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How To Find A Reliable Discount Holiday Agent

Few of us book a holiday without looking for the best deals. Travel is now one of the biggest online sectors, and it’s to the internet that we turn to look for cheap holidays. There’s no shortage of sites offering extraordinary deals, but it can be difficult to know which are reliable and which aren’t. Here are some guidelines to help you tell the difference.

1. Independence

A travel agent that isn’t tied to any particular company or promoter is best placed to offer great deals. They can negotiate with a range of suppliers, or direct with airlines and accommodation owners to ensure that they get the best price for you. You can be sure that they’re not pushing you towards a particular operator and that you’re really getting good value for money.

2. Professional membership

It’s really important that a discount travel agent is a member of a professional body. In the UK, this is ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents. ABTA members have to abide by a strict code of conduct and agencies are regularly assessed to ensure that they are meeting the organisation’s high standards. ABTA membership also means that you have a independent body to channel complaints to, should you have any problems with the agent.

3. Secure payments

If you’re booking online, it’s vital that you make sure that the site’s payment system is secure. This protects you from fraud and is an essential part of any online shopping system. If you can’t find anything on the site that gives you information on the payment system, then don’t book online.

4. Contact

A good discount holiday travel agent, whether online or on the high street, should be easily contactable and offer excellent customer service. Even at discount prices, booking a holiday is a financial commitment and you need to be sure that you can contact the agent should you need any help.

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