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The TTC is Canada's largest public transit system

For anyone travelling to Toronto the TTC is a great alternative to the somewhat expensive taxis and the other inconvenient and time consuming ways of commuting such as driving and walking. Both can be every time consuming due to traffic and long distances. The transit system in this Canadian city is extensive, and it allows for fast and convenient transportation to every major landmark, every neighbourhood and at all times of the day.

All you need to get around in Toronto is a map and the TTC

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a public transport authority that runs buses, streetcars and subways in Toronto, Canada. Over 1,500,000 individuals rely on the TTC for their daily transportation needs. The Toronto Transit Commission operates the third most heavily used urban mass transit system in North America. To accommodate for the heavy daily traffic the TTC has a vast network of busses routs, subway lines and streetcars that reach every corner of the city.

TTC Extensive Network
There are three subway lines and one elevated rapid transit line with a total of 69 stations, as well as 149 connecting bus and streetcar routes. The TTC has over 11,000 employees

Once you pay to ride the TTC you can travel all you want in one direction. The adult cash fair for one ride costs $2.75. If you buy 5 tokens or tickets the cost is $11.25. The TTC also offers the option of the Metropass for $109.00. With the Metropass you get unlimited travel for one whole month. A weekly pass is also available for $32.25

TTC History
The TTC was initially named the Toronto Transportation Commission and was formed in early 1921 when the city of Toronto took control of all the existing privately run routes. Initially most service was provided by streetcars. The first TTC subway line was build in 1954 on Yonge Street and had 12 stations. The same year the commission was renamed to TTC. Slowly and as Toronto’s population increased and the city expanded, so did the number of bus routes and subway lines. Over the years the system has evolved into an extensive network of well planned bus routes that support the subway lines. The system has evolved to feature a wide network of bus routes with the subway lines as the backbone. The subway's newest line, Sheppard, opened in 2002.

Getting around in Toronto is fairly easy, every one is friendly, the transit system works great and it is open seven days a week. The TTC is the way to go.
The only thing you would have to worry about is the occasional TTC Strike

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