.

• Eat right. Sure, you can stop at the rest stop for food-along with the thousands of other people on the road. But roadside dining doesn't always offer the healthiest choices. Instead, keep your family's bellies full with snacks that you can eat right in the car, such as trail mix, string cheese, fruit roll-ups, bottles of water, and fruit. These easy, convenient snacks are yummy (for them) and healthy (for you).

• Keep everyone happy. Pick a destination that has fun activities for all ages. While it's tempting to head for the place that the kids will love, make sure there's something for mom, dad and grandma to do as well. Some top family vacation spots that offer something for everyone include Orlando, Fla., Anaheim, Calif., Williamsburg, Va., Hershey, Pa. and Yellowstone National Park.

Family vacations can be chaotic but immensely rewarding. And if you keep these tips in mind, you can help ensure safe and happy travels-at least until you get there.

When stopping at rest stops, make sure it's just your kids getting back in the car and not germs they pick up in the bathroom.

Buying A Timeshare At Your Favorite Resort

One of the more popular ways to access a resort these days is through owning a timeshare at one. But there are many factors to consider. If you decide to get brave and go to a presentation, be sure to go with an open mind. But also be careful.

Often, the first exposure we receive to timeshare ownership comes from filling out a coupon to win a vehicle or receive a cheap or free vacation in the sun or at a ski resort. For some this happens at fairs, in restaurants or at car dealerships. For others first contact is through a (not-so-well-timed) phone call interrupting dinner and offering a free or inexpensive short hotel stay in exchange for a couple of hours of your time. Occasionally, some well-meaning or profit-motivated relative, friend or associate will give out your co-ordinates. On vacation in Mexico, it is not unusual to be stopped in the street of a coastal vacation city and offered a free day of island hopping on board a boat, with stops for horseback riding, meals and a "happy hour" in exchange for foregoing some time in the sun for a presentation.

As long as you understand that accepting these offers can be the prelude to several hours (they usually tell you two hours - take that with a grain of salt) of presentations - slide and/or film shows, discussions, property-viewing and - in some rare cases - browbeating, there is a benefit versus detriment ratio to look at. You need to weigh the benefits of initiating the process required to receive the offer/prize against the cost in travel to and from the resort presentation site, time in the presentation and negotiation.

It may seem surprising that so many people with absolutely no intention of purchasing a timeshare property end up walking away the owners of an annual week of tropical heaven or cool skiing. But then, perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising. The salespeople are usually chosen to be compatible with or complementary to the average timeshare client - they aspire to create a climate conducive to making a sale.

Even if you intend to turn down the offer (you only want to try for the prize!) the timeshare salespeople are trained in the best ways to turn your NO into a YES. In most instances, the salesperson will bring in a more senior person (usually the sales manager) either to use their superior persuasion skills, use psychology skills on you, try a different personality type, exercise fluency in making deals, fast-talking or merely utilize their ability to sweeten the offer. Sound like buying a car? Well, resorts and cars have that in common.

Usually there's a meal provided at the presentation - more dangerous to the negative attendee perhaps being the champagne breakfast. Those little bubbles tickling the nose will often loosen the tighter pocketbooks and wallets. And what better than a good meal to move the prospective resort property owner into timeshare convert. It's a poor salesperson that does not make a non-buyer feel badly for failing them! Few resort salespeople starve - the sales manager can often provide the addition purchase incentive - and there's usually a free meal available until the resort seller gets consistent good results.

Where does the resort get the money to pay for the prize SUV, vacation dollars, delicious meal or tickets to Sea World? Well, obviously the resort company needs a marketing budget. This is derived from the eventual profits to be made from each sale. Actually, it's the resort purchasers who pay for both successful and unsuccessful sales efforts. So, if you actually intend to purchase you should hold out for the best deal possible.

This means don't accept the first, or the second, or even the third offer you hear from the sales team. Invoke every opportunity to have them make you a better offer. Don't worry, as long as you are in some kind of negotiation - even if it looks like you are very negative on the value of the deal - there is someone on site who can improve the offer in some way. This can go on until the sales manager is reluctantly closing your car door for you after spending 4 or 5 hours of hard bargaining.


You have outstayed most all of the presentation attendees, the salespeople want to go home, and you have heard pretty much all the offers they have to make. The sales team is ready to go as far as they have ever gone before - maybe farther. Make your last pitch to hear their best and final offer - that last one-week stay in Atlantis in the Bahamas or that vacation certificate that can be used every year, which the sales manager was going to use to take his significant other for a sun-and-sea-filled week as a surprise.

Remember the power of negotiation. Resort owners are not used to dealing with hard bargainers. So take advantage of it. Get every penny out of it you can, then let it go and enjoy your new resort.

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Decouvrez l'Histoire des Jeux Video

Compte tenu de l'imprécision de la définition même du jeu vidéo, sa date d'apparition n'est pas claire. Ce loisir aurait débuté, après divergences et débats de spécialistes, dès 1962 avec Spacewar. Pong reste cependant le premier jeu dont le concept fut le déclencheur de la vidéo mania.

Jusqu'en 1983, celle-ci connaît une effervescence puis un déclin incontestable. Avec le développement des technologies au Japon, celle-ci revient sous les feux de la rampe en 1985 avec ses premières consoles NINTENDO et les fameux jeux de la série Super Mario ou Mario Bros.

Mais cette technologie de jeux vidéo s'applique également dans le domaine des jeux de casinos en ligne ou en cercle reel.

En effet, on y retrouve les fameuses bornes d'arcades.En cercle réel, une salle leur est tout particulierement consacrée.

Un jeu d'arcade se trouve dans une machine munie d'un monnayeur, d'un écran et d'un dispositif de contrôle. Ils ont la particularité d'être payants, on achète un ou plusieurs crédits en glissant une ou plusieurs pièces dans le monnayeur. Selon les jeux et les réglages, chaque crédit permet de démarrer une partie, la continuer après avoir perdu, acheter des bonus dans le jeu, le joueur doit apprécier au maximum un jeu d'arcade dès le début car une partie ne dure généralement que 5 ou 6 minutes au contraire des jeux virtuels où une partie peut durer plusieurs heures d'affilées.

Les jeux d'arcades au sein des casinos sont: Le Bonus Bowling, Jour de Derby, Dés Tourbillon, Pile ou face, Fléchettes Jackpot, Keno, Jackpot Génie Haut Bas, Mégaball, Tir de pénalité, Pop Bingo, Dés et Montagne russe, roue gagnante,Video Poker, Quilles payantes, Poker slots, Génie Haut Bas, Tour du Monde, Roche papier Ciseaux, Kéno Expérience.

On trouve ces jeu vidéo en ligne généralement sous une version 3D, avec bruitage et effets sonores et couleurs flash.

Après plusieurs crises principalement dues à une baisse de la qualité des productions, le jeu vidéo s'est rapidement hissé à un rang d'activité majeure. L'économie créée autour de cette pratique a eu des conséquences notables sur notre société. La montée en puissance des ordinateurs et la rentabilité de la loi de Moore peut être en grande partie expliquée par le fait que les personnes qui sont le plus enclin à acheter un matériel informatique neuf et souvent rénové sont principalement des joueurs ; la bureautique et la navigation sur internet étant des activités requérant de faibles ressources matérielles. Pour cette raison, les fabriquants de matériel informatique (cartes graphiques, cartes audio…) ont très tôt sponsorisé les compétitions de jeu vidéo.

Business Trip Or Vacation- Bed And Breakfasts Are A Hidden Treasure

Within the same city, across the country, or on the next continent to the East, you wont ever find two bed and breakfasts alike. They aren't chain enterprises where cookie-cutter-like consistency is a company rule. Rather, they often share the culture of their surrounding area, and reflect the taste and personality of the owner.

For the vacationer, they provide a refreshing, home-like setting to unwind from a day of site seeing and pounding the pavement shopping. For the business traveler, with many offering wireless internet and computer services, they provide a much more relaxing and productive environment than a tiny hotel room.

No matter the reason for your travels, you'll sleep better knowing you can go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and have a glass of milk and cookies or take off your shoes, grab the newspaper and put your feet up on the couch!

The Host Advantage

Since your hosts usually own the home they are friendly and helpful people. You're invited in, not just a number to a minimum wage, behind the counter employee. Because you're not waiting in a stalled check-in line in a crowded lobby, your arrival is a welcome experience. Your hosts will take the extra time to guide you to where you want to go and introduce you to a new city.

That personal touch is much more helpful than having a map left in a hotel room for you to figure out on your own. B & B hosts know their cities well; they'll give you first hand tips on great restaurants, shopping, and local information about the city tourists and new visitors wouldn't otherwise know. Rely on them for safety tips while you're out in the strange and unfamiliar, and to help you understand the customs of the locals, like tipping or hailing a cab for example.

Find Your Perfect B & B Online

Most B & Bs are advertised on the Internet. You can find many choices by going to any search engine, like Google or MSN, and type in "Bed and Breakfast Toronto” for example. Their websites will have pictures of the home, the bedrooms, prices and information on amenities. Don't assume that every accommodation will have wireless Internet and parking available. Be sure to do your research.

Bed and Breakfasts, like hotels, will range from opulent 5 star mansions to quaint, little simple places for the budget conscious. Fine tune your search to a specific search like “Bed and Breakfast Downtown Toronto”. Some good websites that list and compare many B & Bs are:

Different Places, Different Policies

Hosts have different policies for their establishments, and it's always best to ask questions about things important to you before you book. Do you need parking? Does it cost extra? Is there a curfew? Some other things that vary are cancellation policies, if they have internet use for you, laundry facilities, air conditioning – neither you or the host wants a surprise if there is something that you need that they don't have it to offer.

Remember, these are people's homes and a good host wants to provide all the services you would expect at a hotel, except for the hotel atmosphere. They're relying on their charm and the warmth of their home to make your stay an exciting, fun, welcoming and comfortable experience for you.

Breakfast Has Many Definitions

The breakfasts themselves differ as much as the decors, locations and house types. The owners normally prepare them so you'll have a home-made, personal touch to your first meal of the day. I've stayed in B & B's that have a self-serve style, continental breakfast. These can be a tasty variety of homemade breads and jellies and treats, or they could be fruit, cereals, yogurts etc, a common standard for the continental breakfast. Don't be afraid to ask for details on the phone. I've expected a delightful morning meal and sadly had to force down commercially bought, frozen, fattening and salty unfulfilling snack.

Others make a wonderful morning event, providing a menu of hot breakfast standards including pancakes, French toast, home fries and eggs. These are my personal favorites because you can bet the owner has their unique flair or a family recipe that you're not going to find anywhere else. In fact, I visited one B & B where they grew their omelet vegetables right outside in the garden, and the jams and jellies were homemade right on site.

What to Expect

I have found that if a B & B has five or more rooms, they usually have staff to help out the owners. Just like a hotel, you'll get your beds made and plenty of fresh towels. Personally I like the larger establishments because the house is usually more mansion-like and bursting with character, and normally they can then afford to provide a few more amenities. If you like interacting with people from all over the globe, this would be definitely for you.

I've met people from North and South America, Europe, Asia – basically the world. Bed and Breakfast travelers tend to be friendlier, happier and easy-going types that seem more extroverted and genuinely glad to meet each other and enjoy good company and conversation – it's always a pleasure to compare stories and learn new things about people's homelands.

After my first stay in a Bed & Breakfast, I was hooked. If you've never stayed in one, give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised… I loved being a guest so much I decided to become an owner!