Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

More Migrants now Using Agents

It now seems more migrants to Australia are using agents compared to migrants of other destinations according to the latest Emigrate Australia reader survey. 59.4% of readers now say they are using an immigration consultant for their applications.

The Emigrate Australia reader survey looked at various issues of the immigration process including demographics, family factors, motivations and the immigration process. Other significant trends for Australia include Western Australia taking out a clear victory as the preferred destination for UK migrants (followed by South Australia) and financial motivations rising in comparison to lifestyle and climate factors.

Most respondents indicated that the WAITING was the most difficult part of the process. Therefore, there is a strong case for using an immigration consultant, who can help the applicant AVOID DELAYS and assist with QUICKER PROCESSING by presenting a 100% correct and complete application.

Secondly, the application process and preparing paperwork was also perceived to be a difficult part of the process. Again, there is a strong case for IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS who can make the application process smoother and clearer and provide personalised assistance and representation in this bureaucratic process.

The vast majority of readers indicated the more appealing lifestyle and safer place to bring up children, with climate being a major factor for emigration to Australia.

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