Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

In The Mood For Something Different This Christmas Trip?

Where are you thinking of heading this Christmas travel season? The usual place? Well, if its been a tough year or a banner year for you you may want to either get away, away or celebrate with an atypical but exciting venue this year. Is it warm and exotic that will get you ready for 2006 or overseas for unique holiday shopping to lift you spirits? Interested in landing somehwere where you won't even hear a single Christmas carole?

Take a peak at these suggestions.

Care for a Mexican Christmas? Think Cabo or Puerta Vallarta if you want all the holds gone and warm beaches. Think Mexico City if fun yet elegant offerings are your thing.

Think Hawaii for the spa fun of it on sand clad beaches between Mai Tai's and pineapple chunks. There are great 5 day packages avaialble some several specialty tour groups since the cost is higher at this time or if offending your overbearing boss is too much.

Last minute holiday shopping can be unbelievable if you head to London, Rome, or Paris for the week before Christmas for some imported gifts. Be on the lookout in the Sunday newspaper for holiday shopping specials and take advantage of the package deals.

For more shopping and sightseeing opportunities thinkGermany for Christmas as all the outdoor activities kick it up a notch for the season. Vienna, Salzburg and Munich are famed for their markets and you can head to one or all three in one trip.

Finally, there are plenty of exotic places left in the world that do not celebrate Christmas except for the tourists they try to attract. Look to Asian countries in general but this year Vietnam seems to have a series of special packages that are attractive.

Other venues are Africa such a Nimibia and Tanzania for great holiday trips that will not feel like Christmas at home. Think of the memories!

Regardless of your choice get to checking out these destinations and book. By November a lot of the specials will be filled.

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