Rabu, 29 September 2010

London the wheel clamping capital of the Universe

I have lived in London for all of my life (38 years)
Yeah, there is no doubt it is a fabulous city, well what i have seen of it anyway.
Living so close to the city makes the average Londoner a little lazy when it comes to visiting the tourist attractions that London has to offer and i guess any traveler who has spent 2 weeks visiting our fine capital city would have probably seen more of London than i ever have 8)
I guess i visited more popular places when i was a child and often on school trips so i guess it was mandatory for me to attend a school day trip whether i wanted to or not.
Personally i would suggest that you visit the city in the evening after all you haven't come to London to sunbathe have you?
Seeing the sites of London is highly recommended but do not expect to be able drive around the city and park your car outside of your desired attraction. (no chance)
London supplies it's visitors (free of charge) with several thousand 'ninja, moped riding traffic wardens'.
I recommend using public transport such as buses and the London underground service as the roads are highly trafficked and if your were to win the 'parking lottery' and actually find a parking space, you would have to spend a huge lump of your winnings on the parking meter or car parking fees.
But hey, don't let this deter you from coming, it really is a great city.
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Regards to you the reader, surfson ;)

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