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Holiday Guide-Enjoy your holidays & be healthy!

Holiday season is the best among all seasons. Holiday season is the best for family gatherings, spending time with friends, and snowball battles. All of us want to enjoy holiday season. Several people feel migraine problems and severe headaches due to wrong strategy of spending holidays. You should follow some guidelines to enjoy wonderful holidays.

Following are some ideas that will definitely help you to make great holiday season:

During holidays try to eat little of everything whatever you want because holidays means fun not eating! Eat little instead of joining a gym after holidays.

Avoid potatoes & stuffed food. You should eat more vegetables during holidays to be fit and fine.

Don’t spend your holidays in watching TV. You should spend your time with your nears & dears.

Make a list of important activities that you want to do during holidays. This will reduce your tension and headache.

You should also make a budget for your holidays and be familiar with your limitations. Don’t try to create more social events.

You may also handover some of your important tasks to a responsible person who is able to perform those tasks efficiently.

Get familiar with your financial limitations and also don’t try to cross your spending limit.

Don’t forget to take rest because you’ve to go back to your work after holidays.

Do your regular exercises and drink plenty of water and juices.

Find some different ways that can make you happy. Forget the difficulties of past and be ready to enjoy your future.

Don’t spend a lot on travel. You should try to participate in the festivals, marriages, birthday parties and other lovely occasions.

Always spend your holidays with your caring friends, colleagues and family members.

And of course don’t forget to laugh.

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CDC Reinstates Travel Alert for Toronto

CDC lifted the travel alert on May 20, 2003, because over 30 days (or two SARS incubation periods) had elapsed since the date of onset of symptoms for the last reported case. However, on May 22, Canadian health officials reported a cluster of four old probable SARS cases, which led to today's reinstatement of CDC's travel alert for Toronto.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has reinstated a travel alert for Toronto, Canada, because of reports of old possible cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In response to the outbreak of SARS, CDC has issued two types of notices to travelers: advisories & alerts. A travel advisory recommends that non-essential travel to an area be postponed. A travel alert does not advise against travel to a particular area, but informs travelers of a health concern & provides advice about precautions they can take to reduce their risk of exposure.

CDC is again recommending that U.S. travelers to Toronto take precautions to safeguard their health. These include avoiding settings where there has been evidence of transmission of SARS, such as health care settings. CDC does not recommend the routine use of masks or other personal protective equipment while in public areas.

CDC also recommends that travelers to Toronto practice careful hand hygiene - a first line of defense for reducing an individual's risk of a variety of infectious diseases, such as SARS. As a general rule, CDC recommends frequent hand washing with soap & water. If hands are not visibly soiled, alcohol-based hand rubs may be used as an alternative.

Global Migration & Quarantine officials from CDC will again be distributing health alert cards to travelers returning to the United States from Toronto. The cards outline the symptoms of SARS & recommend that people returning from Toronto monitor their health for 10 days & alert their physician if they create a fever or respiratory symptoms, such as a cough or shortness of breath.

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Have Luggage Security and Personal Identification!

It's every traveler’s worst nightmare: standing at the luggage carousel in Anytown, USA, waiting for a bag that has unwittingly made its way to San Francisco. Lost luggage can put a damper on even the shortest vacation. So if you're planning a family vacation this year, take the time to help ensure that your luggage ends up in the right place. You can purchase unique, sturdy, weatherproof, bright, and bold luggage tags from my company, Luggage Tags Galore Store, with over a three hundred different graphic themes for you to pick from. Measuring 2 1/2" x 4 1/4", Extremely Durable, High Gloss, Crystal Clear 10 Mil Laminated Tags!

You would never want to know all about the frustration lost luggage can cause. Luggage care attendants have an enormous task of taking care of your luggage, while you're still on the ground. Several pieces of information your luggage tags should contain to help your luggage arrive safely at your destination at the same time as you do. "The most important information you can put on a luggage tag is your name, home address and telephone number," and we also suggest that if you carrying a cell phone on vacation, use that number instead.

I also warn that luggage does occasionally get caught on various machines or can get wet if there is inclement weather, so it is important to make a tag that is durable and waterproof. Our tags are 10 mil thickness, which is heavy duty. Many companies only offer 5 mil luggage tags, and will fall apart easily. As well, and we also note that our unique bright tags definitely STAND OUT in a sea of baggage.

Bottom Line! For affordable unique, weatherproof, extremely durable, high gloss, crystal clear 10 Mil laminated luggage tags visit our website, at .

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What are the Best Lake Tahoe Lodging Accomodations?

The natural beauty of this high mountain lake, and the 300 days of annual sunshine makes Lake Tahoe one of America’s all-time top vacation spots. With world-class skiing and mountain biking, it provides a challenge for the most advanced outdoor enthusiasts. If you prefer a slower pace, the majestic mountain peaks and clean refreshing sierra air will tickle your senses and cleanse your spirit.

Deciding where to stay, and finding the best available Lake Tahoe lodging is really the hardest part of your vacation planning. South Lake Tahoe, home of Heavenly Ski Resort, is a good place to start. After a recent downtown redevelopment, it now includes an outdoor ice arena, many specialty shops and restaurants, and of course, the casinos. This area of Lake Tahoe is becoming a hot spot, and South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals provide an affordable & popular accommodation choice.

If you are planning a vacation in Lake Tahoe with family or friends, you may want to rent a private vacation house. There are many different types of South Lake Tahoe rentals, so you’ll want to choose the right one for your needs and budget. Splitting the cost of a vacation house is usually more affordable than everyone staying in hotels, and most people find it much more comfortable.

If you’re planning on spending a holiday in Lake Tahoe, it’s best to make reservations well in advance. Also, keep in mind that summer and winter are peak seasons, and quality Lake Tahoe lodging accommodations can book up fast. There are some great websites that offer a variety of Lake Tahoe vacation rentals, and Lake Tahoe Lodging specials. Choose from luxury executive retreats, waterfront homes, charming cabins, or mountain top condos!

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Is 2006 book coupon entertainment a smart way to make big savings?

Discount coupon is a great way that allows you to enjoy all the luxuries from eating in a star hotel, shop in posh shopping malls, watch movies even in expensive movie theatres and stay in a luxurious resort. All this and more is possible if you have discount coupon book that is easily available in the form of Entertainment book each year. You get different discount coupons that allow you to get a profit anywhere ranging from 15 to 20 percent. 2006 book coupon entertainment has printable discount coupons for different purposes.

These coupons give a chance to people to enjoy and purchase things which they are unable to afford in regular prices. There are a variety of coupons available such as coupons for foodstuff, electronic gadgets, fashion apparels, cosmetics, jewelry, travel coupons, magazine, flowers, automotive, hotels, pets, sports and much more. Once you start using these coupons that add up much savings to your purchases, I feel you won’t turn back for making purchases at their regular prices.

Discount coupons are available through newspapers, magazines that publish these coupon advertisements. Now many websites are providing these coupons whereby the consumer can easily download and print these coupons. Some of the websites also provides online coupon code with the help of which you can make online purchase just by entering the code. While Entertainment book coupon is a good way to have all those coupons in your hand, you can also get it from your friends and relatives that hold them.

Since 2006 book coupon entertainment has many coupons that offer you more cost reductions and discounts. You should check discount coupon book before you purchase so that you are ensured that you have the desired type of coupon. Later you can classify these coupons as you need them.

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Visit Rome - a historical city

Do you bear a passion for history? Are you interested in ancient
architecture and temples? Do age-long and legendary activities
beckon you? If so, then you must definitely explore the ancient
lands of Rome, at least once in your lifetime.

With an area of about 150 square kilometers, and a population of
3.8 million, Rome still stands tall in the vast field of world history.
Whenever we come across Rome, Etruscan tombs, Republican
meeting rooms, Imperial temples, ancient Christian churches,
medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces, and Baroque basilicas
strike the core of our mind and we enter the superficial world of
history and architecture. Rome takes us through the pages of

Rome is situated halfway down Italy's western coast, about 20
kilometers inland. Rome is a large city, though the historical area
is quite small. A majority of the Rome historical sights are
restricted within a reasonable distance of the central railway
station, Stazione Termini. All the main Rome monuments are
situated west of the train station in Rome. However, it is always
advisable to use the map of Rome, once you arrive in Rome.


The central attractions of Rome are the Palatine Hill and the Forum.
Via Del Corso is located north from the Forum to Piazza Del Popolo,
accompanied by Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain on the east.
The Vatican in Rome is situated northwest of the Forum, across the
River Tiber in Rome.

Rome offers a great deal of pleasure with the likes of the
arrogance of the Vatican, the immemorial haunting memories of the
Coliseum or the sheer thrill of going back to centuries ago of
timeless history.

Rome offers you a wide range of excitement, adventure, and
enjoyment. The thrill and sheer experience of Rome is very
distinctive and unique. Rome gives you the liberty to thrive on
wine, architecture, history, and sunshine.

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Mauritius Vacations

Port Louis is the capital and main port of Mauritius, it was founded by the French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais in 1735. The harbour lies sheltered in a semi-circle of mountains. Portugal is a land which has heterogeneous but unequalled culture. Portugal was one of the worst countries in Western aggregation before the launching of Democracy in the assemblage 1974 and the incorportation into dweller Union in the assemblage 1986.

Port Louis, the capital and largest city, has a population (1997 estimate) of 146,499.

Sugarcane is the main cash crop of the country which is grown on 90% of the cultivated land and accounts for 25% of the export of the country. Sugarcane is grown on about 90% of the cultivated land area and accounts for 25% of export earnings. The government's development strategy centers on industrialization (with a view to modernization and to exports), agricultural diversification, and tourism.

Summers stretch from November to April with temperatures reaching 34 Centigrade on the coast. Humidity is highest from December to April but this is always manageable, especially in the coastal regions where there is a constant breeze. Summer runs from November to April, with temperatures reaching as high as 93ºF (34ºC) on the coast. Humidity is highest from December to April but is never unbearable, particularly on the coast where there is a constant sea breeze.

Visit the shops, indulge in the water sports available or spend a lazy day on the beach. In the evening, enjoy the world-renowned sensuous Sega Dance performance, a highlight dinner entertainment. Visit the bustling Port Louis that happens to be the happening capital city of Mauritius. Tours to Curepipe in Mauritius brings you to an enchanting world of tea gardens and ship building industry.

Mauritius is indeed the paradise on earth, take your Mauritius Vacation, you'll love it.

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Ten Backpacking Trip Essentials

I've had backpacking trips that included rain, snow, lightning, rockslides, altitude sickness, and twenty-mile days - all in a summer weekend. Wilderness trips can be dangerous, but you can make then less so, by having the following ten essentials in your backpack.

1. Knowledge. What good is a compass if you don't know how to use it? Play with matches if your fire-making skills are shaky. Learn what to do when you see a bear. Read a little, practice a little - knowledge is more likely to save you than gadgets.

2. Map and compass. These are together, because that's the way you need to use them.

3. Matches and lighter. Bring both, or waterproof matches and a fire starter of some sort. Having two ways to start a fire is much safer.

4. First aid kit. Buy a pre-packaged one or build your own. Make sure it has pain relievers, bandages, disinfectant, and notes on basic first aid procedures.

5. Foot care. Your first aid kit needs moleskin, and maybe a pin, to treat blisters. Your feet have to be well cared for when you're hiking miles from the nearest road.

6. Water purification. A filter works, but they clog and break so often that you should have a small bottle of iodine tablets or other water purification as back up.

7. Rainwear. One of the biggest killers in the woods is hypothermia, and it often starts when you get wet. Try to stay dry.

8. Shelter. This can be a tent, tarp or bivy sack. Just be sure you know how to use it.

9. Sleeping bag. Down bags are the warmest for their weight, but be sure you know how to keep it dry, or bring a synthetic bag.

10. Specific trip items. For backpacking trips in Michigan in May, bring insect repellant. In June in Arizona, bring sunblock. Think about the specific conditions for the time and place of your trip.

Make your own list if you take regular backpacking trips. It's no fun when a friend tells us ten miles down the trail that he's allergic to bees and forgot his medicine. A little planning means less worries, and a better trip.

Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

The Parque Nacional de Ordesa

The Parque Nacional de Ordesa, or Ordesa National Park, is a beautiful natural place full of unique elements and characteristics. This destination is paradisiacal to all those travelers who enjoy being close to the nature and meet amazing plants, trees, and animals. There is a very wide variety of animals to meet as well as many possibilities to spend energies by climbing, hiking and walking while meeting this park.

The best time to visit the Parque Nacional de Ordesa is between May and November, since it actually might be closed during the remaining months. Within the months of July and August, during holidays’ season, the park receives a great amount of visitors and therefore it is advisable to try to visit it before or after that in order to avoid crowds.

The Parque Nacional de Ordesa is situated next to three valleys among which the Ordesa Valley is the most known. The park itself is situated in part of this valley and is characterized by counting with important amounts of limestone as well as wide extensions of forests.

Ordesa National Park was founded in 1918 by request of the Spanish royalty. The main purpose which causes the creation of this park was in order to protect and take care of a wild coat traditional to this region known as the ibex. But, besides than protecting the ibex, this park also takes care of many other animals and plants, in such a way that it is home of around 170 different species of birds, 5 amphibians, 8 types of reptiles, and 32 mammals.

The Parque Nacional de Ordesa is also a great destination to those who enjoy open air sports, and specially climbing. This spot is renowned as a climbing area, as well as it is ideal to those who like walking and hiking since there are many routes through which visitors can explore the different towns and valleys spread through the region. This is, as it can be appreciated, one of the main spots which tourists who enjoy the nature should meet while being in this region of Spain.

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Costa Rica - A Paradise In Central America

Costa Rica - A Modern Day Paradise

Costa Rica, a small country filled with sun, beaches, vulcanos, buses, good food and party!

No one will leave Costa Rica feeling they did not have a good time.

Family Vacation in Costa Rica

You will not have any problem visiting Costa Rica even with small children. Costa Rica is a country where most families have more then 1 child. The food is good and the number of tropical diseases found in Costa Rica is no problem.

There are som many beaches where the waves are smaller in size and the hotels and cabins have pools, that choosing a place to have fun is no problem.

Vacations for Couples

A tropical paradise. A couple can go anywhere in the country and enjoy tranquility, serenety as well as the party side of life.

Many hotels and hostels have special romantic deals, tours and packages to make your stay something even more special. If you choose a smaller, more secluded and private place to stay, talk to the owner and explain that you’re a couple looking for some quality time, hand in hand, and they will most often do their best to help you out in any way they can.

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

The same goes for a wedding and/or honeymoon. Religion is important in Costa Rica and you can most likely find a church and priest for a wedding in almost any bigger religion.

And the honeymoon?

You can find special honeymoon packages in most hotels, and resorts. One of the best is a very romantic stay in playa Hermosa where you can go on sunset sailings at night. Or go full out with a moviestar expensive vacation in Four Season Hotel in Guanacaste.


As in all parts of the world can singles have a good time. Party all night long and let your feet do the talking to the rythm of salsa.

Many bars, nighclubs and places where there are fiestas almost everyday can be found under every rock!

So take a look at Costa Rica for your next vacation, as it will never let you down!

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More Migrants now Using Agents

It now seems more migrants to Australia are using agents compared to migrants of other destinations according to the latest Emigrate Australia reader survey. 59.4% of readers now say they are using an immigration consultant for their applications.

The Emigrate Australia reader survey looked at various issues of the immigration process including demographics, family factors, motivations and the immigration process. Other significant trends for Australia include Western Australia taking out a clear victory as the preferred destination for UK migrants (followed by South Australia) and financial motivations rising in comparison to lifestyle and climate factors.

Most respondents indicated that the WAITING was the most difficult part of the process. Therefore, there is a strong case for using an immigration consultant, who can help the applicant AVOID DELAYS and assist with QUICKER PROCESSING by presenting a 100% correct and complete application.

Secondly, the application process and preparing paperwork was also perceived to be a difficult part of the process. Again, there is a strong case for IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS who can make the application process smoother and clearer and provide personalised assistance and representation in this bureaucratic process.

The vast majority of readers indicated the more appealing lifestyle and safer place to bring up children, with climate being a major factor for emigration to Australia.

If you would like to know if you meet these pass marks, we will work it out for you for FREE. Visit to complete a free initial immigration eligibility assessment provided by National Visas (officially recognised immigration and visa consultants).

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Holidays in Corfu

The Madeira island group belongs to Portugal and is in the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira translated means wood. Their main island is also called Madeira with its 736 square kilometres it is the largest of the island group of Portugal. The group is formed by five islands. Madeira and Porto Santo are the only ones inhabited. The other three are Deserta Grande, Ilhau Chao and Bugio and they are just 14 square kilometers in size.

Lisbon is the largest city of Portugal and also the capital city of the country. It is located on the Atlantic coast and is one of the most important port cities in Europe. Lisbon has about 518,000 inhabitants. The weather in Lisbon in the summer is very nice, because it is not too hot and in winter it is very mild. In summer there is often coastal fog. The city also has soccer teams such as the Benfica Lisbon, whose home games in Estadio de Luz are fought.

The island of Madeira with its capital Funchal has an area of 794 square kilometres. It belongs to the same group of islands of Madeira and is the largest island in this archipelago. About 265,000 people live on the island. The weather on this island is very tropical. In winter the daytime temperatures are about 15 degrees Celsius. During the summer months temperatures rise up far beyond the 20 degrees Celsius mark. Ideal conditions for a quick last minute trip or for the tourists, with his whole family arrives.

The second largest city of Portugal is Porto. This town is located in the northwest of the country and has nearly 330,000 inhabitants. Porto is famous mainly for its port wine. The wine is deep in the cellars of Porto where he stored for at least two years to mature. For soccer fans of FC Porto is of course a concept. The Soccer Association in the prime league in Portugal plays its home games bears in the Estadio do Drageo. This stadium was also the 2004 European Football Championship.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Fire risk in Yorkshire Dales National Park rises

Areas of the Yorkshire Dales National Park are now being closed to walkers as the continued high temperatures and drought conditions turn areas of the park to tinder.

An urgent plea to walkers and tourists comes as the Met Office announced that its Fire Severity Index for the Yorkshire Dales is now on ‘High’ and is expected to rise to ‘Exceptional’ – its highest rating – on if the weather continues.

The ‘Exceptional’ rating automatically triggers closure of Open Access land within the National Park, although all public footpaths and bridleways will remain fully open.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) Services Manager Alan Hulme said: “What this means is that walkers will be asked to use only public rights of way and will not be able to roam wherever they want to in parts of the National Park identified on maps as being Open Access land.

“Hopefully this temporary closure of some areas of the National Park will reduce the risk of fires.

“But we really do urge everyone to take extra care in disposing of cigarettes and empty bottles and to remember that strong sunlight shining through glass can easily start a fire. And we would also ask people not to have barbeques on roadsides or on moorland.

“The countryside is so dry now that a single spark could have devastating consequences for the flora and fauna in the National Park.”

YDNPA Rangers have put up notices throughout the National Park advising walkers of the closures and to take extra care.

The Fire Severity Index is expected to peak at ‘Exceptional’ and then gradually fall to very low on when rain returns.

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

The ancient Olympia

Olympia is one of the most famous and visited destinations in the Greek region of Peloponnese. The main reason by which this destination is so famous is due to the fact that in this spot was were the ancient Olympic Games used to be held, a festivity which was not only important to this region but the rest of Greece and the entire world as well. This destination has been visited and explored by archeologists, historians, and scientists in general from the entire world as well as it is possible to see tourists from all places in it at almost any time of the year.

The Olympic Games of the city of Olympia used to be held every four years, in a period called the olympiad, as long ago as the year 775 BC. These games were so important for the city and all Greece that are still remembered and cause this spot to be visited by tourists from the entire world in a constant basis.

The city of Olympia is also famous by other elements and attractions, such as per example its impressive statue of Zeus. This city has a statue of great size, made of gold and ivory which represents the Greek God Zeus within a temple built in honor to this deity. This is one of the most interesting statues and attractions in Olympia as well as in the entire Peloponnese.

Some of the major discoveries and one of the most important excavations in the city of Olympia took place in the year 1829. In this year, a French expedition started some important excavations and discovered some of the most interesting elements in the area. After this French expedition, a German one followed their work and several important objects, such as tools, and the statue of Hermes of Praxiteles were found.

Olympia is situated in an area that is surrounded by hills and mountains in such a way that they provide a very peculiar and interesting background to this ancient spot. Meeting the city of Olympia, its antique statues and ruins can be one of the most memorable experiences tourists can have while exploring the Peloponnese.

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Mexico Beaches - Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada

With shores on two oceans, Mexico is a beach lover’s paradise. Here’s a primer on three of the beach areas, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada

Puerto Vallarta

Considered a poor man’s Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta lies in the middle of the Bahia de Banderas, a huge bay. The beach is long and nice while the two lies at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. The last ten years have seen a lot of development with condos, hotels and tourist support areas going up like mad. This isn’t particularly surprising since tourism seems to be the hub of the entire economy in Puerto Vallarta.

For beaches, you really can’t go wrong in Puerto Vallarta. The northern beaches tend to be the most popular, which also means more people. Personally, I’ve headed to the south to find a little more breathing room. For gay travelers, Puerto Vallarta is considered the most accommodating beach location in an otherwise conservative Mexico.


Located a few hours south of the border with San Diego, Ensenada is a popular weekend trip. Sitting on the bay of Todos Santos, Ensenada is famous for a vibrant nightlife, nice beaches and being the location where much of the movie “Titanic” was shot.

Historically, Ensenada used to be a secret location known to San Diegans. Then the Mexican government built a smooth highway from Tijuana through Ensenada. So much for the secret!

Today, Ensenada is a good place to go if you want to experience Mexico, but want to avoid the packed, edgy Tijuana scene. In Ensenada, you can ride horses on the beach, do some surfing and visit world famous bars. The most famous, of course, is Hussongs. Hussongs is the place where you can “sample” tequila and sing with Mariachi bands. The two have nothing to do with each other. Honest.

Everyone has a favorite beach spot in Mexico. Ensenada and Puerto Vallarta aren’t bad places to sample.

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Popular Varieties of Cigar Boxes

A cigar box can come in many shapes and sizes, and hold anywhere from five or six items to a complete collection containing hundreds of cigars. Great for gifts, cigar boxes serve both to protect and preserve their contents, and to display them in an attractive, elegant setting.

Modern cigar boxes are often similar to humidors in that they feature climate-controlling features that optimize the temperature and humidity in order to preserve the cigar’s flavor and appearance. Some are custom made out of wood and hand-crafted to suit the exact décor of the buyer’s home.

There is also a large market for antique cigar boxes. Serious collectors fetch hefty prices for containers that date back to the turn of the century or even earlier.

Whether a buyer is seeking a cigar box for aesthetics or for preservation, cigar boxes make perfect gifts for any aficionado. Online merchants such as Cigar King offer some of the finest cigar boxes, available in many price ranges. A simple Cigar Caddy made out of Otter Box can be purchased for under $20, while a classic Ashton humidor of beautiful walnut can run upwards of $1500.

Other discount cigar stores offer boxes at reduced rates, and they can often be shipped to the customer overnight. For those looking for other cigar accessories to compliment a cigar box, there are many brands and styles of lighters, cutters and ashtrays that could make for a perfect gift set for any cigar aficionado.

If you are having trouble locating a suitable cigar store or distributor in your area, consult Cigarworld online for a directory of all local and national cigar outlets. There you will find literally hundreds of locations, both online and off, which offer cigars and cigar accessories to suit any occasion.

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Do A Sporting Stag Do in Birmingham

If you're planning a stag do in Birmingham, you'd almost have to include some sporting activities. After all, Sport England has awarded Birmingham the title National City of Sport. Situated just west of the center of England, this sporting city offers a wide range of stag do activities for the bachelor party that's looking for something a bit unique and a lot active.

While no one is suggesting that you leave off the traditional naughty doings that have been a part of the pre-wedding festivities since early Greek times, these days the stag do is more often a full-bodied stag weekend with activities planned for day and night. A Birmingham stag do gives your party the chance to take in a day at the races, compete in races of your own, bust a gut laughing at some of the finest comedy in the UK, and then get up in the morning to head out for a full day of off-road karting, paintball tournaments, quad biking or whitewater rafting.

If you're looking for a Birmingham stag do activity that will provide some unusual souvenirs for the lucky stag, how about an afternoon at the Birmingham greyhound track? In addition to giving him (and the rest of your lot) a chance to pad your pockets before a night out with the lovely strippers, you can name a race to commemorate his last hurrah. By making arrangements in advance through a UK tour operator, your stag do can boast its very own greyhound race, complete with private box and bar, race cards printed with the name of your race and a photo of the cup for your race being presented to the winnner. That's a Birmingham stag do deal that's tough to beat and impossible to forget.

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Travel directory to submit

As the internet expands and more and more sites are being created finding a good directory is very essential. And if you have a webpage that you want more people to visit it, enlisting it on a directory submit site is going to be your best option. There lots of directory submits sites to choose from but only a few offers a very affordable and easy way to use like this site offers.

It is a human edited web directory and offers directory submit at a very affordable price range! It is very user friendly because it is well organized all the addresses are put under specific categories so that users can easily locate the site they are looking for. This would save time for the user. The site contains 14 general categories namely Arts and Humanities, Blogs, Business and Economy, Computer and Internet, Education, Entertainment, Health, News and Media, Recreation and Sports, Reference, Science and Technology, Shopping, Society and Webmaster. And each category is further sub divided into more specific categories to give users ease in using it. The site also contains some tags that are very helpful to some users that have not decided on what they want to see. Tags like Top Hits which shows all the addresses that are popular to the users and the latest links gives all the list of recently added URLs. So finding the site you needed is fast and easy.

If you’re planning to directory submit your URL this site is highly recommended also. The site provides you with this short form that contains all necessary questions that would describe your personal webpage. And all the pricing schemes are also listed to give the costumer a better choice. So add your own webpage to the directory and get noticed to the cyber world! You’ll be surprised of the increase in your webpage visitors after joining in.

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Traveling Deals: Student Travel Packages

If you are a student looking to do some traveling this summer before another year of college starts back up then some of the best deals around can be found in specialized travel packages that are catered to young people and offer the chance to see various parts of the world at a low price, often with other young adults. Such package type deals are often popular with young travelers because it allows them to build their entire itinerary without having to worry about lodging, airline reservations or other details of the trip.

No matter where you might want to go in the world there exists a number of student travel opportunities that can satisfy your needs. Some arrangements allow you to travel for a very low-cost (usually only paying for airfare) in exchange for working with native people in foreign lands to help them build housing, assist with crops or teach young children different skills that they might otherwise not have access too. Other traveling deals let you visit a number of different countries staying in youth hostels and other arrangements at a very low cost while interacting with other students from around the world. This can be an excellent way to get to know foreign cultures and see differences in people from around the world all while having an unforgettable traveling adventure.

Many young adults find that by taking a summer off and traveling they can actually refresh their minds and be more prepared for college or a career once they return. The experience of going to foreign lands opens their eyes to differences in people and places and helps them understand how different parts of the world live and how they value different social and political systems outside of our own. It can be an experience that they will never forget and a valuable life experience they can use all throughout their own life.

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One Hot Erotic Vacation

One Hot Erotic Vacation

It's Springtime which means it's time to spice up your love life by planning an erotic getaway! Gabby Love is designed to enhance relationships. The following will consist of tips to a favorite locale of Gabby Love that shall be a once in a lifetime experience...LesSPORT is the featured location.

Located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, LesSPORT is an all inclusive resort that features tropical grounds, Spanish inspired architecture, and plenty of great sun . The amenities are overwhelming from extensive spa services,fitness classes,massage therapies,beauty treatments,relaxation therapies,as well as sports which include fencing,tennis,archery,and so much more. The great point of this recommendation is that almost all of the above services are included in the price of your stay.
The guest rooms at the resort are housed in several locations on the property and come in various sizes from garden rooms for singles to ocean front suites which are available with one or two bedrooms. The rooms are wonderfully designed and decorated with quality furniture and fixtures. They offer air conditioning,direct dial phones, and a private bath with shower. There are a few rooms that come with ocean views, balconies, and mini refrigerators.

Last but not least LeSPORT offers two main restaurants for your dining pleasure, Cariblue and Tao. Cariblue offers great breakfast and lunch buffets as well as a la carte dinner menu in a fairly casual setting. For a more formal dining experience , Tao offers an award -winning dinner experience. However reservations must be made early because Tao is extremely popular.

Gabby Love is all about enhancing ones relationship and views. Exploring the unknown together will create a very memorable experience.

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Get away from it all

Haven't you ever had time you wanted to get away from it all? In March/April 1978, published a story about a couple who bought McLeod's Island — a 90-acre island off the coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

They have a few animals, spend very little on groceries, and are pretty well sustained by the island itself. Although it does present them with some challenges:

"The sea, you know, is not called "restless" for nothing. A glass-smooth bay (as we've learned so well!) can churn-sometimes seemingly in seconds-into a windswept chaos of currents and combers. We've also seen that same bay (the one in which our island is located) thaw and then completely refreeze in just hours on a single December day.

Winters up here can be especially variable. Continual spring-like thaws throughout 1976's cold season, for instance, kept our bay filled with slushy ice that was too thick to push a boat through ... but too dangerous for even a fox to walk on. We were marooned for three full months, from the first of January until the end of March. Last winter's record cold snap, on the other hand, filled the bay so solidly with pack ice that we could hike back and forth to the mainland for our mail and toboggan loads of supplies any time we wanted."

For some of us, we find the Internet gives us the freedom to be able to work and live almost any place we want to. These people didn't have that luxury. I use the past tense as I can't find any current information about them. Who knows? Maybe the tide swept the out to sea.

Life is full of sacrifices. Some are just more dear than others. Still, I don't think buying an island is in my future.

You can read the whole article here.

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Popular Cigar Lighters

Cigar lighters come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and they are one of the most important accessories for any serious cigar aficionado.

There are many brands available on the market today, most of which can be purchased at one of the numerous online cigar stores found on the Internet. One of the most popular and respected models, the IM Corona Double Corona Lighter, is flint reliable and holds butane released by a patented dual nozzle. It, along with many other brands, is available at Cuban Crafters’ online store.

Other popular brands include the Colibri 3003, the ST Dupont Gatsby and the Blazer Z Plus. Lighters can run anywhere from just a few dollars to over $100. The most expensive models, such as the Colibri Vortex II, are made of hand-crafted silver and boast wind-resistant flames and built-in cigar punches. Many of these high-end cigar lighters are available from the Cigar King, an online provider of some of the finest cigars and cigar accessories.

Lighters are just one set of the many products available to a serious aficionado. Various types of humidors, chests, boxes, cutters and portable humidifiers can be purchased to preserve and display a collection, or enhance the smoking experience.

During the U.S. cigar boom of the 1990s, the demand for quality accessories like cigar lighters was stronger than ever. Riding a wave of popularity ushered in by public the endorsements of celebrities and by the emergence of online availability for discounted brands, cigars have seen dramatic sales increases, particularly among younger generations looking to emulate the elegant, debonair lifestyle touted by magazines like Cigar Aficionado. Though many still swear by the notion that a cigar can only be properly lit by a match, the cigar lighter has become an indispensable accessory for the serious collector and casual smoker alike.

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Come visit Romania

Have you ever been to Romania? If not you should, in fact everybody should, simply because it’s really beautiful and you can see a lot of things, like the castle Dracula lived in, the Black Sea where pirates used to hunt down every ship that passed by.
Romania has a lot of cool places to visit, but in my opinion the most beautiful of them all are the parks of Bucharest, the capital city on a hot summer day. Why is that you might wonder, well let me tell you that Romania has the most beautiful girls you have ever seen, and in the summer they all go out in parks to hang around. It’s like a paradise on earth, you will be amazed and dazzled by the variety and beauty of them. If you are a girl, let me tell you that the boys are worth while too ;)
Other absolutely magnificent places to visit are the Romanian beaches, i’m telling you that you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. The sand is delicate, the sea is hot and not very salty and the beaches are full with people. An interesting phenomenon has been happening in the past few years, more and more girls go to the beach topless, so there is beauty to be admired everywhere. Don’t miss your chance to have a vacation in paradise, visit Romania in the summer and you won’t be sorry.
If you go during the winter it isn’t that bad either. The mountains are superb and there are a lot of resorts to accommodate even the picky ones. Going skying is something a lot of people practice in the Romanian mountains, and Brasov is one of it’s leading mountain resorts.
One more thing that will make your trip easier and more pleasant, many Romanians speak English, so there is little chance to get lost no matter where you are.
Make your vacation memorable and go visit Romania.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

The Bahamas - uncovered

The Bahamas is a group of over 700 islands (including some very small ones) in the West Indies. It has been an independent country since the 1970s, but it is still part of the Commonwealth and technically ruled over by the British Queen. Its colonial heritage means that the official language of the islands is still English, and the widely-spoken English has been a key factor in helping the country to flourish and become a favourite with tourists from the United States.

The two biggest islands in the Bahamas are Grand Bahama and New Providence, where the capital, Nassau, is situated. Over half the population is employed in tourism, and the two largest islands especially, for better or worse, feel like one big tourist resort. If you prefer your holidays to be comfortable, then stick to the bigger islands, and if you want more of an adventure, try the smaller ones.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see anything traditional if you go to the largest islands. On the contrary, Bahamians are very proud of their traditions. Their traditional music styles tend to involve large brass bands, and you will often find brass bands playing in the streets. Traditional foods include pineapples and crabs, which are eaten at large festivals around the time of the harvest.

People in the Bahamas are also very fond of regattas, enjoying boat racing and other boat-related pastimes, as well as sports like cricket and athletics. On the smaller islands, traditional arts and crafts are still practiced, largely for sale to tourists nowadays, meaning that you can get very beautiful hand-woven baskets and other items for a very good price in some places.

However, if you do go to visit the Bahamas, make sure that there aren’t any hurricanes predicted in the area in the near future. The Bahamas was struck by hurricanes in 1992, 1999, 2004 and 2005, and many people lost their lives.

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Costa Rican Beach Jaco

Beaches in Costa Rica, like jaco, may well be one of the most important assets in the eyes of visitors. The beaches come in all sizes, shapes and types.

One of the most known beaches is called Jaco.

Jaco is one of the first beaches to become a real tourist magnet. It is also one of the closest beaches to San Jose.

The beach itself is a three km long beach with nice sand and the water is inviting. However, as always when swimming in the sea, check out current riptides as well as keep an eye on the tide.

Jaco has rapidly become one of the selected party beaches in Costa Rica and the long beach has a multitude of hotels, cabins and rooms for rent.

When visiting the beaches,

• Ask around for information about riptides, before you find them yourself.

• Also, check the time schedule for the local tide. The change in sea level is great and you can be pulled out to sea.

• Remember that the bottom end places to stay are cheap for a reason. Never leave valuable things behind.

• Mid to high end hotels can be of good quality, but check for ceiling fans or ac as well as warm or cold water.

• Remember that the way of cooking will not be the same as in a good restaurant and you may feel the urge to test many local delicatessens when on the beach. This may come as a surprise to your stomach!

• Get bottled water on your way to Jaco. To make sure you will not stand there with the salt from the sea in your month, and no place, where you can find something to drink.

You can travel to and from beaches like Jaco in many ways. Rental car, bus and even by air in some cases. Smaller local airlines fly between the airports in Costa Rica daily and can take you from San Jose to Liberia or some other places. Inquire locally the get the correct schedules and prices.

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

The Best Backpacking Foods

Maybe your favorite backpacking food is a freeze-dried turkey dinner. There really is no "best" backpacking food. There are reasons to bring certain foods, though. Here are ten foods, and the reasons you might want to consider them.

1. Nuts. This is one of the most calorie-packed foods you can take. That means less weight to carry. With lots of protein and other nutritonal benefits, nuts are one of the best backpacking foods.

2. Olive oil. Add a little to your soups or dip bread in it. The best of the oils health-wise, you can eat it before sleeping, to stay warm, because fats generate heat when digested.

3. Trail mixes. Any mix with raisins and nuts is great for backpacking. Vitamins, minerals, protein, and the best reason - convenience.

4. Corn products. Tortilla chips or corn nuts are convenient, and they don't seem to cause the tiredness that potato chips and other simple carbohydrates can cause.

5. Ramen noodles. When you need a hot meal fast, there isn't much that's better.

6. Instant coffee. A necessity for caffeine addicts, and it's good to have a stimulant available for emergencies.

7. Wild edible berries. Learn to identify a few, and you'll have a nutricious excuse for a break along the trail.

8. Instant sports drinks. Pour a little in your water bottle and shake. Replacing electrolytes doesn't get more convenient.

9. Instant refried beans. When you want sustained energy, eat beans.

10. Your favorites. Having your favorite foods can help salvage a rainy backpacking trip spent in the tent.

Always consider the nature of the trip when you choose your backpacking food. Hot meals are much more important in cold climates, and convenience is king, if you want to make miles. A bottle of rum might even be appropriate, if it's a trip wih friends.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Travel to Greece. Start your journey from Athens

Greece is located on the tip of the Balkan Peninsula. Greece sits between the east and the west at the crossroad of three continents. Traveling to Greece can be a life changing experience for some. It is the birth place of history, philosophy, democracy and traditions such as the Olympics. Greece has been a melting pot of cultures and ideas for over 4,000 years. Greece’s capital is Athens. Athens is a vivid example of a city that brings culture, antiquity, and modernity together in a mystifying mixture of its past, as well as its recent heritage. Athens is comprised by numerous suburbs which play a key role in the unfolding of its uniqueness as a historical city, but as well as a major modern actor in areas varying from science to trade. Athenian architecture can bewilder even the most experienced eye, with buildings representing eras such as the Greco-Roman, Neo-Classical and modern periods of Greek history. The greatest and finest sanctuary of both modern and ancient Athens as well as Greece, dedicated primarily to Athens’s patron, the goddess Athena, dominates the centre of the city from the rocky cliff known as the Acropolis. The monuments of the Acropolis, literally translated into “the edge of the city”, stand in complete harmony with their natural setting. Athens as well as Greece’s geo-strategic importance has been a dominant factor is shaping this country’s history and culture; a history of intrigue, war and tensions that has contributed to a culture defined by intensity, pride and an adaptive nature. For those who have visited Greece, the memories will live on for a lifetime. For those interested in visiting Greece, you must prepare for a life changing experience.

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

My Corner Of the World

Planning a major tour for a year from now? Good! Because now is the time to start. Most successful tours – whether in the United States or international – need one year’s lead time.Of course, mini-trips like weekend or one-day excursions may not need that much lead time. And trips that are already put together by a major tour operator or cruise line and that you are “buying off the shelf” so to speak may not need the full year. Let’s look at a year’s calendar in the life of a fictitious tour. It should be divided into three major segments.
Liberty Bell

If the trip were to depart on December 31, the first three months of the year would be the set-up phase.During these three months of January, February, and March you would be designing your itinerary, booking all hotel and air reservations, and making arrangements for tour services. These services would include sightseeing, social activities, motorcoach reservations, step-on guides, any rail segments, and the like. Start by securing the most important elements of your trip to avoid having to cancel or rebook components because your “key” activity wasn’t available on the date you chose.

And in this same three-month period you would planning any promotional activities such as advertising, brochures, direct mail, or other publicity so you can accurately cost these expenses into your tour price. If you publish your tour and its price first and then later discover you need to pay for some promotion, it’s too late to absorb these costs or raise the tour price to cover them.

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

The Neat New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick is located on the east coast of Canada. There are about 757,100 people living in the province of New Brunswick. They have the 8th most people in Canada by province. The people of New Brunswick speak mostly English, but a lot of people are bilingual, this province is the only officially bilingual province in Canada. Most of the people living here are either French or English descend.

This province offers so much to do, the ocean I my favorite. I just enjoy sitting on the beach taking in the sights and sounds in. It’s a big break from the sounds of cars from city life that I am used to. There is a lot of fishing tours that you can do and also site see tours that you can enjoy. I have to say this is nature at its best. There is a lot of history out here, buildings, historic parks, all of which reflect Canada’s past. The seafood food is unbelievable, so fresh and there is so much of it. Here are some neat restaurants to try, Stage Left, Soho, Makeda's, and The Frog and The Peach.

Quick facts
-Largest city Saint John
-Population 757 100 8th in Canada
-4th Province Admittance into Confederation on Date July 1, 1867
-Only officially bilingual province in Canada

So get out and take a vacation to one of Canada’s beautiful east coast province, and enjoy the food, the people, and the sites.

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Static caravan gas tank covers improve safety.

Buying a static caravan on a UK holiday park is now more popular than ever with people in the UK taking more ’eco friendly’ UK short breaks.

When using such holiday homes safety is of paramount importance when traveling with your friends and family, especially the LPG gas supply used as fuel for heating, hot water and cooking.

Some holiday parks are now converting to ‘central storage’ of LPG gas supply that is linked to all static caravans on the site to improve safety, however most static caravans in the UK still have independent LPG cylinders stored adjacent to the caravan.

Many owners consider large red LPG cylinders to me unsightly, often spoiling the view from idyllic holiday locations. Most LPG cylinders have had a very hard life with dents and flaking paint and make even the most recent models of static caravans look unappealing.

These cylinders currently have no protection from the elements or from tampering and vandalism.

Some owners we have spoken to have tried to ‘’box in’’ these cylinders, however there are many rules and regulations regarding issues such as ventilation and advice should be gained from a Corgi registered engineer before completion.

As a result of these issues an innovative UK company has produced the first Gas Cylinder Cover designed for Static Holiday Caravans.

This product is designed to keep 2 LPG Cylinders safe and secure whilst using a range of colour options to help owners match with their static caravan.

Should this product be a success there will be an instant improvement in the look and feel of many static caravans based on UK holiday parks, especially if supported by the park operators.

We could also see an extension in the life of LPG Cylinders, reducing costs and helping the environment.

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Renting your static caravan

It is common for static caravan owners to rent out their static caravan to generate additional income. The level of additional income will depend on the numbers of weeks per year for which the caravan is rented for.

One of the main considerations of renting out a static caravan is the cost of marketing the van to ensure adequate levels of booking. There are two main means of marketing. First, is to self promote the caravan to fulfil bookings. Secondly, the park operator will often market and rent your caravan for you. They will look after the entire process including organising bookings, payment, cleaning etc. The park operator will however take a commission percentage of the rent as their fee.

If you are marketing your caravan yourself there are several options:

Friends and Family – easy and reliable option
Word of mouth / repeat business – no marketing costs and simple
Local Press Advertising - cheap means of advertising
National Publications –e.g. Daltons Weekly
Own Website – technical and difficult to operate
National 3rd party websites – can be cost effective

In addition of the marketing, you will have to also deal with:

Advertising and Marketing
Dealing with enquires via phone or email
Collecting and chasing deposits
Collecting and chasing balances
Confirming bookings and terms and conditions
Dealing with issues such as cancellations
Cleaning and maintenance

The most cost effective form of direct marketing for owners is often friends and family as this requires no financial outlay. Many people also like this approach as these users tend to be reliable.

So caravan owners will opt for the park operator subletting their static caravan on their behalf, simply because it removes a lot of the work load associated with renting the caravan yourself.