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Preparing For A Trip To The Magic Kingdom

Spending a day at the Magic Kingdom can be a truly magical experience or a very stressful one. What makes the difference is being prepared for the park and arriving with a plan. Families that travel to the Magic Kingdom without researching the park layout, park attractions and features of the park will find their day spent tackling long lines, hot weather and confusing park details.

The best way to approach a trip to the Magic Kingdom is to review all the available information on the park while planning your trip to Orlando. First time visitors will be overwhelmed by the number of attractions, shows and sheer size of the Magic Kingdom. If you plan to spend only one day at the park you will have to plan on making some tough choices on what you really want to see. When traveling with children, it is always best to plan on spending two full days at the Magic Kingdom. This will enable you to see all the attractions and get the full Disney experience.

By reviewing the park layout in advance you can prepare a “plan of attack’ for the park. Even in the off season, the Magic Kingdom is always the most crowded of all four Disney Parks. Many of the most popular attractions, such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Winnie the Pooh’s Adventures always seem to be packed with people waiting on line. You will maximize your time at the Magic Kingdom if you understand the best ways and times to visit each attractions.

Also, Disney is always adding new attractions, refurbishing current ones and introducing new park policies (security checks, FastPass tickets for attractions). Learning about these procedures in advance will only maximize your day, touring the park. Advance planning will definite save you time and money as you visit the Magic Kingdom.

While reviewing the park layout and policies you will also be able to see which attractions are geared for the members of your family. Height and size restrictions do apply on some attractions, and some even include warnings for small children (attractions that contain complete darkness, loud noises, etc). This advance information will prove important so your children are not disappointed once they arrive at the park.

Advance planning can not be stressed enough when planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom. Do your homework before traveling and when you arrive at the park you will have a truly Magical Day.

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