Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

How to get fair deal while going for timeshare resale:

Timeshare bought through a resale cost very less than buying directly from the resort owner or developer, but then having a thorough knowledge about the purchase of timeshare resale will provide a good and a positive experience by avoiding scams.

Before buying a timeshare from a resale it is good to physically see the timeshare and its location. Even if it is resold timeshare it needs lot of money for making such a kind of investment. Never go by the resellers words as, they might sometime hype about the timeshare, its features and the location. Be sure they are actually true to your knowledge.

Buying a timeshare through a resale can be very appealing due to such lower prices offered, but then it would be smart enough to ask some of the crucial questions like the annual maintenance fees collected, property tax paid till date etc. The closing costs plus extras might some time over do the base price of the timeshare got through resales.

Many timeshares are affiliated along with an exchange company. If so, it is good to find out if the membership fees can also be transferred, to avoid any hassles to be faced in the future. If the timeshare is based on point system, try to find out if the points can be transferred too. If there is additional amount of bonuses earned along with the timeshare, try transferring it too.

Before purchasing the timeshare through re sale it is important to find out if it has to be partially remodeled. As some times the timeshares would not have been maintained at all. Paying a whooping price for such a worn out and old timeshare might not be a good idea at all.

If the timeshare is of a leased type of property, it is better to find out how much time is left out on the lease agreement, otherwise one might end up paying for a lease ended timeshare.

The important reason to be found out is that why the owner is selling his timeshare. This piece of information can be some times very crucial. The reason might be that the owner no longer needs it, or he might have faced a problem or inconvenience with the timeshare, which is resold. If the buyer is fully confident of purchasing it after satisfying that there is no problem, then it might really be a good investment. Otherwise the deal can be dropped.

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