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Niagara Falls: 3 Tips To Having The Best Vacation

Niagara Falls: 3 Tips To Having The Best Vacation

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Is Niagara Falls your dream destination? Don’t be afraid to admit it. For a lot of people, it is. Niagara Falls is always at the top of the “places I want to runaway and get married” list. Well, Niagara Falls might not be giving Vegas a run for it’s money these days, but it’s still holding strong in a lot of people’s minds as a place that they dream of for a variety of reasons. Japanese, American, and European tourists constantly rate it one of the best attractions in North A...

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Is Niagara Falls your dream destination? Don’t be afraid to admit it. For a lot of people, it is. Niagara Falls is always at the top of the “places I want to runaway and get married” list. Well, Niagara Falls might not be giving Vegas a run for it’s money these days, but it’s still holding strong in a lot of people’s minds as a place that they dream of for a variety of reasons. Japanese, American, and European tourists constantly rate it one of the best attractions in North America. I’ve compiled a list of three of my top tips to getting the most of a great Niagara Falls vacation.

1) IMAX. Don’t overlook the power of technology at a natural attraction. IMAX can add a great 3rd party viewpoint to any attraction. In fact, a lot of times, I’ll go see an IMAX production before seeing the real thing to get an idea of what to look for. There might be all sorts of history attached to an attraction that you won’t know without someone telling you. Niagara Falls has an IMAX production that you should definitely watch.

2) Go to the Aquarium of Niagara Falls. Across the border, in Canada, you can find one of the best bargains in the area. Last we checked, they were only charging $7 for adults and $5 for children. While this might have changed since this article’s writing, it’s still a good deal at any price.There are tons of cool fish and animals available for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure you will enjoy it, and it’s a nice break from the rapids themselves.

3) Surf the shoulder seasons. This is really a great tip that someone gave me (sadly, I cannot take credit for it). Niagara Falls is best seen during the summer months. Much like Europe, the big crowds in Niagara Falls come during June through August. However, the weather is still really nice during late May and early September. Just because the rest of the world goes home during the last week in August, doesn’t mean you have to. September is an especially beautiful time of year at Niagara Falls. Use it to your advantage and make your trip special without dealing with long lines and unmanageable crowds.

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Cheap Romantic Vacations

It is not always possible to jet off half way around the world when you and your significant other are wishing to go off on a private and romantic getaway. The great news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go very far to get away from everyone and everything. You can find cheap romantic vacations nearby, and you may not have to look much further than the Internet to find great packages that you can afford.

You may think of creepy resorts when you think of cheap romantic vacations, but you can leave these to the movies. You can usually find a great bed and breakfast near you that will offer you privacy and romance at an amazingly low price. You may only have to drive an hour to get away, and you will find that you love the romance such a setting will provide to you. These cheap romantic vacations are often set in rural areas that offer natural beauty and small town charm. You won’t even have to leave your room to enjoy either one.

You can also find cheap romantic vacations if you look online for discount travel sites. These sites have packages that are meant just for lovers, and they know what you need when you are looking for cheap romantic vacations. You may find something that jets you off to another part of the country for a short three or four-day getaway that affords you what you need at a price you can afford. Cheap doesn’t mean it will be cheesy for the most part. Although, when you are looking to save some money on a trip, you do really have to watch out. My honeymoon was ruined because I didn’t look into things like I should have.

When you are offered packages for cheap romantic vacations make sure you check up on what you are being offered before you sign on the dotted line. There are some places that misrepresent what they are, and you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there. Look online for reviews of each place from others who have gone there for cheap romantic vacations and see what they have to say. If the place seems to have disappointed more than one couple, you should definitely think twice before you go there. If you find this is the case, keep looking. Something better will pop up if you keep searching.

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Round’em Up! Take The Family On A Modern-Day Cattle Drive Vacation

Looking for a rewarding and memorable family vacation idea? A cattle drive may be just the thing. We’re talking about real ranchers on real working cattle ranches. Ranch vacations are a good way for them to help support the ranch. But it’s not all business with them. They want to share their way of life and educate people about a quickly disappearing aspect of our American history and culture.

Don’t worry if you’ve never sat in a saddle before. Sure, some riding experience is helpful but the activities are geared for whatever skill level you have. All the ranches provide horse riding instruction for anyone who needs or wants it...

In general, the more experience you have, the more you can expect to get into the thick of things on the cattle drive. Less experienced riders put in the back or at the sides. But that doesn’t mean you will be bored. There’s still plenty of action and hard work for everyone.

Yes, I said hard work. This is not a lay-about-on-the-beach vacation. But that’s the idea. You work hard and you play hard. This is a chance to tackle unique challenges in a fun and adventurous way. A cattle drive vacation can be a rewarding experience, particularly for children. It’s a tremendous opportunity to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

You can typically expect to spend between 4 and 10 hours a day in the saddle. This will most likely mean a little discomfort but the rewards are worth it. Just be sure to bring a long pain relievers for muscle aches and antibiotic cream in case of a saddle sore or two.

Some ranches have cabins or lodges where you sleep at night. Others put you in a tent on the trail. Some will even have you sleeping out under the stars.

Besides cattle drives you can also participate in real cowboy stuff. You can help sort and brand the cattle. Learn roping. Check out the fence lines. And it’s not all work and no play. Relaxing around the campfire, playing cards, pitching horseshoes or some good old-fashioned saloon dancing.

Every ranch has a different program so check them out for what suits you and your family. Whatever ranch you choose, I think the whole family will be challenged and have a heck a lot of fun too.

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How to Get a Hotel Discount

You need to ASK if you want a discount. Here are ways to do it:

* Search the internet, look for great deals. There are various types of hotels that offer great discounts on the web for online customers. Be sure to check these out.

* Plan your trip during the off season months. These are the times when big discounts are given.

* Call the hotel of your choice. Ask them about offers and discounts that they can give. List all promotions.

* Certain hotels can give discounts to credit card holders of certain card establishments. Ask for the manager and ask him about it. The manager is the best person to ask, since if you can make negotiations, he has the authority to make negotiations with you.

* Ask if they give discounts to students or senior citizens.

* Simply ask through the phone how can you qualify for a discount. If at certain day of the week or at certain times of the year they give discounts, ask them about it and ask how much or how less can they give, then ask if you could get still a higher discount. Usually at off peak seasons, hotels will be willing to give in, just to fill the empty rooms.

* Ask for certain packages. Hotels usually offer rooms with free breakfast.

* Do name drop. If you know of someone who frequently stays them, mention his name. It can help. Tell them your friend referred you to them and ask for a discount. Don't ever give up if they say no. A statement like "is that the best you can do?" can encourage a big discount.

* Often, people in the military get good hotel rates. Usually, discounts are offered to government employees.

* At off peak seasons, you could definitely ask for special rates. Then if they don't budge after you have offered a discount, ask some extras, like breakfast.

* When negotiating, it is very important to write down all agreed discussions. Write too, the names of the persons that you have been talking to, the time as well as the day and date. Ask for a number that you can call before checking in to the hotel for confirmation.

* Upon arrival to the hotel, look around and ask for negotiations once more. For instance if you feel that the hotel is not fully booked, ask for a room with a better view than the one you are in, if you don't agree with what you see.

Enjoy your stay!

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Happy Days Out For The Whole Family

A day out with the family always seems like a great idea – until you discover that everyone has different ideas about where they’d like to go and what they want to do. Particularly true in families that have children across a wide age range, it makes it difficult to find something that pleases everyone.

Traditionally, theme parks have been the preserve of older children and thrill-seeking adults, but these parks, especially those in Europe, have followed the USA’s model of providing a range of rides and activities that suit all ages.

1. Adults

Just because you’re an adult it doesn’t necessarily follow that you love thrill rides. Those who do can happily spend all day queuing for roller coasters and water rides, always on the lookout for the scariest experience or the most extreme ride. Others may prefer more sedate boat rides, scenic walks or sophisticated shopping. A park that can cater for the less adventurous parents and grandparents will often manage to lure the whole family through the gates.

2. Teenagers

The majority of teenagers love rides; and the faster, scarier and more daredevil the better. Teens can usually be allowed to roam the park without adult supervision, just meeting up for lunch or for a family ride. The enclosed environment of the park, together with modern safety measures and the convenience of mobile phones mean that teenagers can have their independence and parents can relax.

3. Younger children

Extreme rides have height, and health warnings allow parents to decide what sorts of rides are suitable for younger children. Whilst some kids want to experience the bigger rides, others are happier with theatre shows, low-thrill rides and other experiences.

A theme park that can cater for the whole family offers value for money as well as a great day out. It allows parents to share experiences with their kids, it gives teenagers the independence they need, and it gives everyone something to talk about on the journey home. A good theme park indulges all the senses and usually leaves you wanting more – so why not go back again tomorrow?

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Get A Discount Car Rental & Enjoy

There is perhaps nothing better than getting away from the rut of every day life and going on a vacation to a new and unfamiliar place. I love the rush I get by from exporing a new place with friends or family. There is nothing worse, however, than trying to take a trip to somewhere new without using a car rental to have transportation.

It has become a priority for me in making any travel plans to find a discount car rental well in advance. I have learned the hard way how hard it is to make it around a new town or city without the freedom of driving a rental car. I've learned that it is equally hard to pay a huge price for a rental car when with a little planning you can almost surely get a discount car rental.

Getting a discount car rental doesn't have to be hard. All it takes is a little early planning. Begin your search for a discount car rental as soon as you know the location of your next trip. If you have already made plans for where you will stay, then talking to the concierge at that location can be a great resource for finding a discount car rental. See what kinds of deals you may be able to get because of staying at the hotel or condo you have chosen.

Another great resource for finding a discount car rental is by doing an online search. There are countless websites that will offer you deals on finding a discount car rental to enjoy your next vacation. The main reason that I am an advocate of searching hard to find discount car rentals is that it frees up extra money for you to enjoy on other aspects of your vacation. There are so many things to see and so many fun experiences to have that I'm sure no one wants to put a large part of their budget into a car rental.

Vacations and even business trips are meant to get us out of the stress and busyness of every day life and allow us to enjoy some of the simple pleasures that life offers. Figure out how to get a discount car rental and you'll be well on your way to enjoying a great vacation filled with too many good things to spend your money on. Take my advice. There are discount car rentals to be had, they just have to be found.

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Choosing The Right Boutique Hotel For You

Whether you enjoy city breaks or extended holidays in the sun, you can always improve your travel experiences by staying in a small, charming hotel, where the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and the service is fabulous. There are hundreds of hotels that are self-styled “boutique” places to stay, but not all of them fall into the traditional definition of boutique, which includes:

• Small number of rooms
• Design-led throughout
• Exceptional service
• Freshly-prepared cuisine
• Individuality of accommodation and facilities

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in Florence or Fiji, you can find a hotel that suits you from one of the categories below.

Truly luxurious

These hotels are designed and run to ensure that you want for nothing during your stay. From chauffeur-driven airport transport in anything from a Bentley to a seaplane, to breakfast prepared to your exact instructions, the sole purpose of these hotels is to immerse you in luxury from start to finish. Although prices for some of these hotels can be high, particularly when they are set in exotic locations, the standards of design, décor, furnishings, facilities and service make every penny count.

City chic

Eclectic furnishings, complementary textile and ethnic accessories; or modern designer sofas, white walls and exclusive dining – city boutique hotels can either be an oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of a 24-hour metropolis or they can put you right in the heart of the action. These hotels are often the best way to experience a new city, because the staff can help with maps, directions, tickets, dining and anything else you need in order to make the most of your stay.

Rural retreat

Using wonderful buildings such as old chateaux, mills and castles, and taking advantage of acres of vineyards or olive groves, or fabulous views across the countryside, a rural retreat hotel could be exactly what you need to turn your trip to Tuscany into a delight of the senses. Design always complements the surroundings and these boutique hotels offer peace and solitude, with activities and visits never far away for those who want to explore.

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Nearly Broke in Nice, France

I had been backpacking for three months around Europe and had reached my final destination of Nice. Too bad I had 10 days till my flight home and I was nearly broke!

As I sat in the Gar de Nice, the train station, I started giving serious thought to how I was going to survive for 10 days on $150.00. I had just arrived from two weeks in Barcelona, a Spanish girlfriend and, well, it had seemed worth it at the time.

Lodging seemed like a good place to start. Hmmm…the Ritz? Probably a bit pricey. Eventually, I found a bed in a communal room in a hotel with a lot of character. By communal, I mean eight beds for both boys and girls in one room. By character, I mean the place was old when Napoleon was in power. The snoring alone was enough to raise the ancient roof.

Still, it only set me back $8 a night, so I had $70 to live off for ten days. $70 doesn’t go particularly far in Nice and some involuntary dieting was coming front and center in my mind. Even McDonalds was expensive, but the clean bathrooms made a daily trip worth it.

Fortunately, one of my roommates was Thomas from England. He was broke as well, but intentionally so. He had come down from London to relax on the beach. Every night, he went out and played guitar in front of cafes for spare change. He made the equivalent of $10 to $15 a night and felt he was playing well. I pointed out the money was being paid to make him go away. He just smiled.

Thomas soon figured out I was dead broke and empathized with my situation. For the next 10 days, I would follow him on his musical rounds and keep an eye out for the police. Apparently, the local authorities frowned upon freelance guitar sessions. This was particularly true when he played the extended version of “Hey, Jude” in front of diners that weren’t tipping.

Afterwards, we would buy wine and grab a bus to Villefranche Sur Mer, a beach area just to the east of Nice proper. There we would visit various friends Thomas had made over the years, drink wine and eat until the wee hours of the morning.

I have to admit is was a very good time and I was melancholy when the day of my flight finally came. Okay, the snoring in the room was obnoxious, but you could avoid it by staying up all night!

If you get stuck in Nice and are low on funds, Thomas still goes every summer. He’s the tall guy singing Beetles tunes off key.

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Opportunities for Youth Group Travel Tours with Prep Traveler

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
~St. Augustine

Travel can bring you the most memorable experiences, regardless of whether it is just a church outing or a boy scouts romp; or a student tour, and sporting event. Travel is a learning experience, and the best thing to be found in our expeditions, is an honest friend to share it with. Traveling is a quest, which you wouldn’t want to accomplish all alone. Travel, especially for young students, is all about exploring the world together!

Youth group travel fulfills the need felt to isolate oneself from family and companions and go to new places, to be open to new influences and changes. Group travel is all about tapping into the collective intelligence of other like-minded travelers, to take truly memorable trips. However, for a group travel experience that you want to cherish for a lifetime, vacation-planning is necessary. To do all the arrangement and scheduling for your travel group, Prep Traveler is a great pick!

Prep traveler is an online community that acts as your guide, a comprehensive one stop resource for destination information; an open-source portal, where travelers can edit and add information about different destinations, according to their personal experiences. Have a favorite sight, restaurant, or hotel? Irked about long lines, lousy food, or bad service? Express yourself or find out what others think before you go.

Prep traveler tells you about the not-to-miss attractions, facilities, nature trails, adventure spots, shopping arcades to get best deals, cheap travel and accommodation, restaurants and clubs, and anything else, a youth group would be interested in. Prep Traveler will also work with you to structure a fundraising program to make sure that your group receives an excellent value, and achieves desired results. Prep Traveler offers personalized version of travel planning, which is becoming increasingly popular!

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Milwaukee Museum of Art in Wisconsin - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

An educational place to visit on your next Wisconsin vacation is the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Even if the sound of this doesn’t sound that great to you because you aren’t into museums or art you should still visit because it really is an experience of a lifetime. First of all you will see the Quadracci Pavilion, designed by Santiago Calatrava, which is some amazing architecture that is worth the visit alone. In fact, this piece of architecture has received a great deal of attention worldwide for its beauty and architectural design. You really should visit the Milwaukee Museum of Art to see this beautiful Pavilion and for all the rest it has to offer as well!

The Art museum is located on Lake Michigan , which is beautiful in itself. It actually looks like a gigantic sailboat the way it is designed and the way the “wings” come up from the water, or the way it appears to come up from the water. This is a beautiful place to take some photos if you are into photography or if you simply like to remember the places you visited on vacation. The landscaping around the museum is also beautiful and practically a work of art in itself as well. By the time you have seen the exterior, landscaping, and the Pavilion you will already be overwhelmed with the beauty of the museum and sufficiently immersed in art to walk in the doors and see all that is on display. The exhibits change periodically although there are some permanent collections on display as well. You will be amazed at all that is on display and really enjoy the art inside even if you aren’t an art lover to begin with.

There is a parking garage underground just off Michigan Street however there is also metered parking on the street outside. Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and students are just $4 dollars. When accompanied by an adult children under 12 are free.

There is a website that has great information on USA Vacations and Unique Travel Spots Listed State By State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots, and can be found at this url:

By Robert W. Benjamin

Copyright © 2007

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

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Finding a Quality Cigar Store

The cigar shop of yesteryear has been increasingly replaced by a virtual version that offers the same wide variety of cigar brands, humidors and accessories, but knows no geographical boundaries and offers products at a fraction of the cost. Truly, online cigar stores have played a major role in the cigar boom of the last decade, revolutionizing the industry and making the purchasing of cigars cheap, hassle-free and anonymous.

Cigar stores both on and offline provide a large assortment of brands, from the inexpensive to the premium. Some of the most popular brands in the U.S. include the many varieties of Macanudos, as well as Montecristos and Nat Shermans. They come with a full range of prices that appeal to both the serious aficionado and the occasional, recreational smoker.

Of course, the most sought after type of cigar remains the Cuban variety, which makes them both more expensive and more difficult to find. Fortunately for cigar lovers, the onset of the Internet in addition to the relaxation of government sanctions regarding the importation of Cuban goods has made it much easier for U.S. citizens to enjoy the many Cuban flavors available for the serious smoker.

In addition to cigars, cigar stores stock various accessories available for purchase. The most common, and the most essential item is the humidor, which serves to preserve, protect and display a collection of cigars. Humidors vary greatly in shape and size, from a small box holding just a few items, to a full, climate controlled room, but each serves to provide the optimum temperature and humidity for lasting flavor.

Other products available include containers, cigar cutters, lighters and cases. Cuban Crafters, an online cigar store featuring premium cigars as well as a full range of accessories, even offers gift packages for cigar lovers of all kinds.

While some cigar aficionados still enjoy the occasional trip to their local smoke shop, online cigar stores are clearly the wave of the future and can be credited in large part for the dramatic increase in sales to the U.S. since the early 1990’s.

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Travel by Train and Travel in Style

Lost luggage. Airport delays. Cramped quarters. Is this any way to start a vacation?

Today, weary travelers are realizing that getting there is as important as being there. And, according to a recent Forbes magazine cover story, a growing number of them are choosing to travel by train, trading tiny airplane windows in favor of spacious seating areas with scenic views.

One company that is seeing a growth in the trend of luxury rail tours is Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. Specializing in vacation packages throughout Canada, the company also operates the award-winning Rocky Mountaineer train that travels between the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Canadian Rockies.

In fact, the Rocky Mountaineer recently received a prestigious World Travel Award as "World's Leading Travel Experience by Train."

Last year, the company hosted a record number of guests on the train: 86,000, up 12 percent over the previous year.

To meet the growing demand, the Vancouver-based organization introduced two new train routes in May 2006: the Whistler Mountaineer and the Rocky Mountaineer Fraser Discovery Route.

The Whistler Mountaineer trip follows the famous Sea to Sky corridor as the train travels 73 miles from North Vancouver to Whistler, British Columbia. On-board attendants add colorful commentary about the region.

Passengers in the Glacier Dome, single-level glass dome coaches, have a front-row seat to an endless array of spectacular views, while those aboard "Coast Classic," a traditional 1950s remodeled rail coach environment, enjoy large picture windows and extended leg room.

Vacationers with more time can experience the Fraser Discovery Route, which travels over 600 miles from Whistler to Jasper, Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies. As the train weaves through towering canyons and lush ranchlands, stories told of Canada's "Old West" - complete with its own Gold Rush -add to the excitement of the journey.

Guests seated in the GoldLeaf service enjoy comfort and personal service in the two-story glass dome coaches featuring panoramic views on the upper level and an elegant dining room on the main level, where a la carte meals are served. RedLeaf service provides spacious reclining seats, large picture windows and at-your-seat meal service.

Whether vacationers seek comfort, style or just a new way to travel, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations offers more than 70 vacation packages and four scenic train routes to choose from.

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The Beauty of a Glass Top Humidor

In addition to a standard humidor, travel, cabinet, and glass top humidors bring joy to the true cigar aficionado. For the cigar smoker who may not need the massive design of a cabinet humidor but still wants to add weight to his or her prized collection of fine cigars, glass top humidors are an excellent selection. The term glass top humidor does not refer to the design or materials used in the manufacturing of the humidor. Instead, a more common understanding of the “glass top” humidor is “desktop” humidor.

The glass top humidor is very popular for several reasons. First, the investment necessary to purchase a glass top humidor is much less than for a cabinet humidor. A search on the internet reveals that there are countless glass top humidors for less than $200 that come in untold designs, shapes and quality. The average cigar capacity of a glass top humidor can vary from smaller units that hold 25 or so cigars to larger units that keep upwards of 200 cigars.

Anyone needing to maintain more than 200 cigars will need to research buying a smaller chest size humidor or a small to large cabinet humidor. As with cabinet humidors, the most common interior wood is the Spanish cedar wood for its quality in maintaining humidity levels and for adding rich flavors to the cigar.

One additional offering with glass top humidors is that they will almost always offer external hygrometers (the gauge for determining the internal humidity levels.) This is extremely important for two reasons. For one, if the glass top humidor needs to be opened each time to determine the humidity levels, each time the case is opened, the humidity level will fluctuate. This can lead to the humidifier being overworked and possibly failing. Secondly, one must observe and monitor the levels to determine the effectiveness of any humidor and if there is a failure in the humidifier.

Again, glass top humidors, also referred to as desktop humidors, are a small investment and can be enjoyed by any cigar aficionado.

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Expat shopping

Sampling the local food in another country can be an eye opening and often rewarding experience for those expats who are willing to be open minded. Depending on what country you are living in as an expat, will depend on just how open minded you have to be.

There is a phrase that says "you can take the man out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the man." The same can be said for your tastes. How many times have we heard the typical Brits say "you can't get a proper cup of tea in spain", or "that's not real bacon!". That is probably the truth, but you have to bear in mind that you are not in the UK.

Whilst most of us are happy to try new foods and new tastes, most of us still miss the tastes we have been brought up with. One of the problems you face by living in foreign country, is the fact that you cannot get hold of the food you are used to back home.

The Internet has no doubt made the world a smaller place. Combine that with modern travel, and the world is your oyster. If oyster is not your taste, then maybe baked beans are!

There are a number of expat shopping websites that have been developed to cater for the needs of expatriates missing the taste of home. In this modern lifestyle we have, most things are readily available in most countries, but there are still things that are unique to specific countries. This is where expat shopping can help.

One of the expat shopping sites we have teamed up with at Xpatpals, is the Coop in Wooldale, located in the UK. From their site, you can order your goods online and they will have them shipped out to you. They offer worldwide shipping and can have your goods with you within 2-3 days if you are in Europe, or anywhere from 5-10 days for other countries worldwide.

If you are longing to taste that special something you miss from back home, it may be worthwhile giving expat shopping a try. Just think, within a few days, you could be starting your morning with a proper bacon sandwich, smothered with brown sauce. Enough to make your mouth water!

We have focused on expat shopping that is available from the UK. If you know of shopping that is available from other countries, catering for different nationalities, then why not start a topic in the forums. Sharing your information on expat shopping sites will help your fellow expats.

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Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is an integral part of a business expansion strategy. However, sometimes business owners tend to shelve their travel plans fearing undue hassle. But a corporate travel agency can make life easier for you. The agencies are dedicated to making your business trip smooth and hassle-free. The agencies will come up with customized travel plans, keeping your needs and requirements in mind. They need to offer service at an affordable rate. Otherwise people will look for other corporate travel agencies. The service has to be exquisite and the package cost-effective.

It’s quite natural for a business traveler to get attracted to a corporate travel agency that offers cost-effective hotel and rental car rates. So, it’s in the interest of all the corporate travel agencies to offer affordable services. The agencies also have regular business clientele. They offer discounted rates to those regular clients.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now access the all the leading corporate travel agencies. You can compare their tour plans and prices sitting at home. You can even hire any corporate travel agency by filling out a simple online requisition form. You can also get in touch with the corporate travel experts for further consultation. All the comprehensive corporate travel services will be at your fingertips if you search online.

The purpose of hiring a corporate travel agency is to have someone capable of handling all travel-related hassles so that you do business peacefully. You can now shop around and compare various corporate travel agencies sitting at home. Also, you can have information on the latest trends in the corporate travel industry. A corporate travel bar is indispensable for all business entrepreneurs. Only specialists should handle corporate travel, as it’s quite a complex and hazardous affair. You need to have a corporate travel agent on your side to keep it simple.

Five Tips For Low-Cost Holidays

The availability of low-cost flights and last minute internet deals means that cheap holidays are far easier to come by than they used to be, but it can still take a bit of shopping around to get the best discounts.

1. Fly from further afield

This may sound silly, but by widening your choice of departure airport, you could save a lot of money. The larger airports carry more flights and that allows airlines to keep prices low. By flying from a bigger UK airport such as Manchester, Stanstead, Heathrow or Gatwick, you could save a lot of money on your flights.

2. Travel out of season

If you’re not bound by school holidays, take the opportunity to travel out of season and fly during the week rather than at weekends. Flights are often cheaper during these times in order to encourage travel, so think about leaving on a Thursday rather than a Friday and see what a difference it could make to the price.

3. Register for updates

Cheap discount holiday travel companies often operate newsletters or email updates to let you know about special offers and last minute deals. Registering for these communications gives you advance information about discount travel, allowing you to take advantage of offers that suit you.

4. Find hotel reviews

Cheap holiday hotels aren’t always good. It’s best to get as much information as you can from the travel company and to go online to look for reviews. This is a great way to find out if you’re booking a great little budget hotel or a place that could spoil your holiday.

5. Book online

You can often get discounts on flights, hotels, car hire and holiday packages if you book online. Make sure that the site you’re booking with has a secure payment system and that you print off your confirmation so that you can call the company with any queries or problems. Use reputable discount holiday travel sites and you could get your holiday for a much cheaper price than on the high street.

It is possible to get great cheap discount holiday travel with a little bit of research and a flexible approach to travel times.

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Extreme Stag Weekend in Bournemouth

The stag weekend has come of age. In an era that features the MOST EXTREME reality shows where folks scale mountains and submerge themselves in vats full of creepy crawly bugs, it was only a matter of time before stag weekends started to feature extreme sports activities. If your stag is the type to appreciate the rigors of whitewater rafting and canyoning, then there's only one place to plan a stag weekend - Bournemouth.

A seaside resort in Southwest England, Bournemouth has long been known for such activities as parasailing, catamaran sailing and surfing. A stag weekend in Bournemouth can include any of those - but there are some even more extreme activities that can put your stag to the test and make sure that he's fitted for the rigors of the MOST EXTREME of all life's activities - married life.

If you haven't heard of zorbing yet, rest assured that there's nothing like it for getting you up close and personal in the most hair-raising thrill ride ever created. Zorbing has been described as a cross between a roller-coaster and whitewater rafting - minus the rails and the raft. Zorbing is an extreme sport from New Zealand. It involves a pair of transparent inflatable PVC balls, one suspended inside the other. You climb inside the inner ball and get firmly fastened in... and then they give you a heave at the top of the hill to start you rolling down at speeds up to 35 mph. To make it even more fun, you can fill the outside ball with water, and find out what it feels like to hurtle down a craggy hillside blindly, end over teakettle.

Zap Catting in Poole Harbor
If you'd rather do your extreme sports on the water, a stag weekend in Bournemouth can include an afternoon trying out one of the UK's fastest growing watersports - Rigid Inflatable Boats. Skim the waves of Poole Harbor, the world's second largest natural harbor, in one of these incredibly fast, powerful little speedboats. You can opt for a Fast Blast harbor cruise that takes you out on the open water to give her full throttle or add in some wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Hotels in Barrow

Situated on the coast line of North West England is a large town called Barrow in Furness, the town looks over the bay towards England's famous holiday area Blackpool on one side and has the historical isle of Walney on the other. The town is only a short drive away from one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, the Lake District national park and because of this the town can often provide a useful base for tourists and travelers.

There are plenty of hotels in Barrow to choose from, the town also has a lot of guest houses and bed and breakfast accommodations each with their own individual characteristics, from the friendly relaxed atmosphere of Roosecote farm houses who serve massive breakfasts in the morning to the ultra modern Travelodge hotel facilities in the middle of the town. Some of the guesthouses are converted Victorian buildings, however they have still kept the classic style of the age and look extraordinary.

If you are looking for a guest house or hotel in Barrow then you will find that many of them are located on Abbey Road, this is the towns main road which can make it much easier to get out and explore the Furness area. One such famous area to explore in Barrow is the 700 year old ruins of a Cistercian monk's abbey known as Furness Abbey, at one time the Abbey was the UK's second grandest Abbey and it is a very popular attraction. Keeping on the same theme near this famous abbey you can find the Abbey hotel with its large gardens. Sitting in 14 acres of its own private woodland the hotel has many facilities and can be booked for virtually any occasion such as weddings or parties. On the other side of the town is Walney island a great place for kite surfing, the island also has some great bed and breakfast places to stay at. No matter where you decide to stay in the area you can be sure that the service will be good and the stay will be pleasant, most of the family run guesthouses have been in business for a long time so they know how to make people feel welcome.

Thankfully now many of the hotels in Barrow in Furness now have their own websites so you can have a good look around and pick on you like the most. This also makes booking your place to stay much easier and whole break away from home run much more smoothly.

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Travel Games

One of my favorite travel games is chess. Okay, it's just one of my favorite games, and I have three-ounce set with a cloth board, so I can take it anywhere. The last time I used it was in the town center of a small pueblo in the Andes Mountains. The games below are primarily car travel games, but can be adapted to other forms of travel too. Have fun!

Educational Travel Games

Some games get you thinking, learning something, or at least showing off what you know. Here's one for the family. Have the driver, or another designated host, asks questions like "What temperature does water boil at?" or "What's the Capital of Columbia?" or "With sales tax of 7.6%, what's the total cost of a $23 sweater?" For the kids to love this one, you may have to pay twenty-five cents for each right answer.

Another car travel game starts with someone looking out the window and randomly selecting an object. Players then try to imagine a creative way to make money with it. Old barns become places to advertise, cows are rented out for kids parties, and an house that is being moved becomes a traveling discotheque.

"Red Car" Travel Games

Guess how many red cars will pass in the next ten miles or ten minutes. It can also be blue cars, trucks, or whatever everyone agrees to. It's considered bad form for the driver to slow down, letting more cars pass, so his guess will be the closest.

One classic travel game involves the alphabet. Try to spot something starting with an "a", and be the first to call it out ("apple tree!"). Since the Qs and Xes are difficult, they can be skipped. The player with the most "firsts," is the winner.

Using the radio, you can have a game in which everyone tries to be the first to call out the name of the artist when a song starts. Then change the station, so you don't have to wait through a whole song to continue the contest. In one car radio game, each player chooses a word. The player whose word is spoken (or sung) first on the radio is the winner.

Here is one you can play anywhere. Someone starts a story with a sentence or two, then each person in turn adds a line to the story. It can get personal, but this usually creates a story that has everyone laughing.

Try one of these on your next trip, especially if you have a car full of kids. They are easy, and unlike my chess game, you don't need anything but a few people to play these travel games.

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Making the Best Use of Disney Timeshares

Timeshare resorts are a good choice for people who would like to enjoy a luxurious vacation for a very lower price. Disney timeshares are for the people who would like to go to Disney World on a consistent basis. There are many a number of member discounts offered to the people who have invested in the Disney timeshares to souvenirs, restaurants, discounts on park fees and lot more. Disney timeshares can be passed on to the children or make them avail the points while the owner is alive. It all depends on how to use it. There are a number of Disney vacation timeshare re sales available at a much lower cost, but there is no guarantee as they are not connected with Disney. It is good to do a thorough research online.

The Walt Disney vacation timeshare resorts are based on the point system mostly. The timeshare owners are eligible to use their vacation advantages in any of the five branches of the Disney vacation resorts worldwide. If a family has earned more than 230 points, it is eligible to stay for a week in the resort. The best thing about the Disney vacation timeshares is that there are no black out dates, but the person has to book far in advance to avail a room at the resort of his choice. Another advantage is that one agent and one phone number are all needed to make arrangements including the transportation reservations and for the restaurant reservations. All most all the locations of the Disney vacation timeshares are up to the four and five star mark, but meant only for those who make use of most of the points and also during popular period of the year, one has to spend more points on it.

Disney vacation timeshares offer very high standards of service to their partners and also the partners are required to adhere to the Disney world tradition of excellence. The disadvantages or the downsides are that the annual maintenance fee comes to around $800- $900 after paying a whooping amount on the closing costs. The Annual maintenance fees can go up each year at least by five percent. Also, booking fees up to $100 is collected for every arrangement made; if the bookings are done separately again the booking fees are separate for the same person.

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Explore The Camel Trail In Cornwall

Are you mad about cycling? Recent studies show that you are not alone. In fact, cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with Cornwall being named as one of the most idyllic places to experience a cycling holiday. So, why are so many people taking to two wheels?

The most obvious answer that springs to mind is that people are cycling to keep fit and help the environment. A closer look, however, reveals something else: an increase in cycleways and routes. Over the last decade people and charities alike have been working hard to ensure that Britain become a cycle-friendly nation. Not only providing cycle lanes that run alongside roads but also traffic free cycleways. One of the most well-loved cycleways which has come to life in the last few years is the Camel Trail in Cornwall.

The British countryside certainly doesn’t get much more breathtaking than the wonderful Cornish landscape and the Camel Trail presents the perfect place to begin an exploration of the fruits Cornwall has to offer. The Camel Trail is a well-loved cycleway, which spans a wonderful piece of Cornish countryside over a distance of 17 miles from Padstow to Poleys Bridge. With approximately 350,000 users per year the Camel Trail is loved by locals and holidaymakers alike as an idyllic way to appreciate Cornish beauty at its best. Established as a cycleway in 2001, this cycleway follows the path of a disused railway line which was built in 1834 and linked London to the south west part of the country.

Cyclists who are intending to use The Camel Trail will find that they are able to hire their bikes from a variety of cycle shops along the cycleway and throughout the general area; including Padstow, Wadebridge and Bodmin. From this wonderful cycleway you will be able to discover a whole host of wildlife and enjoy the wonderful scenes as they unroll before your eyes. Furthermore, if you choose The Camel Trail for your cycling holiday in Cornwall you will have the time to explore all the little villages and towns along the way.

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Free Vacations: Fact or Fiction

Is there such thing as a free vacation? Of course not! However, did you know that there is such a thing as free accommodation?

You receive a call from a “travel agency” and they are currently offering a free vacation package or they say you won free plane tickets to an exotic location. You hear about this all the time and usually you also find out after the fact that it was all some sort of travel or vacation scam.

The economy is bad and you are already hesitant to go away on vacation, yet you know the hazards of not taking that much needed time off. So you book your trip, you pay your deposit, you hop on a flight, and your nightmare begins! Do not let this happen to you!

You hear about them, you some times even unknowingly provide them with the information that they need to contact you. You fill out a form, enter a draw, buy some sort of lottery ticket, or just fill out a questionnaire and suddenly there they are on the other end of the line trying to relieve you of your hard earned money. Don’t be fooled nothing is free, but there are ways of saving a significant amount of money on your family vacations.

Did you know that many countries offer free lodging to travelers? Some cultures do that because of religious and charitable ideals while others do it because they believe that they can benefit from knowing you and your culture. One of the most common places to get free accommodation is through Monasteries in countries like Italy, France and Spain.

Several monastic orders define hospitality/charity as one of their vows and they are only too happy to accommodate us for a night or two. Remember, these monasteries are usually in the rural areas and you may still need to give them a token gift but it’s a wonderful lesson for our family to see how people can live with so little “stuff” and still be contented in life. This stay may save your family millions later in life because of the lessons learned in frugality.

Always remember to use their resources sparingly and leave the rooms as clean as they were before your family used it and remember to give them an offering, whether it’s a few dollars or an item of clothing, or perhaps a blanket or afghan.

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Italy hotel, smarts tips..... just try Filcoo

Filcoo is one of the most popular Italian website brand in the Internet travel marketplace.

Offering services such as hotels booking and fare compare, filcoo encourages its customers to focus on cost and at least offer then the perception that they are getting the best deal.

Founded in 2005, filcoo has several thousand registered users and booked. present day website ‘look and feel' is starting to rely more on a higher percentage of graphics.

An efficient, logical, knowledgeable nice looking website, filcoo focus on offering best value Internet Italy hotels deals.

The fact however remains that filcoo have now held the number one position in the online Italy hotels booking, thanks to a superior understanding of technology within the Internet travel marketplace. This has enabled for them to gain first mover advantage in the sector by forming appropriate strategic alliances.

In addition, filcoo have an extensive affiliate marketing portfolio of partners. Filcoo continually offering other websites the opportunity to market their services in exchange for a percentage of the final booking fee. (Commonly around 7,5%) Compared with their nearest competitor, filcoo have been much more aggressive with their use of affiliate marketing.
Filcoo also focus is to keep link exchange efficient, fair, and most of all beneficial for the whole internet community. The internet community contains users, webmasters, and search engines. Every link in the Filcoo Directory has been validated and approved manually.
The accommodations listed and sorted by hundred of criteria are connected to top search engines, travel networks of the world and to numerous specialized portals without investing a penny. Filcoo provide everything at no cost. Controlling rates and availability at anytime instantaneously and directly, for the sole purpose to offer the user the best available on the net.

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et Football font ils Bon Menage

En effet, Casino sponsorisait le FC Toulouse et PartyGaming le FNCA de Nantes! Oui mais voila, c'était sans compter sur la Ligue Professionnelle de Football.

Dimanche dernier, sur les maillots du FC Toulouse, on retrouvait bien les couleurs du casino mais les signes ???.com. Qu'est ce donc ???.com me direz-vous. Il s'agit tout simplement de son sponsor Casino

Alors que les joueurs ont pour obligation de porter les couleurs et le nom du casino, la Ligue professionnelle a, quant à elle, décidée d'exclure les casinos de la publicité et du sponsoring. D'où l'omission. Or, tout le monde l'aura compris le sigle - faisait bien référence au casino sponsor de l'équipe.

La Ligue explique son refus. Du fait de l'arrestation de certains géants de casinos en ligne depuis le mois de septembre, dont le derneir en date de Bwin arreté en France, la ligue se voit le droit d'interdire la publicité, le sponsoring pour les paris en ligne.

Samedi, une autre équipe, la FC Monaco a rencontré le même problème que le FC Toulouse lors de son match face au Mans. Un représentant de l'équipe explique que, sans cette alternative, le coup d'envoi du match n'aurait pu être donné.

On se souvient encore des paroles de Jean-Luc Gripond, vice-président du club nantais, "le FCNA a décidé de s'associer à un nouveau sponsor disposant: "premièrement une dimension internationale, et notre football a besoin de partenaires de cette dimension, deuxièmement un lien avec les nouvelles technologies, ce qui représente pour nous le futur".

Qu'en est il aujourd'hui?
Un enquête a été menée ( voir notre article Bonnes Nouvelles pour les Casinos en Ligne).

Les paris sont monopole d'état en France et on pourrait penser que l'arrestation des cadres de BWin s'est opérée au bénéfice de la Française des jeux. Aussi, peu de temps après, la Commission européenne a décidé de s'intéresser de plus près à la question du monopole d'État pour les paris et les jeux. La volonté de la commission est clairement affichée, soit les États membres les considèrent néfastes pour leurs ressortissants et interdisent totalement les jeux en ligne, soit ils les autorisent et permettent aux sociétés comme d'offrir leurs services sur le marché.

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What's Your Passion?

Okay, you've decided you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing. So, you join some affiliate programs and start submitting free ads to newsletters and free advertising classifieds sites. You're going to make BIG money now -- right?

Nope! Sorry! Just sending out a few ads is not going to do it. Not if you want to be a real success.

You must first determine your passion. I mean other than making the money! What is your hobby? What do you know how to do REALLY well? What is your job? Everyone has something that is their own special talent. Find yours.

You probably have more than one thing that you are very interested in and do well. See if you can find five (ten if you're really ambitious). Write them down in a list. Remember, you are going to be spending a lot of time working with this subject. Make sure you enjoy it!

Go down each item on your list. Start writing a rough outline of everything you know about the topic. It doesn't have to be elaborate. This is just to give you an idea of how much information is available for a given subject.

Try mind mapping. Write down the main subject of your idea. Draw a circle around it. Now, start thinking of sub-categories that are related to your main category. Draw a line from your main category and end it with a circle. Put the sub-category title inside this circle. Find as many sub-categories (and sub-sub-categories) as you can.

Go through each of your interests with this procedure. Choose the one that you know the most about and that you can write about comfortably.
What if you "think" you don't know enough about your topic? Then, do some research. Read books and magazines. Do some searches on the Internet. Who knows? You might find an area, a niche, that is just waiting for you to fill it with useful information.

There's a lot more to affiliate marketing, of course. But the first step is to find your passion. Your "passion" doesn't have to be making money on the Internet. It can be cooking, sewing, billiards, or whatever. In fact, it's better if you find a niche that isn't in the online marketing arena because that's what nearly everyone else is doing.

Make your topic unique. Make it yours. And make it your passion. It will pay you well.

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Tips For Better Vacation Photos

Here are a few tips that will improve the quality of your vacation pictures.

Modern cameras allow are now all point and shoot. But there is one thing that we do have complete control of and that is the composition of the photo.

Good composition can be achieved by anyone. Before you click, take a second to think about three things.

What is the center of interest in the picture? It may be a building, person, animal, or a landscape feature. Whatever it is, stop and get a mental focus on it.

What is the best viewpoint? Maybe you should move to the left or right, back up or get closer, zoom in or out. Each spot will present a slightly different background and foreground. Try to eliminate distractions, things that intrude unnecessarily into the picture.

An easy way to estimate the composition is to make a viewfinder with your hands. Put the tips of your thumbs together, hands flat. Make a square using both thumbs and forefingers. Hold the square up in front of you so that your subject is visible through it.

What makes an effective background? You don't want the background to contain objects that are irrelevant to the center of focus. A good background will not immediately draw attention away from the foreground by being too powerful.

What makes an effective foreground? Ideally the foreground should catch the eye and lead it to the center of interest. Or it can serve to frame the picture as long as it adds interest and doesn't become too overpowering.

When taking long shots, don't let the sky dominate. Look for ways to introduce perspective in the foreground. A road, path, or other objects with strong lines can lead the eye deep into the picture.

A long shot is fine if you are specifically trying to include something in the background. But often it's difficult to recognize who is in the photo. Don't be afraid to get in close when the subject is a person. Closeups can get yield some great facial expressions, especially if the shot is unplanned.

Using a digital camera? Go crazy and take a million shots. That way you are sure to have plenty of good pictures and just delete the ones you don't want.

Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

The Lost Art of Vacationing

The stock markets are rocky, and the economy is in rough shape. Work is even more stressful then normal, and a pay raise seems like an idea of days gone by!

With today’s high stress work environment and challenging economy it is more important then ever to be able to get away from it all and relax. Yet with today’s economic uncertainty you hesitate to spend the money on a family vacation for fear that the money may be required later.

Any doctor or therapist will tell you that taking time away from the stress of work is a necessary way to recharge body and soul. It can improve health and restore the body’s ability to fight infection and withstand stress. The need for vacations and down time away from work is more essential than ever. Yet, with a declining economy and an uncertain job market fewer and fewer people can afford to vacation with their families.

This does not need to be the case. These last few years have seen massive changes in the vacation market. There are new options available for families that wish to vacation together that do not require huge infusions of cash. It’s a new market and it represents a complete shift in the way we think about our vacation time.

The timeshares, all inclusive resorts, and villa rentals now have to compete with destination clubs, exchange programs, points programs, a wholesale vacation market, and what is now a hugely competitive cottage rental real-estate market. Did you know you can actually rent a cottage and get it as an “all inclusive” package? This was not possible 10 years ago but it is now.

Do not let work, or a bad economy stop you from taking advantage of all these new and great family vacation alternatives. The risks are far too great, and the rewards are even greater. Quality family time improves health, and creates a solid, stable and healthy environment. It is one of the best and most effective methods for reducing stress, and in the end, it actually increases productivity.

Enjoy your time off. Enjoy spending it with your family and your friends and make sure that you get your well deserved break from work. Enjoy!

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Tailored Cheap Discount Holiday Travel

Cheap holiday travel isn’t just restricted to package holidays. You can get great deals on hotels and flights when you book them separately.

There’s no reason why you should compromise your travel plans just to save money. Today’s travel market is intensely competitive and it’s fairly straightforward to put together your own itinerary for a fraction of the normal cost.

1. Flights

Cheap flights are available from nearly all the airports across Europe, allowing you to fly at a low cost. What’s more, you can take in several destinations in one trip without having to pay o fortune for internal flights or train fares. The growing accessibility of flights and destinations means that, with a bit of flexibility, you can find cheap flights that suit your holiday needs.

2. Accommodation

From apartments and villas to hotels, you can find great deals on accommodation in the location of your choice. Savings on flights could mean you have more to spend on accommodation, whilst saving on both may allow you to stay for a few more nights. Many discount travel websites have special offers and low-cost alternatives that could provide you with exactly the accommodation you need.

3. Car hire

Car hire has become increasingly competitive, with small independent companies often offering better rates than the established firms. You can often get a discount on car hire prices by booking online and, by shopping around, you can get great deals. Be careful not to be seduced by upgrades and offers when you collect your car though, or you could end up spending much more than you wanted to.

4. Money

It’s now possible to get very competitive exchange rates, making your holiday money go further. Researching currency exchange outlets on the internet should give you an idea of which rates are best for you.

No matter where you want to go, you can probably find a cheap or discount travel agency that can help you plan without spending all your money.